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'''The End-Time Witnesses''' (ML#707, DO) is an internal [[The Family International|Family]] publication where [[David Berg]] predicted [[Ricky Rodriguez]] ("Davidito") and his [[Karen Zerby|mother]] would be the "Witnesses" described in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations.
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Excerpt from ''The End-Time Witnesses'':
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<small><font color=green>14</font></small> SHE IS GOING TO BE THE PROPHETESS OF GOD! And there are going to be two, do you know who they're going to be? Didn't you read about it in the Bible? ([[Sara Kelley|Sara]]: The two witnesses?) Yes, the two witnesses! And do you know who the other one is going to be? Yes, yes you do. Come on, tell me! (Sara: [[Davidito]]?) Yes, Davidito! (Rev.11.)
<small><font color=green>15</font></small> DAVIDITO AND [[Karen Zerby|MARIA]] ARE GOING TO BE THE ENDTIME WITNESSES, and they're going to have such power they can call down fire from Heaven and devour their enemies, and Maria's going to witness and witness and witness until finally going to be killed. [''sic''] (Timothy: Then the Lord raises them up.) Yes, yes after only 3½ days Jesus is going to raise them from the dead!
<small><font color=green>16</font></small> BECAUSE MARIA AND DAVIDITO ARE GOING TO BE THE LAST PROPHETESS AND PROPHET IN THE LAST DAY, did you know that? They are so beautiful! They are so wonderful! And they're going to be resurrected and taken up with Jesus, did you know that? And did you know what? [''sic''] I will tell you.
<small><font color=green>17</font></small> IN 2125 A.D. THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN THE MILLENNIUM, did you know that? And they are going to tell the people to be true and honest and have a [[Magic Green Shirt|green shirt]] on. Did you know that Sara? How did you know that? (Sara: From the letter you wrote.) Did you know that? (Tim: Yes, you wrote a letter on it.)
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