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The Family is a christian [[cult]] formerly known as the [[Children of God]] and The Family of Love. This group was somewhat famous in the late [[1960s]] and early [[1970s]]. This group is the primary focus of this website.
#REDIRECT [[The Family International]]
In an attempt to deflect public concern over some of his more controversial policies, founder and leader [[David Berg]] decided in early [[1978]] that some deception was in order. In his letter [[The "RNR"]]! (ML 650:28), he declared:
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Let's also try to get away from being called the "Children of God" where that name is hated, and simply call ourselves the new Family of Love!
Berg's orders were quickly implemented, and The Family entered a new phase.
See also '''[[:Category:History|History]]''', [[Reorganization Nationalization Revolution]] (RNR), [[:Category:Beliefs]].

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