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The Family is a christian [[cult]] formerly known as the [[Children of God]] and [[The Family of Love]]. This group was somewhat famous in the late [[1960s]] and early [[1970s]]. This group is the primary focus of this website.
#REDIRECT [[The Family International]]
In an attempt to deflect public concern over some of his more controversial policies, founder and leader [[David Berg]] decided in early [[1978]] that some deception was in order. In his letter The "[[RNR]]"! (ML 650:28), he declared:
<div style="padding: 1em; margin: 10px; border: 2px dotted green;">Let's also try to get away from being called the "Children of God" where that name is hated, and simply call ourselves the new [[Family of Love]]!</div>
Berg's orders were quickly implemented, and [[The Family entered]] a new phase.
See also [[Reorganisation Nationalisation Revolution]] ([[RNR]])
'''Also see [[:Category:Beliefs|The Family, Beliefs & Practices]]'''

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