Tribute to Naomi and Zack Prendergast

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TRIBUTE TO NAOMI AND ZACK PRENDERGAST -- HON. SCOTT McINNIS (Extensions of Remarks - July 22, 1999)

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  • Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Naomi and Zack Prendergast for their dedication to their family and for their recognition as the 1999 Parents of the Year for America. Because of their commitment to family and serving others, they are quite deserving of praise.
  • Meeting over 22 years ago in a shelter for abandoned children in Italy, Naomi and Zack found a common desire to serve others. They were married and began a life together which has taken them around the world in their personal ministry. The parents of 12 children, they are unique not only because of their large family, but for their dedication to raising their children to serve.
  • Five years ago, the Prendergast family moved to Longmont, CO. From the broad range of volunteer and service efforts which they have undertaken, an organization known as Family Service, Inc., has emerged. With such a large family, and such dedication to service, helping others has always been a family affair for the Prendergasts. Their family singing group performs at nursing homes, schools, shelters and various other places where inspiration and joy may be given.
  • The Prendergast family also began an effort to gather donated food for area homeless shelters. Family Services, Inc., with the help and generosity of community members, provides donated food each week to these shelters, donating an average of 8,000 pounds of food per month. Zack has found time to run a project, in addition to the various projects he works on, to promote responsible fatherhood. St. Vrain Fatherhood Connection offers parenting classes for young fathers and a support group located at a local church.
  • I am grateful for people like the Prendergast family, who not only strive to serve, but teach their children the importance of respect and service as well. For their dedication to helping others, their involvement in bettering the community in which they live, and for sharing their fundamental values and work ethic with their children and the citizens of Longmont, I wish to commend Zack and Naomi and recognize their achievements. They are unique and I greatly appreciate their noble efforts.