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What David Berg had to say about children reading True Komix

Question: What does Dad think about reading to our children some of the favorite classics that we read as kids, such as "Huckleberry Finn", "Polyanna" & Dicken’s writings etc?–Charity, Pacific.
Answer: Even when I was a kid I thought Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn were horrible! I was amazed at the things they said & did & got away with! They were terrible, terrible kids! I think they’re really corruptive for children or young people to read or watch those stories.... Have your kids read all our True Komix?  —(Answers to Your Questions!—No.8, para. 35 DFO 1566 7/83)

I have thought time & again that some of the stuff I’ve been hearing that the Family is teaching the children, maybe they’re just reaching because they’ve got nothing else, but good night, there are volumes & volumes of True Komix about true stories & true things that God has given us today, for today, why would they go back into that analytical study of ancient [Bible] history?  —(Forget the Past! 8/83 DFO 1598, para. 35)

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