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Valorie Davenport, 2001. (Houston Press)

Valorie Wells Davenport (U.S. citizen, born 1956-01-22, also known as Valerie Davenport) is an attorney in Houston, Texas, a director of Activated Ministries and the sister of Family International member Jeff Wells. Starting in 1995, she represented a number of Family members who filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against the City of Austin and other parties. She graduated from the University of Houston in 1984 with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. She had been licensed to practice in Texas since October 26, 1984. She has been admitted to the following federal courts: US Supreme Court, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Texas Eastern District Court and Texas Southern District/Bankruptcy Court. In February 1998, she incorporated her law firm as "Law Offices of Valorie W. Davenport, P.C." On October 11, 2000, its right to do business was forfeited by the Texas Secretary of State and on March 23, 2001, its charter and certificate of authority was forfeited. According to the Texas Secretary of State, as of December 16, 2005, the entity named "Law Offices of Valorie W. Davenport, P.C." was inactive and in the status of "forfeited existence."

Besides representing Family members and serving on the board of directors of a Family-run charity, Ms. Davenport has publicly defended the organization when questioned by members of the press. In a November 2005 Houston Press story, Davenport was quoted as writing that adult-child sex has been an excommunicable offense in The Family "for at least a decade" (since 1995):

In an e-mail to the Press, Davenport wrote, "Every society has their share of crimes and it is not cause for an indictment of all of that [society's] members. I know that today and for at least a decade, the family has made sex between an adult and minor an excommunicable offense."

An August 2005 story in the Humble Observer reported that she was the registered agent of the Texas non-profit corporation World Mission of Faith, Inc. However, records maintained by the Texas Secretary of State indicate that, in fact, her brother, Jeff Wells was the only one ever listed as its registered agent and that the organization was cited in 2004 and 2005 for its alleged failure to maintain a registered agent or office.

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