Victor Landivar Trigoso

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Victor and Marina Landivar Trigoso (circa 200?)
Victor and Marina Landivar Trigoso, with their daughter
Victor in Russia

Victor Landivar Trigoso (Peruvian; also known as Francis Peruvian or Peruvian Manuel) is a former minor leader and current member of The Family International. He currently resides in Russia.

This notorious child abuser is alleged, amongst other crimes, to have sexually assaulted children from The Family while they were sleeping.

While living in Thailand for many years, Trigoso coached the group's mostly underage singing team at the Bangkok Teen Combo. Trigoso was partially excommunicated at least once after publically confessing to having had sexual relations with several underage teenage girls aged 14 to 16.

Within a month of Trigoso testimonials appearing on MovingOn ([1]), an e-mail was written to Grant Montgomery about this situation and CC’d to the Combined Federal Campaign and a number of child protection agencies. Within hours, Grant Montgomery removed all information about this man from the FCF website.