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This website was created (2005-01-17) to preserve and provide information about the religious group "The Family" and employs the collaborative editing platform of "wiki" software in order to do so.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to exhaustively document information about The Family/Children of God objectively. This site does not hold a position for or against the cult.

Note: Individuals who contribute information to xFamily.org may have their own opinion, either negative or positive, on The Family, but their content must pass peer review for objectivity.



The content on this site is collated and added by our editors based on information the editors have received as well as information provided by contributors to our forum.

Other Resources

The financial cost of maintaining xFamily.org online comes from Able2Know.com's revenue. Able2Know.net donates server space and support in order for this project to remain online.

If you are looking for information about The Family, feel free to peruse our encyclopedia. If you are familiar with the group perhaps you would consider contributing information to this project on the forum.

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