Zion Horwitz

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Zion Horwitz (1974-2003)

Zion Scepter Horwitz (aka Deaf Zion, Timothy, Miguel) (1974-2003) was stabbed several times in his residence in Dallas, Texas on New Year’s Eve, 2003. Zion’s body was discovered about one hour later by his two deaf roommates. He had lost a considerable amount of blood so that by the time he arrived at the hospital there was little that could be done, and he passed away while undergoing surgery. Upon completion of their investigation, Dallas police found nothing stolen, no fingerprints or forced entry and were forced to rule Zion's death as a "suicide" and closed the case.

Zion was survived by his parents Richard Horwitz and Ouida Lucretia Smith (Gideon & Heidi) and his many brothers and sisters.

While alive and in The Family, Zion gained notoriety when a Mo Letter was written to his parents regarding an accident in which he was struck by a truck while riding his bicycle at a very young age. The version of this letter in the HomeARC has been heavily sanitized.

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