Barbara Kaliher Canevaro

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Barbara Canevaro, circa early 1970s
Wedding to Emanuele Canevaro. Rome, Italy. 1973-04-22
Rachel reading "Revolutionary Sex" Mo Letter. 1973 At the Bassetto, Certaldo, Italy Babes Ranch.
"Queen Rachel" in 1977

Queen Rachel (born 1954; legal name Barbara Kaliher Canevaro; also known as just Rachel and formerly the Duchess di Zoagli and Castelvari) was a high-profile leader of the Children of God in the 1970s. David Berg gave her the nickname of Brunheld. She was one of the first people to join the cult in 1968 (at age 14).

In 1970, at age 16, she had a son by a fellow member, named "Samson".

She was quite literally crowned "Queen" in a glamorous ceremony. In April 1973, she married Victor Emanuele Canevaro, Duke of Zoagli (Italian), whom she FFed.

After Berg fired all 300 of his top leaders, including Rachel, she left the group for good in 1979.

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