Berg on Homosexuality

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Incongruous with his sexually charged doctrines, David Berg spoke strongly against male homosexuality, condemning it harshly as ungodly while saying that female homosexuality was not necessarily proscribed.

Berg's literature demonstrated literal homophobia, for example in his instructions to female caretakers of Ricky Rodriguez he insisted that male caretakers not be involved in the more sexually charged practices for fear of his son becoming a "homo".

Berg preferred to call male homosexuality by its Biblical name, "Sodomy". The Mo Letter "Warning To All Sodomites!"[1] is dedicated to the subject of male homosexuality.

Berg on male homosexuality

Excerpt from The Devil Hates Sex!—But God Loves It

35 AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED THERE ARE NO MORE SEXUAL PROHIBITIONS HARDLY OF ANY KIND, EXCEPT HE SURE SEEMED TO HATE SODOMY & I don't see where He withdrew that.—But whatever it is, there might be exceptions as long as it's in love. [...]

36 (MARIA: THE CASES OF SODOMY THAT THINK THEY ARE EXCEPTIONS DON'T USUALLY SEEM TO BEAR VERY GOOD FRUIT.) Yes, that's another thing, some people are always looking for a loophole. (Maria: Even if it's because of guilt that they don't bear good fruit.) It shows they didn't have the faith for it. "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin" (Romans 14:23).—Even if it's wrong in God's sight, & a sin to God or His way of looking at things.

Excerpts from Women In Love

33 ... I find plenty in the Bible that says that you cannot have homosexual man-with-man sexual relationships.--That is an abomination to God! He destroyed whole cities and whole civilisations for it and He slew men for it! Apparently it is a complete abhorrence to Him for some reason.

34 (MARIA: BUT HE PUT A GREAT LOVE OF MEN FOR OTHER MEN IN THEIR HEARTS, DIDN'T HE?) Well there are many men who had a great love for each other: David and Jonathan had a tremendous love for each other, friendship for each other. There are people who always are claiming, "Well, that was probably a homosexual relation."--Hell no! I don't believe it had to be a homosexual relationship at all! No.

37 BUT DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU THAT MALE SODOMY IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU, and that it's apt to result in all kinds of tissue injuries and infections and damages, and it's just plain downright God-damn dirty! I don't see why any men in the world want to do it, except that it's demonic and a perversion because it's unscriptural and it's a sin and against the commandments of God, therefore the demons must inspire them to do it!

39 EVEN THEN I DON'T THINK THEY COULD CAUSE THE DAMAGE TO THE TISSUE THAT MEN CAN CAUSE, "men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in their own bodies the recompense of their error which is meet," that which they justly deserve, their own punishment. But I don't see what's so strange about a little female-to-female masturbation!

55 SODOMY DOESN'T APPEAL TO ME in any way, shape or form and never has! It just disgusts me and sickens me to even think about it! I'm not blaming the poor boys who have some kind of satanic perversion or demonic impulse that tries to drive them into that kind of a relationship. It's really sad! I feel sorry for them and they've got to pray and ask God to get them out of it and deliver them from that kind of a spirit--it's anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Nature!

57 BUT TO IMPLY THERE WAS A HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP IN THESE BIBLE CASES JUST MAKES ME FIGHTING MAD! It makes me sick! Maybe John had that inclination, but I'm sure that Jesus never would have tolerated it. But they could love one another. I'm sure it was more like a brotherly love by far than anything else.

Excerpts from Sex Jewels

26 WE WERE SITTING IN A RESTAURANT NEXT TO A TABLE OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN DRESSED AS WOMEN, & Abrahim spoke quite violently in tongues & interpretation: "These have not the kisses of your father! These are they for which Sodom was destroyed." What these guys don't understand is that an evil spirit gets into them. I am sure they are female devils who get into these guys. They don't realise they are playing with something more powerful than they are, the spirit world!

27 I'M CONVINCED THEY BECOME DEMON-POSSESSED BY FEMALE DEVILS which makes them more female even than they expected to be, a total perversion that God has hated even from the beginning! This is why [EDITED: "Canaan, see "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928"] was cursed. [DELETED] May God deliver us from this sort of sickening delusion! Poor boys, I guess I should feel sorry for them, but it is a perversion. But God can help us. He's proved with even some of our boys who are in the Family today, He can completely deliver them of this kind of thing. So that's the way I feel about it.

Chronological list of quotations by David Berg and Karen "Maria" Zerby on male homosexuality

"Revolutionary Sex", 27 March 1973

16. OF COURSE, MANY OF THESE LIBERATIONISTS ARE GOING TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME OF TOTAL PROMISCUITY and permissiveness in any form whatsoever, with anybody, any time, any place, and any how, in any way, or everywhere, with everybody!--This is not only in defiance of the cultural mores of moralistic Western society and its sexual laws, but also in open defiance of even some of the few ordinances of God Himself against a few limited types of sex such as fornication, adultery, incest and sodomy. These last are really the only four forms of sex which God prohibits or limits or frowns upon, and He even makes a few exceptions to some of these under certain circumstances! The words "fornication" and "adultery" are often used interchangeably in the Bible, but when there is actually any distinction between the two, fornication often refers to such God-prohibited, overindulgent and excessive sexual activities as whoremongering, harlotry, promiscuity, extramarital sex, etc. Whereas adultery, in the more strict sense of the word, usually means illicit sex with another's husband or wife or another's mate, one who is already legally married to somebody else. Incest, or certain forms of sex with certain specified close relatives was not made illegal until the Mosaic Law 2600 years after Creation. Sodomy is male homosexuality, or "men with men doing that which is unseemly," and which God strictly forbids and severely judged as the most evil and abominable sexual sin of all, and for which as far as we can see He never made any exceptions, although there were many exceptions, allowances and tolerations regarding the other three!

"Revolutionary Marriage", August 1973

14. I'LL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW THAT WE ARE AT THE MOMENT VISITING IN A COUNTRY WHICH PERMITS ALMOST NO CONTACT BETWEEN THE SEXES before marriage--and I mean, hardly even a conversation, hardly even a look, and where the marriages are all arranged by the parents, and the children given almost no choice whatsoever, and sometimes hardly see each other before they're married! But from what we can personally observe here, this has resulted in many miserable and unhappy marriages, because they did not learn to know each other, love each other, or work together, much less live together, before marriage! It would amaze you!--You rarely even see a girl on the streets here, not many work, and they virtually never date unless some relative is along--and how many boys wanna take a girl out with her grandmother? Result: the streets, cafes, and theatres are filled with an almost 100 percent totally male society, so that it's almost unbelievable. We hardly know what a Greek girl looks like, much less a Turkish girl, who are even more Oriental in this practice!

15. BUT AS WE HAVE SAID, WE HAVE NOT FOUND THAT THIS MAKES FOR A WHOLESOME RELATIONSHIP between the sexes, much less happy marriages, and even worse, it has resulted in some of these countries being notorious for their homosexuality amongst men! If you wanna prevent this kind of a disaster, give our boys their women, and NOW!

"Women in Love", 20 December 1973

1. HERE IT SEEMS TO ME WE'RE BACK AGAIN TO THE SCRIPTURES GOD GAVE US ON "ALL THINGS." If those Scriptures apply to heterosexual relationship, male and female, why can't they apply to the relationships of two women?--Why not, if the same rules are applied? When He's speaking of love, He says if you do it in love, against such there is no law, right?--If it's real love. So if it is real love, why not?

2. IT IS NOT EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN, SUCH AS IT IS WITH MEN WITH MEN. Male homosexuality is expressly, definitely and specifically forbidden and cursed and called sodomy. In that case it is absolutely forbidden--it's a sin. But I don't see and I've never been able to find any place in the Bible where it is forbidden to women.

33. WELL, I DON'T FIND ANYTHING IN THE BIBLE THAT SAYS YOU CAN'T! I find plenty in the Bible that says that you cannot have homosexual man-with-man sexual relationships.--That is an abomination to God! He destroyed whole cities and whole civilisations for it and He slew men for it! Apparently it is a complete abhorrence to Him for some reason.

34. (MARIA: BUT HE PUT A GREAT LOVE OF MEN FOR OTHER MEN IN THEIR HEARTS, DIDN'T HE?) Well there are many men who had a great love for each other: David and Jonathan had a tremendous love for each other, friendship for each other. There are people who always are claiming, "Well, that was probably a homosexual relation."--Hell no! I don't believe it had to be a homosexual relationship at all! No.

35. "FILEO" OR BROTHERLY (OR SISTERLY) LOVE DOES NOT HAVE TO ALWAYS WIND UP IN SEX! Brotherly love, Godly love--these do not have to necessarily always wind up in each other's arms sexually. They're inclined to, but let's face it, if God's forbidden that between men, then they better lay off! But, if He hasn't forbidden it between women, I don't see why not!

36. I DON'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH FEMALE LESBIANISM, AND I THINK THE REASONS ARE OBVIOUS: Women cannot have the same kind of relationship that men can have with each other, and it cannot do their bodies the damage that men can do to their bodies, especially in the form that most sodomy takes.

37. BUT DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU THAT MALE SODOMY IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU, and that it's apt to result in all kinds of tissue injuries and infections and damages, and it's just plain downright God-damn dirty! I don't see why any men in the world want to do it, except that it's demonic and a perversion because it's unscriptural and it's a sin and against the commandments of God, therefore the demons must inspire them to do it!

38. BUT AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, I DON'T SEE WHAT DAMAGE ANY TWO WOMEN CAN DO TO EACH OTHER unless they use some mechanical devices, I've never read in any book, any scientific book on the subject where normal lesbianism could actually cause any physical injury or harmfulness, unless of course they use some stupid idiotic devices of some kind which are ridiculous.

39. EVEN THEN I DON'T THINK THEY COULD CAUSE THE DAMAGE TO THE TISSUE THAT MEN CAN CAUSE, "men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in their own bodies the recompense of their error which is meet," that which they justly deserve, their own punishment. But I don't see what's so strange about a little female-to-female masturbation!

55. SODOMY DOESN'T APPEAL TO ME in any way, shape or form and never has! It just disgusts me and sickens me to even think about it! I'm not blaming the poor boys who have some kind of satanic perversion or demonic impulse that tries to drive them into that kind of a relationship. It's really sad! I feel sorry for them and they've got to pray and ask God to get them out of it and deliver them from that kind of a spirit--it's anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Nature!

56. BUT TWO BOYS COULD BE VERY, VERY GOOD FRIENDS. They don't have to have sex with each other! They can love each other very much like David and Jonathan did, and like Jesus and John the Beloved. He was called the beloved disciple because he was always laying his head on Jesus' bosom he loved Him so much. He was apparently a very young disciple. Jesus was about thirty, but John they say was only in his teens.

57. BUT TO IMPLY THERE WAS A HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP IN THESE BIBLE CASES JUST MAKES ME FIGHTING MAD! It makes me sick! Maybe John had that inclination, but I'm sure that Jesus never would have tolerated it. But they could love one another. I'm sure it was more like a brotherly love by far than anything else.

"Sahara", 28 October 1975

4. THOSE EVIL MOROCCAN LEADERS have always been evil beasts, thieves, murderers, cutthroats, pirates and Mafia. I can't remember one single good thing about them, can you? The word most closely associated in my memory with Moroccans is those "Moroccan pirates." They've always been a bunch of the worst and cruelest kind of people!

5. WE RECENTLY RECEIVED A LETTER FROM ONE OF OUR BOYS WHO WAS IMPRISONED THERE: Joseph of Bradford, England: "Believe me, I've got plenty to kick about! I was imprisoned six months in Morocco and do you know what the charge was? Are you ready for this? Plotting to overthrow the government through the use of ... the MO Letters! How about that? The Moroccans are so God damned anti-Christ and anti-God, the filthiest, morbid, degenerate, most disgusting and downright lowlife disease-ridden people I have ever come in contact with! Almost all the Moroccans are homosexuals, perverted, etc. I love the Lord and His Word and that means you and the Letters too! I've always been fanatical about the Letters and it's gotten me into trouble a couple of times. ... However, I'd rather die for something than live for nothing!"

"Our Day in Court—Don't Give Up Too Soon!", 22 May 1977

7. OUR BITTEREST ENEMIES TODAY ARE BOTH! Just take a look at the front cover of Christianity Today. The Family members ought to have seen that. I finally made the front cover of a magazine! Thank God it doesn't look like me, it's a horrible monster! It was an interview with two of our backsliders. The one guy was never really one of us--a preacher boy from Bible College & only with us a few months, the husband of one of our colossal backsliders, Gracie! The other guy we had to finally kick out of South America for persistent homosexuality. So what do they do?

8. THEY GO STRAIGHT TO OUR ENEMIES for consolation & to attack us! So that's what that article is about. But in spite of that there's a lot of truth in the article--it publicised the doctrine just the same.

"Alexander, the Evil Magician", 7 February 1978

8. GOD FAVOURS THE TURKS MORE THAN THE GREEKS. He has big sympathy for the Turks more than the Greeks. The Greeks are famous for homosexuality. All over the world it's known as "the Greek way"--from the rear.

"Homos!--A Question of Sodomy?", 9 June 1978

Editor's note: As the title to this letter indicates, it is entirely concerned with male homosexuality, with Berg variously characterizing it as a sin, a weakness, a frailty, a handicap, or an abnormality.

"Questions from the Field"—Part 1, 16 December 1978

48. (TIMOTHY: IN THE CASE OF "HOMOS," I THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE TAKEN IT & TAKEN OFF on it.) I think they take it the way they want to take it! (Timothy: Exactly.) I couldn't have made it any plainer in that Letter.

49. WE ARE AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY, THE BIBLE IS AGAINST IT, THE LORD IS AGAINST IT & you ought to fast & pray for deliverance! (Maria: Some people did & they got a big victory!) Others took it as an excuse because we couldn't take a flat four-footed stand & condemn everybody & every single case. If you leave one little loophole, there will always be some people who try to squeeze through it.

50. (MARIA: SOME OF THE THINGS WE CAN'T HOLD BACK IN THE LETTERS, SO WE JUST HAVE TO BE CAREFUL & PRESENT ALL SIDES & factors for them. I think you did that very well in "Homos," so some people got a victory & some people got worse.) I think they did what they wanted, just like people do what they want with the Bible. They wrest the Scriptures & interpret it to suit themselves & to fit their own case.

51. JETHRO USED TO GET UP & APOLOGISE & EXPLAIN AWAY MY LETTERS EVERYTIME before he would read them! "Well now, you know Dad, now you know what Dad means. Now you know he doesn't always say what he means or mean what he says" & he'd explain the whole thing away before he would even read it, or while he was reading it. People will just do what they want to do & believe what they want to believe, no matter what you say. They'll try to twist the Letters & twist the Bible to fit.

52. ALL I KNOW IS THE WHOLE BIBLE IS ABSOLUTELY DEAD SET AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY! God wiped out whole cities & civilisations! [DELETED] (John: Sometimes when a new Letter comes out with new ideas, some people think it automatically negates the old Letters that have been written on the subject. They need to balance Scripture with Scripture & realise that they have to get the balance.)

53. IN SOME OF THOSE OLDEST LETTERS I STATED THE BASIC FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN CHANGED; It's still the way I feel about it, it's still the way I believe. It's still the way I think we ought to operate. But just because I wrote them nine or ten years ago, some people have decided they don't mean anything anymore.

54. WE MAY CHANGE OUR METHODS BUT WE DON'T CHANGE THE BASIC PRINCIPLES.--Just like a general fighting a war. He may change tactics, methods, means of attack, ways of doing things, but he doesn't change the basics.

"Sex Jewels!", compiled May 1980

26. WE WERE SITTING IN A RESTAURANT NEXT TO A TABLE OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN DRESSED AS WOMEN, & Abrahim spoke quite violently in tongues & interpretation: "These have not the kisses of your father! These are they for which Sodom was destroyed." What these guys don't understand is that an evil spirit gets into them. I am sure they are female devils who get into these guys. They don't realise they are playing with something more powerful than they are, the spirit world!

27. I'M CONVINCED THEY BECOME DEMON-POSSESSED BY FEMALE DEVILS which makes them more female even than they expected to be, a total perversion that God has hated evenfrom the beginning! This is why [EDITED: "Canaan, see "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928"] was cursed. [DELETED] May God deliver us from this sort of sickening delusion! Poor boys, I guess I should feel sorry for them, but it is a perversion. But God can help us. He's proved with even some of our boys who are in the Family today, He can completely deliver them of this kind of thing. So that's the way I feel about it.

"The Devil Hates Sex--But God Loves It!", 20 May 1980

12. BUT THE DEVIL HAS ABSOLUTELY MADE IT [sex] AN ABOMINATION to where it's practically one of the cardinal doctrines of the Church--particularly the Catholic Church-- to forbid their priests sex, of all things, Imagine! And it has driven them into horrible perversion till they've become a bunch of homosexual perverts: The Priest hood has fallen into the worst kind of sexual sin-sodomy--because of the Church doctrines against sex! Think of it!

35. AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED THERE ARE NO MORE SEXUAL PROHIBITIONS HARDLY OF ANY KIND, EXCEPT HE SURE SEEMED TO HATE SODOMY & I don't see where He withdrew that.--But whatever it is, there might be exceptions as long as it's in love. God's only law is Love!--And I'll tell you, it's dangerous because the System sure hates it,& the System's laws & everything are geared against sexual activities of all kinds & types, particularly having anything to do with children!-- You don't even have to be a child, just a minor, & in some countries a minor is 23 years of age! Ha! Catholic countries!

36. (MARIA: THE CASES OF SODOMY THAT THINK THEY ARE EXCEPTIONS DON'T USUALLY SEEM To BEAR VERY GOOD FRUIT.) Yes, that's another thing, some people are always looking for a loophole. (Maria: Even if it's because of guilt that they don't bear good fruit.) It shows they didn't have the faith for it. "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin". (Ro. 14:23.) --Even if it's wrong in God's sight, & a sin to God or His way of looking at things.

37. IF IT'S NOT OF FAITH &IT'S NOT IN LOVE, IT'S SIN!--Even if it's right! Even if it's not wrong! Even if legally, technically, according to God's Law of Love it's really not wrong & could even be right, it's wrong for you if you haven't got the faith for it & if you haven't got the love for it! My Lord, how totally messed up the world is! So totally messed up that anybody who wants to fight for openness about se in any way, legally or in literature, ort or anything, has to be very very careful they don't violate the system's very strict rules about sex!

"Russian Fairground Dream, 10 June 1981

40. I UNDERSTAND IN BRAZIL RIGHT NOW THEY'RE REALLY CLAMPING DOWN ON MISSIONARIES, not just us but all kinds of missionaries & Gospel & so on, really anti-Christ, anti-God. It's an anti-Christ anti-God country anyhow full of devils & demons & homosexuals & fiendish music & a really horrible place to be, in a way. And I think when a country starts getting down on us & giving us trouble or restricting or prohibiting or limiting us or warning us, it's a good time to get out & wait until the Lord changes things or the administration or judges them, & if they deserve it, puts better government in control so we can go back again.

"Island of Revelation!"—Part 7 of "The Garden of Eden!", 25 April 1981

27. Homosexuality between men [EDITED: "is"] "men with men working that which is unseemly" sexually. (Ro.1:27.) And I'm sorry to say it has now swept across the civilised World, from uncivilised, savage, native Africa, across Europe, North America & South America. In fact, it has virtually taken the World over today until it seems like the World is just full of sodomites, which is one reason God is now going to have to destroy the World again!

28. HE PROMISED NEVER TO DESTROY IT AGAIN WITH A FLOOD OF WATER, but this time He's going to destroy it with a flood of fire, in the very end, & purify it & destroy the pollution, the germs, the contamination, the wicked, & all evil & the curse, & re-make the surface of the Earth into another Garden of Eden, a New Earth with a New Heaven!

"The Greatest Show on Earth!"—1st 4 Seals & 4 Horsemen!—Part 11 of "The Garden of Eden!"—Revelation Chapter 5 & 6:1-8, 29 April 1981

25. BLACK HAM-- HAM IS THE EGYPTIAN WORD MEANING BLACK--THE BLACK SON OF NOAH COMMITTED SODOMY AGAINST HIS OWN FATHER one of the most disgusting, sickening, homosexual sins against his own father when his father lay drunk from wine!--And as result, was cursed for, & his son [EDITED: "Canaan"] cursed for it, & [EDITED: "Canaan's"] whole progeny from that time on were cursed! ...

"Daniel 11 Flannelgraph"—Part 4, 1 March 1981

86. "NEITHER SHALL HE REGARD THE GOD OF HIS FATHERS." Did his fathers have a God? Ah-ha! So he must have come from some kind of a family that used to worship God. Well, here's another indication he might be Jewish. "Neither shall he regard the desire of women." I wouldn't be surprised if he's a homo!

87. THAT'S THE WORST KIND OF AN ABOMINATION TO GOD, HOMOSEXUALITY, SODOMY, for which He wiped out not only cities, but whole nations, & even cast out Israel from their land[DELETED] because He hated that sin so much & He knew that they would be the greatest practisers of it in the whole World! [DELETED] "Men with men working that which is unseemly." (Rom.1:27) Sodomy, homosexuality. It says the Antichrist is not going to regard the desire of women so I wouldn't be surprised if he's a homo! [DELETED]

"The Future Is Here--& Needs Leaders!", 18 February 1982

99. MY WILD FANATICAL HIPPIE REVOLUTIONARY TACTICS worked great with the wild fanatically hippie revolutionary generation! But now we're nice little families, parents with children, homes of our own & it's time we all grew up & not let some of these stupid idiots get away with some of their shenanigans!--Running homosexual Homes, smoking grass & all the rest of it! We need to excommunicate them! I don't give a damn how much they contribute or how faithfully they tithe or love to read the Family News Magazine while they're sitting there looking like hippies on the floor smoking grass! I mean, it's just not our Family!

"Answers to Your Questions"—No.4, November 1982

27. QUESTION: I WAS WONDERING WHAT WAS THE APOSTLE PAUL'S THORN IN THE FLESH EXACTLY. I know he did not like women so much by the way he talks about them in some of the writings, & it came to me that perhaps he had problems with homosexuality. Could it be possible that that was his thorn in the flesh?--And that is what he was fighting against?--Louisa;Argentina.

ANSWER: NEVER! HE ABHORS IT! (Rom.1:18-32)--Like God hates it! (1Cor.6:9-13; Deut.22:5; Gen.18,19:5-7; Deut.23:17; Col.3:5.) A "thorn in the flesh" is a physical affliction--not a sinful temptation! "A messenger of Satan" (2Cor.12:7)--Perhaps even an annoying demon! BUT WE DO KNOW FROM GAL.6:11 THAT HIS EYES WERE POOR, as he says: "Behold with what large characters I write unto thee." & "you would have given me your own eyes" (Gal.4:15) It was certainly no sin or bad example nor did it stop God's Work or hurt his influence like sodomy!

"Fight Discouragement"—PRAY & Read the WORD, 7 February 1982

83. SOME OF THESE RELIGIOUS ART PICTURES OF JESUS MAKE HIM LOOK SICK OR LIKE A WOMAN!--A little frail skinny delicate thing with long hair like a woman. Some of the times I think they were deliberately trying to make Him look like some kind of a homo or a queer! Especially in the Italian art where homosexuality is so rampant in the Catholic Church! Did you ever notice how some of those Catholic-Italian pictures of Christ make Him look like a queer? Take a look next time & see.

"The First Supper!", 9 July 1982

43. THAT'S ONE THING THAT WORRIES ME ABOUT POPE JOHN! I don't know how he can be so spiritual & yet be so far off the beam when it comes to sticking to celibacy as being something Scriptural & something good for the priests! It's resulted in some of the worst havoc in the Church! I've had so many reports from converted priests & people themselves, including one sad experience in Israel.

44. ONE ARAB BOY WE KNEW GOT CONVERTED & JOINED THE CHURCH, & as an Arab, he practically had to move in for safety's sake! The priest came around to his bed one night to have sex, & he was so horrified & so astonished & shocked that he told us about it! He said, "What is this?" And we told him, "Well, that certainly was not of God! He was not a man of God to do things like that!"--And he was horrified & we were horrified! But even before that I heard that sodomy or homosexuality is rampant in the Catholic Church amongst the priesthood! After all, they've got to have sex, it's normal & natural, the flesh needs it, craves it, & if they won't let'm have women, the Bible says they burn in their lusts, men with men working that which is unseemly. (Rom.1:27)

45. SO THAT'S A DOCTRINE OF DEVILS, A FALSE DOCTRINE, & how the Pope can be a man of God & stick to it, I don't know!--Along with a few other things! I certainly highly agree with his stand against birth control & abortion & most other things, although the Catholics are not very strong on salvation by grace. But that business of celibacy has caused nothing but trouble & is still one of their biggest problems, & it should be!

"BOF 2-3: Signs of the Times", compiled April 1983

36. IN ANOTHER PROPHECY RELATED TO HIS "DAYS OF NOAH" PREDICTION REGARDING WORLD CONDITIONS & TRENDS IMMEDIATELY BEFORE HIS RETURN, Jesus said, "Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire & brimstone from Heaven & destroyed them all. Eventhus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed." (Lk.17:28-30)

37. WELL, JUST LIKE THE ANCIENT WICKED CITIES OF SODOM & GOMORRAH, TODAY'S WORLD IS JUST FULL OF SODOMITES, "men with men working that which is unseemly" (Rom.1:27), & Sodomy, or male-homosexuality, has swept across the civilised World! The laws of man are beginning to tolerate & even encourage it, while countless films, recordings & entertainers are openly flaunting & promoting it--which is another reason why God is going to have to step in soon! "And I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of Judgement, than for these!" (Mt.11:24)

"This Is My Country!", 6 June 1983

15. SO IN SOME WAYS THE COMMUNISTS ARE MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN THE AMERICANS OR THE WEST, which is just rife with that kind of corruption & iniquity & filth--mental, physical & spiritual poison & pollution! They've gone mad! At least the Communists have a little sympathy & a little sanity & are trying to help the poor & share a little bit of the wealth. (Maria: America does everything contrary to the Bible. The women rule the country, [DELETED] they have accepted homosexuality!) They're totally perverse!--Perverts, deviates, wicked, iniquitous, sickening! (Maria: Their spare-time activities are snake-handling, racing rats, women wrestling each other!) Everything perverse! Everything contrary to even sanity, as well as the Bible, God & Christ!

"Our Heavenly City?", 21 June 1983

20. WHEN YOU GET ASKED SOME OF THESE FUNNY QUESTIONS, YOU REALLY TRY TO THINK BACK ON THE BIBLE, IF YOU EVER HEARD OF ANY EXAMPLE OF THAT KIND. I knew a preacher once who believed angels could be any size, from 900 feet tall to microscopic, & that they could even enter your bloodstream or whatever, the size of germs! And he believed that the angels enter your body & fight diseases, hand-to-hand conflict with the microbes!--Ha! Well, why not? I can believe most anything! God can do most anything!

21. WELL, THE LORD DEFINITELY HAS GOOD FORCES WITHIN YOUR BODY WHICH FIGHT THE EVIL FORCES, & this is the big problem with this latest epidemic of what they call AIDS in which people have no resistance to any kind of disease. Why they want to call it "AIDS," I don't know, it doesn't aid'm, it hurts'm! It's rampant now amongst the Sodomites of America, the homos. They like to use that nice little word "homosexuals" instead of Sodomites. So they're getting their just deserts, as Paul said, receiving in their own bodies the judgement they deserve. (Rom.1:27)

22. BUT SCIENCE HAS KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME THAT WHITE BLOOD CORPUSCLES FIGHT DISEASE & that there are various other defence mechanisms in your body which fight disease & the forces of evil, etc. That was O.L. Jaggers' theory, by the way, a guy I used to work for. I didn't purposely work for him, but he bought the church & the school we were in & bought us with it! He had a lot of interesting ideas, & he believed that diseases were not only evil & just a result of the Curse & of the Devil, etc., but they were actually microscopic demons by the millions who entered your body. So he thought the Lord would send in legions of microscopic-size angels to fight'm when he prayed for you, of course! Well, I'm not going to argue with him! All things are possible! (Mk.9:23)

"Movie Reviews!"—"Superman II", "Emanuelle", "Roll Over", "War Games", "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", September 1983

26. THEY HAD ABOUT EVERYTHING IN THERE EXCEPT HOMOSEXUALITY, & they even had a touch of that, a hint of it at least. But apparently at the time that was made it wasn't quite as popular & wouldn't have probably been as acceptable as heterosexual sex or lesbianism, which was already quite accepted in this film, or various other forms of odd, peculiar, unnatural sex. Perhaps they avoided it simply because that would have limited its distribution & a lot of cinemas couldn't have gotten away with it. They gave a hint of it though. I don't know whether you noticed some of those flashes that came on so quick & off so quick, you could hardly tell what was there, but that's what they were hinting at in some of that threesome junk!--Disgusting, sickening vomit! "The dog returning to his vomit, the sow to her wallowing in the mire." (2Pe.2:22.) Well, that's even more natural than the depths to which perverted corrupted man can sink! It just turns my stomach to even talk about it, so let's talk about something better.

"The Making of a Man!"—1941 Wars & Lessons!—Grandmother Turns Down Aimee's Offer & We Struggle, January 1984

12. WELL, IT KIND OF WORKS BOTH WAYS--"WHERE SIN DOTH ABOUND, GRACE DOTH MUCH MORE ABOUND." (Rom.5:20.) But in that case, where grace abounded, the Devil got in & sin did much more abound & it became Sin Capital, Sin City of the World today!--Along with San Francisco where the homos run the government. But why should we call them such a nice little name as "homos", why don't we just say "Sodomites", huh? That's what the Bible calls them! They're trying to get away from the stigma of that bad name--sodomy--using homosexuality, a nice big word that tries to cover up its wickedness.

13. SAN FRANCISCO WAS THE SIN CAPITAL OF CALIFORNIA BACK IN THE DAYS OF THE BARBARY COAST & THE LATE 1880s & '90s--my Mother knew, she used to work there with all the White slaves they brought in etc. They'd give a girl a dose of drugs & practically put her in a house where she was held a prisoner under the influence of drugs for prostitution. It was common. Well, it's still common today, they still do it, but they don't call it White Slavery much any more. They try to get rid of all those bad terms, saying, "There's nothing evil any more, nothing's bad, really, everything's really good in some way", so they try to get rid of all those bad names & bad words such as "Sodomy" & call it "homosexuality" & that sort of thing.

14. SO SAN FRANCISCO AGAIN NOW IS SIN CITY, SIN CAPITAL OF CALIFORNIA WHERE THE HOMOS RUN THE GOVERNMENT!--ALONG WITH LOS ANGELES & HOLLYWOOD! It has such a large Sodomite population that it's becoming like the ancient city of Sodom, & it's going to meet the same fate.--Probably the same way it got it after it became so wicked back in the late 1800s. 1906 was the year of the great earthquake, & boy, they really got it! It almost levelled the town, killed thousands of people & made a mess of the place. They're probably going to get that same thing again--either that or some of those missiles are going to be a direct hit & land in the right place. The World would be a lot better off if they'd have good aim when they hit San Francisco & Los Angeles! Those two cities have polluted the Earth, not only with Sodomy, but with all their filthy movies & all the rest!

"Sinless Sex!"—God's Sex Position, compiled November 1984

42. AS FAR AS ACTUAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY, THERE SEEMS TO BE ONLY ONE SEXUAL SIN WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED WITHOUT EXCEPTION & WHICH WAS JUDGED VERY SEVERELY BY GOD.--It even gets its name from that ancient licentious city which God totally wiped out & horribly destroyed for its common indulgence in this sin, the city of Sodom! (Gen.19) Sodomy, or homosexuality between men, seems to be an abomination to God & utterly & unequivocally forbidden, although the laws of man in some places like the U.S. are beginning to tolerate it & even encourage it!

43. MALE HOMOSEXUALITY, "MEN WITH MEN DOING THAT WHICH IS UNSEEMLY" (ROM.1:27), IS APPARENTLY A COMPLETE ABHORRENCE TO THE LORD! To say the least it is insanitary, infectious, insane, disgusting, degrading, dirty, perverted & hazardous to the health of both body & mind!--And it is so totally unnecessary, making it a complete perversion of the normal, God-created, heterosexual appetite of natural desire between men & women.

44. I'M NOT CONDEMNING THE POOR BOYS WHO HAVE SOME KIND OF SATANIC PERVERSION or demonic impulse that drives them into that kind of a relationship.--It's really sad & I feel sorry for them! But I know that if they will sincerely pray & ask the Lord to free them & deliver them from that spirit, He will! He has proven in many cases that He can completely cleanse & deliver them from that sort of thing, making them "new creatures in Christ Jesus." (2Cor.5:17)

"Ezekiel 38"—Verses 18-23, February 1985

34. THIS IS THE WAY GOD WIPED OUT THE ENTIRE CITIES OF SODOM & GOMORRAH, TWO WHOLE CITIES, FOR THEIR SODOMY!--Something that now I notice the so-called "civilised" countries are practically bragging about. It's becoming accepted in the news & everywhere. The so-called "gays" are anything but gay! Isn't that a Devil's lie to call them "gay," as though they were happy? That's what they call these Sodomites, these homosexuals, these men who make love with men. Even you children know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's an abomination to God & God curses it in His Word, & He has wiped out whole cities & whole civilisations for it in the past. There's a record of it in the Bible time & again. Two whole cities of Sodom & Gomorrah were completely wiped out by just such a raining of hailstones, fire & brimstone!

"Proof It's the Endtime"—Review of Ezekiel 38, History of the Jews‚ Murmuring, …& Sodomy, February 1985

39. BUT GOD KNEW ABOUT THOSE EVIL , [EDITED: "CANAANITE"] IDOLATERS & WICKED, SINFUL SODOMITES & GOMORRITES WHOSE MOST CARDINAL SIN WAS HOMOSEXUALITY, sodomy, "men with men working that which is unseemly"! (Rom.1:27) No wonder God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah! They even wanted to fuck the angels that came to rescue Lot! They said, "Bring out these new men that we may know them!" (Gen.19:5) That meant they wanted to fuck'm in the rear! What a horrible, horrible thing! My God, don't ever let anybody do that to you! You can get all kinds of diseases that way, even you women. I'm not talking about from the rear, it's possible to fuck in the right place from the rear, I'm talking about instead of where you're supposed to put your penie, boys, some people put it into the place where you're supposed to have your BMs!--That's Sodomy!

40. CAN YOU IMAGINE PUTTING A PENIE INTO THAT PLACE & LETTING THE SEEDS OF GOD MINGLE WITH THE DIRT & THE FILTH & THE SHIT OF MAN?--And not only with women, but men with men! It's accursed!--And today has resulted in all kinds of horrible diseases, diseases that they get in their bowels & in their anus, their asshole or whatever you want to call it, because of that kind of sin. Because it introduces germs in there that aren't supposed to be in there, & they have all kinds of intestinal diseases, rectal diseases, anal diseases, & now they've got AIDS! Of all the lies of the Devil to call it AIDS, it doesn't aidanybody, the only thing it aids you to do is die, it aids you to get sick!

41. WASN'T THAT A CLEVER LITTLE TRICK OF THE DEVIL TO MAKE IT NOT SOUND SO BAD? The first time I ever read the word I thought it must be something good, AIDS, it must be a help. Don't you think that when you talk about aid, that it's a help? Let me tell you, it's no help! AIDS is just the initials of a horrible disease in which your own white corpuscles & the bacteria & all the various defense forces that God has put in your body to fight disease & to fight evil germs & to fight bacteria, God removes'm & you are left defenseless & a prey to every disease that comes along, until you die from that kind of thing. And the people who have the most of it are these Sodomites!

42. I DON'T EVEN LIKE TO CALL'M HOMOS! That's a nice little technological medical word they've cooked up to kind of gloss over how bad it is. Why don't we call it what it really is, sodomy!--The vile, filthy,dirty sin of sodomy that the Devil cooked up to destroy man, "men with men," & for which God cursed & wiped out whole cities & whole civilisations, whole peoples, whole nations, whole empires! And He's going to do it again to the U.S.A. where it's rampant today!

43. THAT WAS THE CARDINAL SIN OF THE CANAANITES & [DELETED] IT STILL IS TO THIS VERY DAY THROUGHOUT AFRICA, WHERE AIDS ORIGINATED. It has now swept across the World & across the civilised World, the U.S. & Europe, & is spreading everywhere, mostly to the people who participate in such horrible sins. There's just something about it that God doesn't like, mingling the holy seed that God created, from which He creates life, with shit! Some men do it with women & women prefer it so they won't get pregnant, imagine that!

46. THERE'S NOTHING DISGUSTING ABOUT SEX, THERE'S NOTHING BAD ABOUT SEX, NOTHING EVIL ABOUT SEX, NOTHING WRONG WITH SEX, IT'S BEAUTIFUL IF IT'S USED IN THE RIGHT WAY & WITH LOVE & LOVE FOR EACH OTHER. But all these horrible perversions are cursed of God, & if you participate in them, you'll be cursed. So watch out! God help you! I'll tell you, the Lord has really wreaked judgement on people who have sins like that, & it [EDITED: "is the"] sin He hates. He doesn't hate the [EDITED: "Sodomites"], He loves'm, He wishes they'd get saved, but He hates their sin. He died for the [EDITED: "them"] just as much as He did for [DELETED] you & me [DELETED] or anybody! But it just so happens that God hates that sin it seems above almost all other physical sins. Of course, He hates murmuring worse than anything, because murmuring is absolute rebellion against God, idolatry!--Devil-worship! But of the physical sins, it seems in the Bible that sodomy was the one sin God hated the most & for which He wiped out whole cities, whole generations, whole Empires, & He's going to do it again to the U.S.A., because it's becoming rampant there!

47. NOW THEY'RE GETTING OPEN ABOUT IT, GLORIFYING IT! It's becoming accepted & they have organisations of Sodomites. I refuse to call'm Gays or Homos, they're not gay & homo's too nice a word.Sodomites!--That's what the Bible calls them. Sodomy!--That's what God calls it! They're becoming accepted & they're promoting it in the news, promoting it in the movies. Well, let me tell you, God never accepted them! Every time He heard anything about them He drove them out or told His people to drive them out.--In fact, He told them to kill'm, & He held some kings responsible because they did not destroy all the Sodomites in the country!

"Children of the Future!"—Techi & Davida's Birthday Talk, March 1985

82. THEY'RE ALWAYS LOOKING UP NICE BIG WORDS FOR THESE HORRIBLE DEEDS! They call murdering babies abortion & they call Sodomites homosexuals or gays. When I was a little boy they called them queers & pansies. But they've got new names for them all the time because they don't want to call them what they really are, it's too bad a name! God calls it sodomy, & He calls those that practice it Sodomites, but they're always looking for prettier names for things. Abortion sounds a lot nicer than baby murder, doesn't it? I never even knew what the word meant until I got quite far along & reading books, & I finally found out what abortion was. I might have thought it was something like cold borscht & gefilte fish, or cheese blintzes & sour cream or something! It sounds like borscht, doesn't it?

"Zechariah 14"—Part 2—Verses 6-21, April 1985

117. OKAY, BACK TO THE LAST VERSE: "IN THAT DAY THERE SHALL BE NO MORE THE CANAANITE." Who were the Canaanites? (Fam: They were Black.) And what land did they live in? That's almost as easy as asking, "Where was Joan of Arc from?" (Fam: Canaan!) What was Canaan? (Fam: The Promised Land.)--Or geographically speaking it was Palestine & some of it certainly ought to be Palestine, but it's Israel today. And what were the Israelites supposed to do when they took over this country that was occupied by these Black Canaanites, sons of [EDITED: "Canaan, the cursed son of Ham--see ML #2928"], Ham being an Egyptian word that means "black." They were [EDITED: "grand"]sons of Ham, that boy who was wicked to his father Noah, & his [EDITED: "son Canaan"] became like him. What was their major sin? (Fam: Sodomy!) Today they give it pretty names like "gays", "homosexuals" & we used to call them "pansies" when I was a kid. But they were Sodomites, the worst kind of sexual sin that God still condemns to this day!

118. THEY WERE NOT ONLY SODOMITES, SONS OF [EDITED: "CANAAN"] , BLACK, WHAT ELSE WERE THEY? (FAM: IDOL-WORSHIPPERS.)--IDOLATERS! They worshipped abominations, abominable idols! They were very wicked people, very wicked in every way. They worshipped idols, they committed sexual sin, sodomy, & they were the [DELETED] people that God had cursed & said because of their sins He would make them servants of servants & the others would rule over them. Now that is God's Word & you can read it right there in the Chapter right after the Flood, about Noah & Ham & Canaan. (Gen.9:25-27)

119. HAM WAS NOAH'S SON, CANAAN WAS HAM'S SON, & THEY WERE CURSED BY THE LORD FOR THEIR WICKEDNESS. Let's see, the Flood occurred about 2600 B.C., & when they occupied the Promised Land was about the 1400's. So that's about a thousand years later & they were apparently still wicked & maybe even more wicked in Moses' day!

120. SO GOD TOLD THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL TO DRIVE THEM OUT COMPLETELY!--Drive'm out or kill'm! He said, "Otherwise they will be thorns in your flesh & pricks in your eyes." (Num.33:55) In other words, their sins would infect the children of Israel. [DELETED] Well, God said to get rid of'm, to drive them out!

121. THIS, OF COURSE, IS TALKING ABOUT THE UNREGENERATE, UNSAVED, NONCHRISTIAN, N ON-BORN-AGAIN [EDITED: "CHILDREN OF CANAAN"] . God's for driving out any people that are not Christians, black or white or whatever colour they are!--And for giving the country or the place to His Own people, & that's what He's going to do in that day. They're not going to have any place in the cities of God & the positions of rule that they have today.

"You Are Your Own Worst Enemy!", June 1985

102. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR A MAN TO LIVE ALONE! Don't tell me it's good for men to live alone. Look at the priesthood & their proclaimed celibacy, now they're a bunch of Sodomites, homosexuals!--Because it's not good for a man to live alone. The church wouldn't let'm have women, so they've gone to men! How horrible, how sickening!--A bunch of men living together having sex with each other because they won't let'm have any women. You know they are! The Catholic church has become notorious for it, even some of the Popes!

"The Destruction of the Whore"—Revelation 17:11-18 & Revelation 18, June 1985

REVELATION 18:3! 25. (VERSE 3:) "FOR ALL THE NATIONS HAVE DRUNK OF THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF HER FORNICATION." She's busy fucking devils! "And the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, & the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Doesn't that sound like the U.S.A.? At least part of it has got to be the U.S.A., that's for sure! The U.S.A. certainly makes a good dandy bad example of this Whore!

26. I USED TO THINK IT WAS JUST THE U.S.A., but I realise now that some other parts of the World are just as bad, almost as bad at least. Europe is getting bad, England's getting horrible! They're just really getting sold out to the Devil & witchcraft! Some of those worst rock groups are from England. And Germany, sad to say, is not too much better. All these most affluent nations have just rotted, become corrupt, they stink now! No wonder God's got to wipe'm out!

27. THAT'S WHERE SO-CALLED HOMOSEXUALITY IS RAMPANT TODAY. They give it a nice big fancy name, when it's nothing in the World but Sodomy!--Sodden with iniquity! And God has wiped out whole nations & empires & cities for those wicked sins of men with men working iniquity! It's getting popular & accepted & touted & publicised!

"World Currents"—No.31, compiled August 1986

27. THE WORST THING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH EVER DID WAS FORBIDDING THEIR PRIESTS TO MARRY! How can they know anything at all about marriage counselling or about families or children or how to be a father or mother when they don't have any experience with it! It looks to me like in a way it has destroyed the Catholic Church. A lot of the priests have turned to homosexuality & sodomy instead. I can't understand how the Catholics could have glorified Mary & motherhood & children, etc., & not let their own priests marry!

"Psalms for Kids"—Psalm 51, Verses 15-19—Part 4, August 1986

56. AIDS is almost the worst disease in the World you can get! It means you'll get every kind of disease that comes along till it kills you! It won't kill you, Honey, don't worry! It's a disease that mostly the Sodomites have, the ones called homosexuals, these men that have sex with men.

57. Anyhow, AIDS is a disease transmitted mainly by people who disobey the Lord & the law & get into Sodomy. It makes them susceptible to every other kind of disease. Any kind of disease that comes along, they can get it, they don't have any resistance to any disease at all. God ordained this as a punishment on the people that do those things. So when they catch a cold or catch anything it just nearly kills them, & finally does!

"Japan's Last Chance"—Dad's Birthday Message!—The Year of the Dragon!—The Beginning of the Very End!, 18 February 1988

24. Their Rabbis are just about the most brilliant men you're going to find, the most brilliant religious leaders of almost any kind. They are doctors & lawyers with strings of degrees. They are their particular congregation's judge, etc., & they are married to good healthy women who produce a lot of children, Rabbis are notorious for large families! Whereas the stupid Catholic Church has practically committed genocide by its ridiculous "doctrine of devils" as the Scripture calls it, forbidding the priests to marry, etc., which has resulted in rampant homosexuality, rampant Sodomy in the Catholic Church, corrupting it, until it's declining rapidly & becoming decadent, corrupt & a mess!--1Ti.4:1-3.

49. I remember what one preacher said to me after I preached for two hours to his congregation. He was a jolly fellow, good-natured with a sense of humour. I'd been preaching about the Antichrist, & he said, "Dave, I know now that you must be the Antichrist because you fulfil the Scripture, you 'wear out the Saints!'"--Dan.7:25. I said, "I can prove to you that I'm not!--Because I desire women!"--Dan.11:37. Somebody suggested maybe the Antichrist is going to be a Sodomite, a homo. I wouldn't be surprised. What an abomination to the Lord for the World to be worshipping a Sodomite! So anyhow, that excludes me, praise the Lord, even if I do wear out the saints, I'm sorry.

"God's Gotta Stop it Soon"—The Devil's Workshop, May 1988


36. The Devil, through his demon-possessed geniuses, has turned once-Godly Mankind into devils, until the World today is more full of devils & devilish men & wicked people than Godly people! When I was a kid most people were good people, hard-working people who lived & worked on their farms & believed that doing right & good was the right thing to do even if they didn't really even know the Lord or weren't even Christians. Most people in those days when I was a kid were good people, Christian people, at least in the Christian countries, & went to church & professed to be Christians & tried to be good people & were ashamed of wickedness. Now are they ashamed? Ha! As Jeremiah said, "Were they ashamed? Nay, they could not even blush!"--Jer.8:12.

37. Today they're proud of their wickedness, they flaunt their wickedness! The Sodomites parade down the streets by the thousands bragging about their wickedness, flaunting their wickedness in the face of the World, showing off their wickedness, their evil, & demanding more liberty & freedom for their sins! Whew! Wow! I mean, it's a wicked World today, filthy wicked, to where Sodomites can brazenly, boldly, brashly strut down the streets by the thousands publicly in demonstrations to parade & brag about their wicked filth & filthy wickedness & sickening sin! Ugh! It's becoming more & more popular so that it has to be included in movies now, love stories between men, blah blah, sickening!

38. God wiped out whole nations for Sodomy in the past & He'll do it again, too! That's one thing He held against some of the kings of Israel, that they didn't destroy all the Sodomites! They were to slaughter them,destroy them, kill them! That's the only cure of that kind of wickedness & sin. It seemed that God didn't have too much faith for their repentance or their regeneration or their changing, He just said "Kill'm!" And He held it against some of the kings of Israel that they didn't slaughter all the Sodomites!--1Kg.14:21-24; 15:12; 22:46; 2Kg.23:7; Lev.20:13. [EDITED: "HomeARC note: Maria writes: "Look how we differentiated between the sin and the sinner in that Hope Magazine story about the teen witnessers who encountered and witnessed to two homosexuals. (See Hope Mag #33, pg.16-21.) The whole point of that story was to try to show our kids that even though Sodomy is a sin, the homosexual himself is a human being who can be delivered, and whom Jesus loves and wants to rescue. I'm well aware of the fact that Dad has expressed very strong feelings against the sin of Sodomy. But I have seen him sit with people who were afflicted by Sodomite spirits and lovingly witness to them, listening to their heartcry, sharing encouragement from the Word, and showing understanding of their problem" ("'God Is No Respecter of Persons!'--Acts 10:34, " ML #2909; 1/94)."]

39. Now the Sodomites strut down the streets & politicians polish their politics to please the Sodomites & seek their votes because they've become an influential political power to govern & rule the people & get their so-called "gay rights." And instead of the governments & the people slaughtering the Sodomites, the Sodomites are slaughtering their people through their filthy diseases like AIDS & their filthy wickedness & sin!--To where now they're even attacking children with their Sodomy, molesting little boys, kidnapping them, buying & selling them on the open market in some poor countries to be played with like toys, perverted & sickeningly abused, almost openly! Although it's supposedly illegal & unlawful in most countries, in the poor countries they do it, sell the poor kids to the rich foreigners for molestation, sexual slavery!--Sexual slavery worse than the old White slavery of girls!

40. Whoredom & harlotry is old hat, it's considered almost respectable today compared to Sodomy! Even Sodomy is becoming respectable now. Politicians, governors & leaders engage in it, to where the leadership of the World, businessmen, politicians, are exposed as being Sodomites, so that it's being made legal now & lawful in many of the so-called "developed" countries. Ha! They have developed, all right, they developed every kind of filth & wickedness & perversion ever known to Man, & some that weren't known before! They've developed, all right, into monsters!--Filthy, wicked, sinful, iniquitous monsters, "brute beasts created to be destroyed!"--2Pet.2:12. And God's going to destroy them pretty soon. He's gotta stop it soon or the whole thing would just absolutely explode, blow up or degenerate into horrors!

41. If He & His Spirit had not kept control & kept it from getting completely out of hand, the whole World would have been gone long ago! But "He who letteth (prevents, restrains) will let until He be taken out of the way."--2Thes.2:7. He's letting them go ahead doing what they're doing right now, but He is controlling it & keeping them from going too far. But now that they're beginning to go too far & Man is really getting out of hand, He's going to have to stop them, & the last & the worst will be the Antichrist System.--And since he doesn't acknowledge or consider the desire of women, it sounds like he could be a Sodomite!

42. Wouldn't that be the ultimate in Man's wickedness to have a World ruler who is a Sodomite, & probably encourages sodomy & rule of himself & his Image to try to bring worldwide wickedness into recognised righteousness!--So you'd be considered peculiar if you were good, odd if you were righteous, strange if you're a Godly Christian, out of line, out of order in the World Order of Orgies!--Eccentric, off the center of wickedness, fiendishness, devilishness! Whereas we're actually the ones who are not eccentric, we are the ones who are on the right Center!--Christ is the Center, the right Center! They're the ones who are eccentric, out of order, strange, wicked, vile, filthy, iniquitous, unrighteous, completely perverted men & women!

"Movie Guidelines"—"Choose the Good & Eschew the Evil!", July 1988

51. One thing that mitigates against any movie, & there's a lot of it now, is a lot of bad language in the movie. We don't mind so much the sexual references, we're oriented to sex & we don't consider that nudity & sex are necessarily anything against a movie, except homosexuality, Sodomy, which God hates!--And there's a lot of it in movies now. I would avoid any movie or series that even tolerates Sodomy, like that series "Dynasty"!

52. "Dynasty" promotes it! Its heroes are all Sodomites from the head of the family on down!-- All of its heroes are homos. Oh, it's sickening! (Maria: It's got a lot of other bad things in it too.) Yes, a lot of other horror. It doesn't teach any real good lessons at all. (Maria: It's just a tool of the Enemy to weaken people spiritually.)--To corrupt their morals & everything else. In fact, its primary heroine is a woman who is deceitful, cruel & unprincipled, totally without conscience, & yet she's the star of the show!--Unscrupulous, greedy, self-indulgent, she's the star! And the other, the head of the family, the head of the dynasty, is a former homo & his son is a homo & he has homo friends, ugh! It's just so icky, so sickening, I couldn't stand to watch it! Horrible!

62. That show finally got to where it was showing tolerance & forgiveness--even though it was in a condescending manner--for homos. That's when I just about got fed up with "Love Boat"! Apparently the Sodomites have got a lot of influence & power in getting their propaganda into the movies nowadays. They're even having a lot of influence in the laws of the land! The Sodomites are taking over. [DELETED] This is the thing that defeated [EDITED: "nations"] even as far back as the Bible times, defeated Israel & the kingdoms & the kings in those days, Sodomy. The Devil has sure got a tool in that stuff, sickening!

"How to Answer Our Enemies"—Preach Sex, September 1988

20. The only kind of sex that God ever really condemned was Sodomy!--Homosexuality! My God, the World is just full of it today, even the churches! Many of the priests in the Catholic Church are Sodomites. They'd rather have illegal sex or illegitimate sex, evil sex, "men with men working that which is unseemly" (Rom.1:27), rather than decent marriage! It's horrible!

25. Every false religion in the World forbids sex, limits sex, restricts sex, condemns sex as being something evil! You don't find the Bible condemning sex anywhere, only the wrong kind of sex. So what's the wrong kind of sex? Well, the Bible makes it very clear the wrong kind of sex is "men with men doing that which is evil," homosexuality, Sodomy, the misuse of women, the misuse of sexual organs, evil sex, perversion, masochism, unloving sex, sex that hurts somebody, sex without love, the kind of sex you practice!--That's evil sex! Because you don't love your wife, because you don't love your sex partner, you even try to hurt'm! Sex without love,that's evil sex! Sex in the wrong way, perverted sex, sex that hurts & damages & destroys the body, selfish sex!

"This World's a Cesspool!"—Watch Your Step, November 1988

1. Not only are the Devil & the Antichrist testing the waters to see if it's time for them to take over, but God is testing you & me to see how much we will take & how much we will let them get away with, & how much the church will let them get away with without protest, without doing something about it!

2. In the Old Testament they stoned the Sodomites to death! Now they've got Sodom Rights, Gay Rights Associations & laws being passed to prevent discrimination against Sodomites! Think of it! Of course, they don't call it Sodomy or Sodomites any more, they call themselves "Gays," or more officially "homosexuals".

3. I read that in the U.S. one guy even applied for a handicap pension for being a Sodomite! He said he was being discriminated against because as a homosexual he had AIDS & couldn't get a job, therefore he asked for a handicap pension from the government.--And he got it! The judge gave it to him! Can you imagine? Now the government's going to pay them unemployment pensions!--Money for being Sodomites!

4. What a trick of the Devil to get all of his demons on the payroll of the government! You can hardly believe it's true, but there it was in a news article! They gave the name of the judge & the place it happened & the whole works! Boy, wait till all the Sodomites hear that, they're all going to want to go on the dole for being "handicapped"! That's even worse than having all the drunks going on the dole & saying they're handicapped because they're alcoholics! Pretty soon they'll have all the Devil's demons on the dole!

5. I've got a whole lot of subjects I can get stirred up about & mad about! I can see the Lord's got to come soon! He just can't let things go on this way much longer! The whole World would be--& already is--just about one big shit-pit, a cesspool, & people are just swimming around in it!

"My Christmas Letter to My Relatives"—By Maria, December 1988

43. "If there were no other reason for wanting to keep kids out of school, the social life would be reason enough. In all but a very few of the schools that I have taught in or visited or know anything about, the social life of the children is mean-spirited, competitive, exclusive, status-seeking, snobbish, full of talk about who went to who's birthday party and who got what Christmas presents and so on." He continues, "I remember my sister saying of one of her children, then five, that she never knew her to do anything really mean or silly until she went away to school. A nice school, by the way, in a nice small town." He then brings out the things that of course we all know are prevalent in public schools today: The drugs, the drinking, the cigarettes, the witchcraft, the homosexuality, the deceitfulness, the wide array of very serious problems that are now besetting kids who attend public schools.

44. So I think one reason why I can tell you that Techi and David are so well-behaved and such beautiful children is because they haven't been contaminated by that kind of horrible atmosphere. Peer pressure is one of the very strongest things there is, and even though most children don't want to do bad things, even though they know in their hearts they're wrong, even though they detest doing them, if they're put in that position (even our sweet Christian children who love the Lord), it's almost impossible for them to resist, and that's all there is to it. They rarely can do much else, it's very very difficult.

"Relating to the System!"—Be Ready Always to Give an Answer!"—1Pet.3:15—By Maria, August 1989

1. When our families return to their Home Fields, the parents need to try to explain a few things to their teens & children about what the System's like & how it operates. Otherwise, the poor kids are going to be completely embarrassed by not even knowing the basics! They need to not only tell their kids about the real bad parts of the System, but they also need to matter-of-factly explain to them basically what goes on in the System, how things operate & what to expect when dealing with Systemites.

2. In a way, I almost hate to see our Family kids have to get into all that, talking all about the System & what they do & how Systemites think & do things. Some of our kids might even be tempted to think, "Well, I wish we could do things that way too!" But if you not only explain to them the way Systemites do things, but also emphasise & teach them why our way is better, then they should understand.

3. They need to learn & know what the System expects young teens to be able to do. For example, we read about this incident where an adult Family member called a pet shop to buy a bird for their teenager. They told the shop owner, "We'll bring him over to get his bird," & the man replied, "Why, is there something wrong with your son? Can't he just take a bus?" What he meant was, "Is he disabled or mentally retarded or something?"

4. This typical Systemite shop owner was apparently shocked that the adults were so hesitant to just send their boy out on a bus across town all alone.--Which shows how much they expect a normal System teen to do on his own or by himself! So our parents need to be prepared with reasonable explanations when such instances arise. Of course, you may not be able to always give Systemites [DELETED] the whole reason why we do things differently from them, & neither will your kids. You can't tell a Flatlander, "Well, we believe in going two-by-two because that's how Jesus sent out His disciples, & it's much safer that way, considering all of the evil spiritual influences out there!"

5. Of course, you could very well respond by saying, "Considering how dangerous & corrupt things are becoming nowadays, with all kinds of drug-dealers & homos & other perverts & weirdos running around rampant, I don't like my 15-year-old going off all by himself if I can possibly avoid it.--He might get in trouble!" You could go on the attack with an answer like that. They may think you are too strict & overly-protective, but at least an answer like that is something most people can relate to, & I wouldn't say that it's too weird or abnormal because there really are an awful lot of really bad things happening in most places nowadays!

26. If you can at least give outsiders part of the reason why you don't allow your teens out by themselves with conviction, even if you can't go into detail about all the negative spiritual influences, etc., at least you can say you don't want your kids attacked by homosexuals or drug dealers or gang members! That is part of the reason why we're so protective, we're concerned for our children's physical safety & well-being as well as their spiritual safety & wellbeing.

"Home Schoolers, Attack!"—By Maria, September 1989

6. Satanism amongst teens & school children is another big thing that a lot of parents & officials are getting concerned about now. Different reporters & media people have discovered & exposed how Satanists are behind all kinds of horrible mass murders recently, & that Satanism has become rife in many of their high schools. A lot of people are finally waking up to how bad things have gotten!

7. So if you're ever in the position of defending Home Schooling, go on the attack about drugs, Satanism & violence!--And Sodomy! As much as most of them don't seem to mind homosexuality nowadays, & in fact even exalt & promote it in the adult World, they really cringe when you talk about their kids, boys being raped by other boys in the school bathroom etc.--And that's the kind of thing that's apparently going on in America's hellish schools! Boy, that kind of scenario really triggers their panic button!--Not to mention all the other forms that school violence takes--violence against teachers, violence against each other, beatings, bullying, knife fights, gang wars etc.!

14. But boy oh boy, if you just sock it to them about drugs & about the violence & about Satanism & about all the crime & the bullying & the peer-pressure blackmail & the homosexuality, I think that at least the parents, the general public, will certainly sympathise with you. I'm not saying that the school system will necessarily sympathise, they don't want these things exposed & they don't even want to admit these problems exist. But if you're trying to appeal to the general public, or even if you're being interviewed or going on TV to give your reasons & answers, I think you'll win a lot more people to your side if you attack these issues that they're all freaked out about right now.

"World Currents"—No.48, compiled December 1989


31. These news articles about homosexuals would've been unbelievable, even unthinkable just a few years ago! For this guy to write, "Probably you've had a pastor that's been a gay, & your best friends & your college professors & a lot of your close acquaintances, & you just didn't even know it. Maybe they didn't even know it." Ick! How horrible, sickening! They've become a movement now, a "gay" movement. They're trying to make you think a lot more people are homosexuals than are actually stereotyped that way. They even have "Gay Week" to encourage them to be proud of it, "You should be proud to be a Sodomite!"

32. How much is the Lord going to stand of this filth? Of all the deceits of the Devil, to call them "gay," as if to imply they're "happy"! They've even discussed having role models in the gay community, people you should look up to & emulate. How disgusting & sickening! My God, stamp them out! Stamp out these vicious insects! Ugh! It's absolute demon-possession! Blasphemy! This preacher in a gay church in the States even performs "holy unions," while living together with a man himself. Ugh! How sickening! Imagine! Ugh!

33. Sodomites even have gay churches to bless their unions & celebrate their love together, to ask God's blessing on their union! How horrible! How blasphemous! What do they say about the Bible, all the Bible has to say against it? That's what I'd like to ask them, "What do you do with the Bible?"

34. Some of this homosexuality came in through the Pentecostals, who evidently got into demon possession when they were seeking the gifts of the Spirit. They wanted the Holy Spirit & some of the gifts so badly that they would take any spirit, just so they could speak in tongues. 35. The Sodomite couples go up for Holy Communion holding hands & kiss afterwards! What a travesty on the Truth! What a blasphemy against the Bible! They're trying to do everything they can to legitimise it or even have non-homosexual people laud it & acclaim it, sanctified Sodomy. Ugh! Legitimised Sodomy, it's blasphemy against the Bible!

36. This so-called preacher who wrote this article is a representative of the Devil, one of the Devil's false prophets saying that God doesn't send scourges of punishment on any community. Sickening! He says the church made a mistake on homosexuality, just the same way they made a mistake on racism. He's consoling these sinners & Sodomites. Instead of getting them to repent, he's getting them to have a false sense of security to think they're going to go to Heaven instead of Hell! Boy, they're going to have a rude awakening! How sickening this guy is! He's inspired all right, absolutely diabolically inspired!

37. [DELETED] The Black Canaanites' primary sin was Sodomy (Lev.18:22,27). Just think, God considered Sodomy the worst of sexual sins, & now they're promoting it, exalting it & glorifying it!

"Mama's Explanation & Prayer Request Regarding Techi's Battles"—By Maria, June 1990

24. One of you here once had a prayer of deliverance against bad thoughts--in your case, homosexual thoughts, but then how long did it take from the time that you had that prayer until all such thoughts disappeared permanently? (Fam: Two months.) That's a very good illustration. Did anybody else have anything like that? (Fam: This is more of a physical thing, but when I had the hives, I didn't know if it was ever going to go away! I even went to the doctor, & there was no solution. Even after I had united prayer I still had severe recurring outbreaks, & I thought that it was going to last forever. But it was just a test of my faith, & the Lord used it to draw me closer to Him. Finally I was completely healed.)


33. The other thing I wanted to make clear--& Techi needs to know this too--is the big difference between Mene's situation & Techi's situation. Even though some of the demonic attacks of violent & weird thoughts that Techi has experienced seem to be very similar to what Mene had, there's a great difference in the two girls' spiritual conditions. But it's amazing to me how the Devil seems to be so limited in the different tricks that he can pull out of his dirty bag!

34. Even when Sara was at the Heavenly City School, one of the girls there had some real demonic attacks of evil thoughts & pictures, & Sara said, "When I first heard about the violent pictures this dear girl was having, I thought, 'Oh my!--We must have somehow left some detailed descriptions of the actual thoughts & pictures that Mene had, in the Mene Letters!'"--Because this girl at the Heavenly City School had exactly thesame pictures! So Sara searched through the Mene Letters & found those details were never published. And now Techi, who also had never heard of these things before, has had some of the same pictures. So evidently in this kind of mind attack, the Devil uses the same sort of thing with everybody. I guess there are only so many things that he can pull out of his bag, & he just uses the same old thing as much as he can with whoever he's attacking.

35. His evil thoughts & pictures always seem to more or less depict the same thing: Either doing damage to others or doing damage to yourself. What more could he try to get you to do than that? And then he starts making everything seem crazy, twisting your thoughts around & making everything strange & weird & bizarre. There's nothing much more he can do than that. 36. But what we need to explain to the Family, what they need to understand, & what we've realised since Mene's case, is that evil thoughts & pictures can happen to anyone, & you can't automatically equate them with any one thing. Of course, Mene's thoughts & pictures were probably in some ways a judgement of the Lord on her, not only for her long-standing problems with extreme pride, her exalted picture of herself & her resentment of correction, but also for her long history of purposely yielding to fantasy & living in her own fantasy world & ultimately desiring spiritual powers, wishing harm on others & becoming fascinated with evil & deliberately inviting it into her mind.

37. So we could say in Mene's case that her attacks of evil & violent thoughts & pictures were the Lord's judgement on her. Or we could almost say that in her particular case, they were the natural consequence of her living in her own little perverted & make-believe world for so long, where she so highly exalted herself & even thought & wished evil & harm on those who challenged or corrected her.

38. However, Techi's thoughts & pictures are definitely not related to any kind of bad, rebellious or unyielded spirit, because she's been very yielded & very willing to fight all these things, & she's had a very sweet spirit through it all. In other words, they were not the result of what Techi was doing at all. They've been a completely independent outside attack.

39. This is something that we didn't realise so clearly before, that virtually anybody could be hit with such attacks or battles. For example, your bout with homosexual thoughts came out of nowhere, totally unrelated to anything you were doing, & it was a real shock to you at a time when you were yielded, obedient & following the Lord as closely as you knew how.

40. When Peter was at the Heavenly City School & asked for a show of hands of how many there had had [EDITED: "other similar attacks"] at one time or other, two-thirds of the people raised their hands! Well, if we had studied the situation then, we probably would have found that when these attacks happened to these people, many of them weren't out of it in any way.--In fact, they may have been very in it, very in the Spirit & in God's Will! They could have been very obedient & faithful to the Lord, but they had experienced outside attacks from the Enemy, who was just trying to persecute or hinder or annoy or bother them.

"It Could Happen This Year"—Of 1992—Part 4, December 1991


19. Because of that verse in Daniel about the Antichrist "not regarding the desire of women" (Dan.11:37), I used to think, "Boy, the Antichrist is going to be celibate, how about that!" But from what I see is going on today, he could very well be a Sodomite! It's in style! It's getting more popular all the time, & the Sodomites are screaming to be accepted. They're some of the most brazen sinners on Earth today, just like they were in the days before the Lord destroyed Mankind with the Flood! That's how things got then. In fact, I'm not even sure they were as bad then as they are now! It's horrible! Sickening! It makes you want to puke when you hear about those guys marching down the street half-naked & kissing each other! Ugh! (See WNDs 371, pg.5, 341 pg.4 & 342, pg.2.) They're the most sickening characters in the World! God's wiped out civilisation after civilisation for Sodomy!--Not only whole cities, but whole nations!

20. They have such influence! It's the power of Satan! In some countries they even organise huge associations, lobbies & pressure groups to put big pressure on the various governments. They're influencing governments & getting them to invest millions for their causes because they scream & holler & threaten to do this or that if they don't! "If you don't give us money & heal us of our diseases, then you don't care about us! You don't care if we die!" They're the most blatant protestors & demonstrators of all! The worst! The loudest! And now they're trying to get all the guys who are "in the closet" (unconfessed Sodomites), including politicians & actors, etc., to come out & confess that they too are Sodomites.

21. The Sodomites are taking over! Who would have ever dreamed that Sodomy would take over to such an extent in this day & age! Well, it's certainly fulfilling Bible Prophecy that "wicked men & seducers shall wax worse & worse," & "as it was in the days of Noah & the days of Lot, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be."--2Tim.3:13; Mat.24:37; Luk.17:26-30.

22. Ever since I was a little kid I was told it was bad in the days of Noah, but I figured "bad" was just a lot of wine, women & song & war & violence & that sort of thing. Then I heard about how even in those early days before Noah they had a form of "family planning," as they call it now. Until recently they used to call it plain "birth control"! They had this idol whose elbows were hinged & his hands were out like this. They built a fire inside of him, put the baby in his hands, & the priest behind the idol worked the lever & catapulted the baby right into the idol's mouth, into the fire! Well, I was horrified when I finally heard about that! I was already preaching the Gospel & a pastor & having to study my Bible & some other books more before I found that out! I said, "Oh boy! That was bad!"

23. They've gotten worse now! They put instruments in the womb & tear the babies apart. Some years ago, we heard about a movie that the anti-abortionists made, I haven't seen it, but from what I've heard it's almost enough to make you sick!--"The Silent Scream!" It shows how the baby feels it, he knows it, & they just literally tear him limb from limb, horrible! Horrors! Who would ever think that modern civilisation could get to such a state!

24. I knew that Sodomy was in the Bible, "as it was in the days of Lot." It's too bad more people don't call a spade a spade & call them Sodomites! Nearly everybody's heard about the fate of Sodom & Gomorrah & know what was going on then!--Or if they're pretty dumb & they don't know it, all they have to do is read it! (See Gen.18 & 19.) Poor Lot was even willing to give them his daughters instead of allowing them to even see the Angels that were visiting him. Can you imagine? They wanted to commit Sodomy with the Angels! How horrible! How awful! So disgusting! Sickening! It's about the most sickening thing I can think of!

25. The Sodomites have chosen the name "gays" for themselves, to try to make you think they're happy! And of course, the scientists & all the serious-minded people, interviewers & columnists & all, use the scientific word, homosexuals. Now they've even got scientists coming out & proclaiming that it's

"Our Replies to Allegations of Child Abuse"—Excerpt from official statement from June 1992

"His [David Berg's] Letters from this period covered a wide range of sexual topics. For example, he addressed the issue of lesbianism. After initially feeling that some such relationships could be acceptable, because the Bible doesn't specifically forbid them, he ultimately concluded that such relationships were certainly far from the ideal, were unnatural and therefore should not be encouraged. Similarly, although personally very opposed to the practice, he attempted to take a charitable view of the problem some men have of being attracted to other men in a sexual manner, a very prevalent problem in today's world. Father David concluded that such men should seek help, ask for prayer, and look to God to deliver them from such unnatural desires, and that no homosexual activities whatsoever should be tolerated in our communities."

"World Currents"—No.66, compiled July 1993

46. Clinton thinks abortion & Sodomy are good for the country. He must be awfully deceived. He's going against the whole military command in this homosexual thing, insisting on Sodomy in the barracks.

47. As if the U.S. didn't have enough problems already, they're talking about admitting 100,000 Haitian refugees. It's insane! But this is what Clinton promised. The ACs will import anybody that they can use. [DELETED] (This has now been cancelled[DELETED]!)

48. The people of the U.S. are depending more on the promises of Bill Clinton than the promises of God. Boy, how the people are going to be disappointed! They're going to be sorry they ever elected Clinton! I feel sorry for the poor guy, but he got himself into it. He wanted it! Well, I doubt if he wanted the Presidency as much as his wife wanted it. He said his motto is, "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow."--Just the opposite of what the Bible says. (Mat.6:34.) He surely must know what the Bible says, since he claims to be a good Baptist. It shows how far he is from the Word!

49. Clinton acts like he really likes people, & he got that across in his campaign. He seems like a nice, sweet, friendly, sincere man, but he's being horribly misled by the ACs. Poor fellow, I feel sorry for him, but he sure took the wrong route in backing the Sodomites & the baby-killers! His people seem to be composed mostly of ACs & the youth.

50. It's the Devil's own season & he's finally having his way now. The Devil finally got a president that will do whatever he wants him to do. "When he that would kill a few babies thinketh that he does the mothers service, & the sick." (See Jn.16:2.) Imagine, killing babies to help old people live longer! How horrible! Well, they're going to get theirs one of these days.

51. Clinton was reared in the Baptist Church, he certainly must know better! He's so responsible. And promoting Sodomites! How horrible! They're going to all get their just deserts sooner or later, & I think Clinton's are going to be sooner rather than later, along with all those that put him in power. They're the worst! Imagine, being put in power by Sodomites & baby-killers! How can he sleep with his conscience? He must not have any!

52. Give him nightmares, Lord! Help him to see all those babies he's killing in his nightmares, & what evil devils those Sodomites are, & the ACs that he's serving, & the poor Balkans that they won't save, & the poor Iraqis that they continue to pester! My Lord, may You crack down on this generation that is committing all these crimes against the poor & the innocent, & all the ACs that are backing him, no doubt telling him what to do. Why else would he still be attacking Iraq? Iraq hasn't been doing anything, they've really been trying to make peace. But he just carries right on.

53. He's obviously doing exactly what the ACs tell him to do. They don't want him to stop the Serbs, they just want him to stop Iraq no matter what they're doing, or even aren't doing. My Lord, deliver us from this evil, wicked generation! Thank You for how You have, & for all the victories You've given us & the witness You've helped us be against them!--In Jesus' name, amen.

54. Clinton was the bright & morning star of the Democrats. He was supposed to change everything & make everything right. He was their hero & his election was the great victory of the liberals over the conservatives. He & his people promised everything, which no man could possibly do. Political campaigns are so full of lies that can never be fulfilled, except to discover that they were lies! Then the people go through a big disappointment & a big let-down. Their idol has feet of clay! They find out all of a sudden that he makes mistakes & he isn't always right.

55. I don't think people have worshipped any man like they have Clinton for years, the AC media hype was so terrific! They made an absolute god out of him to get him elected, & they then expected him to do all their will & all the things that they wanted him to do right away. He has tried, but he has failed, & now they're furious with him because he hasn't done it all as quickly as they thought he would. The few things he has done have been half-hearted, almost futile attempts.

56. Almost number one on the new administration's agenda was to get Gays in the U.S. military. That was supposed to be the easiest thing to do, & he hasn't been able to do it yet.--Thank God! And the next was to heal the economy, & of course that's gotten worse, because no amount of politics could heal it. Only U.S. repentance & God's forgiveness could heal all their woes.

"World Currents"—No.67, compiled August 1993

Criminals, Sodomites & the Mosaic Law!

24. There are some criminals who actually hope they'll get shot by the cops! They're so tired of the lives they've been living & the drugs & the degradation & everything else, they're sick of it. They haven't got the nerve to kill themselves, so they hope the cops will shoot'm.--And they do get shot all the time. But then the people blame it on the police & the police always get in trouble. The police are out there in almost the toughest job there is to do today, yet they're always getting blamed for everything! If they get mad & whip some guy & beat him up--which he probably deserved--then they're going to put'm through court, & put'm through court again & try'm again!

25. If the State didn't do the job, the Federal government takes it over & does the job.--Federal liberals who want to save the criminals, & to Hell with the cops!--Who want to save all the drug addicts & the criminals & turn'm all loose if they'll promise to be good.--Like the Rodney King case! The State decision didn't satisfy the mobs, so the Feds retried the case & made a decision more appeasing to the [EDITED: "minorities"] & Liberals.

26. Well, that isn't exactly the way the Mosaic Law reads! That isn't exactly the way God made the standard law which was to be abided by & kept! He says, "This is the way to treat that kind of people, if you want to save your culture, your civilisation, your nation, your country or your city!" His Law was very strict on law-breakers.

27. You don't hear of Jewish society even having many criminals in those days, when you got stoned to death for being a Sodomite! I hate those words "gay" or "homosexual," they're such a cover-up! Why the Hell don't the Christians come out with the right word that's used in the Bible, so people will understand. Use the Word of God! Use the Bible! Tell them what the Bible says ought to be done with them!--Instead of recognising'm & making them pastors of churches, marrying'm & giving them all the benefits of welfare, even electing them as government officials! [DELETED] Men now love themselves! (Rom.1:24-32.)

28. "[DELETED] Those poor dear little homosexuals, they can't help it. They need our sympathy!" And they make heroes out of them to solicit your sympathy & to get more money donated for AIDS than for cancer! God help us! We're in a generation, a World that is as bad & getting worse than as it was in the "days of Noah."--Mat.24:37. "So shall it be!" It will get worse & worse!

"Woe to America!", August 1993 [Editor's note: This excerpt is from a tract intended for distribution to the general public]

  • Her acceptance and promotion of sodomy

Although the Bible makes it very clear that sodomy, or male homosexuality, is an abomination to God, it has increasingly gained acceptance and even popularity in America today. The homosexual community has achieved political clout in recent years, with more than 9 million voters. There are currently more than 70 openly homosexual elected officials around the U.S., compared with fewer than half a dozen in 1980. Congressman Barney Frank, of Massachusetts, disclosed his homosexuality in 1987 and was re-elected the next year by a 70% majority. The Human Rights Campaign Fund, a homosexual lobbying group with 60,000 members, was the ninth largest independent PAC (political action committee) during the 1992 presidential election. As in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, "gay power" is rapidly gaining ground in America. When Colorado recently voted against granting special rights to homosexuals, almost the entire Hollywood establishment went into action, boycotting that state.

Efforts by the current administration to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military and appoint homosexuals to positions in the government are making it increasingly clear what Bill Clinton meant when on May 18, 1992‚ he told a group of gay activists, "I have a vision, and you are a part of it."

"They walk in lies, they strengthen also the hands of evildoers . . . they are all of them unto Me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah" (Jeremiah 23:14).

"The show of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves" (Isaiah 3:9).

"World Currents"—No.70, compiled October 1993

95. A lot of Catholics are turning against the Pope because he is so strict. He is adamantly against birth control, sinful abortion, murder, premarital sex & homosexuality. He has demanded that church members & other church leaders fall in line.

117. Think of it, half the Catholics surveyed at Pope Paul's World Youth Day believe that homosexuality is okay! The Lord's dividing between the sheep & the goats. Those who are for the Pope are for the right doctrines on almost everything except celibacy & maybe a few other things.

"Persecution Jewels"—No.7, compiled October 1993

Demon-Possession [DELETED]!

26. Eve's sister-in-law, who had been in a mental institution, said that she didn't want to get electric shocks any more, so she behaved herself. (See ML#1008, "Shock Treatment!") I guess that little demon that [EDITED: "one backslider"] has is doing the same. He's behaving himself now so he won't spoil the terrific job he's doing in trying to show that [EDITED: "this backslider"] is a "sane, wonderful, normal girl who loves Jesus & wants to do her best for the Lord" now that she's away from the Family.

Undermining Religious Faith!

27. The World accuses Fundamentalists of unreasonableness, extremism, & fanaticism--that they're not reasonable in their claims of what literally amounts to Godly authority. It's all a very clever, subtle undermining of religious faith, & the promotion of so-called humanism. (Maria: And the Christians mostly bring it on themselves because they beat around the bush & are ashamed to really use the Word. Of course, the World would still think they were fanatical, but if they were using the Word, at least then they've got some basis & their arguments would be more powerful.)

28. These Fundamentalists say children shouldn't be able to divorce their parents because you'd bring a whole new body of litigants on the American scene & it would destroy the family--instead of coming out boldly with what God says about parental authority. And instead of using the Scriptures against homosexuality, they fight it on the basis that it's destroying traditional family values, etc.

"Persecution Jewels"—No.8, compiled November 1993

22. (Maria: Did it call Mohammed a slave?) Yes. And the footnote to that is: "To be the slave of Allah is the proudest boast of the Muslim, bondage to Allah liberating from all other servitudes." That's certainly Scriptural. Slavery to the Lord gives us freedom from slavery to the Devil. The footnote continues: "In the Koran, Mankind are often called God's slaves or bondmen, a stronger & more just expression than the word 'servants' generally substituted in translations." They've done that in the Bible too. "Servants" in the New Testament comes from the Greek word "servus" which literally means "slave." (Maria: It's not "politically correct" to use such words any more. Even "servants" is getting to be pretty bad too.) (Political correctness is a modern expression which means to go along with the generally accepted majority position on issues and controversies. For example, it is politically correct nowadays to support homosexual rights, and those who express a contrary opinion, even if based on religious principles, are often regarded as bigots.)

"God Is no Respecter of Persons"—Acts 10:34--By Maria, January 1994

19. So even if many of the Aborigines have fallen into the snare of demonism and devil worship, we still need to make that distinction between the sin and the sinner. We are to love the sinner even if we abhor their sin. And whether someone is a Black or a White, a Jew or a Gentile, a Buddhist, a Hindu or whatever, that has nothing to do with it. It's their sins that the Lord doesn't like, not their race or their colour or their social status!

20. Look how we differentiated between the sin and the sinner in that Hope Magazine story about the teen witnessers who encountered and witnessed to two homosexuals. (See Hope Mag #33, pg.16-21.) The whole point of that story was to try to show our kids that even though Sodomy is a sin, the homosexual himself is a human being who can be delivered, and whom Jesus loves and wants to rescue. I'm well aware of the fact that Dad has expressed very strong feelings against the sin of Sodomy. But I have seen him sit with people who were afflicted by Sodomite spirits and lovingly witness to them, listening to their heartcry, sharing encouragement from the Word, and showing understanding of their problem.

Ministering on International AIDS Day!

(Mama's comments to the Family in Thailand who were invited by the Red Cross to perform at an international AIDS Day event:)

39. We are happy that you accepted the invitation to perform at the international AIDS Day event organised by the Red Cross. Your friends would hardly have been able to understand if you had refused. Although we may consider AIDS a judgement of God on people's sin, we still love the sinner, and maybe we can win some of them. Besides, AIDS not only afflicts homosexuals, but it has touched quite a few others as well.

40. So I think you did the right thing in accepting. If you'd refused because you consider AIDS a judgement of God, it would be a little like refusing to go to the site of an earthquake just because the people may have been evil and God had used the earthquake as a judgement upon them.

41. Ministering at such an event doesn't mean that we are endorsing Sodomy just because a large percentage of those afflicted with AIDS are homosexuals. So praise the Lord, we can be a witness wherever and whenever the Lord opens the doors!

"World Currents"—No.71, compiled February 1994

13. The U.S. government is as guilty as Hell, & as a result, the majority of U.S. people are guilty as Hell! They elected Clinton, who is for baby killing, homosexuality & everything evil, & the majority of the people are too!

14. Well, the Great Whore is about to get her punishment when her Antichrist turns on her. I said her Antichrist, because, don't forget, she's going to worship him too. But finally when he finds out the perfidy of his AC supporters & turns on them, he'll also turn on her, because she supports them, & he'll destroy her & them.--And then the forces of God will destroy him! But the Lord will use him to destroy God's enemies first.--That's the way God has always worked throughout Bible history. God would use Israel's enemies to punish them for their sins, but then He would turn around & destroy their enemies. That's the truth, & you can read it in the Bible.


Clinton & the Sodomites!

104. How horrible to think Clinton would even be discussing letting the Sodomites have their way! Boy, the Sodomites are sure coming into power--even dictating what to do to the President of the United States! The Lord knew how bad & how sickening & how wicked & horrible they were, & how terribly violent & aggressive they would be--full of the Devil & trying to rule over governments!

Sodomy--A Major Issue!

105. Even gay people themselves admit that the homosexual life has "inherent problems, depression & victimization!" Isn't it amazing that Sodomy should become one of the major issues of our time? It shows how far the World has gone. Just think, a lot of churches defend homosexuals while attacking us!

Sodomites Made into Heroes!

106. Those Sodomite AIDS sufferers are the Devil's own people comforting each other & trying to make it easy for each other to die!--Making heroes & saints out of them, trying to get rid of their guilt complexes. Every kind of comfort is given to people dying of AIDS. AIDS patients can call a number for someone to talk to, or even a buddy to be with them in their last days, while those with other terminal illnesses don't get near the attention & help that AIDS patients do.

127. River Phoenix was too much of a good role model, not corrupted or perverted enough, so the Devil had to try to destroy him. That movie "My Own Private Idaho" in which he played a homo hustler was the downfall of River Phoenix. Somebody wanted to destroy him.--The Devil!

128. I wouldn't be surprised if someone deliberately gave him an overdose. All they had to do was put it in his drink, & he came outside the nightclub & had a fit! Well, thank God he's out of that Hollywood scene. He was too good for this World. He kept up a pretty good testimony, his parents too. He always testified he had a very good upbringing in the Children of God.

150. Remember, the media is AC & they're encouraging all the squawk. They're publicising all the squawk, as well as his activities that aggravate it & all the mistakes they say he made, & all his "wrong" positions on all these issues that they consider "politically correct," like abortion & homosexuality. It's politically correct to be pro-homo, pro-abortion, pro-contraceptives, etc., etc. (Fam: The thing too about these encyclicals is that when he writes one of them he's considered inspired. Many Catholics consider it the Word of God.) It's official & he's not going to change it.

"World Currents"—No.74, compiled April 1994

Sodomite Ghostwriter Mel White!

70. This one "Larry King Live" Show we saw certainly shows how religion is being attacked, especially by the ACs. They couldn't get at Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham & Pat Robertson directly, so they're trying to get at them through their ex-ghostwriter, Mel White, who is an open homosexual.

71. He's discrediting all these evangelists in his book. He is also discrediting the Bible & saying it's wrong, it's been misinterpreted etc. He's as good as saying that he doesn't believe the Bible. He has to say that, because what the Lord says about Sodomy is as clear as can be in the Scriptures.

72. Just because evangelists are preaching against evil, it gets labelled as "hate" nowadays. This guy Mel White is a deceiver, an absolute liar! And of course the Gays have an agenda. What a slick, evil, slithering snake!

73. Why don't these Christians who tried to answer this guy use the Bible, the power of the Word of God, instead of all these arguments! It's so ridiculous! I would just keep quoting the Scripture. What disappoints me & disgusts me is that they're not quoting the Scriptures enough. They need to quote the Bible, because it's powerful, & that will convict sinners, even homosexuals! The one time they stumped him was when they quoted the Bible & what it says about Sodomites. (Maria: Right, he didn't have any answer for it.)

"Persecution Jewels"—No.15, compiled April 1994

63. I'm convinced that this whole child abuse hysteria is part of the Devil's campaign to persuade the public that child abuse is the worst of all crimes. People can kill babies with abortion, they can be homosexuals & get away with murder & robbery & everything else--but this so-called child abuse is considered "the worst of all crimes!" It's true that there is some very bad child abuse going on in the World, but the Devil has exaggerated the problem & used it to accuse many innocent people & an awful lot of Christians, including us!

64. It's a part of the Devil's own campaign to break up families, because he hates families! Some of these people who have been accused of child abuse were perfectly normal families before that, the father & mother living in peace together with their children. But the Devil hates families, so he's using it as an instrument to break them up, as well as to charge a lot of innocent people with it, turning the World against them & wrecking their lives & families.

"World Currents"—No.77, compiled July 1994

Rise of the Radical Religious Right!

1. THERE'S BEEN A RISE of the Religious Right of conservative Christians into U.S. politics--to the dismay of a number of Republicans who are agitating against them & accusing them of trying to take over the Republican Party. And the media who are on the radical AC left (and mostly Democrats) are waving the red flag of warning to the public: "The Christians are taking over! Watch out for the radical Religious Right!"

2. Well, they're sure radical nowadays, & they are rising. At last the church is waking up to the fact that they do have some power & they can stop, or at least slow down, this Clinton crowd who are all for the wrong things. Clinton is pretending to be such a good Christian, but he's for all the wrong things & he's got all the wrong kind of people & is backed by the ACs. (Maria: Even Clinton's Surgeon General, Joceyln Elders, spoke before a group of homosexuals & warned them about the Religious Right & said they had to do something to stop them.)

3. So it's finally becoming a religious war! It's coming out in the open between the Christians & the AC media plus the AC-backed Democrats & Clintonites. It's breaking out, thank God, into open war in which the Christians are at least standing up to be counted, whether they win or not. This battle is arousing the church & the Christians & showing them what's going on.

"Loving Jesus!"—Part 3—By Maria, December 1995

70. You men are probably thinking of all kinds of questions, like, what about us saying these things to the Holy Spirit? How can we as men say such things to Jesus‚ Who is male? What about those men who have homosexual tendencies, how is this going to affect them? Like I said earlier, we had questions too, and we asked the Lord about them. So these and other questions will be answered as you read on.

79. I shared the above prophecy with some of the men in our Home and they all had a few initial hesitations. First of all, they have always related to Jesus only as a friend; and secondly, they didn't see that they could have a sexy relationship with Him, as He is male. So how could they have a sexy relationship with the Lord when they see it as a male/male relationship? It was quite a wrench for them to start thinking of it as a male/female relationship, thinking of themselves as His Bride, a woman in Spirit who has Jesus as a lover.

80. They wondered if they couldn't instead say these things to the Holy Spirit, as that would be easier and more relatable for them, since the Lord had revealed to Dad that She is the female member of the Trinity. They also wondered how this kind of talking to the Lord would affect any men in the Family who may battle homosexual tendencies. These were very legitimate questions and ones which needed answering.

81. By now you can probably figure out what I did about those two questions!—Right! Peter and I prayed and brought them before the Lord. First I'll share with you what the Lord said about the relationship our men should have with Him. I'll start with my prayer.

Lovemaking with Jesus in the Spirit!

82. Lord, You've given us this wonderful way to love You and to show You our love, but we know that some people, especially the men, are probably going to have some difficulties with this, because You were a Man here on Earth, and also You are apparently still very male, even in the Spirit, as You're telling us that You want to make love to us. A great number of those who You are now asking to love You in this way are men in the flesh, and this is going to be difficult for many of them.

83. However, You said in Your Word that there is no male nor female in Christ Jesus. You called Your Church a Bride‚ yet You knew that both men and women were part of that Church. In so many illustrations You made it quite clear that we are supposed to come into Your bedchamber like the bride. You talked about the bride with the oil. You don't seem to have any problem calling Your children brides and lovers, but we have a problem because it's difficult for our men to think of themselves as loving You like a woman would.

84. Also, how do our men who have had homosexual problems distinguish between that which is wrong, their former male–with-male relationships, and this love relationship that You're asking them to have with You? Can they still be assured that their former, human, male-with-male relationships were wrong, while this relationship with You is pure and right? How do they reconcile this seeming contradiction? We could explain this by saying this relationship with You is a spiritual one, but in a way it's not entirely spiritual because we're in the physical and we're saying these loving words to You. So there is that dilemma and problem, Lord, that we need to have some answers about.

A Warning to Those with Homosexual Tendencies!

115. For any of you who have had homosexual problems in the past, and who may still have these tendencies, the Lord says He understands that this is a weakness. He is proud of you for overcoming in this area‚ and He wants you to remain pure. He knows you will be very leery and even apprehensive that this lovemaking with Him will tempt you above that you are able. However, you must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your loving relationship with Jesus is not a male/male relationship. There is only a woman with her husband!—Nothing else! He is not asking you to do anything that He has already told you not to, and has already given you a victory over.

116. This has nothing to do with a male–with-male relationship. This is not a homosexual relationship! This is a relationship between a Bridegroom and a bride, a Man and a woman, a Male and a female, a Husband and a wife. Therefore you can remain pure when you love Him as His Bride.

117. Up until now you have had to stay away from all thoughts of loving a male. The Lord has commanded it, because it is not pleasing in His sight to have a male making love to another male. But in your intimate relationship with Jesus, in which you make love with Him in Spirit, you are not male, you are a female in the Spirit.

118. In one of the prophecies above, the Lord made it quite clear. He said: "I see you as a radiant and loving Bride‚ for I see in the Spirit, and you must see in the Spirit.—Do not see in the flesh." In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man. You are making love to Him as His Bride, His spiritual wife. This is not a male-with-male relationship. It is a spiritual female‚ you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the man, the Bridegroom, and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife. He says He's giving you a loving dispensation and a freedom in the Spirit so you don't have to be bound by your former weaknesses.—As long as you understand and know and continually think of yourself as a woman in the Spirit when you are loving this way, because this is how the Lord sees you!

119. Of course for all you men it will take some getting used to! As any new habit takes a lot of effort and work to form, this one will be no exception. This is no more difficult than when the Lord told those following Him that they must "eat His flesh and drink His blood," which also had to be taken purely by faith (John 6:51-58). But as you cry out desperately to the Lord to give you the faith and help you to see things in the Spirit, the way He sees them, He will make it possible and make that transformation much easier.

120. Granted, it's a little hard to be one thing in the Spirit and then switch to being another thing in the flesh, and to be switching back and forth! But if the Lord is asking you to do this, He is going to help you to do it. He says that as you continue to play this role of the woman, which you are in the Spirit when you're making love to Jesus, He will make it easier for you. After all, just look at the multiple roles that many people in the world play, and that even we do in the natural, to some extent. You are a father to your children, but sometimes if their mother is absent, you must be a mother to them also. You may be a strong husband to your wife, but there are times when you are her child‚ when you need her strength and comfort.

"Loving Jesus!"— Part 3 for Junior Teens—By Maria, December 1995

[Editor's Note: this letter, intended for young teens, contains the same quotations cited above]

"Loving Jesus!"— Part 6 for Junior Teens—By Maria, December 1995

Men Loving Jesus Intimately

108. QUESTION 10: Are we men in the Family now female in Spirit, and will we be female for eternity?

109. Answer: No, you men are not always women in the Spirit. You are only women in the Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In this one facet of your spiritual life, your intimate love relationship with the Lord, He wants you to be as a bride with her husband. In other words, He wants you to be a woman in Spirit, loving Him as your Husband. But in the other facets of your spiritual life‚ He will continue to see you as men—as strong, valiant‚ manly soldiers for Him‚ mighty men of David. So you don't need to think that you are now going to be a woman in the Spirit all the time‚ or that you'll be women when you get to Heaven. This is not a permanent spiritual transformation. This is just one of your many roles and one aspect of your spiritual life.

(See Part 3, paragraphs 103-118, 131-135, 201-203, 205.)

110. QUESTION 11: How can men have this intimate, sexy relationship with Jesus and it not be a male-with-male homosexual relationship?

111. Answer: Because you men become female in Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man. You are making love to Him as His Bride, His spiritual wife. This has nothing to do with a male-to-male relationship. This is not a homosexual relationship. It is a spiritual female, you, making love to a male‚ Jesus. He is the Man, the Bridegroom‚ and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife.

(See Part 3, paragraphs 102-110, 131-144.)

112. QUESTION 12: Does this new Loving Jesus revelation mean that man-with-man homosexual relationships or thoughts are now okay?

113. Answer: No. The Loving Jesus revelation does not change the Biblical laws, nor our present policy that forbids male-with-male homosexual relationships; and partaking of this intimate lovemaking with Jesus in no way condones homosexual thoughts. As I said previously, this has nothing to do with homosexuality. There is no male-with-male relationship. You must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your intimate, loving relationship with Jesus is not a male-with-male relationship. There is only a woman (you) with her Husband (Jesus)!—Nothing else! The Lord is not asking you men to do anything that He has already told you not to do.

(See Part 3, paragraphs 137–144.)

114. QUESTION 13: Why can't men just make love to the Holy Spirit? Dad talked about this in earlier Letters‚ and it would be much easier for the men.

115. Answer: The Holy Spirit Herself is calling us all to be Jesus' Bride. She loves Jesus so much that She wants Him to have many Brides. She tells us that Jesus is the picture, manifestation or embodiment of the Love of the Father and the Holy Spirit, and that by loving Him, we are loving Them. The Holy Spirit will still come to us and comfort us and strengthen us, but because Jesus gave His life for us, He purchased our Salvation, and we are His Bride. Being the Husband of the Bride (us) seems to be one of Jesus' roles or portfolios in the Heavenly Teamwork, the Trinity.

116. The Holy Spirit gently chided us in prophecy, saying that if we can believe that Jesus atoned for our sins, and we can give our lives to serve Him, then why can't we believe that God and the Holy Spirit have called us to love Him as His Bride and to manifest our intimate love for Him in this new, passionate, sexy way.

(See Part 3, paragraphs 172-179,185–188.)

117. QUESTION 14: As a man, when I say love words to Jesus, do I have to be able to visualize Him making love to me? Do I have to see it?

118. Answer: No, you men do not have to see or visualize Jesus making love to you. Some men are able to visualize themselves as a woman, with Jesus‚ a man, making love to them, which is the way things are in the Spirit. However, if you can't visualize this, don't worry; you don't have to visualize it at all. You can just know in your mind that you are Jesus' wife and He's your Husband.

"Loving Jesus!"— Part 7—Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Loving Jesus!—By Maria, December 1995

38. Question 11: How can men have this intimate, sexy relationship with Jesus and it not be a male-with-male homosexual relationship?

39. Answer: Because you men become female in Spirit during your times of intimate lovemaking with Jesus. In your lovemaking with Jesus you are not a man. You are making love to Him as His Bride, His spiritual wife. This has nothing to do with a male-to-male relationship. This is not a homosexual relationship. It is a spiritual female, you, making love to a male, Jesus. He is the Man‚ the Bridegroom, and you are the woman, His Bride, His wife.

(See Part 3, paragraphs 87-95, 109-122.)

40. Question 12: Does this new Loving Jesus revelation mean that man–with-man homosexual relationships or thoughts are now okay?

41. Answer: No. The Loving Jesus revelation does not change the Biblical laws, nor our present policy that forbids male-with-male homosexual relationships; and partaking of this intimate lovemaking with Jesus in no way condones homosexual thoughts. As I said previously, this has nothing to do with homosexuality. There is no male-with-male relationship. You must remember, and you must get firmly fixed in your mind and constantly remind yourself, that your intimate, loving relationship with Jesus is not a male-with–male relationship. There is only a woman (you) with her Husband (Jesus)!—Nothing else! The Lord is not asking you men to do anything that He has already told you not to do.

More Questions on Male-with-Male Homosexuality

254. (Note: The next four questions deal with the subject of male homosexuality. It's not that so many of the men in the Family were homosexuals before joining the Family, or have ever had homosexual tendencies. So covering this subject in detail does not signify that homosexuality is a big problem in the Family. But the few men who have had that problem need encouragement and answers to any questions they may have. Also, other people have raised questions concerning this subject, and since male homosexuality is ungodly and is an excommunicable offense, it naturally causes people concern. Therefore, any questions along these lines need to be answered clearly and in a straightforward fashion.)

255. Question 49: How will this role-playing affect the men who previously were homosexuals or had homosexual tendencies?

256. Answer: The Lord gave repeated confirmations that we don't need to fear or worry that this Loving Jesus revelation will have adverse effects on these men. He also gave some wonderful counsel, instruction and promises. It is understandable that the men in our Family who were homosexuals before joining, or who have had any problems with homosexual tendencies or thoughts since joining‚ would be leery of putting this revelation into practice. You men may feel it will tempt you to sin or to entertain ungodly thoughts. But the Lord says to you, "Fret not, worry not. Think not, `This is too much for me.’ Think not, `I am like an alcoholic going back into the bar.' But rather think, `I am a new creature in Jesus, My Lord. For He has betrothed Himself unto me. I am as one that is not of this world.’"

257. While the Lord repeatedly encouraged you men not to worry or fear, He also gave some instruction or guidelines. He said you must see this in the Spirit, realizing it's not a homosexual relationship. He wants you to continue to put off your old conversation and imaginings, your old images and thoughts and imaginations regarding homosexuality, because they were not of Him and they brought you into bondage. He doesn't want you to entertain homosexual thoughts or fantasies, and certainly not homosexual activities. That's what He means when He warns not to use this as an occasion to the flesh or as a stumblingblock.

258. He promises that as you continue to walk in newness of life, and put off the old things, and cling to Him, and yield your spirit, heart, mind‚ and body unto Him, He will give you discernment to know the difference between good and evil. He says right and wrong will become clearer to you than ever before. You'll be able to know by the fruit it bears in your life. He says the good fruit in your life of loving Him in this new way will be "newborn children unto Me‚ and great works, and mighty acts, and wonderful things."

259. He promises to thrill your mind and heart, as you obey Him‚ and He'll cleanse you and you'll "be transported as far as the East is from the West from your old sins and your old notions and your old imaginings and your old fantasies." So you don't have to worry or fear that you're going to get tripped off and fall prey to the temptation of the Enemy—as long as you're staying close to Jesus, and you study His Word and understand it, and practice this new way of loving Jesus according to the guidelines He has provided.

260. The Lord gives the following promises to those who have had inordinate affections or homosexual experiences in the past. He says, "Be not afraid to enter into My bedchamber because of your sins of the past, for I will still love you. For I have chosen you as My lover‚ My Bride. Be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage, and do not let this stand in the way of coming into My bedchamber. But you have to leave all your dirty clothes at the door and come in naked and unadorned, naked unto Me, without these things of the past that would hinder you or distract from that beautiful liberty in the Spirit that we can have when I come in unto you and love you and you are Mine. Let all things become new, and I will give you the faith to overcome any battles of the mind, battles of the heart, battles of sins of the past."

261. To enter into this new, intimate love relationship with Jesus, you must leave the past behind, including any "dirty clothes" of unclean homosexual thoughts, attractions, practices, fantasies, etc.

(See Part 3, paragraphs 93‚ 115-119.)

262. Question 50: My husband had problems in the past with homosexual tendencies. He even had a few homosexual experiences many years ago. I'm worried that this new way of loving Jesus will cause him to fall back into those sins. Do you have any counsel about this? How can I find peace of mind about this?

263. Answer: I can understand why not only the men who have had these weaknesses in the past might worry about this, but some of you shepherds, wives and girlfriends might also be concerned. You might think, "Isn't this getting into pretty dangerous ground?" If you are close to someone who has battled these temptations in the past, you might be quite concerned about this new turn of events. The Lord gave some words of instruction and comfort to both the men concerned and their loved ones that I think will ease your minds.

264. To the men He said: "For you are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. Think not that you are to walk in your old ways, for the former pull is of the Evil One. But this is a call from your Savior, from Jesus‚ to enter into a new and loving relationship. These two ways are completely separate. They are as far removed as the East is from the West. They are two different channels; they are two different sources. Therefore think not that one is like the other, for they could not be more different.

265. "While one is perverse, the other is holy. While one is black, the other is white. While one is filthy, the other is pure. Just as you cannot compare the clean, white clothes of the bride with filthy black rags of wickedness‚ so you cannot compare these two ways, for they are as different as night and day."

266. Then to these men's loved ones, He said: "Therefore fear not that they will be confused, for those who have dabbled in these impure, unclean and evil things will know the difference in spirit, the difference in approach, the difference in attitude. For the way of homosexuality is self-righteousness. It is man exalting himself against God‚ saying, `I have no need of You. I am content in myself. I am separate. I am holy. I am good. I have no need of You.' It is the utmost in self-righteousness.

267. "But in loving Me as My Bride, you submit yourself unto Me in abject desperation and humility. You say, `I have need of You. I cannot live without You. I need You even to breathe. I long for You, as a woman longs for her lover.'

268. "Therefore they are completely separate and they are completely different. One does not even touch or approach the other. And this difference is so vast and so wide that these men will see the difference. It is something that appears the same to you who have not experienced it, but those who have experienced it know the difference in spirit. They know the difference in attitude. They know that when they did indulge in this sin‚ they were so far from Me. They were not close to Me. They were not seeking Me. They were not yielding unto Me, but they were resisting Me.

269. "But this is a new way of loving Me that I have given unto you as a precious gift, and as you fall at My feet and adore Me‚ and as I fill you, then thoughts of evil and perverseness will flee from you‚ and you will not be worried or bothered about them. The tainting of this act in your mind will be dissipated. There will be no more fears of this ugly practice. But as you enter into love with Me, these questions will be answered and you will no longer fear this similarity, for you will see how it is so different, and how I have honored and blessed you with this precious gift of love."

270. Question 51: If a man has had homosexual tendencies in the past, he might say, "I'm fine with the concept of being the Lord's Bride and His desire for us to have an intimate love relationship with Him. That is not problem for me, but I still don't have the faith to say graphic, sexy, love words to Jesus. It makes me uncomfortable because it brings the wrong kinds of pictures to my mind. What can I do?"

271. Answer: If you have this problem, you can simply say less graphic love words to Jesus that do not bring to mind such pictures. Say whatever works best for you personally.

272. The Lord gave the following counsel concerning this: "If certain words are offensive to you, then you can find other words. For whatever bears good fruit in your heart and in your life, this is right and this is good.

273. "In time I will wash away all those preconceived notions and ideas and conceptions from the past. But it takes time and it takes washing and cleansing and renewing of your mind. Just take it one step at a time and go slow, and use the words that inspire you and feel good to you, and feel clean and pure unto you. For you must walk by faith, by your faith, not by someone else's faith. I give you these things that your joy may be full, and your heart may be full and pure and happy."

274. Question 52: A person who has had homosexual experiences or tendencies in the past could very well feel as follows: "I love this new revelation‚ but I feel like others are looking at me critically, and wondering if I've `gone off the deep end.’ I feel like people are worried that I'm going to get tripped off. If I'm enthusiastic about the Loving Jesus revelation, I feel like people are thinking, `Well, we know why he's so into it, it's because he was a homo in the past.' I know by faith, from what the Word says, that what I did in the past has no bearing on this revelation, but I can't help but wonder if people are thinking negatively about me, which makes me want to shy away from loving Jesus in this way. What should I do?"

275. Answer: I pray that none of our dear brothers will feel this way and that no one would look critically at those men who have had the weakness of homosexuality in the past. If you're looking down on these men and pooh-poohing their sincere enthusiasm about this revelation, then the problem is with you, not them. If you truly believe that our intimate relationship with Jesus as His Bride is not a male-with–male relationship, then you would realize that a person's past experiences with or attraction to homosexuality has nothing to do with it! Absolutely nothing!

"Mama's Memos"—No.6—By Maria, December 1997

Family Young Men Imitating Homosexuals and Joking About Being Homosexual

65. I recently received the following comments from one of our SGA VSs:

66. "Something that I've noticed creeping into the ranks of some of our teens and YAs is jokingly acting out homosexual mannerisms and reactions. For example, the other day one of the teens said to me, 'Did you know that A. and P. (both teen boys) have a very special relationship?' I asked what this 'special' relationship was, and he told me how they're often making comments to each other as if they had something going. This teen continued, saying, 'Of course it's just a big joke to disgust the girls and get attention!'

67. "At a teen party in our city, some of the boys were joking around with each other, making comments like, 'May I have this dance?' or a boy would run his fingers through another boy's hair and say‚ 'You really turn me on.' A group of boys at this dance were so into this 'game' that they were excluding the girls, and when a girl came and asked one of the boys to dance, the boy beside him put on a big 'jealousy show.' It's such a repulsive thing, but the young people talk about it openly, laughingly mimicking homosexuals, and thinking it's funny. They don't realize how dangerous it is‚ even though they're just joking.

68. "I wonder if this isn't a tactic through which the Devil is trying to subtly get in‚ and if maybe it's something that needs to be brought out and exposed, to wake them up to what they're toying with." (End of excerpt of report.)

69. (Mama:) I had one of the channels in our Home pray and ask the Lord what He thought about these games and this kind of joking around‚ and this is what He had to say:

70. (Jesus speaking: ) These games are like children playing with matches. Mimicking the world, or homosexuality, or anything ungodly, is dangerous. Because even when you think you're doing it in jest or for fun, you are actually partaking of it just the same, and inviting those evil spirits in. It's a trick of the Enemy to make you think you're only imitating, but not actually doing it. It's part of the Devil's deceit, lies and cover–up to make you think it's okay to imitate things that are ungodly‚ even in jest.

71. This is one of the reasons I said you must be wise as serpents. The children of this world and the Enemy are wiser in the ways and workings of this world than My children, who are many times naïve, and sometimes stumble into the Enemy's lair, like babes in the woods. They think they're just imitating‚ mimicking and being cool, when actually they're playing with fire and it's very dangerous.

72. But My children don't have to be ignorant. You're not meant to be dumb sheep. To "be wise as serpents" means you're to be wise to the Serpent's devices—wise enough to foresee his traps and his devices. This makes you wiser than him, for you can discern his devices and avoid them. If the spirit of homosexuality can't come in through the front door, because it is so obvious, then she tries to come in the back door‚ in disguise, with the sheepskins of fun and games covering up her ugly face.

73. The spirit of seduction is loosed upon all the Earth in the Endtime, trying to blind the eyes of the world so that they cannot tell right from wrong and good from evil. It tells them that alternative lifestyles are good, violence is natural, and abortion is humane. These seducing spirits are growing more and more powerful and have also invaded the churches‚ to the point that many Christians are confused as to what is truth and do not even know the difference.

74. These same seducing spirits, foul birds and vultures, are no respecters of persons, and seek to deceive even the very elect. They prey on My children‚ who think they are just playing with matches.

75. Close the door to these unclean attitudes and do not partake of them even in jest, for they're not toys, but the fifth column of the Enemy. Your warfare is not a physical one‚ but spiritual, and the weapons of your warfare are mighty, to the tearing down of strongholds. You war against principalities and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Your young age has not made you exempt from the onslaughts of the Enemy‚ for he is no respecter of persons, whether young or old. His only thought is to destroy you and your usefulness.

76. Rebuke and bind this spirit of homosexuality that is masquerading in sheep's clothing, and do not imitate it or partake of it, even in jest. Try the spirits to see if they are of Me, for many false spirits are released on the world, including the spirit of antichrist to prepare for his coming. But you, My young men, come and be men, and put away childish things; for you are old enough to fight for the spirit of truth! Put on your armor and be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary the Devil‚ as a subtle liar, is stalking about, seeking whom he may deceive. Be not children in understanding and be not ignorant, but be mighty in spirit and be men of war! (End of message from Jesus)

77. (Mama:) You'll notice that in paragraph 72 in the above message the Lord refers to the evil spirit of homosexuality in the feminine form‚ saying, "If the spirit of homosexuality can't come in through the front door, because it is so obvious, then she tries to come in the back door, in disguise, with the sheepskins of fun and games covering up her ugly face." To understand this, please note this quote from Dad: "I think it's demonic that some men want to be like women. They're probably inhabited, possessed by female devils who do it deliberately to corrupt them, the Devil knowing it's an abomination to God!" (ML #2825:30).

78. After receiving the above message‚ we asked the Lord for further clarification and explanation as to the specific negative repercussions and effects that such jesting, which the Lord called "playing with fire," could lead to.

79. (Jesus speaking:) Many evil, false and seducing spirits have been loosed into the world in these Last Days. They seek to gain entrance into the hearts and minds of men everywhere, and they seek for an opening, an invitation, a crack where they may enter in.

80. My children who love Me, who have received Me into their lives and who are serving Me‚ have many strong walls of defense and protection from the Heavenly realm. Yet My protection upon them is contingent upon their choices and upon their vigilance. If they're in tune with Me, if they're fighting to stay close to Me and to make the choices that will bring down My blessings, then I protect them from the vicious and fiendish attacks of these evil seducing spirits‚ like the spirit of homosexuality. Yet if they willfully, even after being warned, open the door to these spirits through their own foolishness and worldliness, they are indeed playing with fire and they may be burned.

81. You are no longer ignorant, for I am warning you and teaching you the dangers of these so-called "games." If you allow yourselves to get involved in this foolishness, and thus open the door to these evil spirits, they can enter in unnoticed and take root in your hearts and lives and thoughts.

82. The spirit of homosexuality seeks to oppress My sons with this affliction of the Enemy that has taken hold on so many in this Endtime. For the Devil has blinded the eyes of nearly the whole world‚ so that people everywhere now accept sodomy as a way of life and simply a different lifestyle‚ even considering it natural. Their spiritual sight is dim and they see not that this is an abomination in My sight, and goes against My will.

83. I call you, My children, to come out from among them and be not partakers of their sins. I call you to shut the door and to not give these evil spirits the slightest room to enter. You give them this allowance by mimicking and impersonating the behavior of homosexuals, and one step leads to another. After this first step of foolish imitation‚ you can start to think that maybe it's not that bad, that it's understandable how people could choose that way of life, and it might have its benefits.

84. It may shock you now to hear that you might think this way‚ but once you open the door to these spirits in any way, they will continue to try to affect your mind and turn your thoughts in their direction and their favor. They will tempt you with a contempt for women‚ which could eventually lead to your being tempted with strange thoughts and fantasies. These spirits will stop at nothing, as their goal is to eventually seduce you into partaking of their evil sexual deeds.

85. So beware! But fear not, for as long as you refuse and resist the Enemy's deceit, and give no place to this foolishness of mimicking and impersonating those who are afflicted by these seducing spirits, they will not find a door through which they can affect your mind and thoughts. You are Mine and I will protect you, but you must do your part and you must forsake this foolishness!

86. You must love Me as My brides, giving yourself wholly to Me in spirit, body and soul. You must not confuse your loving Me intimately as My bride with the behavior of those who are afflicted with these evil feminine spirits. There is no comparison between the two. The Enemy would seek to make you think that there is, and that because I have called you My brides in spirit, you have something in common with those who feel a physical and sexual attraction for another man. This is a lie and a temptation from the Devil, for he seeks to cause confusion.

87. In some cases, he causes the natural abhorrence of homosexuality to cause My sons to think that they cannot love Me intimately in spirit. This is not true, for I love and give My love and seeds to you all, whether male or female; it makes no difference. In other cases the Enemy seeks to wrongly use this beautiful gift of loving Me and to twist its interpretation, so that you, My children, no longer see the evil sins of the world as they are‚ but rather are tempted to think that you may have something in common with them. This is also a lie, and a dastardly attempt of the Evil One to take this beautiful, wholesome gift of My love and associate it in your minds with something perverse and unnatural, when in fact the two have no relation.

88. So, My children, be not unaware or ignorant of this device of the Enemy‚ but stay on guard against his seduction and foolishness. I have warned you and shown you the dangers of these things, so that if you have been tempted to imitate this ungodly behavior of sodomites, even mockingly or in jest, you will understand why I so strongly oppose it. I call you also to be your brothers' keepers‚ and that if you see others toying around with this evil, to help them raise a standard against the Enemy. (End of message from Jesus.)

89. (Mama: ) So you see, the Lord warns very strongly against what may seem to you to be an innocent game‚ because by opening a door for the Enemy, it can lead to things that you wouldn't ever consider doing or thinking now. We're in the Last Days, and the Devil knows he only has a short time left, and he's trying to do all the damage he can and hinder the Lord's children in any way possible. But Jesus‚ Who is in us, is so much greater than the god of this world. In love, the Lord is warning us about this device of the Enemy, so that you, our Family men, can be on guard against it and thus remain the strong, mighty, manly Endtime soldiers that He needs you to be.

90. Please take this admonition to heart and be your brother's keeper. Raise a standard against this vile, ugly, dangerous attack of the Enemy, as the Lord has asked you to.

"You Are What You Watch!"— By Maria, April 1998

9. But maybe you don't realize what a big influence movies have in your life—and not just in your life‚ but in everyone's life. Movies have a huge impact on the whole world. Movies and TV change people's minds, and I would even venture to say they brainwash the multitudes. I mean, people accuse us of brainwashing, but I'd say that movies are brainwashing at its highest possible state!

10. Movies basically hammer into you ideals, morals, standards and conclusions that are, sad to say, in most cases totally contrary to the way the Lord wants you to think‚ to be‚ to act and to live. If you really think about it, I think you'd see that many movies actually put down, minimize, degrade, and even make fun of most of the things in life that are good and Godly—even the simple yet enjoyable things of life.

11. I guess the easiest way to explain the influence of movies would be to go point by point and share how they can affect you in different areas of your life, or influence you in how you think about different morals or standards or ideas of the world.

Sodomy Portrayed as Just Another Lifestyle

12. Let's take sodomy, for example. So many movies that come out nowadays have at least one sodomite in them. Many movies portray this ungodly sin. The Bible talks about sodomy, and the Lord says very clearly that He hates it. In fact, He destroyed the entire cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness and their turning their backs on Him and His natural gifts and God-given attitudes towards sex.

13. God hates sodomy! He loves the sodomites just like He loves any other sinner, but He hates the sin! It disgusts Him and it makes Him hot with righteous anger! Now, in the worldly movies, how many times do they portray it as a sin? Rarely‚ if ever! Most of the time it's portrayed as an attribute‚ as a good thing‚ as a part of life, as just somebody's choice to live their life that way. Well, I'll tell you what‚ God hates it and I hate it too!

14. Movies breed this sort of wishy-washy attitude which eats away at your convictions, to where you don't get so angry about sodomy anymore. You don't feel that Godly anger well up within you anymore. You start to kind of accept sodomy as a way of life. Or you say, "Oh, that's just the way things are out there in the world. That's just somebody's choice. That's the way they want to live."

15. So that's part of the influence that movies have on you. They continually portray sodomy as okay, that it's good‚ that it's just a different lifestyle, that it's just an individual's choice. They add sodomites here and there in the movies in little parts; they're portrayed as good people, as kind souls. You look at their personality and you see that they're good people. You start to actually like the people and think that the sin is not so bad, when really you should be getting steaming mad about it and rebuking the Enemy and praying for those poor people who are oppressed by this vice of the Evil One!

16. One reason the movies are so sympathetic to sodomites is because the movie people check their scripts with them, if you can imagine such a thing! They have an association of sodomites called the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in Los Angeles, and if some Hollywood studio is gonna make a movie with a sodomite character in it, they let them look over the script beforehand. This association says what is or isn't acceptable, and anything that would encourage homophobia, as they call it, just isn't acceptable today. It's too discriminatory. It's getting to the point where it's almost illegal to criticize them!

17. Now I'm not saying you should never watch movies with sodomites in them. It's hard to avoid them in the movies these days! What you have to watch out for is when they portray them as the heroes or the good, gentle, kind souls that everyone wants to be like. Or when they're nice folks being persecuted just because they're homosexuals. That's when kids and weaker folks can begin to identify with them, and when even stronger folks start getting their convictions chipped away little by little. Sodomy is a sin, folks, and although sinners can be nice people, it's dangerous to identify with such a blatant sin! You should love them, witness to them and win them if you can, of course. The Lord loves them just like He does you. You just need to keep your convictions strong about what's right and wrong!

18. When they portray sodomites in a comic or funny role, that's not as bad. Well, the sin is still as bad, but its effect upon you as the viewer isn't as serious. Of course‚ if you don't have to watch such movies with sodomites in them, then you shouldn't‚ just as you shouldn't watch movies filled with violence‚ cursing‚ evil‚ the occult, or any other System slop that's going to have a bad effect on you. They're all bad! You just have to judge them prayerfully and weigh them in the balances, to see whether the good outweighs the bad in each case.

"Are You A Disciple?—Conviction versus Compromise Part 5—By Maria, September 2001

107. (Jesus speaking: ) You'd better believe I'm upset about this! I'm furious! You have no idea how angry it makes Me when I see these, My darlings, My babies, My precious creations of love, put into the hands of total strangers to be educated, without the parents being watchful, prayerful, and diligent shepherds who care for their souls, not just their education! That is nearly inexcusable! It's laziness and a hardness of heart in the parents that is comparable to child abuse.

108. Of course, the System won't call System schooling abusive‚ because it goes along with their goals, their standards, their program. They've lulled most of the parents into a state of spiritual stupor to where they're so dull that they don't even care that people they don't even know are teaching their kids—some good and even godly, but also atheists, homo­sexuals‚ perverts, deadbeats, cowards, spiritless zombies, and many just plain tired, bored, over­whelmed teachers!

109. The education system is totally acceptable to the System because it teaches children what they need to know to become good Systemites! Oh, there's some grumbling, some dissent and some outrage from country to country, but nothing compared to the millions of parents who subject their children to such horrors. Most parents look around at all the other parents who are sacrificing their kids on the altar of System education‚ and they don't even see the danger; they're lulled into a false sense of security. At least a few are starting to wake up due to the actual violence in schools, but most are blind and asleep and don't even know their children are being brainwashed and gutted of all religious conscience.

110. But the children of David are without excuse! You've had the Word for over 25 years. David exposed the evils of the school system from the beginning, and it's only gotten worse—much, much worse! You have no idea how dangerous they are. You might as well throw your kids into the fires of Hell, because that's what it is spiritually. Those damned schools are the seat of atheism, lies, skepticism, materialism, homosexuality, perversion, and everything you'd want to protect your children from if you were responsible parents!

141. Worse yet, in some parts of the world‚ from the very beginning of a curriculum children are being taught things that are against My Godly standards—from evolution, to the acceptance of homosexuality, and more. Even in a private or supposedly Christian school where these things may not be taught outright as part of the educational program, be assured your children will encounter people, whether teachers or other students, who do not have faith and who by their words and deeds will tear down the faith of your children.

Berg on female homosexuality

Berg spoke approvingly about female homosexuality in the following Mo Letters:


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