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Editor's note: The following are articles which have appeared in academic journals for which we do not have access yet.

  • Bulwer P (2007). "A Response to James D. Chancellor's Life in The Family: An Oral History of the Children of God". Cultic Studies Review 6(2).
  • (1992). "Children of God Regain Custody of Children; Ruling on Sexual and Indoctrination Practices (Australia)". Cult Observer, Vol.9, No. 10.
  • (1993). "French Father Meets Children of God". Cult Observer, Vol.10, No. 2.
  • (1993). "Children of God Returning to U.S.". Cult Observer, Vol.10, No.6.
  • (1993). "Children of God Kids Taken into Custody, Then Released". Cult Observer, Vol.10, No.10.
  • (1994). "State (Australia) Will Monitor COG (Children of God) Children; COG Regroups in Argentina". Cult Observer, Vol.11, No.7.
  • (1995). "COG Founder Dies". Cult Observer, Vol.12, No.1.
  • (1995). "'Family' Leaders Plead Guilty, Children Tell of Cult Life". Cult Observer, Vol.12, No.2.
  • (1996). "Judge Says The Family Is Reforming". Cult Observer, Vol. 13, No. 1.
  • (1996). "But Alberta Community Is Still Concerned". Cult Observer, Vol. 13, No. 1.