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Family finances are based on a system of tithing. Ten percent of all income for all members is required to be donated to World Services. A further three percent, typical in every region, is to be donated to the regional offices for locally administered projects and a community lending program. A further one percent is given for regional literature publishing.

A study of how The Family channels funds around the world is very interesting from a sociological angle since it depends largely on trust of carefully placed non-senior members who typically manage bank accounts in their own names that contain organization funds. Surprisingly very little graft has been experienced, and the notable cases involved insubstantial amounts of money.

Organization literature includes many discussions of impending world financial doom. The Family as a result has gone to considerable lengths to avoid investments and actions that it deems unstable in the event of a world financial crash. Typically they store any large amounts of funds in Japanese Yen and Swiss Francs, with other large reserves transferred into gold bullion.

The Family has consistently avoided property investments and stocks or bonds, believing them to be too high risk and too subject to government oversight.

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