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The Chain (or the Chain of Cooperation[1]) were what David Berg called all top 300 leaders in the Children of God before 1978. It was meant to be a derogatory term for what Berg perceived to be dictatorial tendencies in his appointed leaders. He fired all of them in January 1978.

Leadership structure of the Chain

Names of leaders

  • King's Counsellors of Northern Europe: Jethro and Deborah
  • King's Counsellors of Southern Europe‚ Asia, and Africa, and Latin America: Rachel and Emanuele
  • King's Counsellors of the Pacific and North America: Caleb and Lydia
  • King's Counsellors of World Services: Arthur and Becky (and Directors of Wild Wind Productions)
  • Prime Ministers: Jethro and later Cephas Lion, Shaul Lion, and Abiah
  • Prime Ministry of Northwest Europe: Imrah and Martha
  • Prime Ministry of Northeast Europe: Megiddo and Mara
  • Bishopric of USA and Eastern Canada: Rodent and Helah
  • Bishopric of Central and South America: Corny and Shalom
  • Bishopric of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia: Shem and Shua
  • Regional leaders of Scandinavia: Esther and Valiant

Leadership structure immediately after the Chain

  • David Berg
    • King's assistants: "The Great Queen" and "Queen's Consort" (note: also KQSs of Southern Europe, the Mideast, and Africa)
    • Tim Concerned
      • North American KQSs: Andrew and Miriam Bochim
      • Latin American KQSs: Shaul and Abiah Lion
      • North European KQSs: Emmanuel Provisioner and Hannah Charity
      • South European KQSs: Rachel and Emanuele Canevaro
      • Asia and Pacific KQSs: Keda Sky and Shema Gypsy (located in Hong Kong)


1. The only thing between the KQS's and the local Family Servants will be a LOCAL FAMILY SERVICE CENTER which is the main pub and/or Sprint Center of each language area and the home base for the travelling Visiting Servants.

2. These HOME-VISITING SERVANTS will personally check out Home needs and servicing as they visit every Home in their area. They will give advice and counsel based on the MO Letters, investigate and assess the condition of your Home and report it on the Home Checklist, listen to complaints and problems from both Members and Servants and referee local Family elections by secret ballot, unanimous or majority.

3. The SPRINT SHOP SERVANT will supervise the translation, creation, printing, shipping and pricing of lit for his language area according to the new Lit Laws.

4. The SERVICE CENTER SERVANT will supervise both Visiting and Sprint Shop Service, manage its finances and care for its personnel from funds normally supplied by lit orders.

THE KQS'S JOB will be to collect Home reports stats and tithes as usual, keep half and forward half to WS, supervise the Service Centers, check their reports for problems that require counsel, and help finance new pioneer homes that cannot support themselves nor be supported by their Service Center nor other local Homes nor any other means such as litnessing, provisioning, appeal letters, forsake-alls, FF-ing, etc. The only authority the KQS's have is to enforce only the laws laid down in the MO Letters.

6. THE GREAT QUEEN AND QUEEN'S CONSORT will be the King's assistants and the new KQS's of S.Europe, Mideast and Africa, while Tim Concerned will help M&M supervise the 5 new KQS's of the world, all with new officers.


N.AMERICA KQS: Andrew & Miriam Bochim (address to be announced).
LATIN AMERICA KQS: Shaul & Abiah Lion, address same as old KQC.
N.EUROPE KQS: Emmanuel Provision-er & Hannah Charity, same address as old Europe KQC.
S.EUROPE KQS: Rachel & Emanuele Canevaro. same address as old Europe KQC.
ASIA & PACIFIC KQS: Keda Sky & Shema Gypsy, same address as old KQC, Hong Kong.

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