Cherub Wings

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Cherub Wings is a animated video series sponsored by The Family International (TFI) and part of the Sunny Side Up (SSU) production company. It is produced and directed by Robert Fernandez (aka "Solomon Costa Rica") who is no longer a member of the cult, but remains favorable. The series is distributed by Vision Video (not associated with the cult).

The producers of Cherub Wings have denied any affiliation with The Family International. However, all of its crew either are or were full time members of the cult.


  • Directed by:
    Robert Fernandez (FGA; former member of TFI; remains favorable to the cult)
  • Executive Producers:
    Robert Fernandez
    Chris Jung (FGA; current full time member of TFI)
    Phil Braaten (aka "Philly Dee"; SGA; son of Yumiko Taniguchi; current full time member of TFI)
  • Script:
    Robert Fernandez
  • Production Script:
    Brandon Roberts (aka "David G"; SGA; former finance manager of SSU; former member of TFI; remains favorable to the cult)
  • Voice of Cherub
    Dulce Betinger (SGA; former member of TFI)
  • Character Design:
    Robert Fernandez
    Phil Braaten
  • Set Design:
    Robert Fernandez
    David Bowman (SGA; son of Big Josh; former member of TFI)
  • 3D Animators:
    Phil Braaten
    David Bowman
    Chris Jung
  • Additional Graphics:
    Chris Jung
    Miguel Ortez
    Pablo Hernandez
  • Art:
    Robert Fernandez
  • Camera Lighting:
    Miguel Ortiz
  • Editors:
    Chris Jung
    Miguel Ortiz
  • Post Production Audio:
    Phil Braaten
  • Technical Director:
    Chris Jung
  • Cherub Wings theme song performed by
    Jerry Greene (aka Jerry Paladino; FGA; current full time member of TFI)
  • Lyrics:
    Robert Fernandez
  • Music by:
    Chris Jung
  • Produced by:
    Jerry Greene


  • Cherub Wings #1: Little Things
  • Cherub Wings #2: Gratitude Attitude
  • Cherub Wings #3: Angel Song
  • Cherub Wings #4: Follow The Leader
  • Cherub Wings #5: Heaven's Troopers
  • Cherub Wings #6: Never Outta Sight
  • Cherub Wings #7: Moldy Gold
  • Cherub Wings #8: Ooops! Sorry!
  • Cherub Wings #9: Out Of Bounds
  • Cherub Wings #10: And It Was So! (Easter Episode)
  • Cherub Wings #11, 12, 13: Hear Ye, Hear Ye
  • Cherub Wings #11: Shine Your Light
  • Cherub Wings #12: King's Castle
  • Cherub Wings #13: Bold And Brave
  • Cherub Wings - Set of Thirteen and CD
  • Cherub Wings: Songtime Jamboree (Audio)

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