Coreen Linger

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Coreen (probably the same as Coreen Linger who was referred to also) is referenced in several publications as a musician. Apparently her mother and David Berg's mother knew each other and tried to match them up. They apparently dated for a while in his childhood.

My Childhood Sex


11. I'LL NEVER FORGET OUR MUSICIAN COREEN WHO WAS RAISED IN A HOLINESS CHURCH. They taught her, "Oh now, that's naughty, that's nasty! Don't do that, don't show that!" & all such. Until finally when she was 14 her mother began to explain it to her, and she said that's the way you have children.

12. SHE WAS HORRIFIED! "You mean to tell me", she said, "that Reverend So & So does that to his wife!" She said, "I never thought the same of that man anymore!"




I'll bet I learned more in high school than most kids learn in college today! That's what I used to say about Coreen Linger: "My God, if she could get a B.A. degree, anybody could!" She didn't know as much about things as I did!



32. I WENT IN THERE WITH COREEN ONE TIME! SHE SAID, "LET'S GO BACK HERE OUT OF THE HOT SUN, I'M SO HOT!" So I said, "Okay!" It was Sunday afternoon & we were all dressed up for church, only an hour till church time. We'd just taken a walk & she was real sweet on me. Her mother was a millionairess who owned several hotels etc., & Coreen was our musician.

33. MY MOTHER & HER MOTHER WERE TRYING TO MAKE THIS MATCH OF US! She was a wonderful girl, sweet as could be, but almost as ugly as a mud fence! Looks aren't everything, but I don't know, she was just too sweet, if you know what I mean, one of those gushers! She just oozed goo & it was so sticky it just almost made me sick!--And she was always oozing her goo all over me!

34. WE EVEN HAD TO SLEEP IN THE SAME BED TOGETHER ONCE! Well, it was a double-decker, I was in the top bunk, she was in the bottom bunk!--Not that I didn't think about being in the bottom bunk! And from what happened afterwards, I know she was thinking the same thing! I think my Mother thought maybe we would make it, my little rascally Mother!--And we just about did a few times, everywhere from Pebble Beach to Niagara Falls, of all things! She worked with us a couple of years in Evangelistic work & we travelled all over the country with her.

35. SO SHE SAID, "LET'S GET BACK IN THE CAVE HERE WHERE IT'S COOL, IT'S SO HOT OUT HERE IN THE SUN!" Here we were in our good clothes! And we got back in there & she said, "Oh, I'm so hot I gotta take this dress off! Besides, I don't want to get it all messed up for church. Why don't you take your pants off? They're going to be all messed up for church!" I said, "I don't want to take my pants off, somebody might come in here! You've got your slip on & that's different!" I was really shy! You'd never think it now, would you, kid?--Ha! We never made it till we got to Niagara Falls, & that was nearly a year later.



How come the Lord made us to have babies in such a horrible carnal physical fleshly way? How horrifying! Like Coreen, my old girlfriend said when her mother told her that that's how the preacher & his wife had their children: "My God, you don't mean that Reverend So-&-so does that to his wife! How horrible!" She was horrified to think that a preacher could be so fleshly, carnal, unholy & unsanctified as to do such a fleshly carnal horrific terrible wicked act to his wife & that that's how they had their children! She was just horrified! After all, sex was the worst of all sins!