Daily Telegraph: Sect raids 'unlawful'

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Sect raids 'unlawful'

Daily Telegraph/1999-02-02

Unlawfully executed search warrants were used to take 72 children from their families in a dawn raid on homes belonging to a religious sect, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Michael Finnane, QC, for 57 of the children, said the police officer named on the warrants was not present at the raids in Glenhaven, Kellyville and Cherrybrook, but was with others at a command post.

Justice John Dunford is considering whether the execution of the warrants on May 15, 1992, was valid.

Through adult relations, the 57 children are suing the State of NSW for unspecified damages.

They claim they suffered psychological injuries as a result of the raids on the homes belonging to The Family, formerly known as Children of God.