Daniel Brinich

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Daniel Noah Brinich (1981-2003)

Daniel Noah Brinich (1981-2003), a former second generation member of The Family, was killed on January 18, 2003 when a car being driven by another former second generation Family member, Michael Lourenco, went out of control after skidding on ice and struck a tree.

Brinich was a resident of Laurelhome, a private room and board residence operated by Geraldo Lourenco (aka Barnabus or Barney) in Laurel, Maryland. Geraldo Lourenco, a first generation former member of The Family, is the father of the driver, and the founder of the NewDayNews.com website for former members. Michael Lourenco was driving Brinich home from a night club when the accident occured.

Michael Lourenco was found guilty of driving while intoxicated, and served jail time as a result.

Brinich came to live at Laurelhome when he left The Family, but his parents remained members. His parents, and several siblings attended the memorial service.

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