Emergency Advisory! RE: The Urgent Financial Situation

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TO: All Homes in the Whole World                                                         DATE: April 1, 1978

FROM: Your World Services Servant, Timothy Concerned


Dear Home Servants and Councils:                                                                                *

God bless you all! Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name!

HAVING JUST RECEIVED THE FEBRUARY STATS from World Services and having learned of the desperate situation some of your Sprint Centers are now in due to some's lack of paying for the literature shipment sent to you recently, we felt it urgent to write you and share with you portions of some new MO Letters that will be coming your way soon. (From "Make It Pay", "Excommunication" and "The Shepherd's Rod". )

"WE TOOK AWAY YOUR TYRANTS SO NOW YOU'RE DOING LESS FOR THE LORD and us than you did for them (your Tyrants). " (682: 74 "The Shepherd's Rod"). Since the RNR, you have distributed 42% less literature, won 50% less disciples, won over 75% less converts per person and have sent much less money to your Sprint Centers for lit than before the RNR (which has now put them in serious trouble with their creditors)!

"IF YOU THINK WE GOT RID OF ALL THOSE REDUNDANT LEADERS just because we were suddenly going to set you free to do nothing and have no rules or regulations or anything and no work, you're mistaken!" (682: 79) "It's time to get back to work and work better than we ever did before. I want to see you kids produce better now than you did under the tyrants. Not produce less, but more!" (682: 81, 82 & 83)

YOU SHOULD BE RECEIVING ALL THE LETTERS WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, but we're rushing this advisory to you because an urgent "call to arms" is needed due to the dire seriousness of the financial situation at your Sprint Centers, which is presently causing a reproach to the cause of Christ! God help us and forgive you! Funds are needed from you today because tomorrow will be too late if the creditors aren't paid. —And that means you won't have any lit!

WE REALISE THAT MANY OF YOUR HOMES ARE PRESENTLY HAVING FINANCIAL WOES of your own, so to help you, Dad is giving the following suggestions, which should help you to get your feet back on the ground and get back to work! "We are going to have an immediate shake up to cure this whole thing immediatelyl"(682: 6)

"IF YOUR HOME GOES BROKE, YOU NEED TO CHOOSE NEW SERVANTS WHO CAN MANAGE FINANCES BETTER AND MAKE YOU ALL GET TO WORK;.... When it comes to handling money, you've got to have somebody who is businesslike^ tough, hardboiled! That's where you need a tyrant! That's where you need someone to crack the whip!... The only reason you're not paying your bills and are not going to eat is because you're not working, or God would bless you with income.

I HAVE NEVER KNOWN THE TIME IN 60 YEARS OF MY LIFE WHEN I COULDN'T PAY MY BILLS OR I COULDN'T EAT! NEVER!... How are you going to get sudden income right this minute to pay up?-Every one of you according to your talents, hit the streets litnessing and provisioning immediately!...

"ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WORK HARD -- 8, 10, 12 HOURS A DAY AT A SYSTEM JOB: For God's sake, why can't we work that hard for the Lord? You ought to be thankful you're able to do it for God instead of the devil! (682: "Shepherd's Rod")

"AND DON'T TELL ME LITTLE KIDS CAN'T LITNESS I"m just dumbfounded to find the Homes think that kids are a liability and they can't litness and somebody has always got to stay home with them. Our families ought to be our biggest assets. Where did this business begin that we had to always have only some kind of fulltime single shiners to support works and homes?

"IT CERTAINLY WASN'T SO IN MY OWN LITTLE FAMILY and it wasn't so in the early days. People who had children could do more litnessing than anybody! What man could resist a poor mother with a babe in arms and a few little tikes tagging along on her coattails? The Gypsies do it! Our mothers and childcare workers should be out going from store to store and door to door pro-visioning. "("Make It Pay" 684)

"BUT FIRST MAKE EVERYBODY SIT DOWN FOR AT LEAST 1-2 HOURS AND WRITE LETTERS HOME!... Tell them we are in a desperate need and having a hard time meeting our needs, could you please help us? Don't wait for a prayer letter, write your own — TONIGHT!!" (682: 45)

"LET YOUR FISH KNOW YOU'RE DESPERATE FOR MONEY!... Say 'I have given you everything, now it's time you shell out and help the Family or we're going to close down and all of us leave, including me!'Is that clear? There's no use wasting your time on somebody who's not producing and showing some fruit. Every girl that has a regular fish that she's been giving to ought to hit him for some help. - Ask for it!" (682: 38, 47, 49, 56)

"IF YOU'VE GOT ANY MUSICIANS AROUND THEY OUGHT TO GET OUT AND FIND A PLACE TO SING AND PLAY... Every musician who's better at music than he is at litnessing and provisioning should get out soliciting, even if they have to take their wives and children and everything with them!"(682: 59, 60)

"IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ALL BY LITNESSING, and for God's sake, it doesn't have to be all by just a few little litnessers!" (682: 84. )

"SO THEN WHEN YOU'VE RAISED THE MONEY: First you pay the rent, second you pay the utilities for the house — lights, gas, water, oil, whatever — third you pay any kind of other payments you have. You put all your bills first, then if you have any money left over, you eat!... Some of you have had good income but you still have lived beyond your income. " (682: 9, 14)

- 2 -

"YOU MUST NOT LIVE BEYOND YOUR INCOME. Any home that is not able to pay its bills is just going to have to cut down on all of the frills, and even a few necessities until they can make themselves solvent. Either you have to increase your income or decrease your outgoa one or the other, to pay bills. " (683: 73--"Excommunication". )

"GOD WILL NOT ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE ROBBED:.. The minute you start borrowing God's share, His 10%, when He's already let you keep 90%, He will not tolerate it. That is probably one reason some areas are sinking... I don't agree with allowing them to keep part of that 10% that is God's! That is inviolable^ You can't afford not to pay the 10%l God won't bless your work and He won't bless financially. " (683: 1-5. )

SO THERE'S THE WORD FROM DAD!--NOW THE BITE TO THE BARK!I "We cannot have this thing becoming a total reproach to the cause of Christ and a bad testimony to all of our friends". (682: 14. ) "(Maria: Some of them won't even pay their new or old lit bills either. The ultimatum has been sent out, "Until you pay your lit bills, no more lit"--but they still refuse. They must be low on lit by now, so they're probably not litnessing much. )

"IF THEY CONTINUE TO REFUSE TO PAY THEIR BILLSa I WOULD ABSOLUTELY EXCOMMUNICATE THEM! Any home that refuses to pay its bills ought to be reported and excommunicated! Any SC or pubs officer who discovers this condition ought to immediately notify his KQS.

THE KQS SHOULD IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY OUR WS SPRINT SHOP that certain homes are refusing to pay their lit bills and to immediately cut off their Letters! That should not require gradual de-classification; it should be a total sudden excommunication resulting in not receiving any mailings from WS until they pay their lit bills!" (683: 33-36. )

AS YOU CAN SEE, DAD IS VERY ADAMANT ABOUT WORKING AND PAYING YOUR BILLS. We personally, can think of no good excuse whatsoever for you not being able to pay at least the costs of your literature, Sprint Center, and Visiting Servants, ±f_ you're working and obeying God as you should be. It seems that everyone has gone overboard with the RNR, but now we need to swing back to a little more law and order!

THEREFORE, WE ARE ASKING THAT YOUR SPRINT CENTER NOTIFY US OF ANY HOME THAT HAS NOT PAID ITS PRESENT LIT BILL in full or part, or at least submitted a written promise of a plan of payment (including dates and amounts) by May 1st.

IF BY MAY 1ST YOUR HOME HAS NOT PAID ITS LIT BILL in full or if the Sprint Center has not received at least a written promised schedule of payment from your Home, then we will be notified and your Home will be immediately reclassified so that you'll no longer receive DFO Letters!

IF BY JUNE 1ST, THERE IS STILL NO WORD OR PAYMENT FROM YOU, then we will be again notified and you'll be further declassified to receiving absolutely no MO Letters!!—TOTAL EXCOMMUNICATION! These declassifications will then remain until we are notified by your Sprint Center that they have received either money or a written schedule of promised payments from you!

WE'RE SORRY THAT THIS ADVISORY HAS TO BE HARD, but desperate emergencies require desperate remedies and we believe this is needed and legal according to the MO Letters. We also believe that most of you will be happier and have less problems amongst yourselves once you get back on the wall and back to work.

WE LOVE YOU AND REALISE HOW DIFFICULT IT IS ADJUSTING to the new Spirit of the RNR and making more of your own decisions and becoming Heavenly Homes and Families of Love rather than "litnessing colonies". But this is going to require extra hard work and extra time reading the Letters and extra obedience and love to your new Servants,

MANY OF YOU SEEM TO HAVE MISSED THE POINT AND ARE WORKING LESS and are now missing God's blessings, and our whole work and all the years of labour put into His work some places are on the verge of collapse if you don't do something about it today!

"SO YOU GUYS BETTER GET ON THE BALL AND GET OUT AND GET TO WORK!... You have had your day of Grace. You have had your day of patience and longsuffering and too little work. You are now due to get the rod and I'm whacking away! Maybe it will do the whole world good, I hope so.

Praise God!" (682-96. 100. )

IF NOT. WE'LL JUST CLOSE YOU UP AND START A NEW NR WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR THE LORD AND SOULS!--And honestly pay their bills! We love you and will pray that we hear! from you before May 1st!—Or no more DFO Letters!--Or by June 1st, or no more Letters at all. --Complete EXCOMMUNICATION as ordered by Dad himself!--This is your final warning!

SORRY. BUT YOU MUST LEARN~TO PAY YOUR BILLS and not rob God nor your brothers at the Service Center, nor Dad and Maria and WS! GOD BLESS YOU AND HELP MAKE YOU A BLESSING!--PAY TODAY! I

Love in Jesus and David,


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