Flee! NRS8

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"FLEE!"--NRS8--By Father David January 1979 DO 758

1. GOD CAN GET ANY NUMBER OF PROPERTIES, BUT IT IS WORKERS THAT ARE HARD TO GET, PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO SERVE THE LORD. Here's someone willing to serve the Lord & give up everything, forsake all & give it to the Family. But maybe that's where he made his mistake: Maybe he didn't burn his bridge behind him like he should have. Maybe he should have turned over his properties to the Family, then he wouldn't be having this tax & maintenance problem right now if he had!

2. HE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT WHEN THE GOING WAS GOOD long ago. If he had put it in the name of the organisation, then probably it would have saved both his hide & the properties. It would have been a gift to a religious group for which he wouldn't have been worried about taxes.--But now they're out to get him & it's almost too late!

3. WHEN THE SYSTEM IS OUT TO GET YOU, YOU CANNOT FIGHT THEM. IT'S RIDICULOUS! ALL YOU CAN DO IS FLEE! The Lord Himself said so. (Mt.10:23.) He didn't say hang in there & fight it out & defend yourself, did He? People use that Letter, "Attack, Attack." for more excuses, literal excuses for just such fights! That letter on "Attack" was a letter about fears, face your fears, attack the Enemy, the Devil--not the System: We have power over Satan. We don't have any power over the System!

4. JESUS HIMSELF DIDN'T TRY TO FIGHT THE SYSTEM!--And Paul says, "Obey the Power!" (Rom.13.) Well, let me tell you, there are some times where even the strongest had better run or they're going to be sorry! All Brunheld's armour & that spear isn't going to protect them from a whole army when they're sitting there like sitting ducks, easy targets for the System!

5. DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH? We are not even dealing with the government! Pilate & the Romans were pushovers compared to the Jews! You are dealing with an irate infuriated public whipped into a murderous frenzy by our vicious enemies! Look what those people write in the newspapers! Have you been reading it? If they were the government & they had their way, they would come in & wipe us out right now!--All of us! And they are wondering why the government doesn't do it!

6. SOME OF THEM HAVE BEEN CRAZY ENOUGH ALREADY TO THROW FIREBOMBS AT OUR PLACES!--All they have to do is drive by & toss one through a window! They figure. "It's all Family, what the hell's the difference! Toss it in the closest window, aim straight & make a good hit--then run!"

7. THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING RIGHT NOW YOU HAVEN'T GOT A CHANCE TO TRY TO FIGHT IT! The way people are screaming, they are demon-possessed! You should have seen that anti-cults show on TV the other night. You ought to have seen those faces! They're demon-possessed!! If they had their way & could get away with it, if they could find us, they would shoot us on the spot! These maniacs who are against us, I don't think they'd even mind killing our little children, especially if they thought it would hurt us! I mean it!

8. WHERE THE HELL ARE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE SPIRITUALLY? You must be back in the caveman days ten years ago!--To think you can stay right there like sitting ducks in known Homes & properties with your names & addresses & pictures plastered all over the newspapers & magazines in this wave of insane hatred whipped up against us! People who already hate you & have wanted to get you for a long time, the public are now in such a frame of mind that if somebody did it now, they'd probably get away with it!--Even in court! The courts would let them off easy even if they caught them, & they wouldn't even likely try to catch them!

9. SOME PEOPLE ARE THINKING THAT IF THEY SEVER OFFICIAL CONNECTIONS WITH US, THEY'LL ESCAPE!--Like Judas! How could they be that stupid?--That's what Judas thought, too! He thought that if he betrayed Christ & tried to show that he was no longer with Him & then threw the money back in their faces besides, he thought it would save him. He even thought it would save Jesus! But it didn't! It didn't save either one of them!

10. OUR ENEMIES ARE CRAZY! THEY'RE CRAZY: Do you suppose right now, if I would write such a Letter as that crazy idiot wrote about my "Goodbye" resignation, & I would tell the Family to disband, & I would say that I was wrong & a false prophet & I'm finished, do you think our Enemies would believe it?--Huh? They'd know it was a cover or a ruse of some kind! And in the second place, just because I decided to quit the Family now & say, "Well, we'll disband the Family & I'm no longer MO," do you think that would take it all off my back now, really?

11. IF YOU WERE A MEMBER OF A VENDETTA OR A CLAN THAT HAD BEEN KILLING EACH OTHER FOR YEARS, & all of a sudden one member decides, "Well, we're sorry we killed all those members of your family. Now we're sorry, & we're going to quit now. Let's quit. Let's stop killing each other. I know we killed you last, but now I want to quit before you kill me! Let's stop killing me." Do you think that's going to stop it?--Huh? Do you think they're going to forgive us now if we say, "Oh, so sorry please!"

12. DO YOU THINK THEY'D FORGIVE JONESTOWN JONES NOW IF HE WERE STILL ALIVE? Even if he'd say, "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I must have been out of my head!" Do you think they would forgive him? Brother, they would be out for his blood! One woman wrote Newsweek & said "Maybe you can forgive them, but I can't!--They got one of my sons!" I know they'd still be after us!

13. DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOT THAT CONGRESSMAN RYAN INTO THE ANTI-CULTS FIGHT! His own niece got ripped off by one of the earlier cults back in the early '70s!--And who do you suppose that was? --Although we weren't named!--Hum? I bet you it was probably us, & he was one of our enemies!

14. SOME PEOPLE BECOME SO BITTER & SO VENGEFUL & SO INSANE WITH RAGE & WANTING REVENGE THEY'LL DO ANYTHING! Good night!--The movies, stories, books & history are full of men who lived their whole lives just for revenge, even if it killed them! Do you think they're going to say, "Oh, excuse me!--You don't belong anymore? Oh, well, so sorry, then we won't bother you!"--Huh? As far as they're concerned, the "crimes" have been committed.

15. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU ALONE NOW JUST BECAUSE YOU PRETEND TO SEVER CONNECTION WITH THE FAMILY! That's exactly what Judas thought, but it didn't work!--People never forget, much less your bitter enemies! Do you think that country's going to forgive & forget? Do you think the mothers & fathers who've lost their children to us there, the good substantial citizens, some probably of wealth, power & influence, are going to forgive & forget? They have just been waiting for the time & waiting for the chance to get you!

16. SO FAR, THEY HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO PERSUADE THE GOVERNMENT TO DO MUCH BECAUSE WE'D COMMITTED NO CRIMES. Do you think they'll be able to persuade the government to do something now?--And if they still can't persuade the government to do anything, or the government proves ineffective, do you think that's going to stop them? I don't doubt at all they will take the law into their own hands & try to hit back!--And the government will look the other way.

17. THEY'LL DO JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH HITLER'S ILLEGAL BROWN SHIRTS & STORM TROOPERS & MUSSOLINI'S OUTLAWED BLACK SHIRTS! Those boys took over the rough stuff the government couldn't do legally, the thugs & toughies, the hardhats, the civilian militia, who got so mad they got organized! All they needed was leadership--a Hitler or a Mussolini!--Then they got organized & formed their own armies & personally started beating up their enemies! And they finally even beat up on the government & took it over!

18. YOU MEAN TO TRY TO TELL ME YOU PEOPLE THINK THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE IN THE OPEN WITH THAT SORT OF A THING GOING ON?--You must be crazy! You don't know things like this like I do! I've been through it! I've been through it with my parents, I've been through it with my Grandparents! My Lord, they tried to electrocute my Grandfather! They tried to shoot him, they tried to poison him, they tried all kinds of things on him when he was fighting the power of the organised enemy!

19. IF THEY CAN'T GET ANY SATISFACTION OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT OR THE LAW, THEY WILL ORGANISE & TAKE THINGS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS & DO IT THEMSELVES!--And the law will say, "See ye to it! We don't see anything wrong with these just people, we can't do anything legally, so if you want to take it into your own hands, we won't look. We can't do it legally, so you do it!--Illegally!"

20. I DON'T THINK YOU ARE SAFE ONE DAY IN SOME OF THESE KNOWN PLACES RIGHT NOW, neither you nor your wife. If I were you, I wouldn't want to be there nor have my wife nor my children there where the address & the Family are well known & there is a fanatical anti-cults drive now on against us! Because if the government doesn't do something, our enemies will! They now feel like they've got their golden opportunity! They have their chance, they have their excuse, & they've got public opinion & media sympathy on their side.

21. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A TIME IN OUR HISTORY WHEN THIS MUCH WORLDWIDE PUBLIC SENTIMENT WAS STIRRED UP AGAINST THE CULTS IN GENERAL! There has never been a more opportune time for our many enemies to strike! They would be fools if they didn't take advantage of it right now! There is one ex-rabbi right now who is running all around the whole United States trying to get all the anti-cults groups, parental groups, FreeCOGers & whatnot, all together in one big massive nationwide anti-cults organisation! Some of these guys are real opportunists, like Black Lightning:

22. THEY KNOW THERE'S MONEY IN FIGHTING CULTS! That's one of their main incentives! They accuse us of being in it for the money!--Ha!--Let me tell you, that's what they're in it for!--These leaders of our enemies are in it for the money, they know there's money in it, & these parents will pay them almost anything to get their kids back or vengeance for those they can't.

23. DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO LEAVE YOU ALONE JUST BY SAYING THAT YOU'RE NO LONGER OFFICERS?--"So sorry, I resigned because of the present situation."--Ha! Do you think that's going to stop them! Well, you're mistaken! Let me tell you, those Jews in Miami never forgot & they never forgave! Some of those retaliations against us happened years after they were first offended just by our having certain speakers there they considered anti-Semitic!--We just told how the Communists taking over the world were led by Jews.

24. IN THE 20'S AND 30'S, COMMUNISM WAS BOOMING UNDER JEWISH LEADERSHIP THROUGHTOUT THE WESTERN WORLD, both in Russia, Europe & the U.S. Virtually all the Communist leaders were Jews in those days. It just shows how the Jews can change horses whenever they want to or whenver it suits their purpose. It looks to me like the Russians have made them change horses this time in Russia, after the Jews were the ones that had led the Russian revolution!

25. THE JEWISH-LED COMMUNISTS WERE ALSO THE ONES WHO WERE ABOUT TO TAKE OVER GERMANY WHEN HITLER AROSE AND STOPPED THEM, & they're the ones who were trying to take over the U.S. But when they couldn't do it through Communism, they did it through Capitalism! They're ready to change tactics, horses--anything--if it's going to suit their purpose, according to whatever side they think is going to win, that's all.

26. BY STAYING IN A WELL-KNOWN PLACE AS THE KNOWN FAMILY LEADERS IN AN ANTAGONISTIC COUNTRY, YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY INVITING TROUBLE!--Retaliation, court cases, arrests & God only knows what! The Communists hate us too. We're one of their biggest rivals. Huh!--We may seem insignificant, but they know how powerful a parallel we are, & they know how powerful our literature is!--And the closer we are to them, the more we resemble them, the more dangerous they think we are.--Because we preach & practice there can be true loving Christian socialism under God without being under Moscow! So, I don't doubt that the Communists are out to get us, too, from all I've heard!

27. SOME PLACES SOME OF THE FAMILY HAVE ALREADY BEEN PICKED UP, & I think it's only the mercy & patience of God that we're not already up some places for some kind of court cases! But I'd bet almost bet that the wheels are already turning & the cases are already being prepared with subpoenas being made out & ready to serve in some places while you just sit there waiting for them!

28. LET ME TELL YOU, I KNEW BY THE ATTITUDE OF THAT JUDGE IN TENERIFE that they weren't going to quit, they weren't going to stop there, & I got out while the getting was good!--Even then, later when I thought it was safe for me to return to Spain somewhere else, what I didn't know was that it wasn't, & that getting out of Tenerife wasn't enough, as they were still after me!

29. GOD HAD TO GIVE ME A DEFINITE WARNING TO MOVE & MOVE FAST!--& I got out of Spain about a day or two before the Judge issued another summons! Now what do you want to do, just sit there & wait for them to come? Some of you are just sitting there waiting for trouble! That's how crazy people can get it they don't listen to the Lord! Once you reject the Truth of God's warnings & you don't repent, you don't confess your sin of disobedience & really repent & make things right by packing up & moving on like I've warned you, you're apt to go right off the deep end!

30. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THAT LEADER DOES LOSE HER MIND, because she is going the wrong direction, so I'm not surprised at her being crazy enough to think she can stay there & hang on to her properties & fight! She wants to stay there & try to save their properties! "The deceitfulness of riches" has got her totally deceived with strong delusion! (Mat.13:22; 2Thes.2:10,11.) She has rejected the Truth, let's face it!--So God is letting her have the strong delusion that she thinks she can stay there & fight & save her title, her riches & properties & fight it out!

31. I THINK HER HUSBAND HAS MORE COMMON SENSE THAN SHE HAS! He told us he felt like getting out. Well, he ought to follow his feelings, the leading of the Lord, & not listen to her or anybody else to the contrary. He ought to do what he feels like doing & get out of there fast! I told them four years ago, "Sell everything & get out! It's not safe for you to be there!"

32. BUT HE ONLY DID IT HALFHEARTEDLY & only sold about half of them, because he's so sentimentally attached to some of them. He could have even given them to the Lord for his own safety. But now God's probably going to take a collection, & he's going to lose them anyhow. I had no idea in this world of their settling down there again & thinking they could just ride out the storm!--I only expected them to finish liquidating their holdings & scram!

33. I'LL TELL YOU, WHAT'S BLOWING RIGHT NOW IS NO EMPTY WIND! THIS ONE IS FULL OF MISSILES! IT'S A HURRICANE! This is no time to open your windows & your doors & let it blow right through! Because if you don't get out of the way, it's going to blow your whole house away! You are absolutely insane if you think you can sit it out or fight it out! My Lord, if the present government, parents & their enemies don't get you, the Communists are going to get you!

34. THE REDS ARE GOING TO GET THAT COUNTRY IN THE LONG RUN ANYHOW. They've almost got it already. If it weren't for massive U.S. billions in support of the present government, the Reds would've had it already! But the Commies are far too smart for that! Not even the Communists want to lose all those U.S. billions which are being poured into that country to keep them from getting it, although they're getting it anyway. They want to have their cake & eat it, too! They want to be a power in the government & still get U.S. aid!

35. WHY NOT?--THEY'RE NOT SO DUMB! That's why, when the U.S. threatened to withdraw the aid & deny them World Bank funds & so on, right away, even when they could have barged in & insisted on seats in the government, they held off. They held off as a smart policy, so that the U.S. government could save face & say it was still supporting a "non-Communist" government.

36. THE U.S. WARNED THEM straight from Carter himself, that if there was even one Communist in their government, if that Premier appointed even one Commie to his government, the U.S. would cut off their aid! And not one Communist got into their government, not one!--And that was with mutual agreement, this unholy alliance, because the Comrades don't want to lose the aid either!

37. THE TERRORISTS THERE ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER! Don't tell me they are not already practically in control! If they can't control it at the government level, they're controlling it at the terrorist level! Anybody they don't like, they're shooting right now!

38. AS WELL-KNOWN FAMILY LEADERS OF YOU-KNOW-WHO with their addresses so well-known, if those Family leaders go back there to live, they are setting themselves up for a hit from somebody to die! If the government their enemies don't hit them, they'll likely pay somebody else to do it for them! Do they realise the danger they are in!--I'm dumbfounded they would even think of going back there to live!--or die!

39. SHE WRITES ME A LETTER THAT THEY HAVE DECIDED TO WORK ON THEIR PROPERTIES & FIGHT IT OUT! They aren't going to retreat any farther. That's like a couple of guerrilla generals saying, "Even if the other guerrillas have all fled, we're going to stay here & fight the whole System Army & Air Force ourselves all alone single-handed."

40. I STILL LOVE HER & I'M SORRY FOR HER, but I know God is going to deal with her for her stubbornness, & maybe this is the way He's going to do it. If she stays there & fights it out, she's probably going to land in jail herself! If enemies will put Indira Gandhi in jail, as they have, in spite of the fact that she has enormous power & a tremendous following & is a woman, if they hate her enough to put her in jail to get satisfaction for what she did to them, our enemies are certainly not going to hesitate to try to put our woman leader in jail, especially when she has been publicized as my heir to the throne!

41. WITH THEM, SHE'S GOT TEN COUNTS AGAINST HER! She's been publicized as not only the head of that work & a KQS, but she has also been publicized as the Great Queen even in the newspaper & Time magazine as my chosen heir! I mean, if they can't get me, who do you think they're going to try to get? She's crazy! If I were they, I wouldn't spend another day in that country!--And I'd get my kids out, too!

42. THIS IS NO TIME TO TAKE A STAND & FIGHT! THIS IS A TIME TO FLEE! When there's overwhelming persecution on that prevents witnessing & endangers your safety, get out of every known Home & go underground! Any of you kids suffering under this anti-cults campaign who can't see that, must be awfully blind! If I were any one of you kids living in a known Home, under such persecution, I would vote to move out! You certainly ought to think that way after all these NRS Letters I've written! I couldn't have made it any clearer! How can I say it any other way? I said,

43. "GO UNDERGROUND!" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?--TO MOVE! What have I got to do, spell it out?--That means if you're suffering from this anti-cults persecution, you're to give up the known Home you're now in & move to a place they don't know! Maybe we should call our Homes "Residences" now.--Our word "Home" has gotten pretty famous too! Not only Colonies, but Homes too!

44. YOU ARE DOWNRIGHT CRAZY TO THINK YOU CAN FIGHT THIS OUT! What more can I say? I wish I could tell you personally how I feel! I mean, your lives there are in danger right now!--And I wouldn't give you two cents for the safety of your known properties either! You'd better forget'm & quit trying to fix'm up! Get rid of them! Sell them! Get what you can out of them & run for it!

45. RENTING IS HORRIBLE THERE ANYHOW. The Communists will probably soon take over the properties & say to your renters, "Well, if you paid rent for a year or so, then it's yours!"--Ha!--That's just what they did in Cuba! You know what it's like to rent stuff anyway.--And you're crazy if you think you can get by with keeping the properties in your name! If the government can't get their hands on you, you know what they'll do, don't you?--They'll try to get your properties!--For taxes, fines, confiscation or whatever!

46. THEY'RE NOT ONLY GOING TO GO AFTER THE PEOPLE, THEY'RE GOING TO GO AFTER THE HOUSES TOO! They have laws that they can do it, if it's being what they consider ill-used or as a house of ill-fame or in some way not being used according to law, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised it they confiscated it!--Not just make judgments against the people or the owners, but take the whole property!--And that would be quite a loss! You need to get any property out of your name now!!

47. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW SOME OF YOU CAN GET SO FAR BEHIND! It's almost like you are backslidden to be thinking thoughts like that, to think you could actually be so deceived!--How could you be so deluded to think you can stay there & fight it out?

48. THE JONESTOWN PEOPLE HAD THE SAME IDEA! Even so, a few of the rats began to desert the sinking ship when they saw it was going to sink. But do you think the authorities are even leaving them alone just because they supposedly defected!--No! They're going after them tooth & tong, & even accusing each other! Do you think they are going to leave them alone just because they weren't there at the time?--Or just because they claimed to defect?--No!--They're out for the blood of anyone left! 49. --ARE YOU GOING TO BE LEFT?--OR GONE! When you can't lick'm or join'm, flee!--Amen? PTL! GBAKYAMYAB! Love,--D.