Get Tough!

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Get Tough!

--By Father David, DO#2470, September 1988

(After reading of an antagonistic reporter sicced on one of our properties by our enemies:)

1 That damn reporter's been so persistent, & they've already let him know that he's not exactly welcome, so I think they're going to have to start getting quite firm with him!

2 I'll tell you, we need to start handling our enemies tough! They’ve been tough enough with us, & we need to start fighting! Let's start fighting! I wouldn’t hesitate to tell guys like that who get too persistent, "If you come on this property again you're going to get booted out of here! We'll have some men waiting here to throw you out!"

4 So there comes a time to get tough! When they get that persistent & keep coming & keep trying to sell their dirty books, that is when you pick'm up & throw'm out down the stairs, books & all, & I mean it! When it comes to open warfare, what have you got to lose? They're already on your trail attacking, & they're going to smear you somehow anyhow, so why not sock it to'm?

7 I can give you some tales, & I have, of things that happened to us in Miami, Brother! We called out the cops & we called on the guards! You know who we had defending us in Miami one time?—The Ku Klux Klan!—And they're a tough bunch, let me tell you! When we were having trouble with the Jews there, they marched in force into our Tabernacle & sat down right there in front to show that they were supporting us, about 100 of them, & they were all top businessmen & officials of the government in those days.

16 So don't have any illusions about such people! They are monsters, they are evil, they are demons, & the only thing they understand is force & violence & destruction!—And that’s what they need to get if they go too far! The cops will even excuse you for it. Just tell'm, "Well, we were protecting our women & our children!"

30 When it comes to that you've got to be prepared to fight! Jesus didn’t prevent Peter from chopping off the ear of the High Priest's mobster who came with his mob. He could have. And Peter hadn't planned to just chop off his ear, he planned to chop off his head or cleave it in two! Jesus very gently reproved him & said, "Well, Peter, he that lives by the sword will have to die by the sword!"

32 Anyhow, you might have to chop off a few ears, but they're not going to come that close any more if you do! (Maria: Our people are such extremists, if you tell them this, every reporter they look at from now on, they'll take a very antagonistic stance towards them. They have to realize that they need to first know & understand each particular individual situation before they judge it or act rashly.) Yes. They have to sound people out as to whether they're friendly or antagonistic.

35 There's only so far you can go on the defensive, & the defensive isn't enough. You've gotta go on the attack! But you've just gotta make sure who your enemy is & who you're attacking & be careful you don’t attack one of your potential friends!