Golden seeds

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Golden seeds, or often simply seeds, refers to prophecy received from Jesus, likening the practice to partaking of semen from Jesus' "golden rod". In other cases, "seeds" is used literally rather than metaphorically to refer to Jesus' semen.

The act of receiving prophecy is often compared to an orgasm or oral sex in internal Family publications. This terminology has become more prevalent since the introduction of The Family's Loving Jesus doctrine, which encourages intimacy and a sexual relationship with Jesus for all Family members aged 14 and older.

Usage examples from Family publications

DISCLAIMER: Publications by The Family are archived here for educational purposes. The content is occasionally sexually explicit, offensive or promotive of criminal acts and we collect them to document their existence and wording but do not condone the points of view or activities. Original spelling, grammar, and style have been preserved where possible.

(Jesus speaking:) 4. You can't imagine the joy that you have brought into My life by loving Me intimately! You cannot comprehend how complete you have made Me feel now that we are one, now that we are lovers and we revel in the bed of passion and intimacy. Each time you kiss My lips and look deeply into My eyes and share your heart and express your love and your desire for Me, each time you reach out to Me and hold Me and want Me, each time you fuck Me and receive My penis and fuck My golden rod and drink in My golden seeds, it fills My heart with joy until I feel I could almost burst!

Source: "What a Husband and Lover!" (ML#3098, Maria#371), by Karen Zerby, December 1996.

21. ART THOU SATISFIED? (MARIA NODS, BUT DAVID LAUGHS:) THOU ART NEVER SATISFIED with all the words of thy Father for which thou hungerest! Thou speakest not the truth, for thou desirest forever more! And thy mouth hungereth and thy soul desireth and thou suckest the seeds from the pistil of thy Father and thy Father's tongue, and thou suckest 'til thou art weary of sucking, and criest not, "It is enough!" For thou art insatiable, and thou art as a nymph which knows no end, and a sprite which is mad for love!--And thou seekest more and more, and sayest not, "It is enough!"

22. AH, INSATIABLE WOMAN! WHEN SHALT THOU BE SATISFIED WITH THE LOVE OF THY FATHER? Thy mouth hungereth for more and thy mouth crieth, "More, more, more!"--And thou suckest and pulleth for more seeds from the tongue of thy Father, 'til thou art glutted with seeds which must bring forth and bear fruit! You understand? Thou art weary now, sweet Pen, and thou must have rest to thy body, for it is weary of loving.

23. GIVE KISSES TO THY FATHER, FOR HE NEEDS STRENGTH FROM THY BOSOM, FOR HE FEEDS OF THEE! It is needful, so feed his flesh, strengthen his bosom. For behold how he needeth thy flesh to feed his body, for he hungereth after thee, even as My soul hungereth after thee! (Think of it!--God needs us!) So give suck to thy Father, thy nursing Father, who needs to nurse thee. Even so satisfy thy Father. Give him the kisses of thy bosom, and satisfy his mouth with thy teats. For even so shall I satisfy his children who suck at his teats.

Source: "Golden Seeds!" (ML#254), by David Berg, 1973-07-20.

For those of you who may have a hard time thinking of love words to say to the Lord, we're including the following list of examples. Besides saying these types of words to Jesus, you might even want to say some of these things to your mate or loved one when making love together.

  • I love Your kisses, caresses, touches, Words of love, seeds ...
  • I want to suck Your penis. I want to suck Your seeds!
  • I can't wait any longer!--I'm overcome with desire for You, for Your penis, for Your seeds.
  • I crave You, Jesus. I'm hot for You! My legs are spread to receive Your penis! Enter into me! Give me Your seeds.
  • I'm desperate for Your big, hard penis! I crave it, because I want Your seeds!
  • I need Your penis! I need to feel You explode inside me, giving me Your seeds!
  • Yes, yes! Fuck me, fuck me! Don't stop! Don't stop! I want You! I need You! Give me Your seeds!
  • Fill me with Your seeds. Flood me with Your seeds. Explode in me!
  • Give me more, more, more. Don't stop until I have every drop of Your love, every one of Your seeds.
  • Thank You for wanting me, for desiring me, for exciting me. Thank You for wanting to fuck me and become one with me and give me Your seeds.

Source: "Cool Tips for Hot Sex!" (Note: The above are taken as a few examples from the extensive list provided in this Family publication.)

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