Heavenly City School

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The largest and most famous Family International center in Japan. Located in Tateyama, Chiba prefecture, it is officially called the 21st Century International School, but is known to group members as the Heavenly City School (HCS). At various times, it has been headquarters for numerous Family projects, including the production of audio/visual products, and operating as a re-education center for teens. In years past there were up to 300 or more Family members living at the HCS complex (comprised of "The School" and several surrounding, smaller buildings) at any given time. However, in recent years the importance of its role has diminished, and its current occupancy stands around 40 to 60 residents.

In November 1987, David Berg, Karen Zerby and their entourage left the Philippines and headed to Japan to oversee the HCS, where Berg began writing a series of Mo Letters pushing education, including "The School Vision!" (ML 2430), saying "It's Japan's hour!", and a stream of other Letters about Japan such as "It's Up to Japan!" (ML 2404).

The compound and adjacent buildings were donated to The Family International by Mr. and Mrs. Narita.


Location and Contact Points

21st Century International School
4359-94 Kanamari
Chiba-ken 294-0023

Phone: +81 470 28 0776
Fax: +81 470 28 0729