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"THE ALMOND TREE"--MO March 18, 1972 NO.158--LT

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1. BEFORE RETIRING FOR THE NIGHT, WE WERE DISCUSSING A GERMAN FILM WHICH WE HAD SEEN, CALLED "THE MAD EMPEROR", on the life of Ludwig II, the King of Bavaria, Southern Germany, who committed suicide in 1886. It was a very sad story of a very sad and lonely young King, an unusually non-conformist rebel who abhorred war, detested the intrigues of politics, and reluctantly was made King at the early age of 19. He was a liberal romantic idealist, who tried vainly to reform the brutal ways of his own government and its aggressive neighbours. Disillusioned in his idol, Wagner, twice disappointed in love, and defeated by his enemies, he retreated eccentrically into the fantasyland of building castles in the remote mountains of Bavaria, in the depths of the Black Forest, living alone as a disconsolate recluse, until forced to abdicate by his former friends who imprisoned him as insane, until the day of his death by drowning.

2. LATER, IN THE EARLY MORNING HOURS, SLIGHTLY AROUSED FROM SLUMBER, MO BEGAN MURMURING DROWSILY THE FOLLOWING: MO: I asked the Lord why Ludwig went mad, and He said: His heart was twice broken by two selfish women; and that, along with Wagner's demonic music, drove him mad!--And also the betrayal of his own friends. Wagner, upon whom he spent millions, drove him mad! There was also something about his father's mistress. His father also broke his heart and the heart of his brother. (Note: This was not revealed in the film.)

3. LUDWIG TRIED TO WALL UP HIS BROKEN HEART WITH BUILDINGS and get away from people, 'cause they were unfaithful and disloyal to him, and his own best friend tried to kill him, and his own father disappointed him, and his own women broke his heart, and also his buildings let him down.--And he sought not unto the Lord his God. He sought unto the demons of Wagner. He sought unto the pagan music of the demon-possessed Wagner, whom Hitler also loved and sought after. Hitler said Wagner was the heart of Germany!

4. FIRST, LUDWIG'S FATHER FAILED HIM, THEN WAGNER, THEN HIS LOVERS--his cousins--and he thought God failed him, because he knew Him not Because he sought not unto the Lord, but the god of religion, the Devil and the Antichrist. He would have been better if he had followed the God of the Gypsies--the Gypsies whom the Romans slaughtered.

5. SO NOW YOU KNOW, SO GO TO SLEEP. YOU KNOW GREAT SECRETS AND TRUTHS OF HISTORY. The secrets of the Lord thy God and His prophet! Therefore, the Black Forest of Bavaria became possessed with demons and devils and became the habitation of werewolves and vampires, and became mad with superstition because they knew not God, but followed the gods of darkness and the Roman Pope of idolatry!

6. THEREFORE, I HAVE VISITED UPON THEM THEIR SINS AND REQUIRED OF THEM THEIR INIQUITIES, and even now do they lie under the hand of the ugly Americans, because they be partakers of their sins. And those who are party to their sins are partakers of their fruits.

7. THE WOMEN AND HIS OWN FAMILIAR FRIEND WHO HAD LIFTED UP HIS HEEL AGAINST HIM, went down into darkness with him. So it is with all those who lift up their heel against Me and all those who know Me not, and those that seek after darkness rather than light.

8. (IT IS STUFFY IN THE ROOM, AND MO REACHES OVER TO OPEN A WINDOW, and says:) I need fresh air of God--not the dark dankness, dimness. We need air and life--fresh air and light. We open our windows to God!

9. AND THE POPE PLUNGED BAVARIA INTO A HORROR OF ETERNAL NIGHT with his idolatry, from which it has never recovered, and of which the Americans are now partakers because of their sins. (Maria: Why are they partakers?) Because they are there. For this is their portion of Germany.

10. IF THOU SHALT HAVE FAITH IN ME AND ASK OF ME, I SHALL TELL THEE. For it is given unto babes to know the secrets. I open unto thee the oracles of God, and you ask nothing. (Maria: What about the Protestants that the Catholics massacred in Germany?) All killed--one or two million slaughtered and massacred by the armies of the Pope, with which America would have agreed if she had been there, for even now she agrees. She dwells in darkness. Therefore she is partaker of their sins, and she, too, agrees, For she would have done the same. Because upon her rests the curse of them that know not God, who have forsaken Him that was their Savior, and THEY HAVE GONE AWHORING AFTER OTHER GODS, EVEN THE GODS OF DARKNESS, AS IN BAVARIA, WHOM WAGNER BROUGHT TO LIFE WITH HIS MUSIC, AND WHOM WAGNER INCANTATED FROM THE DEAD and conjured up with his music--whom he worshipped--whom he worshipped--whom all they worship who worship his music--for they are the incantations of demons--the conjurings of sorcerers--and the calling forth of the devil gods of the past, whom the Germans once worshipped. His music was a revival of paganism, and his music brought back the worship of the Devil in Germany, to whom Hitler was subservient, to the demon gods.

11. (MO THEN REPEATS SEVERAL TIMES WITH A FOREIGN ACCENT THE WORD "Germany"): "Chermany" ... "Chermany" ... "Germany." (Maria: What caused Wagner to become so possessed by the Devil?) Like all those who know not God and love the works of darkness rather than light, who kiss the powers of darkness rather than the Light of My Servant David. Jesus, give strength and wisdom to David!

12. IF THOU WOULDST HAVE ASKED OF ME, I WOULD HAVE GIVEN THEE WISDOM and the secrets of the dark places. I would open unto thee My heart and My Book. But you were astonied and asked not. Your mouth is silent like the simple ones that know not what to say. But if you would have asked Me, I would have given thee wisdom--the heathen for thine inheritance--but you asked not! (It was as tho' Maria vicariously symbolised us all!)

13. (MARIA: HOW DO I LEARN TO ASK?) Ask of God! Ask of God, and He will give thee wisdom such as this world has never known! But you have not, because ye ask not! Give wisdom to the simple, and knowledge to her that is without understanding, that she may partake for thy Children and give unto them that have none! He would have opened unto thee the depths of the treasures of wisdom and given unto thee the inheritance of the heathen, but thou art so simple! Thou dost not even ask!

14. (MARIA: HOW SHALL I KNOW WHAT TO ASK?) IF THOU SHALT SEEK unto Me, the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve, it shall be revealed unto thee, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God! You are faithful in the simple things. But thou dost lack wisdom in the profound! (Maria: How do I get it?) Ask of God who giveth to all men, even women, who ask in faith!

15. EVEN THE VOICE OF THE WIND SPEAKS WISDOM! Listen ... Listen ... Listen! It groans ... and it wails and seeks to be delivered! SSH! Listen! But thou knowest not even the sighings of the wind! But you ask not. Sleep on now and take thy rest. For though thou art faithful, thou art lacking in understanding. If thou wouldst ask of Me, I would give unto thee the heathen for thine inheritance and even the uttermost parts of the earth, but ye have not because ye ask not and are altogether lacking in comprehension!

16. I HAVE OPENED UNTO THEE THE ORACLES OF GOD, and ye could ask what ye would, but ye ask not. Ye know nothing! Thou knowest not even what to ask! ASK, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO THEE, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto thee! But thou askest not, neither seekest, nor knockest at the door that God would open! There is a great and effectual door opened unto thee, and thou perceivest it not, neither knowest that the door is open unto thee! For thou art like a little child who has stumbled onto the secret of the Universe and comprehendest it not!

17. IF MOSES WERE HERE, THOU WOULDST ASK OF HIM; BUT A GREATER THAN MOSES IS HERE! If Daniel were here, thou wouldst ask of him; but a greater than Daniel is here! If John were here, thou wouldst ask of him; but a greater than John is here! Yet thou askest nothing! Thou art dumb, speechless, and silent! Therefore, they which have nothing, receive nothing. It is given unto thee to know the mysteries of the Kingdoms of God, but thou dost not even ask! Ask of Me! If thou wouldst ask, I would have given thee the Kingdoms of this earth, the heathen for thine inheritance! Thou dost not even ask of Me thy Mothers name!

18. (MARIA: WHAT IS IT?) SHE IS INDEED A "PEARL OF GREAT PRICE", holy unto Me for a sacrifice of devotion, for she hath given thee willingly to the King. (Maria: has my father done the same?) He knows not. He has but yielded to thy mother's great faith. Weep not, for GREAT IS THE HONOUR THAT THY GOD HATH BESTOWED UPON THEM TO BEGET THE HANDMAID OF THE KING! But he knows not. She is a woman of great love an great compassion upon the poor. Therefore, I have honoured her; and thy father, too, I have honoured, though he knows it not. She knows, but she does not understand. But she trusts, because she has faith and love and compassion and pity upon the poor and upon the weak and upon the aged and upon the afflicted. She hath compassion.

19. THEREFORE I HAVE HAD MERCY UPON HER, AND UPON THY FATHER I HAVE HAD PATIENCE, because they love Me and are devoted unto My service, even though they understand not. But they have sacrificed and given unto Me that which was precious in their sight. They have offered up unto Me their firstborn as a very part of them. They have sacrificed her on the altar of My devotion, though they know not what they do. Yet have I honoured them for this thing that they have given unto Me.

20. (MO laughs): O, THOU LITTLE ONE! OPEN UNTO THEE ARE THE TREASURES OF HEAVEN and thou dost ask of small things! Thy mother and thy father, of whom thou inquirest no further, but upon whom I have had mercy, have been blessed for thy sake, because of thy faithfulness, and the sacrifice of thy love unto My Servant David.

21. (MARIA: WHY HAS THE LORD TAKEN HIS MINISTRY AWAY FROM MY FATHER?) BECAUSE HE HATH RESISTED THE MESSAGE OF GOD, and not yielded to the truth, through the mouth of a babe and a suckling. For that which I have given thee, thou hast delivered unto him. For this I have held him responsible, and he wist not the Spirit of God. For he is sensible in the traditions of men.

22. (MARIA: WILL HE EVER LEARN?) Only if he yields unto My spirit, but this is very hard, to pour new wine into old bottles that cannot accommodate or comprehend. He does not comprehend: but thy mother,--she knows, she sees, and she understands the hand of God which humbles, which gives, and which takes away. She praises the name of the Lord, though she comprehends not. She comprehends not, yet she yields to that which she understands not. Because of her woman's sense I have given her, she yields by thy intuitive spirit of God. But thy father is stubborn. He is bound. He is blinded by the traditions of men so he cannot see.

23. NEVERTHELESS. I HAVE LOVED HIM FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS. I shall preserve him in the day of evil. Thy mother shall lead him in a path that he does not know, because thy Grandmother's prayers are risen unto Me, and I have heard her cry, for these are children that she loves.

24. FOR THOU, O DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH, CHILD OF THE KING, because of the faithfulness of thy Grandmother and because of her prayers unto Me, I HAVE MADE THEE TO BE LIKE UNTO THE ALMOND TREES ON THE HILL OF ZION THAT BLOSSOM UNTO ME, FOR THEY KNOW THAT IT IS SPRING AND THEY BEAR FRUIT UNTO ME--THAT BEAR BEAUTY AND FRAGRANCE UNTO ME, EVEN THOUGH THEY UNDERSTAND NOT. Even as thou which understandest not. For if thou wouldst have asked of Me, I would have given thee, but thou art dumb, and knowest not even what to ask!

25. (MO RAISES A HAND, AND TURNS IT SLOWLY OVER AND OVER, as though looking at it, even though his eyes are closed, and the Lord says: "The fingers of the wind!" The wind is whistling through the cracks in the window, and the Lord says:) HEAREST THOU THE WIND? IT WOULD SPEAK UNTO THEE if thou wouldst listen, but thou knowest not even the voice of the wind! How canst thou know the voice of the Lord thy God? It speaks many things, but thou comprehendest not, for thou understandest not even the voice of the wind, which moaneth for thee ... moaneth for thee! Hearest thou the whirlwind! It comes from whence thou knowest not and goeth thence. Hearest thou its voice! Comprehendest thou that which is hid unto thee? It mourns for thee! It mourns for thee! It groans, and it weeps, and it waits for thy deliverance!

26. SLEEP NOW AND TAKE THY REST. THOU SHALT BE DELIVERED IN THAT TIME WHEN THOU DOST BELIEVE ALL THE WORDS THAT I HAVE SPOKEN. Thou believest, but thou dost not comprehend or understand, neither dost thou even ask. Therefore shall it not be given unto thee.

27. HAVE FAITH, O DAUGHTER! HAVE FAITH! Be thou not faithless, but believing. For it shall be performed unto thee all that I have promised. Nevertheless this day were opened unto thee the oracles of God, and thou art so simple thou knowest not even what to ask, like a little child that you must care for--the little child of the King that he must care for, and thou must care for him. For he, too, is My little child.

28. (MARIA: HE UNDERSTANDS, THOUGH.) He knows nothing but what I give him. I would have given unto thee also. but thou wouldst not even ask. Thou couldst even ask for him, but thou wouldst not. Sleep now and take thy rest.

29. (WHEN WE FIRST RECEIVED THIS REVELATION, WE DID NOT KNOW HOW SIGNIFICANT WAS THE COMPARISON OF THE ALMOND TREE TO US--all of you--as inferred by the Lord! But on further investigation, we discovered that it was used very prophetically in the Scriptures, its name in the Hebrew meaning "the Awakening One"! The oil cups of the Golden Candlestick in the Tabernacle symbolising the Light of the Spirit were shaped like almond blossoms: When Aaron's Rod budded they were almond blossoms, symbolising his authority in a new awakening of life. When the Lord began His prophecies to Jeremiah (1:11), He symbolised the beginning of a New day with the branch of an Almond Tree. And in that last beautiful chapter of Ecclesiastes He says: "THE ALMOND TREE SHALL FLOURISH," in the midst of the prediction of the Endtime and the horrors of the Last Days!

30. WE ARE THAT ALMOND TREE, according to this recent prophecy! (Para 24.) Like the Almond Tree, we symbolise the End of a cold, hard, Wintry era and the beginning of a beautiful new Spring-like Age of Awakening of the Spirit of Life after a period of spiritual deadness, unbelief, terror and death! We, the Children of God are the vessels of His Spirit lighting this Last Generation by the authority of the Life of God springing forth in us, His Almond Tree of Today!)

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