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"FLEE AS A BIRD!" April 24, 1972 No.160B--LTO

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1. I WANT TO SHARE ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT RECENT REVELATION WITH YOU LEADERS which I've already shared with a few, but which I feel it is now necessary to share with all of you in order that you might even better understand what the Lord is doing. This first revelation, which I have called "Flee as Bird to Your Mountain," was given not long ago, before the dream revealed its fuller meaning and how it would affect you, and I'm sure the dream was given because of our obedience to the first revelation, "Flee as Bird," which was given to us as a personal warning in answer to desperate prayer.

2. IN FACT, THIS, "FLEE AS A BIRD TO YOUR MOUNTAIN," was given us as a personal warning several months ago. As you recall, we had returned to a certain country a year ago to try to help straighten out an emergency situation which could have done much harm to the Lord's Work. We'd only planned to stay a few weeks as we knew it was dangerous for us to be there. But the weeks stretched into months, the harvest passed and the Summer ended, and we were not saved from our unsafe location. Thank God, the emergency situation was solved, His Work reorganised and in good order and booming. But we were still there in constant jeopardy!

3. WHEN THE LORD FIRST COMMANDED US TO GO ABROAD, both for our safety and to explore new fields, which are now filling with new young Colonies sweeping 'round the world according to His vision, we wrote you an explanation entitled, "I Gotta Split!" explaining why we must remain in exile. The Lord made it very clear, and He blessed it, used it, and caused it to greatly enlarge our ministry of teaching you all through our letters. Praise the Lord!

4. SO A FEW MONTHS AGO HE WARNED US AGAIN, the emergency over, that we must return to our exile, giving us the Scripture above: "Flee as a bird to your mountain!" We did not heed it, however, for some months, as we were still busy trying to help you get reoganised. That reorganisation accomplished, however, we were again warned very sharply by the Lord in a recent revelation that we must flee at once or it would be too late!

5. WHILE DEEPLY BURDENED IN PRAYER OVER OUR SITUATION and these definite warnings from the Lord, we received a beautiful revelation from the Lord and His direct guidance in great detail. As it was quite lengthy, I can only give you a few excerpts from it here which I want you to have so you'll understand. As some of you know, we were getting rather comfortable enjoying our tiny quarters with a somewhat false sense of security which had caused our ears to grow rather dull to the Lord's warnings, which is why He had to speak rather sharply to us and very specifically in this, His final warning!

6. WE KNEW BY THIS WE COULD DELAY NO LONGER and that the situation was becoming urgent, as was confirmed by a number of signs and indications, including a front-page spread of a national newspaper with an article more specifically about us personally and more mention of us than any as yet published, describing us in greater detail and repeating our names 22 times! This was handed to us in the airport when leaving and was like a final confirmation and witness that we were leaving none too soon! Praise the Lord!

7. I'M SORRY, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SECURITY, with which some of you are sometimes a little careless, to prevent any possible leak as to our plans, we cannot tell you all the Lord had to say, and as we have sworn others to secrecy regarding them, we beg the same of you: Don't tell anyone anything or even hint at it, please!--If you love us! Thank you! You will be informed in due season and we hope you all will be able to join us eventually, as seemed to be indicated by the Lord! Praise the Lord! What a precious prospect! Meanwhile, please be patient with us, and we will try to keep in touch with you as best we can!

8. AS WE CRIED OUT DESPERATELY TO THE LORD WITH OUR WHOLE HEART, mostly the Spirit praying through us in tongues and weeping, the Lord answered us, and here are a few of the things He had to say in this final warning which prompted our sudden departure, and for which reason we regretfully had to leave some of you without even getting to tell you goodbye! Please forgive us, and if you love us, we know you'll understand. God bless you! Our heartcry was, "Lord, what shall we do!"--Here are some of His answers--He never fails!:

9. AS I SAID LONG AGO, "FLEE AS A BIRD TO YOUR MOUNTAIN," but you don't want to go. You love comfort and love ones, the bowls and the candlesticks more than the Flame. You prefer to live here in comfort in the land of your enemies. Leave all behind and save only that which is more precious: the life of David. This tiny Flame is committed to your care, the Light of Israel. Fly with the Flame!--Or its light will be quenched by his enemies! What are the candlesticks of gold and the bowls of silver if they are without fire and fuel without flame? Is not the life of David precious in thy sight? He cannot bear the trials that even loved ones subject him to! Forsake all!--this little house, these shadows! Flee with the flame in your hand!

10. (MARIA: WHEN?) NOW! I tell you many times, but you deafen your ears to their cry and will not heed them that are in need. But if thou dost not heed the cry of the needy, I will not hear thy cry! (David is reminded by the Lord of the pleas of those in other places for his help.) The life of David is a tiny Flame in thy hand. Flee with the Flame of Life!--The Life of the Flame and the Flicker of Fire! Flee far away! The Flame of David is more precious!

11. YOU MUST PREFER THE LIFE OF THE PILGRIM AND THE STRANGER and the fugitive to the life of comfort and ease, home and loved ones! (MO places his palms together leaving a hollow between as though sheltering a flame from the wind:) Hold within thy hands this tiny Flame and shelter it from the wind, for many dark forces want to quench! Carry it away to far countries! For here, generals and queens bring battles and storms and strong winds that would blow it out! Keep the Flame and take it to a safe place away from the storm!

12. (MARIA: WHERE IS "FAR AWAY?--and MO answers with the name of a specific country which we cannot repeat, and continues:)--So the forces of Saul will turn back and no longer seek after David nor his life, because he is gone far away--far from the lands of Saul, even from the neighbours of Saul, where Saul cannot find him and shall give up searching when he hears that David has fled into the lands of his enemies--the enemies of Saul!--the enemies of his people and the enemies of his king and the enemies of his nation! Far away in the land of the enemies of his people I will preserve him.--The light of the Nations that I have chosen.--A land which is at war with his people, because thou hast more in common with the enemies of his nation than the people of his king! Take the Flame--only a tiny spark is left.--Take to far country to preserve, for this Fire shall light the world! (Claps hand violently several times)--For this is he which doth ignite nations and causeth the countries to explode!

13. (HOW SHALL WE GO?) Under cover. (When?) As soon as possible! (Shall we take anyone with us?) No. Not now. Book passage now to _____ on big plane--a country far from this people, at war with his people, a country which he does not know. Hurry, before the forces of darkness quench the Flame. Take the torch like the runners of Marathon to a far country. You must not wait! You must go! Others can care for things here now, but you must care for the Flame of David. Heed not the cries nor voices of these loved ones, but listen only to the voice of the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve! Therefore, shalt thou spare the Light of Israel and shelter the Flame of David and carry it to a far country, that it may burn brightly in the midst of darkness!--For it were better to perish there than be extinguished by his enemies, for it cannot stand big winds. Both friends and enemies bring big winds, and his heart is weary. Cover the Flame from the wind. Take it soon or you will lose it!

14. (MARIA: WE WILL NEVER COME BACK?) No. Listen to his voice and thou shalt have peace and rest in the voice of My Servant. (Here MO sings a song of that country, describing its beauties and treasures, then says:) --Precious children that Jesus wants in His crown! Pearls of rare price in that land! Precious sweet people that would have loved us, but our nation did not love them! I want to live there. The wind moans and makes sad sounds. I want to go and live with the poor. I belong there. I am one of them. I came from there and I want to go back home. I have been a sojourner in many lands, but now I want to go home and die in my homeland. My people came from Israel, but I came from _____. They are already on winning side. Lovers of peace rather than war, and lovers of the poor. Their leader is of God and a lover of peace, and there are many many sheep there for Jesus! They have Spirit of Jesus!

15. I WANT TO DIE IN THE LAND OF MY FATHERS, a land of snows and north wind, a land of mountains and strong people. I want to die in peace, far from these bad ugly people!

16. THERE WERE MANY OTHER REMARKABLE AND SURPRISING THINGS that the Lord told us about that country and our future there, some of them almost unbelievable, which we can't tell you now, but which some day you will have a part in!--The places we will live, the clothes we will wear, the customs we'll observe, and some shocking things we will do! So hold onto your hat! I hope it won't be long. I once thought it was Israel, but now I know differently. I misunderstood the Lord then when He spoke of the land of my fathers.--You're in for a real surprise! Hallelujah! Praise God! Jesus never fails! So be patient!

17. MEANWHILE, YOU CAN STILL WRITE TO US, and it will be forwarded to us wherever we are--and we do want to hear from you often with your weekly reports. Thanks for your faithfulness, loyalty, diligence, and patience and love! "Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season ye shall reap, if ye faint not!" "In My Father's House are many mansions!--I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there ye may be also"--and I hope it's soon! Meanwhile Beloved, pray for us!--And write! We love you dearly! God bless you!

18. P.S. "The Great Escape!", which has such significance for all of us, is a fitting sequel to the above revelation, "Flee as a Bird." In "flee as a Bird," the "Flame of David" represents the Spirit that God has given me, "The Light of Israel," to enlighten us all as to His Plans and Purposes and to reveal His Truth and His Will in these Last Days and to guide us in the right paths by His Spirit of direct revelation.--And in "Flee as a Bird!" He was rebuking us for not treasuring and valuing the Flame enough to take better care of it and heed it more diligently.

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