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"MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN!"--DANIEL 5--MO May 10, 1972 NO.162--GP

Copyrighted © May 1972 by The Children of God, Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England or B.P. 752, 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

1. WE HAVE JUST HAD SOME MORE REMARKABLE REVELATIONS REGARDING CURRENT EVENTS AND THE NEAR FUTURE which the Lord has given us to confirm the other warnings He gave us recently, and to spur us to more urgent preparation for the same:

2. I WAS LISTENING TO THE NEWS AND BEING REMINDED OF THE RECENT DEATH OF THE HEAD OF THE FBI, J. EDGAR HOOVER, and his unusually long term of service--48 years!--Together with his unusually diligent performance of that service against America's enemies, both within and without, particularly against gangsters and Communists, but also with some measure of fairness even against extremists of the hard right, such as KKKs Minute Men, Pro-Nazis, and Neo-Fascists, etc.

3. WHEN I ASKED THE LORD WHY HE HAD PERMITTED HIM TO REMAIN IN OFFICE SO LONG, having outlived seven presidents and their administrations, the Lord said the he had served Him well and faithfully as guardian angel of America to preserve her from her enemies by the mercy of the Lord. So I asked the Lord then why He had removed him at this particular time, feeling in the Spirit that it had some particular significance as a turning point in American history.

4. THE LORD REPLIED THAT HOOVER HAD GROWN OLD AND UNCHANGEABLE, a hardened old bottle that could on longer change his ways and was being too hard on the kids and radicals because he did not realise that God had changed sides and is no longer on the side of now wicked America, but on the side of her enemies in order to judge her for her sins.

5. BUT IF HE WAS BEING SO HARD ON THE LEFTISTS, WHY DID NITLER WANT HIM REMOVED ALSO? The answer came clear and surprising: He was not hard enough on the leftists to suit Nitler and his Nazistic advisors, like the German Kissinger, and because of his, Hoover's sense of fairness and justice, equality and impartiality, he was being too hard on the radical Right and would have stood in the way of any reactionary rise of the Reactionary Right favoured by Nitler and his Nitzies, so it was well known he was anxious to get rid of him but did not want to embarrass his administration just before an election by firing one of America's traditionally popular heroes.

6. WHY, THEN, LORD, DID YOU REMOVE HIM IF HE WOULD HAVE STOOD IN THE WAY OF NITLER'S NITZIES and helped stem the tide of the rise of the Reactionary Right? Immediately the answer came in the words of a verse of Scripture, 2Thes.2:7: "For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth (holds back) will let (hold back) until he be taken out of the way!" This is a verse in which the Lord is referring to the Antichrist as the "mystery of iniquity" and all those who are like him and plainly indicates that it is only the restraining power of God's Holy Spirit which prevents the flood of iniquity from overwhelming the world. This is true, in other words, of every anti-Christ, every would-be dictator of the world--including the final one! Only God holds them in check until the time of his Judgements are due, when He releases these dogs of war and destruction as either a chastisement upon His own people or a judgement on their enemies or both, or to show their true colours and destroy them.

7. SO IT LOOKS LIKE GOD HAS REMOVED HOOVER SO THAT GOD CAN NOW TURN NITLER AND HIS NITZIES LOOSE ON AMERICA, and maybe even some of the rest of the world, so their wickedness can be revealed and destroyed! A wicked people always deserve a wicked king and this one has certainly proved his wickedness both at home and abroad, especially in poor Vietnam!

8. WHAT THEN, DOES THIS MEAN TO US, GOD'S CHILDREN? It means that Hoover was beginning to get in God's way! He was defending the Government against its youth, and, in God's eyes, the Government no longer deserved defending. As I contemplated God's odd way of doing things, I got this in the Spirit from one of His Messengers: "It is not strange that the Lord should do things in His own way."

9. JUST LIKE THE LORD REMOVED MY MOTHER from this world just before our major revolutionary ministry began, because, as spiritual as she was and as much as she loved the kids and the hippies, she was till an old bottle and could not have stood the change, the new wine would have broken her heart and she would have been offended by our radical ways and Revolutionary methods of the Revolution for Jesus! Therefore, the Lord in His, love and mercy removed her to the Spirit world where she would have much greater understanding and the spiritual strength to bear it.

10. IT IS HARD FOR THE OLD TO CHANGE! In fact, it is nearly impossible! They cannot stand to hear that their once free, Democratic, just and righteous nation-their own dearly beloved country-has become the most wicked, apostate, reprobate, unrighteous and abominable in the whole world, because it had more light and knew better than any other nation on the face of the earth, but sinned in the face of that light, so is more responsible, more hypocritical, and more guilty than any other nation! Therefore, God will judge America accordingly! He has always judged those nations which have had the most light the most severely when they sinned and departed from Him and His light! This has been true since the beginning of time in His dealings with every nation and civilisation, including His own people!

11. THE LORD ALSO SHOWED ME THAT HE REMOVED HOOVER AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME IN ORDER TO SAVE HIM FROM EMBARRASSMENT AND DISGRACE AND DEMOTION AT THE RELENTLESS HANDS OF NITLER AND HIS GANG! He was also beginning to show a bias from Left to Right by tough, inexorable, prosecution with severity against the youth of America in everything from minor drug offenses to conspiracy to overthrow the Government or commit violence and riots while permitting their Rightist murderers to go free in such atrocious cases as Kent State, Jackson State, etc. The ridiculousness of the prosecution of Father Berrigan and his associates for conspiracy just because they discussed what they'd like to do to the Government as a protest against Nitler's warmongering policies really capped the climax and showed how far Hoover was going astray at the instigation of Nitler's Nitzies! He was beginning to cooperate with the Nitler Nitzi trend, so God removed him to prevent his making further mistakes!

12. THE WHOLE REVELATION SEEMED TO BE DESIGNED TO GIVE ME THE IMPRESSION THAT HOOVER'S PASSING WAS A DANGEROUS TURNING POINT in America's history, and that she herself has passed the point of no return where the Judgements of God are imminently impending, and she can no longer escape these judgements which are going to be very soon! Oddly enough poor Hoover was getting in the way of God's letting Communism take over, but also in the way of Nitler's all out war against Communism and the poor youth of America to fill his cup of iniquity full. God is removing His defenders of America and withdrawing His Protection because of her Sins. This will untie Nitler's hands to begin his campaign of terror against the youth of America!--Unless God intervenes!

13. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE RISE OF NITLER AND HIS NITZIES AND THE RISE OF HITLER AND HIS NAZIS, his prototypes: I was impressed by this through a documentary I had seen the night before on Hitler's dealings with the Jews in his rise to power prior to and during World War II, and I remember much of this myself, as I was a teenager at the time and an avid student of contemporary events, particularly as Hitler was posing a threat to the whole world, as well as to the Jews!

14. THE FOUNDER OF COMMUNISM ITSELF, OF COURSE, WAS A GERMAN JEW, KARL MARX, AND MANY OF ITS LEADERS, both in America and in Germany, as well as Russia, were idealistic, socialistic, Jews. During the Great Depression and Pre-War days of the 1930s, Germany, like America, tottered on the brink of Communism. America was saved from total Communism by a socialistic, dictatorial, pro-Communist president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, himself suspected of being of Jewish lineage.

15. GERMANY, HOWEVER, WAS SAVED FROM COMMUNISM BY A RISE OF THE HARD RIGHT, rich-backed, militant, radical, reactionary and fanatical Nazis under the leadership of Hitler, a rabid anti-Semitist. He used the Jews as a scapegoat upon whom he could blame all of Germany's troubles, accusing them of being the Communist enemies of the State. Many of them were Communists and leaders of Communism and their influence had been fairly strong and their leadership prominent, so they were a likely target for his bitter anti-Communist propaganda.

16. HIS MANIACAL TIRADES AGAINST THE JEWS as being to blame for all Germany's ills soon whipped the poor German people into a frenzy of reaction against them, resulting in all kinds of discrimination and persecution. Signs barred Jews from many places of business, and a campaign of vilification and contempt was heaped upon them. They were prejudiced against in the courts, and harassed by Hitler's police, his private militia, the Storm Troopers of his Nazi Party of radical, Rightist reactionaries.

17. SOON HITLER WAS ABLE TO MAKE THEIR PERSECUTION MORE OFFICIAL: Since he claimed they were not Germans but they were Communist enemies of the State they no longer deserved the protection of the police, since he accused them of not only being no longer German citizens, but enemies. This permitted the German Rightists to destroy their places of business, persecute, beat, and even kill Jews, without fear of retaliation by the police. They had already been barred from many kinds of employment considered important to German culture or security, ineligible for Government welfare, and their books and papers and literature banned and burned.

18. THEN THE THREAT OF WAR GAVE HITLER AND HIS TERRORISTS THE EXCUSE THEY NEEDED to convince the German people that the Jews should be rounded up into concentration camps as a serious threat to national security, the same way America rounded up the Japanese and put them in concentration camps in the United State during World War II, claiming it was not only for the protection of the Nation but for their own protection. Their property was confiscated in the name of the State, and in these concentration camps Hitler began the secret extermination of the Jews by highly scientific and intelligent methods of mass murder. It eventually became so patriotic to kill Jews that, for example, Hitler's henchman in the Nazi-conquered Poland apologised for being so slow at the job because there were so many of them there--about 3-1/2 million!

19. YOU MAY SAY THAT IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE THAT A NATION AS CIVILISED, intellectual, highly educated, scientific, and advanced as Germany could ever be guilty of such horrible atrocities against a helpless minority of its own people who had lived there for generations and consider themselves as Germans in all walks of life! But the most highly educated and so-called most advanced civilisation on the face of the Earth became the most bestial and barbaric in its reign of terror against this pitiful minority of its own people just because a fanatical and persuasive orator convinced the Germans that the Jews were their deadly enemies and a terrible danger to their country!

20. BUT WE HAVE WATCHED IT NOW HAPPENING IN AMERICA! First the vilification of its youth and the contemptuous campaign of anti-hippie propaganda, then a whipping up of public sentiment against their radicalism, anti-Government criticism and anti-war demonstrations to the point of finally portraying them as Communists, Leftists, rioters, trouble makers, and violent enemies of the Nation and a danger to her security!

21. SOME OF THE OLDER GENERATION OF ULTRA-CONSERVATIVES AND RED WHITE AND BLUE HARD HATS BEGAN BY REFUSING TO PERMIT THESE YOUNG PEOPLE IN THEIR PLACES OF BUSINESS, RESTAURANTS, AND EVEN CHURCHES. A wave of discrimination against them swept the Nation, including harassment and police brutality and court prejudice. Discriminatory laws aimed primarily at these youthful radicals and the prevalent activities of youth, such as drugs, demonstrations, literature, etc., became rampant, with the excuse that these laws were necessary to save our youth and the Nation.

22. MANY FIRMS REFUSED TO EMPLOY YOUNG MEN WITH EVEN MODERATELY LONG HAIR, and Government unemployment agencies refused to give them compensation under the excuses that long hair made them unavailable for employment, although they themselves had been taxed for this very compensation during former employment.

23. THEIR ODD-LOOKING AND ODDLY DECORATED AND SOMEWHAT DILAPIDATED VEHICLES WERE HARASSED by the police, inspected searched, and their occupants frequently detained on the slightest pretext. Longhaired hitchhikers in certain areas, particularly the South, were actually jailed under the pretext of vagrancy, and their hair even cut against their rights and wishes! Their houses were raided without warrants on various excuses such as searches for drugs, runaways, fugitives, arms, or vice or subversive literature, etc. When hailed before the courts, their appearance drew little sympathy from judges and Systemite juries and the severity of their sentences for the most minor violations had become a national scandal!

24. THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREEDOM TO ASSEMBLE AND EVEN RIGHTS TO WORSHIP WERE FREQUENTLY VIOLATED and suppressed. They were forbidden to speak or distribute literature on campuses or even to enter some campuses as they were also refused entry into some churches, and sometimes even forcibly ejected or jailed for these acts. Curfews were clamped on their evening activities and social life, and they were forbidden by parents and hindered by the police from even entering certain social clubs and perfectly legitimate coffee houses which catered almost exclusively to youth, and this for no good reason! I know of some communities where our young people were even arrested for even standing on the sidewalk or sitting on the curb or playing a guitar in the park!--It was illegal---By-laws passed by fearful parents!

25. HITLER HAD HIS ANTI-JEWISH PROPAGANDA AND PERSECUTION campaign--America has had its anti-Youth propaganda and persecution campaign! Even their right to police protection has often been denied, and what hippie can expect unprejudiced justice in American courts!

26. THESE ANTI-YOUTH LAWS, HARASSMENT, PERSECUTION, AND DENIAL OF RIGHTS ARE DISGUISED AND CAMOUFLAGED UNDER ALL KINDS OF PRETENSES and false fronts and hypocritical excuses. Some of the most scandalously unjust and harshly enforced, with the most outrageously severe penalties, for example, are some of the drug laws. Marijuana, for instance, is confessed by doctors, psychiatrists, and experts the world over as being a mildly stimulating and non-addictive and non-toxic drug, no more harmless than tobacco or alcohol, and legal in many nations. But because it is one of the favourite indulgences of the youth of America, their elders have aimed some of their most stringent and rigidly enforced laws with the harshest of penalties against its use or possession! Meanwhile, these same elders are smoking and drinking themselves to death and murdering each other on the highways by the tens of thousands through the use of their own favourite intoxicants: tobacco and alcohol, which the older generation, their parents, have made perfectly legal because they're the ones who like to use them.

27. YOU SEE, IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHO'S MAKING THE LAWS FOR WHOM and for whose use and whose protection! The so-called mature majority who have outnumbered the youth up until now, have long had the powerful monopoly on law-making and have used it distinctly to their own advantage, in spite of the rights of their children! But what are they going to do when their youthful voters begin to outnumber them or to hold a powerfully persuasive balance of power that can turn the tables in their own direction for a change? Will the older generation of conservative Hard Hats then resort to the same tactics that the Nazis used against the Jews? We've already seen evidence of this in America!

28. WILL THE NEXT STEP THEN OF THE OLDER-GENERATION-CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT BE INCREASED PERSECUTION AND DEPRIVATION OF THE RIGHTS OF YOUTH, AS IN HITLER GERMANY WITH THE JEWS. As it did with the Nazis, will the propaganda, discrimination, persecution, injustice, harassment, brutality and violence by the rulers of America against its youth be accelerated in the name of national security and patriotism as it was in Germany?

29. WILL THERE BE A FURTHER BANNING OF FREE SPEECH, FREE PRESS, FREE ASSEMBLY, FREEDOM OF EMPLOYMENT, FREEDOM OF ACTIVITY, AND EVEN FREEDOM OF RELIGION, as Hitler's Nazis imposed on the formerly free German people, eventually even the churches? As Niemoeller said, that if you stand by without protest when the rights of others are being violated, soon these same evil forces will be violating your own! The churches and so-called Christians who are now condoning or even cooperating and instigating the persecution of America's youth may soon themselves be the target of an anti-Christ regime!

30. WILL A REACTIONARY OVER-PROTECTIVE GOVERNMENT FINALLY BEGIN TO TAKE THE LOGICAL AND ULTIMATE STEPS, as did Hitler with the Jews, and the U.S. with the Japanese, of rounding up the youth of America into concentration camps as potentially dangerous enemies of the State and a threat to national security under the pretext of some national emergency? Will the older generation then condone the literal extermination of these youth who threaten their domination, and thereby commit actual genocide as a Nation? It has happened before! It can happen again!

31. RECENTLY AN OUTSTANDING AMERICAN TELEVISION PRODUCER OFFERED AN AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTARY ON ATROCITIES COMMITTED BY AMERICAN SERVICEMEN in Vietnam and containing their own personal interviews and testimonies. He couldn't get a single American TV network or station to show the film! He was told that the American people wouldn't believe it because they don't want to know what Hitlerian monsters the atrocious war has made of their own soldiers! They don't want to see it, they don't want to know it, and they refuse to believe it because of its terrible indictment against their own generation who made these military fiends into terrifying mutilators, torturers, and murderers of the innocent men, women, and children of the pitifully defenseless little peace-loving, poverty-stricken, down-trodden, victimised Vietnamese! They simply refuse to admit that their dear little red, white and blue, flag-waving, freedom-loving defenders of the weak and the faith have degenerated into cruel, hardened killers, fiendish monsters who enjoy torturing the poor, the weak, and the defenseless just for kicks and amusement and entertainment to relieve their boredom as the heartless, military machines the System has made them, and which their parents support in a bloody and insane war against the poor!

32. JUST AS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO SEE, HEAR, OR KNOW THE TRUTH about their soldiers and the war in Vietnam, they also do not want to know the truth about the present character of the militaristic, dictatorial freedom-killing oppressors of the poor who are now ruling America, the present rich, selfish, and power-drunk regime of anti-Christ, anti-Youth, anti-freedom, pro-Church, hypocritical parents!--Just as the Germans didn't want to know what the Nazis were doing to the Jews! So they preferred to believe the tommyrot that Hitler dished out that he was imprisoning the Jews for their own protection! America hasn't much further to go to reach that blissfully ignorant state of Nazi Germany!--And she's going fast!

33. IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK! Nitler can't possibly win either the election or the war, so he would welcome, or will probably even help to create some national or international emergency which would give him the excuse he needs to seize complete and dictatorial power as the totalitarian ruler of America in the name of national security or world peace in the face of some supposed threat to the same!

34. HE IS NOW IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING THAT STATE OF EMERGENCY by his foolish policies both at home and abroad, economically and militarily, which will give him the excuses he needs to seize total power under the pretext of saving the country. This is how every dictator gets in power: He persuades the people to sell him their bodies and souls and their freedoms to save their lives, purses, and possessions!

35. HE HAS DESTROYED THE AMERICAN ECONOMY in favour of the rich. He has escalated the war in Vietnam for the same reason: to favour the rich, the war-mongers, the weapons manufactures, and the greedy, wealthy, and oppressive rulers of South Vietnam! By escalating the war, he could make our enemies so furious that they might retaliate in some way that would give him the excuse to seize dictatorial powers in the name of national defense. This could also so intensify the anti-war demonstrations of the youth at home that it would give him the excuse he needs to use extreme measures to suppress them.

36. WHAT IF THIS WERE TO RESULT IN SUCH RIOTS, VIOLENCE, CHAOS, and confusion in America as to even prevent the holding of the national conventions and the nominating, or even the election, of a new President! This would certainly give him the pretext he needs to seize total power! He could keep himself in office and suppress his youthful opposition!

37. AND WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS DECIDE THAT, RATHER THAN RETALIATING by further escalating the war or endangering the world with an even wider war and open military confrontation of the Super Powers, they resort to unofficial and hard-to-know-who's-to-blame guerrilla warfare in the streets and cities of America, like Belfast, with large scale sabotage of vital American Industries, utilities, military bases, etc.?

38. THIS COULD CREATE SUCH GENERAL HAVOC, CONFUSION AND CHAOS in America as even to necessitate the calling of our Vietnamese armed forces home to try to restore order and keep the peace! This would also give Nitler another excuse for suppressing America's radical youth and seizing even greater and more absolute power over the Nation!

39. THIS WOULD THEN CERTAINLY FULFILL THE DREAM I HAD OF THE GREAT "EMERGENCY" which I told you of in my last letter. It was not a war or atomic bombing or invasion by enemies that I was witnessing, but the kind of general havoc and destruction which could have resulted from such full scale sabotage, guerrilla activity, civil commotion, etc. causing broken water and sewer lines, destruction of power lines, blackouts, gasoline rationing, food shortages, and a breakdown of local law enforcement, so that civilian vigilante forces were being organised to take over to restore order, like Hitler's Storm Troopers. Even the police and military forces were being used but could not be trusted not to join the revolt, so these vigilante committees of extreme, militant, right-wing, tough, Hard Hats, or SS Troops, were seizing control.

40. IN JEANE DIXON'S PREDICTIONS OF COMING GREAT CONFUSION, SHE SAW THE COMMUNISTS USING AN ANTI-MAGNETIC FIELD DEVICE which could cause all motors and generators to stop and create a massive blackout and traffic jam similar to the one in New York a few years ago, which she believes may have been caused by a Communist test of this device. She also, along with these revelations, saw in vision the present MIRVs--Multiple Inter-continental Ballistic Re-entry Vehicles--which are now known to exist in the hands of both American and Russia, so Russia's secret anti-magnetic weapon probably already is in existence also!

41. WHAT A MESS THIS COULD MAKE OUT OF AMERICA, AND WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR NITLER TO SEIZE CONTROL in the face of such a national emergency, and what an excuse he would have for the brutal repression and war on America's youth, which he would surely blame as the prime culprits! But the rest of the world would certainly sympathise, as they now do, with America's youth; and under these threatening circumstances of a power mad monster like Nitler with atom bombs in his hands and crushing even his own people, like Hitler, who would blame the Communists for stepping in to intervene in such a dangerous crisis and taking over America to save the rest of the world from this mad man, just like they did to Hitler?

42. THE COMMUNISTS HAVE LONG BEEN ENCIRCLING AMERICA and conquering the rest of the world before a final showdown with the U.S. Nitler's present and future insane tactics may force their hand to take final action soon, like the Jews forced the Babylonians to conquer them by their violent rebellion against Babylonian world domination: They offended Nebuchadnezzar's ambassadors, refused to pay tribute, gave him insulting answers, and dared him to attack!--Which he did, and destroyed them! God warned the Israelites not to resist the Babylonians, His punishment of Israel's sins, or they would be destroyed--and they were! Jeremiah, His Prophet begged the Jews to even flee the city and join the enemy to save their lives, saying, "Why will ye die, O Jerusalem!" But they did!

43. IT HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN THAT SOME YEARS AGO THE COMMUNISTS HAD A TARGET DATE OF 1975 FOR COMPLETING THEIR WORLD CONQUEST, including the subjugation of the United States. However, recently, it is also known, that they had revised this date downward to 1973 due to their unusually rapid progress toward this objective.

44. AS THE SCRIPTURE SAYS TWICE IN DANIEL 11, "HE SHALL FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONGHOLDS, EVEN FOR A TIME!"--even for a set time, such as a definite year, in other words--Even as Khrushchev's predictions were headlined in U. S. newspapers during his visit there: "God is on our side!" and "We shall bury you!" So the Communist world leaders were boldly announcing their plans a few years ago in 1962:
1) A continued strengthening of the Communist world within, with a building up of its economy and military might.
2) A continued weakening of the Western world and their economies and military power by agitation of the weaknesses of their already corrupt economic systems, and a constant bleeding of their life's blood, strength and finances through small "brushfire" wars, such as Korea, Israel, Suez, Congo, Cuba, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ireland, etc.,
3) To also foster civil strife, riots, revolutions, civil wars and Communist takeovers around the world until America was virtually encircled by her enemies and her allies weakened to the point of surrender.
4) Finally, then having the rest of the world in the Communist bag, they would bring America to her knees, preferably politically, short of all-out war, by bringing pressure on her from all sides and particularly from within.

45. NEARLY ALL OF THIS PROGRAMME HAS NOW BEEN FULFILLED EXCEPT FOR THE FINAL SURRENDER OF AMERICA or her forcible takeover. Her major allies have either already surrendered or gone Socialist or Communist or have become pro-Communist "neutrals," such as France and Scandinavia, or too Communist influenced or weakened to resist, like Italy, Germany, Japan, Britain, etc. China and Russia and the whole Communist world will side together when the time comes for America's fall, her allies will be compelled to capitulate, and America will be left alone to her fate, which could be nothing short of surrender, unless she chooses to retaliate by committing atomic suicide, which I do not believe the Lord will permit, because I'm sure He's more intent on punishing America than in letting America destroy the world! In fact, I'm convinced He's about to punish America for even destroying one tiny little nation--Vietnam!

46. SO THE COMMUNIST TARGET DATE OF 1973 LOOKS LIKE IT MAY VERY WELL BE MET, as these coming events are even now casting their shadows before them. America's own economy is collapsing and the Nation is going bankrupt. The war in Vietnam has pushed the rest of the world's patience, particularly the Communist's to the point of exasperation and is infuriating even her friends! They will not tolerate it much longer, and neither will the American people. Considering the extreme measures to which Nitler is now insanely resorting there, hardly anyone would blame the Communists for themselves resorting to even more extreme measures to put a stop to this barbarous murder to the Vietnamese people and their pitiful little country! God Himself is furious at this slaughter!

47. ANOTHER DEFINITE CONFIRMATION OF THIS END OF AMERICA came in this most recent revelation the other night as I was listening to the news that Nitler was again escalating the war in Vietnam in a final desperately dangerous and insane effort to try to win it to save his face and maniacal pride, even at the risk of a major world war!

48. SUDDENLY, AS I WAS PRAYING in tongues about this sad news, I felt a prophecy coming in the middle of the night, groped for our notebook in the dark, and began writing the following in total darkness, like the handwriting on the wall!:
"MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN!" (This was interpreted to me as referring to Nitler:) "The days of thy Kingdom are numbered! Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting! Therefore shall thy Kingdom be divided and given to thine enemies!" It was as though the Lord was very displeased with Nitler's actions and that Nitler's latest decision was the beginning of his end! Then the writing went on:) "Amerika is forsaken!" (This was the exact spelling!) "She is no more! Nixon is anti-Christ! She is _____ (This is a tracing of a word I can't decipher.) (Maybe the Lord will show you what this means. He has hidden it from me for some reason.) "He is Beast! (Nitler). For he has no heart for the poor and is no man for My love!
"For U.S. is doomed, as I have judged her iniquity. Therefore is her cup of iniquity full, and therefore the time of her judgment is at hand, and therefore will I now judge this wicked Nation, for they will not hear My words nor heed My Prophets, and now is the time, and her time is come!
"Even so be it. Come quickly Lord Jesus! Amen, Hallelujah!
"For she hath not heeded the cry of the poor, nor hath her ear been open to the cry of the needy. For she hath gone her own way and the way of the wicked, and she hath no love for Me! Therefore is now her hour come, and her cup of iniquity full, and I will judge this evil Nation!
"Be thou consoled, O thou fairest of all the daughters of the King! Thou art truly honoured above all the Children of David!
"Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Hallelujah!" (I was wondering why the four final "Amens," when the Spirit spoke: "And behold, I heard the Four Beasts say, Amen!"--This is apparently a reference to Revelation 5:14, as when the Lord gave me this I could literally hear their thundering "Amens!" echoing through the giant halls of Heaven around His Throne! I do not know what it means, or who the four beasts are and I don't know if anybody else knows, but it was sure scary! Wow! But it must be something awfully important, or the Lord wouldn't have emphasised it so dramatically! They did not say them in unison, but each one of these mighty voices one after the other gave one booming "Amen!" I had never thought of it that why before, but always thought they all said it together! In fact, I couldn't even understand why the Lord used four "Amens" at the end of this prophecy until this happened! In Rev.5 it's when the Lamb takes control of the Seven Sealed Book of Prophecy of the Future of the whole world!) WOW!!!

49. SO IT CERTAINLY LOOKS LIKE THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF AMERICA, AND NITLER IS HELPING TO FINISH HER OFF! When I was asking the Lord why the Russians didn't react immediately in some violent manner, He said it was for our sake, because we were not yet ready and not yet out! That He was delaying America's doom to give us a chance to escape, just as He always has given His Own an opportunity to flee before His wrath descends on the wicked! As I've told you before, this is God's usual pattern: Revival, Reaping, Persecution, Escape, and Judgement! The "Jesus Revolution" is His last chance for America! "Her days are as grass and as a flower of the field she withereth, ready to be cast in the fire!"

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