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Copyrighted May, 1972 by The Children of God
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(To the Top Leaders and Musicians and Those Concerned):

My Dear Children: Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name! This is an emergency! -And I want immediate action on it! It had better take priority even over the Evacuation, because once out of the country, we may have a hard time getting these musicians together again and may lose track of some of them, as has already happened in some cases:

2. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING FOR SOMEBODY TO PUT OUT A RECORDING OR ALBUM FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC, AS WELL AS OUR OWN USE, of all our top hit songs, the popular ones that really made the Revolution, the inspired ones that God first gave our leading, most Revolutionary musicians and inspirationalists, such as Aaron, Abraham, Shad, Esther, Jeremiah, Jacob, Tabitha, Singin' Sam, Paul, Michael, Apollos, Faith, David Z, Martha, and Naaman and some of the more recent composers of our later most popular songs, such as "Gypsy Caravan", "David's Mighty Men", etc. If I've left anybody out, please forgive me.

3. But I'd like to see our all time favorite top hits and most popular songs that the kids really remember and love to sing made up in an album or two or three as sung by their own original composers, or the musicians that made them popular, and whom we all love to hear-the truly God-inspired music that made the Revolution what it is, all the way from Aaron's first "Luke 7:34" right down to Sam's "You Gotta Be a Baby" and "Billy Boy", from Abraham's "Cry of Revolution" and Jeremiah's "Message of Jeremiah" down to Tab's "Mountain Children" and Apollos "I Love You"!--And many others!

4. Songs like Aaron's "There's Not One little Boy", "Life Is but a Vapour", "Break Your Heart", "Wagon Train", "The U.S.S. Faith", "Oh That Men Would Praise the Lord", Eccl.3:13: "Whatsoever God doeth", Isaiah 43:2: "When Thou Passest Through the Waters", 2Chron.36:16: "They Mocked the Messengers" with Jeremiah 12:17: "If They Will not Obey", "The Hundred Forty-Four Thousand", "Shouting Jesus", etc.

5. Songs like Abraham's "I Stood on a Mountain", "Christian Man", "Clap Your Hands", "We're on Our Way", "Glory to the Father", "How Long you Been Waiting", etc.

6. And how about Esther's "One More Day", "You Say You Love My Jesus", "Sea Wash Over Me", "It's Free", Psalm 34; "I Will Bless the Lord at All Times", Psalm 121; "I Will lift up Mine Eyes", etc.

7. And how about Aaron's "Jesus Really Loves You", Nahum's "Faithful Men", David Z's Psalm 133; "In Unity", Mattaniah's "The Games People Play", Jacob's "I Shall Be Released", Paul M's "Look At The Way They Raised Us".

8. And there's a bunch of other songs we used to sing all the time that I don't even know the authors, and they may have even been parodies of worldly songs such as "Everybody Get Together", "Happy Day", "All I Want to Do Is Serve Him", Jeremiah's "The Lord's Army", Rahel's "Noah", "Here We Are", Publius' "Climb That Mountain", Jacob's "Pride of Man", Simon and Jonas "Vanity Fair", Jeremiah's "Sodom and Gomorrah" and his song about the Black and Brown men across the tracks, whatever the name is, Martha's "Take One Step", Esther's "Awake Too Late", Hasadiah's "New World Somewhere", Sam's song about the PTA, Paul's "Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue", and Paul's "Down Down", Abraham's "Dad, Dad", "Thank God for the Children", "Hey, Hey What Would You Say?", "New Morning", "Takes Time to Love Jesus", "Really Want to Love Jesus Today", "Every Day Is Getting Better", Paul's "All the Angels in Heaven", "Last Night a Wonderful Song Came to Me", "Yoke of Babylon", Jeremiah's "Hard Hat", Mary Bear's "Bottle of Wine", "Moses at the Walling Wall", etc.

9. THERE ARE PROBABLY LOT OF OTHERS YOU CAN THINK OF, I'm sure and I've probably missed a lot of good ones, including some by Simon, Watchman, Reed, Jeremy, and others. There was a sweet little song Jeremy used to sing when he first came, but I've forgotten how it went. It was like his testimony, and although Faith doesn't usually compose, as an inspirationalist, she knows what songs go over, what songs make a hit, what songs really work and do the job, as well as stand the test of time-the all time favourites that really carry the Message of the Revolution, not just pretty little ditties or long drawn-out monotonies or just plain noise, but songs with a Message and a memorable melody!

10. WHAT WE NEED ARE THE SONGS THAT ARE ALREADY PROVEN HITS, already popular, already tried and tested and proven, singable over and over again, and that really hit home, really express your feelings, give everybody a chance to put it in words and emote. Why dig around for a bunch of new, untried stuff which just sounds like a lot of noise to me, in which you can't even hear the words or get the Message, no matter how up-to-date the music maybe or however, perfect the musicians in the band!

11. LET SOME WORLDLY RECORD COMPANY RECORD THAT OTHER KIND of stuff if they want to, and I hope it makes a hit and sells, but if they want to call it some crazy name we never heard of before and not even mention the Children of God, maybe it's just as well, because I'd hate to be connected with a failure, if it flubs! It takes more than a good band and a big name to make our kind of music, the kind that made the Revolution! It takes the Spirit of God and real inspiration and a singer that can sing it with heart-felt emotion and really mean it and move you!

12. I don't care if they want to spend 15 or 20 thousand dollars on equipment and packaging, and more thousands on agents and contracts and recordings. It's not going to make a hit with me unless they're songs that have really made history and are still making it! I'd rather hear one of our simple little souls with his little lone guitar sing one of our own already famous songs all by his little self songs that pack power and created the Revolution, than all the fancy and meaningless noise of a big fancy band with nothing but meaningless music, no heart-breaking melodies, no tear-jerking ballads, no heartcry of youth, no cry for revolution, and not even enough simple rhythm to be happy or dance to!

13. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THREE YEARS FOR YOU GUYS TO GET OUR SONGS TOGETHER, OUR REAL REVOLUTIONARY HITS THAT EVERYBODY LOVES TO SING, FOR A SONG BOOK AND AN ALBUM THAT EVERYBODY WOULD LOVE TO HAVE! I begged you guys to put it together before we ever left California, but so far all you've produced are a couple little songbooks, packed mostly with songs nobody ever heard, apparently by your favourite songwriter, and leaving out some of our best, all time favourites!-And in spite of our many good bands with some excellent lead vocalists who have produced some real hits, we're still waiting on someone to produce even one good album of our own music! I suggest we quit!-quit waiting on the experts for their perfection and go back to the little guys who, by the help of God Almighty, created our original Revolutionary music, and make them go to work and record their own songs we all love so well and that made the Revolution what it is each on his own taped cassette, and reproduce these cassettes with the equipment we have now for our own use and the rest of the world before it's too late! "How long you been waiting?"

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