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Dearly Beloved in the Lord! Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name!
1. IT IS WITH REGRET THAT WE MUST SEND YOU THIS EMERGENCY NOTICE OF THE DEPARTURE AND DEFECTION OF ONE OF OUR FORMER BRETHREN. He is the case mentioned in an explanatory letter, which either accompanies this notice or will follow it: "Baalzebub--Lord of the Flies." This Letter will tell you about the problems of such severe cases of demonic attacks, and how to deal with them. It was written before the departure of our brother however, so we are now compelled to give you this notification.

2. AFFECTIONATELY KNOWN TO US ALL AS DAVID H. JUDAH, a former Jesus People leader who joined us with most of his followers just a year ago, we had advanced him rather rapidly to a position of leadership in our own ranks, and to the editorship of some of our literature because of our great need for his talents in this field. The Lord warned us when he first joined, as the following Letter "Baalzebub" will explain, that he was weak both physically and mentally due to his years of past experience with drugs, demons, demonic religions, and incarceration, and that we should take it very easy on him and not permit him to be put under too much pressure, or he would crack and have a nervous breakdown. At the same time, the Lord warned us that he had a problem with pride and jealousy of leadership, and to watch out for it. All this has now proven true.

3. THANK GOD FOR THE LORD'S WARNINGS AND DISCERNMENT, because, as a result, though often tempted to take him into our complete confidence, we never quite trusted him with any matters of the utmost security, and when he left, he deserted his own wife and children, who took a firm stand against his desertion and condemned him publicly for it before the elders and refused to defect with him. God bless her for her faith and courage! She remains as one of our loyal co-workers in the Lord.

4. AS EXPLAINED IN THE FOLLOWING LETTER, because of his weak and unstable condition, we have been extremely patient with him and tolerated a great deal from him in the way of his temper tantrums with other personnel, his pride, jealousy, and wavering loyalty. In spite of his frequent and desultory, vacillating double-mindedness, and off-again, on-again, gone-again, Flannigan capers, he kept repenting, so we kept forgiving him, and he seemed to be improving, until recently he got under too much pressure, blew up at some of the brethren, and began ranting and raving with accusations, denunciations, and false prophecies against them, one classic written in his own hand containing exactly 40 lies!

5. SO THE BRETHREN HAD TO DEAL WITH HIM AGAIN, according to God's Word, finally having to bring him before the elders to pray for his deliverance, but he remained in a rebellious, belligerent, and unrepentant state, spouting off more accusations and false prophecies, and stomped out, leaving us, and his wife and children. He fled right into the arms of a church Systemite, the usual Judas procedure, who of course, sympathised with him and took him home, and he has now cut himself off from our fellowship.

6. TODAY, HE RETURNED WITH THE POLICE to get his things, a totally unnecessary measure, but again the usual Judas procedure to try to reflect on us, but his wife had already wisely removed her own papers and all of our literature from his possession, so we believe he left empty-handed, as far as we know, with nothing to use against us but his own mouth.

7. HOWEVER, SINCE HE ONLY HAD SIX DAYS LEFT ON HIS VISA when he departed, he may appear at any time elsewhere in either America or Europe, possibly in even one of your Colonies, looking for help, asylum, or division--another frequent Judas method. He has some wild idea of starting his own organisation by dropping out of ours to form a "purer one, more Revolutionary," and accusing us of compromising with the System because of our last Letter "Other Sheep."

8. WHEREAS, IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR OUR COMPASSIONATE ATTITUDE TOWARD THE "OTHER SHEEP NOT YET OF OUR FOLD," HE WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE BECOME ONE OF US! You might agree with him, and count him as a dandy bad example of this policy, if it were not for the fact that many other good sheep have come in. some of them with him, who are very faithful and loyal to this very day!

9. HE SAYS HE WANTS TO START SOMETHING MORE RADICAL AND FANATICAL, but he immediately went to the System for sympathy, which shows how deceived and irrational you can become by listening to and voicing the lies of the Enemy! He has had some leadership ability in the past, and is quite a prolific writer, and fairly well known now, as having joined us. So, if he does not soon repent and return, he's likely to campaign against us and play right into the hands of our enemies, in spite of the fact that this was exactly what he was accusing us of! In cases like David's, the Devil doesn't have to be reasonable or logical: All's fair in love and war! So you may hear some repercussions from this!

10. IF HE REPENTS AND RETURNS, WE'LL NOTIFY YOU IMMEDIATELY. But in the meantime it is urgent that you send out this emergency notice at once, warning the brethren of his defection, so they'll not be deceived by him, associate with him, or receive him, or allow him to associate with any of our sheep, as he has at least temporarily turned traitor to the cause! Just pray for him!

11. WE'VE BEEN VERY PATIENT WITH HIM, and have dealt with him according to God's Word, and have done all we could for him. But he's now taken himself out of our hands, so we'll now have to put him in the Lord's hands. I'm sure the Lord loves him and will deal with him with chastening, as a son--although, in one of his recent, confused communications, he said he wasn't even sure he was saved!

12. HE LEFT US OF HIS OWN FREE WILL AND ACCORD and by his own choice, still unrepentant, knowing, no doubt, we would have had to ask him to leave any way because of his refusal to change, confess, or apologise to the brethren he had offended and so bitterly attacked, and amongst whom he was sowing so much doubt, criticism, dissension, disloyalty, disunity, and discord, and creating such turmoil.

13. AS THE FOLLOWING LETTER STATES, a little leaven leaventh the whole lump, and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees! One rotten apple can spoil the whole barrelful if allowed to remain, and one gangrenous member can kill the whole body if not either healed or cut off! He that sows discord amongst brethren is one of the seven abominations to God, according to His Word in Proverbs!--Chapter 6.

14. SO WE SUGGEST IF YOU SEE HIM and he's still the same, that you treat him as a brother, with love, but firmly refuse to allow him in your Colony, or to fraternise with your sheep, as God's Word says in 1Cor.5:11; 2Thes.3:6,14,15 and Titus 3:10. If hungry or thirsty feed him outside, alone, but do not take him in, as warned in 2John 1:10,11: "Receive him not into your house." Please read these Scriptures to your flock with this Letter. God bless and keep you--Love, MO.

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