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"99 THESES"--MO July, 1972 NO.174--GP
on the CHILDREN OF GOD to tack to your door!

Copyrighted July, 1972 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

Beloved Friends and Enemies and Those who don't know what to think about the CHILDREN OF GOD!--How would you like to know:

1. Who is their mysterious Founder Moses?
2. Why does he prefer his identify and whereabouts to remain unknown?
3. Where is he now, and how does he live?
4. Does he wield some mysterious power over the children of God?
5. What produces such a dramatic change in your children when they join?
6. What is the strange power some say the Children hold over them?
7. Why is it impossible for a good man to go to heaven?
8. How can you get there?
9. How can you tell your child about God?
10. Why are MO's own children, as well as yours, so loyal to him?
11. What is his true racial origin, nationality, and background?
12. How could he be related to chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany?
13. Of what famous college was his grandfather president, what books did he write and how did he become a multimillionaire?
14. What did he have to do with Ridpath, Riley, Bryan, Roosevelt, Anhaueser Busch, etc., and where can you find his name in "Who's Who"?
15. Who was MO's mother and what did she have to do with John Charles Thomas, Gen. Winfield Scott and the Florence Crittenden Homes?
16. What did she have to do with Humphrey Bogart the movie actor, the Mormons and the girl problem of America?
17. Who was MO's father and why couldn't he speak English till he was 12?
18. Why was MO's mother an atheist and his father a minister?
19. Why did they have to elope and go to Drake University and TCU?
20. In what famous book can you find their life story read by millions?
21. Why was MO's mother a drug addicted invalid weighing only 78 pounds, almost totally paralysed, blind and tubercular, yet lived to the age of 83?
22. What Bible prophecies are said to be about her son?
23. In what California school did he make the highest grades in history?
24. What degrees does his family hold and what colleges did they head?
25. What large churches of what denominations did they found and where?
26. What did they have to do with the founding and administration of Westmont College?
27. What great colleges did MO's brother help head, and of which of the Nation's largest schools was his wife principal and where are they now?
28. How did MO become a disabled war veteran with a complete disability?
29. What church did he build and pastor, and why did they fire him?
30. What are his past and present relationships with Communism?
31. What are his views on the Church, education, economy and government?
32. What was his experience as a teacher and how did he rear his own family?
33. What's the true story of Fred Jordan and the Soul Clinic and its end?
34. How do MO and Jeane Dixon believe Egypt will affect the World's End?
35. What specific predictions have the Children of God fulfilled?
36. How did they really originate and what is their true history?
37. What really started the Hippie Movement and the Jesus Revolution?
38. Who were its friends and enemies and how did they affect its growth?
39. What are the true stories of their early activities?
40. Why did they leave California and spread the Revolution worldwide?
41. How many Colonies and members do they now have and where?--and why?
42. Why did they become so famous and get such worldwide publicity?
43. What do their vigils, sackcloth, yokes, staves and scrolls mean?
44. What are their relationships with the police and the government?
45. How did they really first get the name "Children of God" and why?
46. Where did "Moses" actually get such a nickname and why?
47. When, where and how were they first officially organised, who were their first officers and how legal are they?
48. What difficulties have they had with the authorities and why?
49. Why did Jordan take them in, then throw them out and for what?
50. What is Jordan doing now with the properties he promised them?
51. Where did the 500 Children go, so cruelly and unfairly evicted?
52. What makes the Children more like Catholics than Protestants?
53. What actually makes them so controversial and so much news?
54. Why have they recently grown at nearly 100 a week and a Colony a day?
55. What are their actual percentages of effectiveness, growth, population, missions and sex compared to the churches?
56. What are their actual financial investments and percentages of income, overhead and expenditures compared to other charitable groups?
57. What is their attitude toward sex, marriage, home and children?
58. What place do they give women in the home, church and Women's Lib?
59. What is a "betrothal", what does it entail, and is it legal?
60. Do they really separate parents and children to become Colony property?
61. Why do your kids prefer to live in their Colonies than at your home?
62. What is wrong with your homes, churches, schools and System?
63. What makes their Colonies the answer to the youth problems of today?
64. Is the Communist slogan true: "Religion is the opiate of the people"?
65. Why do churches fail to appeal to youth and most of the population?
66. Why do your children prefer their Colonies to your churches?
67. Why do some churches and church people hate the Children so?
68. What is the true "Church" and the actual meaning of the word?
69. Why are church buildings not churches, and a handicap to the Church?
70. What can we do about churches and what can they do about the Children?
71. What was Jesus' attitude toward churches and their leaders in His day?
72. Why was it the religious leaders who really crucified Jesus?
73. Why do some kids hate you, your churches, schools, economy and government?
74. How can you get them to love you and want to see and write you?
75. Are they taught to hate you and Systemites, the System or its victims?
76. In what ways do parents break the laws their Children try to obey?
77. What do they do about parents who attack violently and illegally?
78. Why do parents, backsliders & enemies tell outright lies about them?
79. Are the Children actually incorporated and recognised by the State?
80. Why should some Children and their leaders hide from some parents?
81. Is Moses actually a fugitive?--If not, why does he live in seclusion?
82. What makes some news media mad and slander the Children of God?
83. Are there any actual legal cases or convictions against the Children?
84. Who is really behind the attacks on the Children of God?--and why?
85. How does Moses travel, live and communicate with his Children?
86. If this work be of God, who can stop it?--Yet why do they try and how?
87. If their leaders are so bad, how can their Children be so good?
88. Will their enemies ever be able to wipe them out?--If not, why not?
89. What does fighting the Children of God do for their enemies?
90. Why have the Children not lost a single legal battle in the courts?
91. Who won the "Free Paper" case, and who forged the "Inter-Varsity" Letter?
92. Why did Kent Philpott, not even knowing the Children, lie about them?
93. What's the Government's attitude and reporters who've lived with them?
94. Why are some churches and religious leaders so jealous of them?
95. Why do the Children file libel & slander suits against their critics?
96. What's happening to America very soon, maybe this year? Be prepared!
97. How can you survive shortages, sabotage, chaos and military dictatorship?
98. If the Children are a "million-dollar racket", why are they so poor?
99. And if it's the leaders who're "getting rich", how come they're always so nearly broke they can barely pay their bills?--And MO owns nothing but the donated clothes on his back, not even a car, has no income, and lives on donated food in a one-room shack without bath, water or toilet, with only an outhouse!--to feed, clothe, house & train your children while most of you parents live in luxury & don't donate a dime to support your own child! You're the ones making money on us!--We're saving you a fortune and his soul! So HELP BY DONATING AT LEAST A MEASLY DOLLAR FOR THIS BOOK, "SURVIVAL". Thanks!

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