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"THE MONSTER!"--MO July 19, 1972 No.175--DO
--Notes of a Leaders' Meeting

Copyrighted July, 1972 by The Children of God P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

1. Unless something is done soon, something awful is about to happen! Because WE FAILED GOD IN NOT TRAINING ENOUGH LEADERS when I told you to, this Work has now grown into monstrous proportions almost beyond our control! We have created a Frankenstein's monster which has now gotten almost out of hand and grown nearly beyond our capability of either organisation, control, regulation, or management, and we are absolutely hell-bent for a horrible disaster if something is not done about it in a hurry!--And the thing that worries me is that I'm not too sure how much can be done about it this late! You've heard the story about the tapestry with the distortion in the pattern: it was almost invisible in the beginning where the weaving began, but as the weaving grew, so did the mistake, until at the end it was one horrible marred distortion in the picture!
2. THIS IS A TERRIBLE BURDEN ON MY HEART! I PRAY! ... (TONGUES AND WEEPING): MY GOD, MY GOD! OUR ENEMIES ARE NOT ENTIRELY WRONG ABOUT US! Some of their criticism is true and justified! We have created something we don't know much about; like the atomic bomb, we have set forces to work beyond our power to control! We did discover the secret, and the forces are real and true, and we have set them in motion, but the results have gotten out of our control. We have created something we don't know how to run or manage!
3. You know the story about Frankenstein's monster: The German doctor who had a beautiful idea to create the perfect man--big giant of a man--create it mechanically, and it would be perfect without all the faults of fleshly man!--And he got it made, and somehow discovered the secret of making it operate mechanically! But he'd created a thing so powerful and big that he didn't know how to control it, and it got out of hand! Maybe it's a bad illustration, but it somewhat illustrates the point!
4. It was a good idea and right, but we failed in the beginning of the pattern to do what we were supposed to do, and told to do, and now the thing is almost running wild! It has literally grown beyond our capabilities of being able to do the job justice, and I suppose you have guessed by this time what our major mistake was in the beginning at both of our major Colonies: we failed to train leaders, but multiplied disciples!
5. The thing is now beyond catching up, except by some supernatural miracle of God--and that's our only hope: that God Himself, by some miracle, if we give Him a chance, will raise up the leaders from our own rank and file, raw recruits and new babes, and by the power of His Spirit literally create new leaders which we failed to train!--Because, Brother, this is something bigger than you or me, and it's gotten too big for us, and some of what our enemies say about us is true! Some of our Colonies are in a mess! It's a miracle some of them survive, considering what poor and inexperienced leadership they have!
6. YOU CANNOT TAKE SOMETHING AWAY FROM PEOPLE UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO REPLACE IT. We have taken from them the Churches. Now this we have not had too much difficulty in replacing, because this is a spiritual thing done rather easily, because we've got God's Word and fairly good teaching and the Holy Spirit; and the church system was a totally false, fabricated usurper in the first place! So, spiritually, all we had to do was get the kids back to God! We discovered the secret of life of this kind of Movement: getting them back to God, and His Work, and His Message, and method, and His way of life. It wasn't difficult to replace the Church in their lives. Most of them hadn't had much to do with it anyhow.
7. WE DIDN'T HAVE TO REPLACE THE GOVERNMENT, because God puts us under System Government. We don't have to run the water department, fire department, etc.--We just use it! In a way, we don't even have to replace the economic system, except within our own midst, and we don't have to replace the economic system of the world outside. It goes on its way and doesn't even miss us. But we did have to replace the custom of selfish living, according to their economic system, with our communal living.
8. This was a tremendous change, and the Church fights both these changes--the religious alternative and the way of living. We have nothing to do with their buildings. Our very existence proves: "Who needs it?" And this is the worst insult of all! It's like telling somebody who wants you, "I don't need you!--Goodbye!" What a woman usually does in a case like that is: she pulls out a gun and shoots him! It breaks her heart!
9. WE'VE PROVED THE CHURCH SYSTEM IS TOTALLY UNNEEDED, and we can get along without it. It's totally ineffective, useless--like the tree Jesus said to cut down! It was in the way! It cumbers the ground! They're in our way, in God's way! This, of course, infuriates the churches, because you've jerked the rug out from under them and taken away their reason for existence!--Because it was of the Devil!
10. WE HAVE LEARNED HOW TO FORSAKE ALL AND SHARE, and create a totally new-to-the-Church type of existence, way of living--but it wasn't new to the Early Church! So that transition wasn't so difficult, except for the Church--they have to admit they've been wrong all their lives--they're to selfish! But the kids off the streets--it's fairly easy for them. The Christians have to admit they've been wrong all their lives. It's a culture shock to have to realise that church buildings don't even have to exist! In fact, God's work would be totally 100-percent better off without them! But He let them accept the substitute because that's what they demanded.
11. SO IT HASN'T BEEN TOO HARD TO REPLACE THE CHURCH and the economic system. We have depended more or less on the outside Government for our governmental system. However, our internal government is almost beginning to crack with the strain! The reason behind this is that our organisational structure is weak from lack of leaders, and groaning under the load, and almost ready to collapse, and could if somebody gave it a good push, except for God!--Especially by someone like a Judas who knows the ins and the outs!
12. But it all goes back to the biggest lack of all: We took away their educational system which they spent years and years and years on, and this we have thought to replace with a little three months' Bible course and not much of any other kind of training or knowledge or practical know-how at all, except those who had already gotten it in the outside educational system. And the parents have touched on this because it's one of our weaknesses, for we have failed God and them in not giving the kids enough training and teaching to know how to do the job.
13. Our kids are absolutely right spiritually, marvelously right scripturally! We've got a beautiful pattern! But unless we can fall back almost totally on the help of the Holy Spirit to teach and train them, we are doomed to some kind of catastrophe! What good is your office going to be if the Revolution collapses and your Colonies fold? The world is ripe, and they're pressing into the Kingdom of God, and they'd be pressing in by the thousands if we could hold them! We'd have so many disciples we couldn't supply the demand! As fast as we establish Colonies, they fill up just like that!
14. BUT THEY DON'T HAVE COMPETENT LEADERSHIP--well-educated and trained. Some of our leaders are like little boys running around trying to be shepherds, able to get the sheep in, but don't have the know-how to take care of them! And if we don't do something about it, or God doesn't do something about it, the whole fold could collapse! We have to have a good central office--the body must have a good head on its shoulders! But the head is neglecting the body!--Because we've not trained enough leadership to take care of it! The body has grown faster than the leadership! You've been trying to take care of the body, but you're like the guy who fed his body but starved his soul, or hadn't fed his mind or heart spiritually! We didn't keep the head growing, but the body expanded.
15. We didn't train when I said train, so now we've created a monster whose body is growing faster than the head is able to handle it! We're now so far behind on leadership that, except for some miracle of God, we might never catch up! We're just going to have to throw the babes out in the woods, and hope by some miracle of God they'll survive! My one comforting though is that, since we failed to train the leadership, God, by the power of His Spirit and His Word, and, through the one teacher they can take with them, literature, will try to teach and guide them: He will use the MO Letters, and maybe if they'll read the MO Letters they'll learn!
16. THE ONLY WAY THIS REVOLUTION WILL BE ABLE TO EXPLODE to fill the whole earth, since we have failed to produce the leadership "to teach others to teach others" as was our motto, (but we didn't follow it).--Our only hope now is that God by His Spirit will use His Word and the MO Letters! Since the Word of God has been so horribly wrested and distorted by the Church all these years, we have to interpret and explain it, and that's what the MO Letters are for, besides supplying the general training the kids need!
17. OUR GOVERNMENTAL AND EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM HAS NOT GROWN ALONG WITH THE BODY. We have robbed Peter to pay Paul, and the need is growing faster than we can even write it! We have a whole new culture and whole new society--a completely different kind of life--government, education, and all the rest. But our growth in training these governmental leaders has not kept pace with the growth of the Nation, and our growth in educating them in every phase of their existence--how to take care of their children, what to eat--the simplest little things of life that they should have learned in school--has not kept pace with our needs of training. We have absolutely failed our children in the realm of education! Our enemies are going to say "You couldn't control it, so we had to destroy it!"--Which is really what has happened with some of our Colonies and leaders!
18. YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE THESE KIDS SOME KIND OF INSPIRATION! I have nearly violated what was once almost a vow with me: I was so crazy about the Bible when I was a young man that I said: "Everybody and every cult has always gone astray on somebody's writings!--God forbid that I should ever write a book!" I was fanatical about that right up until Huntington Beach! But I found at Brentwood Chapel they needed something to hold in their hands to help them grasp the truth that was in the Bible, but that they couldn't understand. So I wrote a little two-page leaflet with a map to try to summarise the whole Bible! It was almost too simple. When I felt a little tract was needed, I printed up solid Scripture because I was so afraid to put down any words of my own!
19. But God finally had to do it supernaturally by almost forcing prophecy through me to give me the true living water for today! He almost forced me to write what needed to be written and to show me the Bible was not enough!
20. IT'S A DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF CHURCH DEVILS TO CONFINE ALL THE TRUTH AND REVELATIONS OF GOD STRICTLY TO THE BIBLE! True prophecy won't teach anything contrary, but it sure can fill in a lot of gaps! The Bible is still going to be the standard of measurement. But that was God's message for them; but today, we have to tell them how to do it under these present circumstances. God can give it out faster than we can receive it!
21. We didn't train them when they were few in number. The only hopes I have now is that God and His Word and His Spirit and all of our writings will help do the job! We have been so busy doing it, we haven't had time to write about it enough. You leaders should have written more classes about the things which you knew best and were most needed, such as delivering babies, childcare, and schooling, provisioning, dietetics, food care and preparation, housecleaning, maintenance and management, vehicle maintenance and repairs, office organisation, secretarial training, travel and camping tips, do's and don'ts of witnessing, and so on and so on! Our only hope now is to almost virtually declare their freedom and give them the chance to be released from your control, and tell them to just go ahead and follow God and the Bible and MO Letters the best they can!
22. This is not entirely without precedents. It happened in the Old and New Testaments. When you've got a whole New Nation that's too big for you, you have to get drastic! In a similar occurrence in history where a whole nation was taken out of its culture and the society of its day, and its whole religion, government, and economy and laws changed so that they had a totally new nation and society--when God did that, He explained everything they were supposed to do to the utmost detail, including how to go to the bathroom and eat and wash!
23. WE'RE THE CLOSEST THING TO SUCH A MONUMENTAL CHANGE SINCE THE DAYS OF MOSES! Another time when it was almost the same was the Early Church!--And what had to be done, as a result, to help guide this new religion and way if life outside of the organised churches of their day, so they could survive? What was created to guide them?--The Gospels and Epistles and whole New Testament!
24. IT HAS ONLY HAPPENED TWICE THUS FAR IN HISTORY, AND WE'RE THE THIRD TIME! The closest other time was the Reformation. But the Early Church a Revolution--while the other was only a Reformation, with only a little revamping of their doctrines. But it did little or nothing to change their way of living or their culture or their way of worship! They just had different church buildings under different names--the same old temples and priesthood, the same going through the motions! It liberated them doctrinally, but in no other way. In a sense, even Jesus' and Moses' Revolutions were a return to God's original pattern and plan for man, as is ours.
25. About the best you can hope for that Office, is that it will be an information centre, and hope that the kids will follow what God has given directly through His Prophet and His Word! We have created a bomb that's exploding, and we're trying to keep it from doing any damage! Does God have to clobber the head so it'll let the body go, or are we going to voluntarily let them go?
26. IN THE THOUSANDS OF KIDS WE HAVE NOW, WE PROBABLY HAVE BETTER LEADERS than are sitting here right now, and better people that know how to do the job better than we do! No matter how many groups and branches and cut-offs they create, no matter how many denominations and sects in the world today, it's still for the most part, thank God, the Bible, Christianity and Christ! if you think you're going to have to control these kids to try to keep them from making mistakes, you'll be making the biggest mistake of all!--We'll be so afraid of wild fire we'll have no fire at all!
27. IT SHOWS YOU AREN'T TRUSTING GOD!--Nor letting the Holy Spirit control things!--We're trying to control it! We, right here, are the greatest handicaps the Work there is right now! God gave me back the picture of someone trying to hold onto the flame with both hands! Unless we can set these kids free from us, they're all going to be just like us and our problems.
28. We're so jealous of our Children of God name and reputation!--With that Homegoing Letter I literally undercut the leadership of the Revolution by going over their heads!--But you can withhold a MO Letter by the way you read it or obey it!
29. WHY NOT LET THE KIDS CHOOSE THEIR OWN LEADERS? Isn't that what sheep do? They do pick their own shepherds!--First the Shepherd chooses them, but then they have to choose to follow Him!--Isn't that what you did?--Why not tell them: "You don't have to follow the leader that has been chosen for you unless you get together and choose him!"--Amen? Many congregations do this.--Why not us?
30. The thing that encourages initiative and faith is when you know someone has faith enough to just let you go! It all depends on whether you trust God or not! If they seek your help and want your help then you should help them. But you should put them on their own as much as possible, like fledglings from the nest, so they'll learn to fly! Some of the kids might even get a job to work their way over to Europe!--Why not?--Paul did once!--As long as we can continue to change, I have hopes that we may survive!--But if we solidify and freeze like the rest of the churches, we're doomed to a tomb like them!
31. (THE RESULT OF THE MEETING ABOVE WAS "YOUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" Letter, to help free some of you from the bondage of incompetent leadership and give you a chance to see what some of you could do on your own. Many of you have done well, but a few of your leaders proved their incompetence by using their newly declared liberty as a license to desert their posts of duty, close their folds and scatter their sheep or leave them shepherdless, some even fleecing them and absconding with their wool to finance their own escape, some even closing down entire Regions without consultation or proper preparation! Some of these even tried to vindicate themselves for their desertion by condemning the faithful ones who felt led to "stay by the stuff", thus fulfilling the Scripture: "The hireling fleeth, but the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep...for the hireling careth not for the sheep"!--So, like the "Homegoing" Letter which purged our ranks of the disloyal, the "Independence" Letter has exposed the unfaithful! God give us good shepherds!)
32. A FEW OF YOU WERE IN SUCH A HURRY TO DUMP YOUR DUTIES, get rid of your responsibilities, shove off your sheep and flee your fold that you neglected to note the exact wording and implication of the pertinent parts of the "Independence" Letter pertaining to your particular post and choices of action.

33. YOU FAILED TO NOTICE THAT, AS LONG AS YOU WERE A LEADER OR MEMBER OF ANY OF OUR COLONIES, YOU WERE TO "KEEP THE COLONY RULES"--(Paragraph 6)! This, of course, included sufficient notification of your leaders and supervisors of your departure to give them an opportunity to either replace you or properly close down your Colony, as you've been so often warned! Instead, you just took off, deserted your sheep at a moment's notice, with a "To Hell with the hindmost" attitude!
34. Apparently, you also failed to take note of Paragraph 5, which indicated that "If you do not agree with our doctrines, practices, or leadership" you were obviously expressing your personal "wish to be free of our fellowship", so, of course, were most certainly "welcome to leave"! But what you didn't notice was the clear intimation that if this meant "you don't like the Revolution" or its leadership, and therefore your own personal declaration of independence meant that you were revolting from the Revolution and rebelling against its leadership, you were also leaving its fellowship!
35. You also evidently didn't read the fact of Paragraph 6 that, "to leave us" was to "go on your own"; and that if you did leave without clearance or approval from us or your leaders and even without notification, you would most certainly be declaring your intention to continue on your own and not expect to land at some other Colony and impose on them to take care of you!
36. Next time you'd better read the fine print before you take off, because Paragraph 6 explicitly enjoins you that you'd better "have the funds or the faith" before you do. Arriving unexpectedly and without clearance or acceptance at some other Colony or port of embarkation with neither the funds nor the faith is not meeting the conditions of "Your Declaration of Independence!" To be independent means you plan to be on your own and not dependent on others!
37. What some of you did not realise was that your leaving without the agreement or approval of some authorised leadership, and showing a defiant attitude toward the duly constituted chain of command, particularly with no clearance whatsoever, you were definitely putting yourself in the category of those who wish to remain independent of our leadership! So you may be surprised to discover when you arrive at some of our other Colonies either at home or abroad that you're a rather unexpected guest for whom they have no room nor the resources to send you on your way!
38. So I would advise you to be prepared for this! Any leaders who have improperly deserted their posts of duty in defiance of others, and any leaders or members who have so declared their independence as to jeopardise the welfare of a Colony or its sheep, are going to find themselves in disfavour and disrepute as unfaithful shepherds or disloyal sheep, for having grabbed the first lifeboat and not caring whether your passengers sank with the ship or not! You are no fit captain!
39. Therefore, if you arrive at any Colony or port of embarkation without sufficient funds for your continuing passage, it certainly shows you didn't have the faith for the trip! So don't be surprised if they tell you to keep on moving until you do! If you're that independent, you'll be expected to remain so! Just hitchhike and witness two by two!
40. Therefore, to sum up the problem of this serious leadership shortage and its possible solutions, we might list them as follows:
(1) We need leaders: Pray the Lord will send forth labourers!
(2) We need liberty: Pray the Lord will liberate the labourers!
(3) We need literature: Pray the Lord will supply the tools of labour!
41. On the first point, we're praying that the Lord Himself will supernaturally raise up leaders from the ranks by the power of His Spirit. On the second, that they will be given the freedom to exercise their own faith, vision, initiative, and courage. And on the third, that God will help us to produce the literature, the teaching tools, the witnessing ammunition to do the job! Pray desperately for these!
42. We need also to pray earnestly that God will keep our present leaders faithful, diligent, loyal and loving to their task and their sheep; and that we will have no more of this desertion of their posts and their followers in time of need! You must urgently pray that God will help you to know when to move, when not to move--and to know the difference!
43. Now that so many mistakes have been made, so many impulsive and impetuous moves made without wisdom, without prayer, without the definite leading of the Lord, without the consultation, without proper preparation and without consideration of the consequences, we must also pray that God will help us to restore the breaches, stand in the gaps, heal up the wounds and repair the body once again to good health, coordination and cooperation as quickly as possible!
44. I do not blame you entirely for all the mistakes that were made through misunderstanding of "Your Declaration of Independence". Forgive me for not having made that Letter clearer and more specific. However, many of you who made these errors were without excuse, for all of the points in question were right there in the Letter if you had studied it more prayerfully!
45. Not only this, but on the back of the Letter Dear Mother Eve was thoughtful enough to try to make it even clearer to you with many specific suggestions, even listing your exact needs item by item! So those of you who were just waiting for an excuse to dump your responsibilities to take off for parts unknown to the supposed delights of greener grass on the other side of the world are going to be without excuse when you arrive there without the things you were told to bring!
46. In fact, the problem of too many sudden and unprepared departures has now grown to such emergency proportions that we are going to have to send some of you leaders back to your areas to try to salvage some of what remains, reopen some needed Colonies and regather some of your scattered sheep! Any shepherds who deserted their flocks in one field will certainly not make good shepherds in another by merely crossing an ocean! Charity begins at home! "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock!" (Zechariah 11:17) Read it all!
47. The "Independence" Letter was intended to liberate worthy sheep from incompetent leaders--not incompetent shepherds from their flocks! But, as so often happens, the wrong people took advantage of the opportunity to turn liberty into license and do as they pleased!
48. Such leaders will be sent home to try to repair the damage they've done and to prove themselves before they will be entrusted with foreign duty! Others of you who have not proven you have the faith or funds to go abroad will be sent back until you have both. The embarkation Colonies you're now overcrowding will have to tell you to split!
49. Those who have already arrived in other countries, particularly the Americans, will be processed according to the directions given in the Letter "Operation P.A.C.C." The stable leadership of field Colonies will send their veteran trainees on the road while they sit you Americans down, including you American leaders, and treat you as babes until you have learned the ways of your new field! We now have former American Colony leaders doing dishes in European Colonies until they learn the ropes, customs, laws, languages, humility, etc.!
50. The "Great Escape" Letter and vision made it very clear that the higher ground, though safer, would be very difficult to reach, much rougher to travel, sparser to forage, and steeper, more rocky and rugged to climb! But the joys of your more arduous labours and toilsome tasks will be rewarded with the sunshine of His love and the camaraderie of the fellowship of tried and proven veterans of battle! So you should have had no illusions about the hardships in store for you!
51. We want to hereby commend and congratulate the vast majority of you who chose to stand faithfully by the stuff, as did some of David's men in I Samuel 30; and we assure you that, according to His Word, you will be rewarded by the Lord by sharing equally in the blessings with them that have gone forth to the battle on other fronts! God will bless you for your sacrificial faithfulness in holding the forts at home while your armies are in the fields! Praise the Lord!
52. The Lord has emphasised again and again in a number of revelations since the very beginning that there would be some who could not leave and should not leave the American fields, but would remain there to "reap a great harvest when the rod of God's judgement begins to fall upon that land!" These will be doing so even at the risk of their own lives to help those in need in a time of need! (Dan.11:32-35).
53. Others of you, though unable to leave the land at the present time, may still be able to herd your little flocks through the tunnel of escape even as the storm breaks and though the passage is made more difficult. Still others of you will be able to leave as soon as you have finished raising your funds by faith. Some of you captains will have to be sure that all of your passengers are safely afloat before you yourself will be able to abandon ship! Don't jump too soon!
54. There may be many of you who would like to leave, but could not because you have been unable to raise your fare and expenses. May we suggest that where God guides He provides, and if you feel definitely led to leave but have been unable to raise the money any other way, you might try a little "tent making", as the Apostle Paul once did when he was apparently in a similar emergency situation. Some have worked their way overseas by finding employment as crew members of ships headed abroad! Others of you could even get yourself a temporary job and earn your passage in a very short time, especially if you're living in a Colony where you would have to share very little for room and board, and they would agree to your employment with this understanding.
55. "According to your faith be it done unto you!" If that's the way your faith runs, this is what you may have to do! I can hear some of you old bottles splitting right now! You can't stand change or anything new! But let me tell you something: It makes me furious to hear some of you quoted as saying, "We don't work!" For your information, we work harder than anybody else, only we work for the Lord, for God and not Mammon", but He did not say "Ye cannot serve" either!" "He that shall not work shall not eat!" If you're not working, you'd better get to work--for God! Get out and get it! Seek and ye shall find! Ask! Pray! Witness! Sell papers! Work!
56. MAY GOD BLESS BOTH YOU SHEPHERDS AND SHEEP WHO DID HAVE THE FAITH, got the funds, took care of your responsibilities, consulted with your leaders, agreed together on the will of God, provided for those dependent on you, and found a replacement to take care of them, or closed up your Colony properly and brought them with you! You did a great job and set a good example for others to follow!--And we hope many others will follow your good example soon!
57. MANY LEADERS AND FIELDS IN EUROPE AND ELSEWHERE ARE CRYING FOR MORE LABOURERS AND NEED THEM NOW! So be prepared to work hard in His mighty harvest! In fact, you may have to sleep right in the middle of it, right out in the park with thousands of other kids! But what better way to reap the field than to live right with the crop, smack dab in the middle of it! Or you may have to scrounge your own bread and hitchhike two-by-two to pioneer new fields! Hallelujah! Hundreds of thousands of other kids are doing it!--Why not you?
58. If you can speak a foreign language, you don't even necessarily have to pass through the Regional Headquarters on your way!--Why not just head straight for your field or the closest Colony and ask its Advisor where he thinks you should go or where he needs you!--Or maybe you can just go and pioneer your own field if you have the faith! Just keep in touch with us or your nearest Colony or Region and let us know where you are and what you're doing so we can work together.
59. MOST OF YOU WILL NEED SOME HELP, GUIDANCE AND FELLOWSHIP to get adjusted and become effective. So try not to stray too far from the fold away from the guidance of your shepherds and their tender loving care, lest you get caught in the brambles and have to be rescued on some rocky height, some stormy night! It's always better for the sheep to stick together and close to their shepherds and not too far afield from their folds for protection against the wolves! Amen?
60. MANY OF YOU HAVE ALREADY ARRIVED ON HIGHER GROUND in your new fields of service, and are climbing steadily upwards and already doing a great job, and I'm sure your new fields are happy to have you! Congratulations! You made it! God bless you and make you a blessing! Keep moving for God until righteousness covers the earth as the waters cover the seas! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Keep going! God is with you every step of the way, and will never leave nor forsake you!
61. Those left behind standing by the stuff are with you in spirit and backing you up in prayer night and day! They will be helping to supply your needs and lengthen your lifelines as they give backup support for you, their army in the field. The home offices and printshops will be working night and day to meet your needs of tools and literature for the job. They are already turning out papers, tracts, magazines, lessons, and booklets, the tools of your trade. Some of these you will even be able to sell or offer for a donation to not only get out the message but help support you in the field! Praise the Lord!
62. You'll be happy to know that our first 100-page book of basic lessons is now going to press and will soon be available for every one of you to use for study and teaching your new disciples, and it will be followed by Volume II of like size, completing the entire basic courses! Booklets of MO Letters for your own instruction and inspiration and to explain us to others are already hot off the presses and should be in the hands of every one of you within a few days! Most of these are in handy pocketbook form which you can easily carry with you. So keep in touch with your supply depot, your nearest Colony!
63. Please don't forget that all these cost money, so if you have any extra funds available, please try to help with the expense of printing them. If you yourself can make a donation to help pay for the supplies you need, please do so, and don't fail to specify the specific items that you want in your order. We'll rush them to you immediately if available, or as soon as available!
64. In response to our offers of literature in "99 Theses" and "Survival", requests are already pouring in for MO booklets, etc.--even from our enemies! Hallelujah! We're delivering our souls, warning the wicked of his wicked way, and their blood won't be on our hands! Many of you have already been using these tools to your advantage, and they've even helped to win over some of the enemy! They're causing kings and queens to rise up on your behalf, on the one hand, while they're routing the enemy with furious attacks, on the other! It's war! Hallelujah! Attack! Attack! Attack! Make 'em run! Praise God! He never fails! Resist the enemy and they'll flee from you!
65. THEIR ATTACKS UPON US HAVE ONLY INCREASED OUR FIRE and fervour! Their lies about us have only raised up new friends in our defense! The furious controversies they have aroused over us have only served to publicise our message the more! Hallelujah! He causeth the wrath of man to praise Him! And all things are working together for our good because we love Him and He loves us! Hallelujah! Praise you Jesus! Thank you Lord! It's impossible for us to fail for He is with us!
66. So strap on your backpack and grab your gun, the Bible, in one hand, and your ammunition, the literature, in the other, and hit the road to Revolution for Jesus! Jump in! The fight is great and we're winning, and we've got the enemy on the run Hallelujah! We're capturing more of his territory every day, releasing more of his prisoners, and spoiling Egypt the more as we go! Praise God! Sock it to 'em! Don't be ashamed of it! The land is yours, every step of ground you put your foot on! God has promised it to you! Praise the Lord! Ask of Him and He shall give you the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession!
67. "THE MONSTER" IS ON ITS WAY! God's great Juggernaut of faith is rolling, and will crush all opposition in its path! His mighty wave of worldwide witnessing is sweeping everything before it! They can't stop our rain! It's going to bring such a flood of the Gospel as they've never had before, and they'll know not until it's swept them all away! Hallelujah! Are you with us? Are you hanging ten? Are you ridin' God's roller that's gonna flatten everything in its path and fill the whole earth with His doctrine, turning the world rightside up?
68. Even if God's "Monster" has snapped its leash and lunged out of the control of its keepers, God will guide it to His destination, and the Lion of Judah will break every chain, and give to us the victory again and again! Hallelujah! Sic 'em, Jesus! Praise the Lord! Go get 'em God! Go after 'em, you sheep dogs and shepherds! Round up the flock! Drive off the wolves! Kill the bears! Crush the vipers! Attack! Attack! Attack! God's monstrous mighty men are on their way!
69. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! KEEP THE FAITH! FINISH THE COURSE! Win the crown! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord! Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Don't look back! Keep your eyes on the goal and your hand on the plow! Put on the whole armour of God. Take the sword of His Truth and destroy the enemy! Onward Christian soldiers! All one body, we!--And all God's little monsters said, "Amen!" (Rev. 5)!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}