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"CALL OF INDIA" September 10, 1972 NO.177--GP

Copyrighted September, 1972 by The Children of God
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1. INDIA IS GOING TO BE ONE OF OUR MOST DIFFICULT AND DANGEROUS FIELDS, AND YET IT COULD POSSIBLY BE ONE OF THE MOST FRUITFUL OF ALL. The religious enemy is very strong there, and since its independence, the Government has had a rather anti-Christian missionary policy that has been somewhat antagonistic to Christian missions of the churches, and has only permitted those to come who were considered of value to the country, such as professionals who could help the people in a way that the Government thinks they need to be helped the most, as doctors, nurses, teachers, technicians. etc.

2. BUT INDIA IS NOW DEVELOPING so many of these herself, she doesn't need them as desperately as she did in those early days of independence when she was ousting the British. Although officially there is supposed to be a measure of religious freedom, obviously in practice there is a great deal of sentiment against Christianity because of the heavy predominance of other religions.

3. BECAUSE OF THE DEMONIC CHARACTER OF THESE OTHER RELIGIONS, they are not dead, but still spiritually powerful and active, and their satanic, supernatural nature is very strong, with many extreme and miraculous manifestations of the powers of evil spirits. Many Indian so-called holy men can actually do signs and wonders by the power of the Devil, and his forces are exceedingly strong there.

4. THERE IS, NEVERTHELESS, A CONSIDERABLE CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE remaining there from the British missionary activities of the past. The Pentecostal Movement is one of the most extensive, with hundreds of churches and tens of thousands of adherents, but, as you know, they, too, would quite possibly be very active enemies where we are concerned.

5. AND, OF COURSE, DUE TO YEARS OF WHITE IMPERIALISM THERE, there is a great deal of racial prejudice against Whites, and particularly now against Americans, not only because of the Viet Nam War, which they consider a White war against Asians, but especially because America armed and aided India's own bitter enemy, Pakistan, in the recent Bangladesh War, in spite of Mrs. Ghandi's appeals for mercy for the Bangladesh.

6. IN FACT, THE NITLER ADMINISTRATION so insultingly flaunted its support of Pakistan against India in this latest war, and has now done so for so long in furnishing the tanks and the guns and the planes and the ammunition for the murderous massacres of unknown millions of Bangladesh at the hands of the Pakistanis, that it has absolutely infuriated the Indians against America so that, although trying to be neutral, India was forced to turn to Russia for help, which Russia gladly gave.

7. THEREFORE, INDIA IS NOW DEEPLY INDEBTED TO THE COMMUNISTS for their assistance in the recent war against Pakistan, militarily, politically and diplomatically. In this war of mercy, India rescued the poor suffering millions of Bangladesh from merciless and systematic extermination by the cruel and murderous Pakistanis who were slaughtering them in medieval fashion. (See also MO Letter No.149, "Current Events.")

8. IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT WORLD OPINION, BOTH EAST AND WEST, WAS OVERWHELMINGLY ON THE SIDE OF INDIA in her successful campaign to liberate Bangladesh from this Hitler-like and monstrous method of genocide by the Pakistanis, America was almost unbelievably and ridiculously advocating, upholding, aiding and abetting and arming the Pakistanis in their horrible crimes against the Bangladesh! America became one of the few voices in the U.N. raised in support of this inhumane reign of terror perpetrated by Pakistan against Bangladesh.

9. EVEN THE SYMPATHIES OF BRITAIN and nearly all of Western, Europe, and for that matter, the vast majority of the American people themselves, were almost entirely with Bangladesh against the savage barbarisms of the Pakistanis. So therefore, the Nitler Administration even defied its own people and their will and sympathies in Nitler's determination to help Pakistan wage its war against Bangladesh and India, our former friend, all because of some diabolical personal affection for Mr. Bhutto, the leader of Pakistan according to Nitler's own personal admission.

10. HOWEVER, IT IS ALSO WELL KNOWN THAT THIS AID TO PAKISTAN was an active part of the Nitler Administration's worldwide war being waged against Communism, pro-Communist and Socialist countries, on behalf of their American-supported Fascist enemies which America is arming to the teeth around the world.

11. SO DESPITE THE MANY PITIFUL PLEAS ON BEHALF OF THE SUFFERING and murderously massacred masses of Bangladesh, America turned a deaf ear to the poor and the suffering and the oppressed, and instead helped, armed, encouraged, aided and abetted their cruel Fascist enemies against both them and their rescuers, India. Which, of course, has now greatly embittered the Indians against America and Americans, which has naturally even worsened their attitude toward visiting Americans.

12. NEVERTHELESS, GOD WAS WITH INDIA and her courageous, holy and merciful crusade for freedom, Democracy and deliverance of the poor Bengalis!--And the fiendish forces of their tyrannical enemies were defeated in this unusually holy war! One of the few ever fought for a righteous and sacrificial and unselfish cause, therefore making India and even Russia more humanitarian and what might even be called more Christian or Christ-like in practice and in action than the so-called "Christian" America!

13. SO YOU CAN CERTAINLY SEE WHY THE SITUATION THERE COULD BE VERY DIFFICULT FOR AMERICANS AND ANY SO-CALLED "CHRISTIANS" except the poor, humble sympathetic, socialistic hippies and radical youth and perhaps even the communistic Children of God! In this respect, we have a few things going for us, including the Lord, and India has proven fairly hospitable to the hippie and the searching youth of the world longing for personal freedom, idealism, answers, and even Faith, which some have found more of in India than at home!

14. SO BY THE GRACE OF GOD, IN SPITE OF OUR UGLY-AMERICAN BACKGROUND AND ORIGIN, we may be able to bring the same cheer, help and deliverance we have found in Jesus and brought to many others, to the youth of the world who are wandering about India today in search of satisfaction and reality, to whom India has opened its doors in humble hospitality and sympathy, knowing, of course, that the American youth do not approve of their Government's policies and are far more in sympathy with India and its peaceful humanitarianism than the war-mongering Fascist militarism of the growing U.S. dictatorship!


15. THEREFORE, GOD KNOWS INDIA MAY HAVE A WARM HEART FOR US. We youth of the world, including us Children of God, have certainly had a warm heart for her in her heroic efforts toward freedom and her valiant struggle on behalf of the suffering millions of other nations striving for liberation from their cruel oppressors.

16. PARTICULARLY MAY THEY RECEIVE US IF THEY KNOW WE ARE COMING TO HELP OUR OWN STRAY SHEEP who wander about lost and alone in their land, and whom their own American home Government will not even assist or rescue when they are in trouble, destitute, starving, sick and afflicted or without fare home!
17. IF INDIA CAN BE ASSURED THAT WE ARE COMING TO FEED, CLOTHE, HOUSE, HELP AND CARE FOR THESE POOR LOST SHEEP, she may be willing to receive us and our workers in common cause. I believe this motivation and mission would be far more acceptable to her than any ostensibly churchy endeavor to invade her land as outsiders attempting to change the religion of her own youth and turn them from the Oriental faiths of their fathers.


18. I ALSO BELIEVE THAT WE WOULD DO WELL TO MANIFEST OUR COMPASSION FOR INDIA'S OWN OPPRESSED and their present expatriation by General Amin of Uganda who is driving them out of their homes and businesses and jobs in Africa and robbing them of even their personal possessions down to their last shilling, expelling them from that African nation which they had made their home for several generations, though having originally come from India.

19. WE SHOULD AT LEAST OFFER TO TRY TO HELP THEIR YOUNG PEOPLE by proffering even temporary housing and food for these destitute refugees who are arriving penniless in various European countries where we now already have Colonies, particularly Britain, since they are technically considered citizens of the British Commonwealth, holding British passports. This could help both Britain and India as well as the rest of the world, to see that we are performing a valuable service to the needy, and are an asset to mankind in our assistance to youth, and may help to improve our relationships with both countries, since the housing and care of these former Indians or British citizens of former Indian origin, is now a very serious problem for both India and Britain, as well as the world!

20. "THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF," Jesus said. "Who is my neighbour?" they asked Him. And with the story of the Good Samaritan, He tried to show them that it is anyone who needs our help, regardless of their race, creed, colour, nationality, or condition!

21. SURELY WE COULD AT LEAST OFFER, AND SHOW THAT WE CARE. If we show no concern for those who now need our help and are right here with us already, how can we say we have pity and can help those who are still afar off in a distant land? How can we say we have love for those whom we have not seen, it we show no love for them whom we have seen?


22. SINCE, THEREFORE, THIS SITUATION OF OUR APPROACH TO INDIA COULD BE VERY DIFFICULT for all of these reasons described above, together with many other problems which we will face there, such as extreme poverty, very poor housing, strange food, unsanitary conditions, unusual diseases and even actual hostility, it would behoove us to use every possible means at our command to not only send an extremely strong team, powerful in the Spirit, great in compassion, wise in the ways of the world, but also, WELL EQUIPPED, WELL SUPPORTED AND WITH VERY PRAYERFUL PREPARATION and with perhaps even advance contact and possible prior approval from official sources. Our association with the World Council of Churches may even be of some advantage in this regard, as they have considerable influence throughout the world and the prestige of acceptance with various governments, particularly those of liberal persuasions and even Socialistic and Communistic leanings, such as India.

23. SO I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD LOOK BEFORE WE LEAP and give our approach to India very serious and prayerful preparation from all angles concerned, since the Lord has indicated that India has definitely something to do with our future, and our relationship with her will become very important in the days to come if we follow His leadings according to His will in very humble and prayerful obedience to His revelations.

24. THEREFORE, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT OUR FIRST SCOUTING PARTY there should be prematurely or too hastily sent off without a great deal of thoroughly preparing the ways and the means; and its personnel should certainly be of no less stature than those originally envisioned by the Lord to us in our primary revelations regarding our introduction and residency in that land!


25. NEVERTHELESS, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WAIT MUCH LONGER, as the hour is late. The time has surely come, and God has told us that we should not tarry too long, that we should try to explore the possibilities in India this Winter, its ideal season, as soon as the monsoon season is over and probably beginning our visitation of that great land as early as this October This is one of the few lands or areas to which God has called us which we have not already surveyed to feel out the situation and sense the conditions, possibilities and problems which could be very difficult and even disastrous if not handled properly with great prayer and preparation.

26. BUT I HAVE ALREADY BEEN THERE IN THE SPIRIT and in the distant past, and God has promised us great things there for the future, some almost beyond belief! So I know not whether they were for this present time, or the immediate future or even this Age! Some of them could have pertained to that coming Golden Age of Millennial splendor when we shall rule the earth in all God's glory! So don't be surprised if God does some very marvelous things for us in India and for her peoples there through us! With man it is impossible, but with God, nothing shall be impossible, and all things are possible to him that believeth! Praise God! Hallelujah! Can you now believe God even for India?

27. THOSE OF US WHO GO THERE MUST BE READY TO TRULY SACRIFICE, PROBABLY SUFFER, AND POSSIBLY EVEN DIE for our faith in laying down our lives for the lost sheep of India, as well as the rest of Asia, the Orient, and very well the world! May God help us not to fail!--And He will, if we are willing to woo and win them with the kind of love that led Jesus to the Cross to lay down His life for you, to die that you might live.

28. THAT IS THE ONLY KIND OF LOVE THAT'S GOING TO WIN THE WORLD!-THE LOVE OF JESUS! "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." "Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." (John 3:16; 1John 3:16) IS THAT THE KIND OF LOVE YOU HAVE FOR HIS LITTLE LOST SHEEP? If so, nothing can stop you--not even death, for the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

29. MAY GOD BLESS AND HELP YOU TO BE WILLING TO DO THE SAME: To love, as Jesus loved you; to even die for them, as He died for you, that both you and they may live with Him forever!--For Jesus' sake and their sake. Amen.


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