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"THE CRYSTAL PYRAMID!"--MO March 1973 NO.214--GP
--A Vision of Light and Darkness!

Copyrighted March 1973 by The Children of God P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

(We were watching a TV show about crystals when MO began to get something on it from the Lord:)

1. "BEHOLD THE WONDERS THAT I SHOW UNTO THY FATHER DAVID!"--Crystals are very significant! Crystals are God's own style of architecture in which He creates symmetry and order. Diamonds are made of carbon and come from deep in the earth's crust, the hardest substances on earth. Before they are cut and polished they may not seem much to look at. But through a microscope, their wonders become apparent. Crystals are found throughout Creation in all shapes. God appears to delight in creating order out of chaos!

2. WHEN SEA WATER EVAPORATES, IT LEAVES BEHIND INDIVIDUAL CRYSTALS OF SALT. All crystals are different, but they all have one thing in common: They all grow, atom by atom, molecule by molecule! Their basic design is pyramidical and they grow in spirals. Glass has no shape of its own. It is blown into shape by man. But crystals grow. Glass doesn't. Snowflakes are ice crystals.--Each one is unique, and yet all are symmetrical with six sides or points--all Stars of David! When it comes to symmetry, God's Creation wins hands down!

3. CRYSTALS ARE ALL AROUND US, BUT MOST ARE TOO SMALL TO BE SEEN with the naked eye. Salt, aluminum, granite, diamonds, rubies, etc.--all are crystals! Crystals are the basic form of actual mineral life and metals, and precious jewels! Concrete is made of crystals; aspirin--the mineral that comes from bay leaves; menthol, tartaric acid, Maltese crosses, all are made of crystals! Amethysts are grown deep in the solid rock of enclosed caverns hidden from the light, until man lets it in! Topaz, rubies, emeralds,--all crystals!

4. "OH THE WONDERS THAT I WOULD REVEAL UNTO THEE IF THOU WOULDST HAVE FAITH in the words that I have given unto thy Father David! The very rocks are alive and growing and cry out unto thee! Hear now the crystals of David!"--(It's like the Lord's words are precious jewels!--Like the Lord is saying, "You think this is wonderful?--My words are more beautiful!")

5. THE BASIC DESIGN OF ALL CRYSTALS IS PYRAMIDICAL! (Tongues:) "Why wonderest thou at these things that I have already revealed unto thee and shown thee, these things even from the smallest things unto the greatest--from the smallest atom unto the great City of Heaven, I have shown already unto thy father David!" That's why the Heavenly City is shaped like a pyramid--it's a crystal! The Crystal City!--(See Rev.21!) "Oh why wonderest thou at the things that I have revealed unto thy father David!" Like there is something akin to doubt in wonder! You're amazed that it's so!

6. PYRAMIDICAL MOLECULAR CRYSTALS ARE THE BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, FROM THE LOWLY ATOM UNTO THE HEAVENLY CITY! The basic design of the smallest molecule is pyramidical in structure, right on up to the pyramid shape of the Crystal City! The Heavenly City is built like a pyramid! No wonder the Egyptians kept harping on the pyramids, and constructing pyramids as tombs for her kings!--They are symbols of Heaven hereafter!

7. IT'S JUST LIKE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS ALIVE!--EVEN ROCKS AND MINERALS! That 's why kids flip out when they take LSD, 'cause they can see those things! An atom is actually electrical energy. Everything is composed of crystals, because even the basic construction of all matter is the molecule, which is the basic material of everything, and it is a pyramid of atoms! In Space City I saw so many of these cones and pyramids and spheres and spirals! Even the molecule, the very smallest of all materials, is arranged in a pyramidical pattern of atoms within the molecule! But the atom itself is composed of neutrons, electrons and protons which are spherical and revolve in circles around each other!

8. THE SMALLEST FORM OF MATTER IS THE MOLECULE, BUT BELOW THAT IS NOTHING BUT ENERGY--THE ATOM! Space City is the ultimate in the material, and it is pyramidical! The pyramidical molecule is the smallest form of matter, and the Crystal Pyramid, Space City, is the greatest! All the pyramidical molecules are composed of spherical atoms! They will form either a pyramid, spiral or a cone! The whole Creation is pyramidical, spiral, conical or spherical--from the atom to the Universe!

9. AVAK, THE WORLD-FAMED ORIENTAL MYSTIC, taught me that the original Creation that God created was destroyed by the Enemy when Satan rebelled against the Lord: The Devil was angry and tried to destroy it, and so created Chaos! But then God recreated things and brought order out of the Chaos the Enemy had created!.

10. THE WORLD'S FAIR WAS LIKE SPACE CITY: Going into the Fair was just like going into another world--and its police were like the angels of God!--God has His own police force, and the Fair was a little like what it's going to be like in Space City, because there will be Heaven inside and still sick nations outside! (Read Rev.21 & 22!) "leaves for the healing of the nations!" That would be the ultimate in the restoration of God's ultimate creation, man---bringing final order out of the chaotic condition of man! It will be like God taking over the world by invading it from outer space--bringing down the Heavenly City--restoring Him as King of Kings, His Nation, His Kingdom, and His Government as the New World Order!--Helped by us, His subversive fifth columnists within!

11. BUT HE HAS TO HAVE CITIZENS AND A GOVERNMENT and tools to work with to restore the world and His Government and that's us, His Children, the beginning of His Kingdom, His New Nation! The secret of the success of the Algerian Revolution against the French was what they called the Pyramidical system of leadership within the Revolutionary government System. Each unit was a pyramid with a leader at its apex supporting the base of a higher pyramid, etc. Who knows what God's governmental structure is?

12. "O YE LITTLE CHILDREN, IS THIS NOT THE STRUCTURE OF THY OWN GOVERNMENT that I have already shown thee?"--Look at it--That's true!--What do we have? We have in each little Colony a pyramid, and at the peak of each little pyramid of Disciples--the Colony Shepherd! Then all these little individual Colony pyramids are fitted together to form a larger pyramid--the District!--Then fit all these little pyramids of Districts together, and you get a Regional Pyramid! Then you fit your Regions together and you have another Pyramidical structure: The Bishopric Areas! Then at last these form the Pyramid of the Council of Bishops headed by the Pyramid of the Ministers, the Prophet and the Trinity! Our Whole Governmental structure is pyramidical!

13. EVEN THE AMERICAN DOLLAR HAS THIS PYRAMID WITH THE EYE!-The "New Secular Order!"--It says--The substitution of a counterfeit government in an attempt to displace The Kingdom of God?--What blasphemous audacity! Americans translate the title above this pyramid on their seal, "Annuit Coeptis", as "A Favoured Undertaking", but I would translate it more literally from another form of the Latin: "A Polluted System" or "A Vile Establishment"!

14. THERE'S SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT ABOUT THAT ANCIENT SYMBOL OF THE PYRAMID with the Eye in the Apex at the top (used by Masons, Rosicrucians, Egyptians and American Dollar!), with rays of light emanating from it!--The Lord Himself: He's like that Eye at the top, the all-seeing Ruler of it all!--The Energy or the Power of the sphere or the orb of the Eye within, that rules over all, the whole Pyramid of Creation! The pyramid with the Eye in its Apex, the Triangle of God's Trinity, is really an illustration of all Creation with the Eternal sphere of the Trinity of God ruling over it all! He's like The Eye, the Supreme Power of the whole body, located within the Trinity of the Head, or Apex and it emanates the rays of Light and Power which really govern the whole structure. "There's an All-seeing Eye watching you!"--Big Brother!--And is He big! But that Centre of Power is within the Head, the very peak or Apex--a Trinitarian Triangular Pyramid! The Light is within the Head, to shine the Light throughout the whole structure!

15. (VISION:) I SEE A RADIOACTIVE REFLECTIVE CRYSTAL THAT GLOWS WITH LIGHT! "Behold, how beautiful and how brilliant is the Light, and the colour which radiates and emanates from the Life within, that I have given unto the Children of David!" But the Crystal has to stay in tune with this beautiful Column that helps to support the Temple roof, the glowing incandescent Column which pulses with Light, and the Crystals pulse with Light like they are connected to it. "How beautiful is the Light that I have given unto My servant David, which these reflect and imbibe!"

16. IT'S LIKE YOU PULSE IN TUNE WITH EXACTLY THE SAME RHYTHM AS THE PILLAR, and as I glow, you glow, with the same pulsations and rhythm. (It's like making Love!) It's like you're activated by the Power of the Pillar! You're irresistibly drawn to it, like you have no will of your own. It is the will of God that draws you, and you cannot truly resist! Eventually, sooner or later, you are drawn somehow.

17. --BUT THIS DARK HAND IS HOLDING ON TO YOU TRYING TO PULL YOU BACK, like two hands closing around you out of the Darkness trying to pull you back! But instead of that, this Dark Evil Creature itself is drawn irresistibly into the Light, which it cannot stand! It does not want or like the Light, and the closer it gets to the Pillar the more unbearable the Light becomes!

18. "THE CLOSER YOU ARE DRAWN TO THE BOSOM OF DAVID, THE GREATER BECOMES THE POWER!" This Dark Thing cannot stand the Light nor the Power, and you're slipping out of its grasp, because it has to flee away from the Light, because the Light will destroy its Darkness!--And then you are joined to the Pillar! (Again it's like love making: The more you pump together in the Power of the Spirit, the more you are freed from the impotency and frigidity and deadness of Darkness; and the final spirts of the Spirit in the Power of the Pillar make you one!--Hallelujah!--And this causes you to bear fruit: The Children of Light! Amen?

19. THE CRYSTALS ARE LIKE CLUSTERS OF GRAPES (like Children) like ornaments around the Pillar, like the entwinement of a grapevine that winds around the Pillar and seems to love the Pillar and the Crystals are now inseparably fastened to the Pillar and glow simultaneously with the pulsations of the Pillar!--So many clusters of grapes coming out of the darkness to the Light and stuck on the Pillar! Now the pillar is covered with them and completely out of sight, and all you can see is these glowing Crystals that glow with the Light of the Pillar! You can't see the Pillar, but it's there, and it still supports all those Crystals, and you know that they're glowing with the Pillar's light, because they pulse with that same rhythm, that beautiful glow of coloured light!

20. DESPITE ALL THE DARK HANDS that would hold the Crystals back, the Power and Light within the Pillar is so powerful that anything that tries to hold them back is dragged with them and by them, and almost torn out of the darkness into the Pillar! But these ugly creatures of Darkness don't want to leave the darkness or be separated from the Darkness, so they finally have to flee and let go, and let the Crystals go to keep their Darkness from being destroyed by the Light!

21. "OH HOW BEAUTIFUL THE LIGHT THAT I HAVE GIVEN UNTO MY CHILDREN! How beautiful is the Light, and how beautiful even to be at the foot of the pedestal, that part which rests upon the floor, so even that which is lowliest is most honoured!"--Even the clusters around the foot of the Pillar on the floor are glad to be near the Pillar, even though they are on the floor!

22. OH THE DARKNESS IS SO ANGRY! IT'S FURIOUS! THE DARKNESS IS RAGING BECAUSE IT'S LOSING ITS GRIP ON THESE CRYSTALS OF LIGHT, and it thunders and rages, and it storms. but it can't put out the Light, because it is afraid of the Light! It can't put it out, because it can't even get close to it, because the Light destroys it!

23. THE DARKNESS IS ALL AROUND AND SEEMS MUCH LARGER THAN THE LIGHT, AND YET IT CAN'T OVERCOME THE LIGHT!--It can't put out the Light! It tries to surround the Light and cover it, but it can't put it out because the Darkness itself is destroyed by the Light! Every time it comes close to the Light, or tries to attack the column or the Crystals, it is destroyed by this terrific Power!

24. (Tongues and weeping:)" PRAISE BE UNTO GOD FOR HIS MIGHTY WONDERS, and the great Power He has given unto the Children of men!" Thank You for the Power, Lord! Thank You for the Light! We couldn't stand without Your Light, without Your Power, Thy Power that surrounds us, and lights us, and causes us to glow!

25. IT REMINDS ME OF ONE OF THOSE SCIENCE FICTION THINGS, LIKE A FORCE-FIELD SURROUNDING THE PILLAR OF LIGHT. (Tongues. "Have I not given even unto the prophets of the world the power to foresee the future, and allowed to be placed in their hearts the things that are to come?")

26. IT'S LIKE IN ONE OF THOSE SCIENCE FICTION STORIES WHERE THEY HAVE THOSE INVISIBLE FORCE-FIELDS: HERE IT IS LIGHT, AND EVERYTIME ONE OF THOSE DARKNESSES TRIES TO PENETRATE IT, IT CRASHES AND BURNS UP! It is impossible for the Darkness to penetrate the Light!--But the light penetrates the Darkness with its sharp Lightning Beams!--And every time a Lightning Beam goes out, it brings back a jewel, and snatches it out of the Darkness! (Again it is love-making!--the spurts of the Spirit of Light penetrate the bodies of Darkness and produce a jewel for His kingdom!) (See, The goddesses"! Every one was the spirit of a nation we have or must penetrate with the spurts or beams of His Light!)

27. "HOW GREAT ARE THE WONDERS THAT THOU HAST SHOWN UNTO THEY SERVANT DAVID! Wouldst thou see more wonders than this, and greater things than these?--Then hearken unto the words of My servant David!"

28. I'M NOT THE LIGHT! I'M JUST THE PILLAR. I'M NOT THE LIGHT! I'M JUST THE LENS THROUGH WHICH THE LIGHT SHINES, LIKE BY A PROJECTOR IN THE DARKNESS OF A THEATER! The pillar shines like a prism. The beam of Light that comes from Heaven is focused like a laser beam on this Jeweled Pillar and refracts, and spreads out and shows a vision like a picture on a screen! "Thank You for all these words Thou hast shown unto thy servant David!"

29. ALL THAT DARKNESS! Yet (like in love-making) this piercing ray of brilliant Light from the Pillar strikes this Crystal with its beam or spurt of Light and brings it to life, and it glows then with this Light, not of itself, but from above,--(like "Diamonds of Dust!")--and it translates or diffuses the Light, spreads it out, refracts it into a colorful spectrum like a rainbow, and shows it right out there against the Darkness!--And this colourful picture or vision just hangs right out there on nothing, like on a thin screen! And all the Crystals turn and look at the picture, and they like the picture, and they understand the Light!

30. IT'S LIKE OUR KIDS LIKE THE MOVIES OR VISIONS GOD SHOWS! They enjoy God's moves, and they're encouraged and inspired by the Lord's movies that He shows them through His Little Crystal Pillar, and this brings such Light in the Darkness! They comprehend the Light because of the vision God gives, but the Darkness comprehends it not! But against the Dark background of the theatre, the Light shines even brighter, and the picture is clearer against the Darkness!

31. (Tongues:)"WHAT COULD BE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE WORDS OF THE LORD! He that is of God cometh to the Light, that his deeds may be made manifest! But he that is not of God hides in Darkness, for his deeds are evil!" The Darkness is all around the Pillar of Light. The theatre is so dark! But WITHOUT THE DARKNESS OF THE THEATRE, YOU COULDN'T REALLY SEE OR FEEL OR COMPREHEND THE LIGHT! (1Cor.7:4: "The husband hath no power without the wife"--or cannot manifest or show his power without her theater!) It has to be against that background of darkness of the Theater!--(The positive against the negative, the man against the woman, brings an electrical explosion in the deep dark places of the earth--her earth!--Hallelujah!)

32. BUT THE DARKNESS MUST NOT BE PERMITTED TO QUENCH THE LIGHT.--And it doesn't! It is impossible, no matter how hard it tries!--It just makes it shine brighter! (Prophecy:) "And so again they resisted the Light, and sought not to come to the Light, but that their Darkness prevent the Crystals from approaching the Light, and that their Darkness might come between the Light and the Crystals, to prevent the Crystals from rejoining the Column!"--But the Crystals are irresistibly drawn right through them, and the Light seems to even destroy the Darkness! (The very push and resistance of the woman's body against the man's only serves to accelerate and accentuate his excitement, until there is such an explosion of his power, like fireworks or a shower of stars, so that her darkness is turned into his light, she loses her very separate existence, and they become one!)

33. EACH OF THESE LITTLE CRYSTALS ALSO HAS ITS OWN LITTLE FORCE-FIELD, AND ANYTHING THAT GETS IN ITS WAY, IT DESTROYS!--Anything that tries to stop or hinder, or come between the Crystal and the Light and Power of the Pillar, is destroyed by even the Light of each Crystal! They are irresistibly drawn to the Light, and nothing can stop them!--Nothing can stop them!--Nothing can prevent them! "My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me, and stranger they will not follow!" Like the Crystals know exactly where the Light is, and they're headed straight for the Light, no matter what!--And there's nothing the Darkness can do to prevent them, although it sure tries!

34. AND IT SEEMS THE DARKNESS, AS IT TRIES TO HOLD ONTO THESE CRYSTALS, IS ALMOST SUCKED IN WITH THEM, until the Light becomes so brilliant that each of these pull-outs or pieces of the Darkness (almost like chewing gum pulled out of the Darkness!) suddenly has to let go or be destroyed! Like they're trying to stick to the Crystals on the side away from the Light, but then it gets too hot and the Darkness melts! (The fervent fire of the ardour of the husband's love-making melts the Darkness of her icy frigidity and sows spurts of spiritual seed in her like sparks of light and life, which destroy her Darkness of barrenness and produce or pull out of her children into the Light, like Crystals!)

35. THE WHITE LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS IS LIKE A WHITE HEAT! It absolutely melts the Darkness, and the Crystals are melted into the Column (become one with their Father), and they glow, and they love it! They like to be melted into the Column and each other, and they're glad!-They're happy!-And they're so beautiful! Such Light! Such colour!--All different colours, so radiant and brilliant and beautiful!

36. (KISSES GOODBYE SEVERAL TIMES:) "MY SPIRIT WILL NOT ALWAYS STRIVE WITH MEN, for he that being often reproved and hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed!--And the wrath of the Lord arose upon His people, till there was no remedy!" If they hang on too long they're destroyed, if they don't come out of the Darkness! "They came not because they wanted to come, but because they had to come, and they could not resist the Power!" (The baby will be born, no matter what--dead or alive!)

37. BUT NOW THE LIGHT GLOWS WITH SUCH BRILLIANCE that the blobs of Darkness (Children of Darkness) hide their faces!--It's blinding! They can't stand it! They're terrified! They're frightened, because the Light has revealed them! The Light has found them out! They try to hide from the Light but there's nowhere to hide except back in the Darkness! They want the Light, but they don't want to give up their Womb of Darkness! But the only way they can receive the Light is to let the Light destroy their Darkness! (Or give them life to come out of her!)

38. (TONGUES: "FOR WE HAVE COME FROM THE DARKNESS INTO HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT, and that which was darkened has become enlightened, and that which was in Darkness has seen a great Light!") (If these pull-outs of Darkness do not receive the Life of the Light and become shining Crystals, or living Children, they will remain black blobs of Darkness, without life, dead eggs of menstruation.--Or, worse yet, once live Crystals, if they go back into Darkness, they're like dead, stillborn children!--We may later see them in Heaven or elsewhere, but they'll be no good upon Earth!)

39. IT'S SO BRIGHT THERE ON THE TEMPLE MOUNTAIN! The Pillar opens at the top like a blossoming flower. The Light streams down from Heaven into the flower, filling the flower with Light!--Such brilliance! All you have to do is open your flower and let the Light come in! Open the heart of the flower to the Light and the Light pours in and fills the whole flower, and you glow with such radiance and colour and beauty! All you have to do is open! Let the Light in! Hallelujah! (The flower must be pollinated by the Light to produce fruit! She must open to Him!)

40. JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! "And this is the condemnation, that men love Darkness rather than Light!" They have to make a choice. They see the Light in its beauty and brilliance, but they have to be willing to give up their Darkness, or they cannot enjoy the blessings of the Light's brilliance and radiance! (A babe must be born into the Light to enjoy it!) It becomes too hot for them and too blinding, if they're not willing to give up their Darkness. They really sought it, they really wanted the blessing of the birthright, but they sold it!--They sold it for a mess of pottage! "They sold the thing they couldn't see for that which their eyes did desire!"

41. THERE IS THIS ONE CLUSTER OF CRYSTALS, AND IT'S SURROUNDED BY LIGHT, and tubes of light. It's almost like it's a prisoner of the Light.--But these tubes of light which imprison it also protect it from the Darkness! We are captivated, and in a sense imprisoned by the Light, but we are also protected by the Light! That kind of shadow within the tubes is a Light shadow. That shadow is not composed of Darkness, but of Light!

42. "ABIDE UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY in the secret place! Abide under the brilliance, under the Light underneath, "God is overshadowing, but with Light! "Abide in the shadow of the Almighty!--He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!" No Darkness in that shadow! It's like an aura of Light, an area of diffusion of the Light.--This shadow is Light. In other words, like under this canopy, it's all Light.--God's shadow of Light! (Like the wife is protected beneath the husband, under his shadow!)

43. THE BLOBS OF STICKY DARKNESS WOULD LIKE TO ENTICE A CLUSTER OF CRYSTALS FROM THE PILLAR AND FROM THE OTHER CLUSTERS, because each cluster has greater Power there with the other clusters surrounding the Pillar. Outside of the cluster, away from the Pillar, a Crystal twists and it turns, and although it is not conquered by the Darkness, yet it struggles and tries to free itself as it is being drawn from the Darkness. But in the Pillar with the other clusters, each Crystal has rest and peace. It has found freedom in total bondage to the Light! It has found total freedom from the Darkness in total union with the Light!

44. WHILE A CRYSTAL IS OUT THERE IN THE DARKNESS THERE IS A TERRIFIC BATTLE! The Darkness cannot overcome it, but it batters it and buffets it like the wind, which has no substance yet blows and buffets and attempts to destroy it and blow it out. (This is similar to a child's struggle through 9 months pregnancy in Darkness till birth!--And the travail of birth can be a bitter struggle for the babe to be delivered from the womb of Darkness!) It is beaten about, yet is not destroyed. But there (when born), amongst the many clusters against the Pillar, it finds rest (in its father's arms!). It finds peace and total unity with the other clusters in the Pillar from which it had once been torn, plucked by the Darkness, because it let go of the Pillar!

45. IT'S STRANGE!--AS LONG AS THE CRYSTALS FACE THE LIGHT AND THE PILLAR, THEY SEEM TO ABSORB THE LIGHT, and they have strength and they glow brightly and are drawn toward it, and the Darkness has no power over them! ("The angels of these little ones do always behold the face of the Father!") But if they turn their facets or faces away from the Pillar, it is like a polarisation! The changed position in relation to the Pillar seems to shut off some of the Light, and the Light grows dim as the Crystal turns away!

46. IF IT TURNS TOWARD THE DARKNESS RATHER THAN THE LIGHT, THE CRYSTAL LOSES ITS BRILLIANCE, and it's as though the Darkness closes in and has greater power! As the light diminishes in the Crystal, the Darkness has more power to slow it down from being drawn into the Pillar--even to be drawn away! The darker the Crystal is, the more it is drawn by the Darkness, as it faces the Darkness! The moment it turns its face towards the Light, it immediately begins to glow with the great brilliance of the Light and Power, and is immediately drawn toward the Pillar, and the Darkness has no power over it!

47. YOU MUST FACE THE LIGHT! (The child must seek and find the favour of the father!) You dare not turn away from the Light or look backward, or you seem to lose the Light! It seems like only your face is able to absorb the Light. The Crystal has to face the Light in order to glow itself, and to shine with such beauty, and especially the Power in that Light that drives off the Darkness! (Even the Mother fears the Father's favourites!) The Darkness flees in terror when the Crystal glows! It is afraid of the Power!

48. BUT IF THE CRYSTAL TURNS AWAY FROM THE LIGHT, as though it were trying to turn itself and fight the Darkness in its own strength, it loses the Light, and it has no Power unless it focuses itself on the Pillar and receives that beam of Light! Everytime it turns away it grows darker, and its strength fades and wanes, as the Light is diminished in trying to face the Darkness instead of facing the Light! (And the child becomes the mother's spoiled brat!)

49. AS LONG AS IT FACES THE LIGHT, IT DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE TO EXERT ANY POWER ITSELF AT ALL, BUT THE LIGHT GIVES IT THE POWER.--And as long as it faces the Pillar with purpose and receives the Light, it just glides right out of the Darkness into the Pillar! So your only hope is facing and absorbing His Light, and glowing with His Power, and this causes you to glow. It causes you to generate terrific power, which drives back the Darkness and leaves you free to glide with such ease toward the Light, until all are joined in one! (Otherwise you'll have to be mothered forever by mama as mama's little pet!--Or pest!)

50. IT KEEPS TURNING, TURNING, TURNING!--The Light of the Pillar glows and shines through these clusters of grape-like things, some kind of fruit on this vine, and as the Light shines through these Crystals with such beautiful colour and radiance, and as the Pillar keeps slowly turning and revolving, those beams of Light seem to be more scattered in more directions, in all directions, until you can see, 'way out in the Darkness, little beams of Light shining through these Crystals from within the Pillar!

51. THE LIGHT SHINES AND SHINES THROUGH THESE CRYSTALS, and there are all these thousands and thousands of these little rays of Light scattered everywhere in the Darkness, and every beam from every little Crystal is pulling in another Crystal! At the end of every beam of Light is another Crystal that's being enlightened by it!--And the other Crystals start to move toward the Light, as though each beam of Light makes a path through the Darkness that each other Crystal can follow, so all these little Crystals can follow the paths of Light toward the Light. There must be hundreds of thousands of those Crystals! (Quite a Family!)

52. SO THEY ALL COME TOGETHER, AND THEY FORM THIS HUGE BALL--A GIGANTIC BALL AS BIG AS THE WORLD, it looks like, and the whole Ball is turning slowly and radiating these beautiful coloured rays of Light! Wow! It's just like the Pillar has become the axis of this big revolving Ball! It's revolving! It's revoluting! It's a Revolution!--It's His Kingdom! Hallelujah!

53. APPARENTLY THERE'S NOTHING THAT GOD HAS THAT THE DEVIL DOESN'T TRY TO IMITATE!--It reminds me of those huge crystal balls they used to have hanging on the ceiling of the big dance halls, and they'd turn out all the lights and shine this huge spotlight on the ball, and it would reflect all these little beams of light into the dance hall and reflect it on all the faces!--God's spotlight on our Crystal Ball! Hallelujah! God even made that as a symbol!

54. THE WHOLE EARTH, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE COVERED WITH US LIKE ONE GIANT BALL, COVERED WITH ALL THESE LITTLE CRYSTALS! Hallelujah! The whole world's going to be full of them! We are going to cover the earth with Crystals of God's Light as it slowly turns and enlightens the whole Universe with the Light of the Lord, until it enlightens even the Darkness! (--And makes Mother's heart glad!) Why does God show us such little childlike pictures?--Because we are Children, and we like pictures! Our kids like to go to God's movies with MO! Amen?--Saturday night at God's movies with MO!--Ha!

55. "HE THAT HATH AN EAR, LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAITH UNTO THE CHURCHES!...These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My Word and hast not denied My Name. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because thou hast kept the Word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the Name of my God, and the name of the city of My God, which is New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of Heaven from My God: and I will write upon him My new Name. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches!" (Rev.3:6-13).

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