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"BYE, BYE, PIE!"--MO May 1973 GP No.232

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1. IN THE 1960s THE KIDS IN AMERICA WERE STILL ROOTING AND RIOTING FOR REVOLUTION and they still had hopes they could save their country and its freedoms from the destruction, war, pollution and death caused by the diabolical Systems of the older generations and their sins!

2. BUT THE PARENTS BECAME FRIGHTENED that their own children were going to wreck the country and go Communist and the older generation would lose its wealth, security and control, and socialise the Nation. Blindly failing to see the handwriting on the wall, the parents desperately got together and quickly elected the would-be Fascist dictators, Nitler, Agony and their Nitzies to try to save them from their inevitable doom!

3. UNTIL THIS AWFUL ELECTION IN 1968 OF THESE NAZISTIC REPUBLICANS THE KIDS WERE ACTUALLY BEGINNING TO WIN some of the battles, and, for a little while it looked like the country might even awaken and help its youth win their war against oppression and economic, educational, religious and social slavery! It looked like youth might even begin to have a voice in the Government of America and stop its stupid wars and exploitation of the poor of the world!

4. BUT THE ENEMIES OF CHANGE, YOUTH, AND REVOLUTION, BY HOOK AND CROOK, MANAGED TO KILL AND DISCREDIT YOUTH'S ONLY CANDIDATES, and the reactionary older generation, the enemies of peace and freedom who always resist change, won this tragic election by a very narrow margin, and the kids were licked! In 1969, Nitler and his Nitzies began to crush their youthful rebellion by the most fiendish, brutal, violent and repressive police power ever seen used in America against its own citizens and its own children since the days of the horrible slaughter of the Civil War of just 100 years before!

5. THE KIDS WERE CRUELLY BEATEN, MAIMED AND SHOT TO DEATH ON THEIR OWN CAMPUSES AND IN THEIR OWN STREETS and sometimes even in their own homes as well as in the jails by the very parents who should have protected them and helped them to change the world! Draft deferments were canceled and America's young men were placed in military concentration camps--or in prison if they refused to go and fight their parents' murderous wars!

6. JUST AS SURELY AS THE LICENTIOUS, VICIOUS AND SAVAGE, CRUEL PAGAN NATIONS OF OLD SACRIFICED THEIR OWN CHILDREN TO THE GODS OF WAR and caused them to pass through the fires of hell, so this older generation of America today have violated the very laws of God and sacrificed their own children upon the altars of their own warring lusts and caused them to pass through the fiery torments of the damned, while raining the fire and brimstone of America's bombs upon the poor helpless populations of the nearly defenseless, backward, agrarian and underdeveloped nations of the peace-loving peoples of Indochina!

7. AS A PART OF ITS PROCLAIMED PROGRAM OF ELIMINATION OF THE POOR by violent extermination to satisfy its greedy lust for power and the lands of the poor, America has not only slaughtered its own youth and wrecked its own economy, but has nearly annihilated both the land and the people of Indochina--the simple, peaceful poor of the paddy fields who would never have had such a war if they'd had their own way!

8. BUT WHEN, ACCORDING TO THE ARTICLES OF THE GENEVA CONVENTION, THE HUMBLE POOR PEASANTS OF INDOCHINA DID VOTE for a socialistic form of government and desperately needed land reforms to take away the wealth and power of the cruel, rich landlords, both native and foreign, the American superpower stepped in to tell them the poor didn't know what they were doing and that Communism could not be permitted in Southeast Asia! So America nullified the vote and took over by military might!

9. THE DEVASTATION AND MASSACRE WHICH FOLLOWED ARE ALMOST UNPARALLELED IN HISTORY! America has dropped more death-dealing, village-destroying, land-wasting, civilian-maiming, women-wounding, baby-burning, foliage-and-crop-killing-and-nightmarishly-devastating bombs, sadistic poisonous chemicals and hellish burning napalm on the tiny little countries and pitiful peoples of Indochina in a program of utter destruction and annihilation worse than anything and more horrendous in magnitude than in all America's horrible wars on the world throughout her whole history!

10. SO AFTER CRUSHING THEIR YOUTH AT HOME AND THE POOR ABROAD, when the American parents went to the polls in 1972 and re-elected their beastly new Hitler and his diabolical henchmen by a landslide two-thirds majority, almost unheard of in American history, they knew exactly what they were doing, and they were every one just as guilty of those murderous massacres and ruthless repressions of freedom as the damnable Nitler and his Nitzies that they personally put into power to execute them!

11. THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE, FOR WE AND THEIR OWN CHILDREN WARNED THEM and told them and begged them over and over again not to do it! But they beat us, maimed us, arrested and imprisoned us, shot us and killed us and cast us into the fires of their hells of war, and refused to listen to predictions of their own doom for so doing! Then they exposed their own personal part in this fiendishly cruel, criminal conspiracy against the peaceful poor people of the world by re-electing the monstrous ogres who helped to perpetrate it, and thereby revealing the iniquity of their own black hearts by giving Nitler's tyrannical program their personal approval! So now they are without excuse!

12. NITLER'S CONDUCT IN OFFICE DURING HIS FIRST TERM, IN RUTHLESSLY CRUSHING THE YOUTHFUL REBELS and the forces of peace and freedom, as well as under-mining the economy of the country, seemed to prove him so unpopular and odious that we could hardly see how he could ever get elected again! But by many devious, dastardly and dictatorial devices now being exposed to the world in the Watergate scandal, and by even deceiving his liberal enemies by his about-faces, chameleon changes and back flips in party politics and international policies, and by pulling every string they could get ahold of and putting on the screws of every pressure they could conceive, including criminal acts of burglary, conspiracy, robbery, theft, character assassination and financial chicanery, they managed to fool and lull the American public to sleep with a false sense of security and a don't-rock-the-boat-attitude, Nitler and his Nitzies managed to win again with the help of the ugly Americans!

13. WE REALLY DIDN'T REALISE HOW FAR THE AMERICANS WERE GOING IN THEIR GUILT, how low they had sunk in such shame! We just couldn't believe that, after such trickery to the parents and cruelty to the kids, Tricky Dicky could do it again!--But he did!--To the horrified dismay of the apparently now small minority of truly peace-loving, fair-minded and liberal Americans. But God had to expose both him and his murderous majority and their dastardly deeds of damnation so that the world would know that evidently the vast majority of Americans are for wealth, war, oppression and selfish exploitation, so that God can now judge them for their sins against the world and their own youth!

14. HAVING NOW BEEN UNMASKED FOR HIS NEFARIOUS PERFIDIES BY THE NOW NOTORIOUS WATERGATE AFFAIR, if the general American public now permit their dirty-dealing President to get away with his illegal, underhanded crimes and criminal obstructions of justice and suppressions of the truth, we will surely know that America has certainly passed all hope of redemption from its iniquities and criminal behaviour and wickedness against the world! They've had it! They're done for! And, as God has said, "They await the curses pronounced upon them by the words of My Prophets!" If He doesn't judge America now, He'll have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah! God bless America?--How can He after this!

15. BUT AT THAT SAME PIVOTAL TURNING POINT IN AMERICAN HISTORY, as she began passing the point of no return with the election of Nitler in 1968 and the defeat of her youth revolution, God began to bring about a new uprising amongst America's youth, a new and more total and more lasting revolution that will never die, and that not only changed America's youth, but is changing the youth of the whole world: the Jesus Revolution! That was the very year that we Children of God erupted into the Revolution for Jesus on the shores of the Pacific in California, and its floodtide of total spiritual Revolution and complete regeneration, as well as absolute renunciation of manmade Systems, soon swept from shore to shore and coast to coast, until by 1972 it was considered the biggest news of the year! Violent revolution had failed, but the Jesus war had won!

16. BY 1972, THE MESSAGE AND SAMPLE OF THE JESUS KIDS HAD BEEN IN EVERY NEWSPAPER AND ON EVERY TV SET IN AMERICA. They offered a Revolution of love, peace, truth and beauty to a new generation of the lost and the last, and a happy, joyful, exuberant and totally effective alternative to youth's drugs, vice, crime, violence and hopeless despair. They had rediscovered a happiness and new way of living as old as man himself: Godly, patriarchal tribalism in collective communes and Colonies throughout the land under the personal guidance of Jesus Himself through the personal power of His own Holy Spirit! Hallelujah! It works!

17. IN SPITE OF THE OPPOSITION OF SOME PARENTS AND PARTS OF THE SYSTEM, THE JESUS REVOLUTION CONTINUED TO BOOM THROUGHOUT 1972, until the whole world had heard about it, and these American Jesus Kids had warned their own wicked Nation and parents of their sins and called them to repentance, but were rejected and persecuted by many. The Nation as a whole, brushed it aside as another passing youthful, fanciful fad that would soon go away--and it did! That was the year the Children of God decided to leave America to its fate, having warned the wicked with their witness and delivered their souls and washed their hands of the blood of the Nation, the majority of whom had rejected them and despised them, they shook off the dust of their feet as a testimony against America and the unrepentant unbelief of their parents, and departed for parts unknown! Praise God! Thank God for delivering us out of Babylon!

18. IT'S TRUE THAT MANY OF US HAVE HAD TO STAY THERE because we could not go, and some have even chosen to stay and stand by the stuff to help the remaining lagging youth there in their final hour of need during the descent of God's judgments on that evil land! But those who would and could go have departed into all parts of the world preaching the Gospel to every creature as they went, as Jesus commanded. Within one year, thousands of them have already scattered throughout the Earth in nearly 200 Colonies in over 50 major lands! It's a Revolution! It's the revolutionary Kingdom of God on Earth! They're not just talking about it--they've got it! Hallelujah! It's the Revolution for Jesus!

19. MEANWHILE, THE DISCOURAGED, DEFEATED, DESPONDENT, DISHEARTENED, DISILLUSIONED AND DESPAIRING YOUTH OF AMERICA who failed to respond to their call sank back in total hopelessness into the slough of the same System from which they had tried to rise, the mud and the mire of America's manmade miseries, and were lost--"The day the music died!"

20. FOR THAT WAS THE SAME YEAR THAT A GOOD MANY OF THE YOUTH OF AMERICA SANG "BYE, BYE, MISS AMERICAN PIE!" AND FOLLOWED THE CHILDREN of God out of the country to the words and music of one of their young fellow travellers, Don McLean! A typically disillusioned and despairing young middle-class American male born in suburban New York in the mid-forties to successful parents who were also in their forties, he says his parents were already old when he was born! The generation gap was too big to bridge! So when his father died, he quit the rat-race at the age of 15 to drop out and do as he desired, to sing and play in lonely freedom, saying to the System, "To hell with you, Man!"--and ran!

21. HIS BOYHOOD MUSICAL HERO, BUDDY HOLLY, DIED IN A PLANE CRASH in 1959, and Don felt that the hopeful spirit of the music of that day had died with him! For about ten years Don roamed many melancholy musical miles searching for the answer and more of the music that had died, until he himself gave out with "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!" in 1972, which immediately touched the heartstrings and struck a responsive chord amongst American youth who felt the same, and immediately it became an international hit!

22. INSPIRED BY NOSTALGIC MEMORIES OF MUSIC OF THE PAST AND A GENERATION GONE FOREVER, including his friend who had died in '59 and to whom he dedicated it and about whom he sings the first verse, he goes on into an uncanny prophetic parable about the death of America which reached the top of the pops in the very year of '72 when so many American youth were giving up on America and leaving her to her fate. Don says it was something he was trying to say for a long time but hadn't known how to say it until this song came to him. It became the theme song of America's disillusioned youth in 1972, the year of our exodus! Significant?

23. IN THE FIRST VERSE HE SPEAKS OF HIS BOYHOOD and the death of his buddy, and in each chorus he tells goodbye to America and indicates there is no more water for the thirsty, no more sweet music of the past, but only the hard, strong stuff of a hardened generation about to die. In the second verse he asks groping questions about who or what can save us now and remembers how he'd lost his girlfriend, too. In the third, he's alone without his buddy or his girl, and things aren't the same anymore. The music that really voiced the heartcry of youth is gone, and the Devil and his crowd have taken over and the hope of revolution is dead and only death dirges remain in an atmosphere of fear.

24. VERSE FOUR AGAIN BRINGS MEMORIES OF THE PASSING OF THE MUSIC THAT DIED and ominous premonitions of the death of its players, crushed by the military just as they were about to win the revolution of freedom! In verse five, it's too late now! The Devil and his mad music of death, war and hell have taken over! So that when, in verse six, he still tries to find some ray of hope, he only finds that the music of hope is gone and nothing but sorrow remains, followed by the silence of death, where even God finally deserts wicked America to her deserved and deadly demise!

25. THIS SONG IS SO SAD AND SO GRIPPINGLY PROPHETIC THAT WE CANNOT HEAR IT WITHOUT WEEPING! It not only mourns the passing of America, but also the death of a lost generation and the end of their music of hopefulness! In fact, I am sure that the inspiration of this ballad of gloom goes far beyond the significance the composer dreamed! The kids understand its spirit even if they don't comprehend the meaning of the words. It's like the lamentations of Jeremiah over the ruins of Jerusalem. It's youth's lament over the death of America and the music that died with her and her lost generation. Even its beginning reference to February has a deeper symbolism in this final Age of Aquarius. America herself takes on the form of a widowed bride left by her lover, while her hardhearted older generation are singing, "Let's eat, drink and be merry, for this'll be the day that we die." The music of the spirit, the water of life, is gone.

26. IT'S SO ALLEGORICAL, HIS QUESTIONS ABOUT SALVATION ARE LIKE HE'S BEING WITNESSED TO, and the loss of his dancing barefoot girl like the departure of the happy Children of God, similar to the girl in the last verse who turns away and leaves him. Notice that throughout the song he sings the words clearly and makes the message more important than the music. I wish some of our own musicians could remember that. While we were fascinated with the mysterious meanings and enrapted in its spirit, the Lord reminded us of something He had said before: "Dost thou think it a strange thing that I have inspired these songs and singers and put words in their mouths of greater significance than they dream, to prepare the hearts of My people?"--"Thinkest thou that I would inspire such a message that would ignore or leave thee out? Behold how these long for thy kisses!"

27. THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF WHAT GOD GAVE US ABOUT AMERICA IN "AMERICA THE WHORE," as Babylon in the Bible, Revelation 18:21,22: "Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down and shall be found no more at all!--And the voice of harpers and musicians and of pipers and trumpeters shall be heard no more at all in thee!" As in Isaiah 24:8, "The mirth of the tabrets ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice endeth and the joy of the harp ceaseth." In Ecclesiastes 12:4,5, He says, "All the daughters of musick shall be brought low," yet "the almond tree (Children of God) shall flourish!" (See "The Almond Tree," ML #158.)

28. AMERICA TODAY IS SO LIKE ISRAEL WAS IN THE DAYS BEFORE HER FALL, OVER WHOM THE PROPHET JEREMIAH LAMENTS: "The elders have ceased from the gate and the young men from their music. The joy of our heart is ceased and our dancing is turned into mourning! The crown is fallen from our head: Woe unto us that we have sinned!" ... "We have given the hand to the Egyptians and to the Assyrians to be satisfied with bread." In their last days the Jews were starving and they sold themselves for bread. How like America! She's going to have to sell her soul to the Africans and Asians for oil! [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] And finally, Ezekiel 26 says, "I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease, and the sound of thy harps shall be heard no more!"--The day the music died!

29. (WHILE LISTENING TO DON MCLEAN'S OWN RECORDING OF HIS SONG, "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!" during breakfast one morning, MO was deeply moved to weep and pray and prophesy the following:) "Can you not hear the heartcry of their bosom? ... To love is to weep with them, to cry with them, to suffer with them that suffer, and to feel the agony of heart with them whose hearts are broken! There are those that no longer weep for them that weep, and those who no longer cry with those who cry, and whose hearts no longer ache for those whose hearts are broken. He weeps with them who die, and he sorrows with them that cry.--And his heart is broken for the music that has died with them: The music of his generation and the music that spoke, and the music that sang, that he no longer hears, the music that died and a generation that was lost!

30. BUT HE KNOWS NOT THAT THE MUSIC IS NOT DEAD, neither are its children dead forever, but they have been reborn, and they are singing again, if he will but listen! They sing a new song, better than the old, and a new refrain which has more hope, and they sing, they sing again, for they are born anew!--If he will but listen! The land that he laments is dead and dying. And the children that he mourns, they do die, and no man careth for their soul. But the new Children sing a new song with a new hope in a new place!--If he will but listen!

31. FOR HE SANG THAT WHICH HE KNEW NOT, and he but lamented that which he did not understand, and he sorrowed for that which only his heart did perceive with the spirit of weeping which I have given--which only I have given: The spirit of weeping and the tears that stream from their songs of sorrow that I have given to melt their hearts, that they might sorrow for their own souls that die, and lament for their own land they know is dying, and their own music of an (older) generation that is already dead--because they would not listen to My new music by My new Children with their new hope, that flee to a new land.

32. AND THE SONGS THAT SPEAK ARE INSPIRED BY ME, and the music that lives shall never die, and the Children who sing it shall live forever in a land that is eternal! For I am their God and they are My Children, and I speak for them and I sing for them and I live for them, and I bring them life and joy and songs and music that are eternal! Hallelujah!--And that shall never die!--If they will but listen to the music that sings, and the songs that live, to the words that speak, and the Children that love, with hope of a land that is eternal, that shall never die! For I am not the God of the dead, but the God of the living! For I am the resurrection and the life, and he that believeth on Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live! And he that believeth in Me shall never die, but shall live to life and love and music and hope in a land with Children that shall live forever in Me and My House that I have gone to prepare for that which cannot die but shall live forever! Thank you Jesus!

33. SO LET THEM SING THEIR SAD SONGS OF THE MUSIC WHICH DIES but shall never live again! But we shall sing our bright songs of the music that never dies, but shall live on in our hearts forever! They may live, too, if they will but listen and sing it with us. Behold, how they kiss the words of Thy servant David! For they speak of that which is lost, but we speak of that which is found forever!"

34. THE LORD VISUALISES IT LIKE A DEATH AND A BURIAL AND A RESURRECTION. It was just like that generation--the former generation, the death of whose music he was lamenting It was as though they had died and their music had been buried with them, but suddenly there sprang out of the ground a New Generation!--The Jesus Generation! They are bright and happy and singing and shouting new songs and new praises--no longer just laments and sad songs and sorrowful melodies, but they're a whole new generation, a whole new people resurrected from the American tomb, the stinking tomb which has buried so many generations!

35. BUT THIS GENERATION IS LEAVING THE TOMB, LIKE JESUS DID. He didn't stay in the tomb and set up head-quarters there just because He was resurrected there, but He got out of it!--He and His disciples left the tomb to minister to the whole world! And I see the most amazing thing!--It's kind of like dreams--it's so beautiful and unrealistic, symbolic:--The Children are all rising up just like they had wings, and they are flying away so beautifully, flying around the world, singing and singing as they fly--just like songbirds! And there are just clouds of other birds!--You know how a few birds will rise up and lead, and then the others will follow?--Just clouds of them rising up to meet them from the lands below and flying with them!

36. BUT THE FIRST PART WAS SO SAD, JUST LIKE NOBODY CARES and nobody laments them anymore. Like our own people have lost some of their love they should have for them. It's like he's lamenting the kind of singers that are largely gone, the sweet music and the protest music that was characteristic of his boyhood--the music that was really saying something, is gone. Even the Beatles today are grown and gone. They're dead. Their youth is gone. It's just as though when they have grown up and they've become mothers and fathers and the older generation, they've died and been buried in the System--the System has swallowed them up, and they're dead, and they're gone, and their songs are gone.--It all died!

37. WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS NOW? Where are their dreams, their hopes now of a brave new world, a new land? They're all gone, all buried in a worse System than before, which has become more violent, and the music more violent and fiendish, and the words more violent than ever before! It's just as though when they become older they become old bottles and they're dead--just carcasses walking around, because their dreams and their hopes and their aspirations have vanished. The things that made them alive are gone. The things that made them want to live are gone, and they've just sunk back hopelessly into the System again--dead, buried, gone.

38. THE LORD HAD TO RAISE UP A NEW GENERATION--THE JESUS GENERATION--the generation that will live forever! These are not going to die, but mount up on wings like the eagles! It's just like they're going to fly on wings of song! It's the most amazing thing how in my vision they were all flying out of America, like there's something very ominous and dead there, and America itself has the very atmosphere of death! We know that birds are very sensitive to danger, and when the birds don't sing, watch out! The birds somehow sense danger, and they don't sing when there's danger. Birds have been known to leave certain areas where disaster was about to happen, and in ancient times people frequently considered birds as a sign. They noticed the birds and how they acted. But it's just as though we are songbirds whose songs are being hushed there now because of the danger and the impending disaster, frightened birds, who are suddenly mounting up and leaving with calls of distress and warnings of danger! When that happens, birds make warning cries and screech a raucous warning cry to all the birds: "Children screaming in the streets!"

39. HE WAS DEFINITELY INSPIRED. These songs are inspired by the Lord--God's gift that He's given--a gift of prophecy along with the talent to sing. He's like our kids, the middle class kids who see it and lead the others. In the picture I got, the tears were running down and melting their hearts as they streamed down. It's like the words of our songs speak, like he said in his song, but their songs don't speak anymore. The American music of today no longer has any message, just noise and confusion! They have to see their sadness and the death in order to appreciate our gladness and light!

40. (Later, while listening to "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!" over and over again this came:) "How many more will die without the words of their father? How many will die without the words of their father? How many will ye let die without the words of their father? Behold, how many will die without the words of their father!--And yet no man, no man careth for their soul! They wait to be kissed of My Spirit, and they wait for the words of My David that shall interpret it for them." (Tongues and weeping:) "No man knows the sorrow I feel for these that die! Oh, why will ye die, O Jerusalem!--How oft would I have gathered thee as a hen gathereth her chicks, but ye would not! O Jesus, that Thou wouldst help them to find the words that Thou hast given unto David, that they may have life!"

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