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THE ANTI-"GOD WAR"!--MO August 21, 1973 NO.257--GP
--Or "Nailing the Children" to a crooked Cross!

Copyrighted August, 1973 by The Children of God Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England, or BP 752, 75124 Paris Cedex 03 France

1. A SMALL ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE which we had previously found interesting because it seemed to favour revolutionary causes has recently been running a series of articles against religious youth groups and calling this series of attacks on youthful religion "The God War", a name most fitly chosen, for it has truly declared War on God!

2. WE HAD ALREADY SUSPECTED THIS PERIODICAL OF APPEARING TO PROMOTE THE PARTY LINE slanting heavily towards atheistic Communist views, reviews and causes in their comments and recommendations of various radical movies, entertainments, books, bookstores, etc., some good, some bad.

3. BUT IN THEIR RECENT WAR AGAINST GOD and Godly youth movements, they have taken "Time Out" to try to "Nail Down" the leading Christian youth movement of the now famous worldwide Jesus Revolution, The Children of God. It is apparent from the totally biased and entirely unfair and unfavourable article, that what they mean by "Nailing Down" is cruel, diabolical and atrocious crucifixion by hook or crook!

4. PRETENDING TO QUOTE VISITORS, malcontents, defectors, antagonistic parents and other jealous enemies, but with seemingly little or no personal knowledge or first-hand information of The Children himself, the supposed author, Mister wRONg proceeds to tell at least 35 outright lies, plus a multitude of misquotes, distortions, insidious inferences, subtle insinuations, vicious and untrue accusations and other misrepresentations to try to discredit this fine youth organisation by the dirty tricks and typical smear tactics and character assassination so common to the dirtier Sunday scandal sheets.

5. IT SEEMS SAD THAT SUCH IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM SHOULD STOOP SO LOW as to reveal its ugly face and filthier bottom! For a magazine of such standing to direct such a vile and unwarranted attack against Christian youth can only reveal that the howling dog has been hit by the Children's message of truth, love, peace and independent Godly Third--World Socialism which the Godless Communists so greatly fear is winning the youth of today!

6. SUCH A PREJUDICED ASSAULT, WHICH SEES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOOD in something that couldn't possibly be all that bad, only reveals a mentality which says: "My mind is made up!--Don't confuse me with the facts!" There are none so blind as those who cannot see all the good The Children have done for five years around the Globe in helping youth everywhere out of vice, crime, drugs and uselessness, as so many can testify!

7. AS LIBEL, SLANDER AND DEFAMATION SUITS COST MONEY which we don't have, contrary to Mr. wRONg and his mag, we are taking this means to expose his mag's real motives! Thanks!--Come see for yourself!

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