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see: Prophecy and 40 Days!—And Nineveh Shall Be Destroyed! for more background.


— by MO; GP#269; 1973-09-08

Copyrighted September, 1973 by The Children of God P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. "THE MOST SPECTACULAR NATURAL PHENOMENON ANY OF US WILL SEE IN OUR LIFETIME" will be the appearance of a huge new comet called "Kohoutek" during December and January of this coming Winter! This shocking announcement is made in an August edition of the youthful London underground newspaper "It" in a very interesting article written by Michael Marten and entitled "Great Balls of Fire!".

2. SEVEN TIMES AS BRIGHT AS THE FULL MOON it will nearly double the enlightenment of the night sky and even be visible in the daytime! "For those religiously inclined, it will have even greater significance:

3. "IT WILL BE BRIGHTEST ABOUT CHRISTMAS DAY, suddenly disappear December 28, 'rise again on the third day', December 31, and then go rushing off into outer space!"

4. THE MOST REMARKABLE THING ABOUT THIS PREDICTION IS THAT WE HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE, despite this spectacular event being of such tremendous magnitude!

5. ARE OUR SCIENTISTS AND RULERS TRYING TO MINIMIZE ITS SIGNIFICANCE, lest the populace of the world be frightened by this amazing once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon?

6. GOVERNMENTS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR PLAYING DOWN THE POSSIBILITIES OF IMPENDING DISASTERS AND THREATS OF DOOM, such as augured natural cataclysms, economic crises, political dangers, disease epidemics, etc., lest the people become disturbed, upset or fearful enough to panic and disrupt the status quo or disturb the peace!

7. IT SEEMS THE DUTY OF THE SYSTEM OF LATE TO KEEP THE PEOPLE IN A STATE OF IGNORANCE and semi-unconsciousness of what is really going on in the world and space, in a desperate attempt to preserve law and order through the establishment in the lives and minds of the people of false sense of security.


9. THE PEOPLE MIGHT WORRY UNNECESSARILY and the distracted from their favourite TV programme, football match, shopping tour, holiday outing or the daily hypnotic grind of the zombie treadmill and rat-race which is leading them of their doom!

10. THE EGYPTIANS WERE STILL BUILDING PYRAMIDS WHILE THEIR CIVILISATION WAS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE; the Assyrians hanging gardens while Nineva was falling; the Babylonians having a wild party while the enemy was crawling under their walls; and the Medes and Persians were still proclaiming their "everlasting" laws while Alexander the Great was sweeping away their Kingdom!

11. THE GREEKS WERE STILL CAVORTING IN SEXUAL PERVERSION IN THEIR PAGAN TEMPLES WHILE THE ROMANS WERE BURNING CARTHAGE; Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and later the Roman senators argued politics and swapped jokes while the people starved, the Christians were martyred and the heathen were battering down the gates of Rome!

12. THE JEWS THEMSELVES NEVER SEEMED TO BE ABLE TO BELIEVE THEIR PROPHETS when God told them they were about to be destroyed by their enemies!

13. MORE RECENT AUTHORITIES HAVE BEEN NO MORE HONEST NOR FAIR TO THEIR PEOPLES in warning them of coming calamities: They haven't told them that the glorious glamor of war would end in the gory graves of millions and the end of their proud empires!

14. THEY SELDOM EVER FOREWARN THEM THAT THEIR ECONOMIC SYSTEMS IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE, or their corrupt government about to crumble, or their religious system about to be obliterated!

15. AFTER ALL, THIS WOULD BE A REFLECTION ON THE SYSTEM'S EFFICACY and cast considerable doubt on its credibility! It might even give the people some time to figure out a way of escape or repentance to avert disaster, rather than to go down with their dictators who brought it upon them!

16. MOST DESPOTS WOULD AS SOON THAT THE PEOPLE DIE WITH THEM rather than out-live them, for they hate to think of the world managing to survive without their "indispensable" personal presence and god-like "infallibility"! I believe it's been the record of history both past and present that these men would rather push that final red button and take the world down with them than have it go on living without them!

17. SUCH IS THE DANGER OF IGNORING THE FACTS AND CONCEALING THE TRUTH, and such has been the insanity of most of the egotistical, self-worshipping demagogues of all time--Are we about to witness the same again, and possibly this time for the last time?--Yesterday their own nations--tomorrow, the world?

18. EXACTLY WHAT THIS HUGE NEW COMET SIGNIFIES we cannot tell, but we've already told enough to get a pretty good idea of what it could signify in possibly portending the end of things as they now are, including present world powers, economic systems, etc.

19. THE APPEARANCE OF EVERY MAJOR COMET HAS ALWAYS HERALDED SOME MAJOR CHANCE or coming event. The first recorded appearance of the giant Halley's Comet in 1066 A.D. coincided with a major turning point in history, the conquest of England by William the Conqueror from the Continent, as well as immediately preceding the revival of the Islamic Empire under the Turks, which was soon to threaten the very existence of Europe.

20. ITS APPEARANCES IN SUCCEEDING CENTURIES EVERY 76 YEARS hailed such major events as the Crusades, the Magna Carta, Genghis Khan, the establishment of the Order of St. Francis, Kublai Khan in China, the Renaissance, the Great Black Plague of Europe, the Reformation, the discovery of the New World, the decline of the Old, the rise of America and the fall of Europe, the dawn of Socialism and the frustration of Capitalism.

21. WHEN LAST SEEN, HALLEY'S COMET IMMEDIATELY PRECEDED WORLD WAR I and the toppling of most of the monarchies and ruling houses of Europe!--I wonder what it will celebrate when it reappears in the fateful year of 1986?

22. ACCORDING TO OUR OWN CALCULATIONS 1986 SHOULD BE ABOUT THE TIME OF THE FINAL TAKEOVER OF ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT BY A WORLD DICTATOR known in the Bible as the "Anti-Christ", and the beginning of his reign of terror!

23. THE MOST BRILLIANT COMET OF THE PAST CENTURY WAS THE GREAT COMET OF 1882 which appeared and disappeared within about the same year of the deaths of two of the most influential men in all modern history, and upon whose teachings both the faith and fate of a Godless world now hangs: Charles Darwin and Karl Marx! Both sealed the doom of Churchianity and Capitalism and the end of an age, if not the world!

24. EVEN THE WORD "COMET" COMES FROM A GREEK WORD MEANING "LONG-HAIRED," apparently from their long fiery tails, all of them being thus long-haired "hippies" who are always "hip" to the signs of the times! They usually appear in regular cycles accompanied by earth-shaking events, as witnessed by mythology, ancient history and current events.

25. THEY HAVE NEARLY ALWAYS SIGNALED SOME MAJOR DISASTER or collapse of empires, and many confirmations of their importance as warning signs from the heavens above to the earth below are found throughout the accounts of various ancient historians.

26. THE RECENT DOWNFALL OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT was signified in April of 1973 by the largest and most brilliant "falling star" we've ever personally witnessed--the very week of Watergate's first hearings!

27. NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER AS YET BEEN KNOWN TO STRIKE THE EARTH, but their near passage is sometimes accompanied by unusually high tides and other natural phenomena, and it is thought by some that some such near misses, by comets of the past could have been responsible for some of the great geological catastrophes of prehistoric times.

28. SOME SMALLER COMETS APPEAR AS OFTEN AS EVERY 3-1/2 YEARS, a very significant number in both the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation having to do with the "End Time".

29. THIS NEW COLOSSAL COMET KOHOUTEK THAT IS TO LIGHT UP OUR SKIES THIS WINTER WITH THE BRILLIANCE OF SEVEN MOONS is said to be outstanding in that it is only a once-in-ten-thousand-years visitor!

30. SURELY THIS MUST MEAN THAT IT IS GOING TO SIGNAL A COLOSSAL EVENT of equal importance and rarity! Of course, we may not know immediately what this actual crisis is, and we may not even know that anything great has happened at the moment.

31. THE MOST IMPORTANT BATTLES AND CATACLYSMIC CHANGES OCCUR BEHIND THE SCENES IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, and are sometimes only manifested through these astronomical and astrological signs in the sky before we actually observe their effects, results or fulfillments on Earth.

32. THIS ONE MUST BE GOING TO BE SOMETHING REALLY BIG! Because in our recent trip into the spirit world in "The Green Door" we found the spirits all agog about something big that was about to happen! This would also be in accord with other revelations we've had recently.

33. IT COULD BE THE TOTAL DOWNFALL OF AMERICA, the collapse of the currency and/or economic system, or the great worldwide confusion brought on by the energy shortage and the startling upheavals soon to transpire in Egypt, Libya and the Mid-East, or the atomic war which will eventually consummate the course of world history!

34. SO TAKE YOUR CHOICE! IT ALL DEPENDS ON GOD and man's relationship to Him!--HIS story makes history! His Word and man's reaction to it decide the course of world events!


36. P.S.--It has been called to my attention that a small article on the coming gigantic Kohoutek Comet did appear last June on an obscure page of Time Magazine calling it the "Comet of the Century!"

37. "50 TIMES AS BRILLIANT AS HALLEY'S COMET (see photo below), whose tail covered a sixth of the sky" and was much larger and brighter than the moon!

38. THE NEW APPROACHING GIANT WAS DISCOVERED BY THE CZECH ASTRONOMER LUBOS KOHOUTEK last March in the vicinity of Jupiter, half-again as far from the sun as where Halley's Comet was first discovered, which shows itself to be far more powerful than Halley's.

39. IT'S HEAD ALONE IS 10 TO 15 TIMES AS LARGE AS ANY OTHER COMET, and it will fly closer to the sun, which is expected to cause a considerable display of unusual fireworks!

40. IT WILL BE PARTICULARLY SPECTACULAR DURING THE CHRISTMAS LUNAR ECLIPSE in Latin America, where it will consort blazenly with Jupiter and Venus in the darkness!

41. MICROWAVE RADIO EMISSIONS WILL BE RECEIVED AND INTERPRETED FOR THE FIRST TIME for the visit of any large comet as it comes close to the Earth. Could its message be like the broad meaning of its name?:--

42. "THE WOLF WHO SHALL CAUSE THE MOUNTAINS TO FRET AND FUME!"--If you're not ready, you'd better get ready!