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"THE ARAB WALL"--MO October 6, 1973 GP No.274

Copyright © October 1973 by The Children of God
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1. THE SITUATION HAD GOTTEN TO A STALEMATE, this trying to get the Egyptian territory back from the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ]! Everything was quiet, and nobody wanted to upset the status quo. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] As long as nobody was making any trouble, the world wanted to ignore it and just leave it alone. But now that the Arabs have been putting the pressure on the oil situation, the world is forced to face it and do something about it, now that the Arabs have a tool to wield to help their cause.

2. SO WHAT THEY'RE DOING BY THIS ATTACK IS NOT SO MUCH NECESSARILY HOPING FOR SUCCESS, BUT TO DRAW WORLD ATTENTION TO THEIR CAUSE AND FORCE A SETTLEMENT. However, apparently they've done what I thought was almost impossible: They have captured the East Bank of the Suez Canal, and you know how highly fortified that was! That is really news!

3. HOW THEY EVER GOT ACROSS THE CANAL HAD TO BE A MIRACLE! As a U.S. Army Engineer in World War II, I helped build pontoon bridges like that, and it wasn't easy! Sufficient forces to capture that massively fortified East Bank must have been immense! It's almost unbelievable! Really, I never thought they could do it!--I mean with anything short of all-out war with missiles and everything else, which they may be doing. This may be the Jew's Day of Atonement for sure!

4. NOW WHAT THE ARABS ARE PRESSING FOR MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IS TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THEIR CAUSE, when everybody's just been ignoring them: --"Oh well, you know, that's the Arabs!--They're all talk!"--And nobody really believing they'd do anything about it! Now they're showing the world that they are going to do something about it--with or without world help!--They'll fight and die for their cause to regain their territories.

5. THE ARABS ARE ALSO DEMONSTRATING THAT THEY ARE NOW UNITED, that they have gotten it together for a change!

6. AND THE MAIN THING THEY'RE DOING IS, THEY ARE PRESSING THE WORLD FOR A DECISION, and right now just before Winter, when all the Western and Northern world is going to need oil real, real bad, they're putting the pressure on! And what this little war is going to do, if this isn't the big thing, is to shake the world up a little bit and scare 'em!

7. WHAT IT'S GOING TO DO IS MAKE THE U.S. AND EUROPE AND RUSSIA AND ALL THE VARIOUS POWERS, COME OUT AND SHOW THEIR COLOURS and where they stand, whose side they're on, just like the last war did. So the Arabs will know then who to give the squeeze to on the oil this Winter, according to how they treat this situation right now. They know they've really got the world over a barrel--an oil barrel! Praise God!

8. IT'S ABOUT TIME THOSE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] ISRAELI[ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: S ] ATONED FOR THEIR SINS! We know how they were treating Arabs in Israel when we were there! If that wasn't the most sickening, icky, hypocritical appeal by Abba Eban!--"To the Christians of the world we appeal: Come help us!"--Ick! God knows, they don't help the Christians, particularly not in their own country! Most of the Christians in Israel are Arabs, and the Jews persecute them and keep them suppressed and oppressed!

9. THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY INTERESTING, BECAUSE THE ARABS ARE NOW PUSHING FOR A SHOW DOWN! No matter whether they win or lose, they're gonna find out who's on their side! This will then be able to help them give the oil squeeze this Winter. I wouldn't even put it past the U.S. to try to seize this opportunity for an excuse, in siding with Israel, to possibly make an attempt to seize those oil wells in the Arab countries! The U.S. Senate has already voted a resolution in favour of Israel. The U.S. gambles on and is dependent on its oil needs.

10. THE U.S. MAY JUST BE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO DECIDE TO SIDE WITH ISRAEL AS AN EXCUSE TO TRY TO GRAB THE ARAB OIL WELLS! Why else is the whole U.S. Sixth Fleet of about sixty-seven ships in the Mediterranean right now?--What are they doing there? Is the whole U.S. Sixth Fleet suddenly going to decide to grab North Africa and the Arab oil countries with the excuse of helping "poor little Israel" and repossessing their "U.S. oil wells" and so on? I wouldn't put it past them to try it if they felt they could get away with it.

11. BUT THEY COULD ONLY GET AWAY WITH IT IF RUSSIA PERMITTED IT! The way Russia and the States have been getting together lately, is it possible that she might only give the Arab cause lip-service and let the Americans move in?--Or she could even pretend that she couldn't do anything about it, for it might risk all-out war!--However, the killing of hundreds of civilians and foreign nationals including 36 Russians in Damascus by Israeli jets has really made Russia angry, and didn't help Israel's world PR any!

12. THE RUSSIANS ARE KIND OF MAD AT THE EGYPTIANS RIGHT NOW ANYHOW, because they kicked the Russians out. You know, they threw them out of Egypt!--Egypt threw the Russians out of Egypt evidently at Gaddafi's instigation. So Russia may just decide to let them paddle their own canoe! Besides, there's much less danger of the U.S. blaming the Russians, they may have thought, if the Russians were gone. Help of some kind might possibly come from China.

13. SO THIS COULD BE JUST A LITTLE DEMONSTRATION to put the world on the spot and to promote the Arab cause and put the squeeze on the West and to seize the advantage while they know they've got it!--The Arabs know they have it.

14. OR IT MAY TURN OUT TO BE SOMETHING BIGGER than they really planned! It might even turn out to be the big one, because that's where it's all going to start, and that's where it's all going to end according to the Bible! But it seems to me it's a little too soon for that right now. I'd be more inclined to believe that this is just one of the preliminaries. I think God's going to let America suffer some first.

15. BUT ONE THING SURE, THIS IS GOING TO FORCE THE WORLD TO CHOOSE SIDES and line up on this side or that when the showdown comes and it's forced to a vote in the U.N.--Everybody's going to have to show their true colours! It's the only thing that will get the U.N. moving.--They're hard to get moving, even hard enough to get moving when there's a war going on, much less in peace times.

16. SO OFTEN NOBODY REALLY WANTS TO LET ANYBODY ELSE KNOW WHERE THEY REALLY STAND, these diplomats are usually such a bunch of deceivers and liars! (Read Daniel 11!) But whenever there's a thing like this going on, then they have to come out and declare themselves. Diplomats are the world's worst prevaricators!--They're famous for being expert liars. Lying is almost their main job! Politicians!

17. THEY OFFICIALLY ISSUE A STATEMENT ABOUT THE U.S. NAVY IN THE MEDITERRANEAN, that "not one of its vessels has changed course or changes its position as a result of the war" and they're retaining the status quo, etc., blah, blah, blah! Of course, that's exactly what they would say if they were really doing just the opposite! They certainly wouldn't want anybody to know!--Ha!--Who believes it? The latest report is that they actually are moving toward N. Africa!

18. BOTH SIDES ARE BLAMING THE OTHER ONE FOR STARTING IT! Wouldn't put it past either side to start it! If I know the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] at all, they're pretty smart!--If they saw the slightest threat of Arab aggression, if the Arabs were about to start it, they'd hit first, just like they did last time!

19. THAT'S HOW THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] WON THE LAST SIX-DAY WAR: They got wind that the Arabs were about to begin, and they hit Cairo Airport first, and just about obliterated almost the entire Egyptian air force, 400-and-some planes in one big blow!--And that really is what won the war, that first pre-dawn five o'clock air strike!

20. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THE EGYPTIANS MIGHT HAVE HIT FIRST THIS TIME and got the advantage. Because lately Egypt and the Arabs have been getting world sympathy pretty much on their side, particularly through their oil advantage.

21. IT'S FUNNY, ISN'T IT, HOW OIL COULD MAKE THE REST OF THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY THE WEST, A LOT MORE FRIENDLY AND SYMPATHETIC!--I wonder why?--Ha! So at the same time, because Israel is walking a real thin-line tight-wire to try to keep as much of world opinion as possible on her side, she's probably been very scrupulous to try to avoid any offenses, you know, or getting the blame for starting it.

22. SO IN THAT WAY THE ARABS HAD THE ADVANTAGE there too, because if the Israelis avoided making the first attack, then of course the Egyptians had the advantage, for the ones who attack first always have the advantage.

23. EVEN IF THEY CAN ONLY WIN AND HOLD THAT EAST BANK IN THIS FIRST BATTLE, THIS IS WHAT THEY'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO FOR A LONG TIME. Even if in the next day or two the U.N. should persuade them do declare a cease-fire or stop them in some way, once the Arabs have got the East Bank and can fortify the East Bank, then they can mass troops, tanks, guns, everything, all they need, on the East Bank for the scale assault which is coming.

24. AS FOR AS [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] ALADDIN GADDAFI IS CONCERNED, if old Sultan Sadat doesn't show himself really an all-out holy-war hero who'll really go though with the whole thing, I mean if Sadat stops short of total war on Israel and makes any kind of a compromise, Gaddafi's got it made! Then he'll have something to accuse Sadat of: "Well, you know, he's weak, and he compromised with the West and the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ], and he lost the war, and he's not the strong man we need. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]

25. SO GADDAFI HAS GOT IT MADE WHETHER THEY WIN OR LOSE! If they win, well he can say he egged them into it! But even if they lose, he can blame it on Sadat!--He can say Sadat didn't let him run it his way, or Sadat didn't do it the right way, or Sadat compromised. Gaddafi's already saying he'll support their war effort with oil and money, but doesn't agree with their "plan"!

26. IT'S VERY INTERESTING, VERY EXCITING to see what's going to happen, but very sad for the poor kids that have to suffer the brunt of it in the front lines, be they Arabs or Jews! War is hell, no matter how you look at it!--And it's always the youth who suffer most! But it does bring decisions, and it does make changes, and it does precipitate crises.

27. SUCH A WAR DOES FORCE THE WORLD TO PAY ATTENTION TO ITS TROUBLES AND THE PLIGHT OF THE POOR WHEN THE POOR FINALLY REBEL! They can't say, "Let them eat cake!" when they're storming the Bastille! Maybe this time God will help those poor Arabs with their righteous cause in fighting for their lands that have been stolen from them! The Turks surrendered, the French surrendered, the British surrendered, the Germans have surrendered, and the Americans have pretty much surrendered [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"], but it looks like the Arabs are not going to surrender this time!--At least, not yet!

28. THEY COULD NEVER HAVE MADE THEIR ATTACK UNDER A MORE FAVOURABLE WORLD CLIMATE THAN AT THE PRESENT MOMENT!--With the world on the verge of a Winter without oil, and with world opinion considerably agitated of late toward their side, the world is forced to consider their case by the threat of oil starvation! I mean the Arabs had to take some action. They had to put the pressure on, or nobody would even listen! Otherwise, most of the would couldn't care less!

29. BUT WHEN THE AMERICANS HAVE TO CUT DOWN ON THEIR TWO-CAR DRIVING AND THEIR EXTRAVAGANT USE OF JETS AND OVERHEATING THEIR SWIMMING POOLS, THEY MIGHT JUST HAVE TO STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN TO WHAT THE ARABS HAVE TO SAY! They'll have to pay a little attention to the cry of the poor, praise God! Of course, the rich are not usually very famous for listening to the cry of the poor unless they're forced to by the poor under threat of pain, riots or rebellion of some kind! So let's hope they get it now, because they sure deserve it!

30. IT COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END, PRAISE GOD!--Especially if America shows her true colours as being [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: so ] Jewish-sympathetic and tries to intervene. In a way that's good: If America again sides with Israel like she did last time, I think the Arabs will really let her have it!--Or rather, the Arabs won't let her have it!--The oil, that is!--And that could really bring on trouble!

31. BECAUSE IF THE AMERICANS CAN'T USE THEIR HIGH-POWERED CARS FOR THEIR LONG SUNDAY DRIVES AND LENGTHY SUMMER HOLIDAYS, THEY'RE GOING TO GET AWFULLY MAD!--And if they can't heat their swimming pools, they're going to get pretty aggravated! When the rich wasteful Americans can't fly their huge empty passenger jets right on schedule, they'll get quite a little irritated!--Especially if they can't jam-pack their monstrous freeways with their stinking cars, they're going to really get mad and be ready to fight!

32. AND THEY'RE GOING TO BE MAD NOT AT THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ], BUT AT THE ARABS, because their [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] sympathies always lie with the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ]. So they could just feel forced to do it by their own selfish interests, and make common cause with the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] and try to grab those Arab oil fields! Then it will all depend on what Russia and China decide to do, whether they'll let them or not.

33. ONE THING FOR SURE, IT'S GOING TO BRING ABOUT A SHOWDOWN OF SOME KIND! The world is not going to be able to ignore it any longer, right? Everybody's going to have to choose up sides and show their true colours and where they stand and who's a friend of whom, and then the Arabs will know! That's one reason why they're forcing this issue to would attention right now while the U.N. is in session, to make everybody declare themselves: "Make the Israelites come out of their holes and declare themselves!"--And you know what they'll declare!


35. NOW IF THE ARABS INVADE AGAIN, WHICH THEY HAVE, AND THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] FOR THE SECOND TIME THROW THEM OUT OF THEIR OWN ARAB TERRITORY BY VIOLENCE AND FORCE, THIS IS APT TO ABSOLUTELY INFURIATE THE REST OF THE WORLD and the U.N. and even the big powers who backed that resolution! Before the latest Arab invasion, things had come to a stalemate. The world had the attitude: "Well, the Jews are already there, and there's not much we can do about it!"

36. BUT NOW, AFTER THE U.N. RESOLUTION FOR [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELI ] WITHDRAWAL, IF THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] DON'T LET THE ARABS OCCUPY THOSE TERRITORIES NOW, THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] ARE DEFYING THE WHOLE WORLD! In other words, the world now feels like Arabs have a right to occupy them by force, because that's what their U.N. resolution was for, that the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] should get out!

37. SO WORLD OPINION IS TODAY GOING TO BE ON THE SIDE OF THE ARABS, I really believe it!--It's going to be on the side of the Arabs, that they have a right to occupy those territories! Before, the U.N. wouldn't do anything about it except talk, and the U.N. probably wouldn't do anything about it now except talk. But they did all put themselves on record as approving the Arabs occupying those territories!--So, how could they now object? And if anybody does object, gone goes their oil!--Savvy?

38. BUT IF THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] ACTUALLY THROW THEM OUT AGAIN, WELL, THAT IS JUST GOING TO BE LIKE SLAPPING THE WHOLE IN THE FACE, heaping insult on injury! So it's like I told you, whether they win or lose, it's going to be an Arab victory! I mean if they march on in and occupy the territories, of course they win their point.

39. BUT EVEN IF THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] BY VIOLENCE AND FORCE THROW THEM OUT AGAIN, THE ARABS ARE STILL GOING TO WIN THEIR POINT by having cornered world opinion and world sympathy! At the same time they're going to find out who are their friends and who are their enemies, and know whose oil to turn off! So I believe it's going to bring a decision one way or the other, Praise the Lord!

40. AMERICA'S IN TROUBLE NO MATER WHICH WAY SHE STANDS! If she sticks up for the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] she's going to lose her oil. If she sticks up for the Arabs and her oil, she'll have the Devil to pay with her [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ]!

41. WHEN THE JEWS DECLARE ALL-OUT WAR THE WORLD OVER ON ANY ANTI-[ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAEL ] GOVERNMENTS, THAT COULD PRECIPITATE A CRISIS TOO, and give Nitler the excuse he needs to declare Martial Law and engineer a military coup to "preserve the peace" just as Hitler did, because of these "uprising Jews," blah, blah! [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]

42. BUT THIS JUST COULD REALLY BE THEIR DAY OF ATONEMENT, when they're going to finally have to atone for all their sins! Because the day's coming some day when they are going to lose!--The Bible says so! (Read it for yourself in Daniel 8,9,11; Ezekiel 38 and 39; Zechariah 14; Luke 21; Revelation 11-12.) So, maybe this is it! God's will be done.--He knows what's best for everyone!

43. NOTHING COULD CATAPULT [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] ALADDIN TO WORLD FAME AND POWER LIKE PARTICIPATING IN A VICTORY IN THIS CASE! Even a diplomatic victory could favour him, pushing the world to a showdown to make a settlement with the Arabs. This would even do him more good than a military victory. If by this he could force the world to make some kind of settlement between Israel and the Arabs, this would really show his power! If he's THE man and God gives him the wisdom, that could really catapult him to a position of power right from the springboard he needs!

44. SO I THINK THIS COULD BE IT. THIS IS BOUND TO DETERMINE SOMETHING: Probably Gaddafi's fate, the Arabs' fate, the Jews' fate and maybe the fate of the West and their need of oil! So let's hope it decides something, speeds things on their way toward the End, and the quicker the better!

45. I HAD A FEELING WHEN I SAW ALL THE EXCITEMENT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD IN THE "GREEN DOOR," IT HAD TO DO WITH SOME KIND OF ERUPTION IN THE MID-EAST, but I just couldn't quite bring myself to believe that the Arabs were ready for war yet, and would start it this soon!--I don't think the rest of the would did either!--Not even the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ]!--That's why it's quite a surprise! It caught them with their pants down and their oil leaking!

46. SO IT COULD BE THAT THE ARABS HAVE BEEN PRETTY SMART: General Dayan or Herzog or somebody from Israel broadcast that this particular attack was planned three years ago by Nasser himself! So who knows?

47. MAYBE NASSER IS DIRECTING IT--FROM THE GRAVE! He'd certainly do a better job of it from the spirit world! He's Gaddafi's hero too!--His guiding spirit! But Nasser was really getting to be an old bottle! They grow old and conservative, and they crack.

48. GADDAFI'S YOUNG, VOLATILE AND EXUBERANT, ENTHUSIASTIC, FIERY!--HE'S ON HIS WAY UP while Nasser's down, and Sadat's going down So Gaddafi's got the advantage on the old bottles, no matter which way you look at it, because he's got more life left in him than they have!

49. HE'S BOUND TO WIN SOONER OR LATER, IF HE LIVES LONG ENOUGH, because death will catch up with the others! So praise the Lord! Hallelujah! God's truth goes marching on! Amen, Lord Help the poor Arabs to have mercy with their justice and vindication!

50. AND GOD HELP THE U.S. TO GET WHAT IT DESERVES IN THE WAY OF RETRIBUTION AND PUNISHMENT FOR ALL THE DAMAGE IT'S DONE, and all the heartache it's caused, and all the suffering it's caused, and all the poor they've robbed, all the weak they've persecuted, and for all the Children of God that they have tortured and abused and exiled! So praise God, Lord, let 'em have it! Thank you, Jesus!


52. WOW! IT JUST DAWNED ON ME WHAT THAT HUGE ADVANCING ARAB WALL MEANT THAT I KEPT SEEING LAST NIGHT! (In the early hours of the morning of October 6, at the very time of the Arab attack eastward across the Suez!) That huge advancing Arabic Wall that I saw last night with that big star and crescent on it! Do you know that one of the major symbols of the Arab Would is that star and crescent!--It was huge five-pointed stone star!--And it was pushing East!--East!--From left to right! Which if you're looking at a map, is usually East!--How about that!--Pushing East!

53. I HAD THE IMPRESSION IT LOOKED LIKE SOME BIG ARAB FORTRESS or bastion in North Africa, like one of those big old Arab forts or castles! Everytime I'd shut my eyes I'd see it again! Think of that! I got that last night, and didn't even know what it meant! That huge big Arab Wall with that big star and crescent on it, pushing East! Isn't that something! It was symbolic of this push right now!

54. I WONDER WHAT THE LITTLE WINDOW MEANT? Well, a window is a place where you can see through and look out and see what's going on. I don't know exactly what the window meant, but the top was shaped like an inverted Moslem moon or crescent! It was like a window towards the East! It's almost as though they're doing and can see where they're going! The Jew are like the West: They're not going anywhere--they've arrived! They've got what they want. They've got more than they even bargained for!

55. BUT THE ARABS ARE THE RISING STAR THE UP-AND-COMING ARAB WOULD PUSHING EAST! How about that!--That huge Arab Wall! Thank you, Lord! It's amazing!--And it just didn't stop!--It just kept right on moving, like it was moving by some supernatural, irresistible power!--God's power? I remember that huge stone star just as plain as anything a big stone star carved out of stone, standing out of the Wall!

56. AND THE WHOLE WALL WAS MOVING EASTWARD ACROSS SOME WATER BELOW LIKE A MOAT!--THE SUEZ CANAL? Boy, that was really something! How about that!--The very morning of the beginning of their big push eastward across the Canal! That huge Wall!--Just like one of those old Arab or Turkish forts, that huge Wall pushing Eastward!

57. WELL, FROM THE WAY THAT WALL WAS TRAVELLING, IT WAS ALMOST LIKE IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INVINCIBLE, like it was absolutely irresistible! That gigantic Wall slowly moving with absolute invincibility! Even if the Arabs lose this present "Yom Kippur War," that Arab Wall was moving like nothing could stop it! Not that they're going to carry on a war, a literal war and conquer those countries, but they're going to advance their cause like that Wall was advancing slowly, steadily, majestically!

58. EVENTUALLY, OF COURSE, I BELIEVE THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE SOME HELP FROM THE COMMUNISTS TO DO IT. If the Arabs look like they're the heroes of the day and they're going to make it, communism often acts like an actor's agent: If they're a "hot property," it doesn't matter who it is or what it is, if it's to their advantage, they're going to make some capital on it themselves!

59. SO THEY MAY THINK THEY'VE GOT THEMSELVES A STAR IN [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] ALADDIN! GADDAFI might just be the star that they're looking for to capitalise on, to help sweep the whole Third Would right into their camp! This just might give them the opportunity they need to sympathise with the Arabs and their righteous cause and promote their righteous leader, Aladdin, for a winner!

60. PRAISE GOD! ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THE LORD, Amen? God's working out His purpose, and it'll develop into just what He wants it to develop into, and it'll go the way He wants it to go. Hallelujah! Praise You Lord! Thank You, Jesus!

61. (PRAYS:) WORK IT OUT, LORD, YOUR WAY, the way You know is going to be Your way in the long run. Honour to whom honour is due, Lord!--Credit to whom credit, justice to whom justice, mercy to whom mercy, and judgement to whom judgement, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy mercy. Have Thy way.

62. BLESS AND HELP GADDAFI, IF HE'S YOUR MAN, AND HELP THE ARABS TO OBTAIN THY MERCY and righteous justice! Punish the Jews for their sins, and judge America, O God, for its atrocities on the world, its robbery of the poor!

63. HELP EUROPE TO KNOW WHERE HER BEST INTERESTS LIE, Lord which side her bread's buttered on, and to cut her ties with dying America! Help Europe, Lord, to sever its association with the losers, the losing side, the Americans whom You're going to judge! Please give Europe enough sense to join the winners, so she can survive a little longer with Africa and the East till the time comes. Praise God! It's all in Your hands, Lord! Thank You. Lord! We'll be with you in the outcome!

64. HELP THE POOR SOLDIERS, LORD, ON EITHER SIDE, WHO ARE SUFFERING TONIGHT AND DYING! Have mercy, Lord! Only judge them according to their own works. Reward them according to their own deeds. They that live by the sword, may they die by the sword! Or may they plead for Thy mercy that may be forgiven!

65. GIVE WISDOM AND DIVINE GUIDANCE TO THE SIDE THAT YOU WANT TO WIN. Thank You, Lord!--And let them win only as much as You want them to win, Lord! In Jesus' name have Thy way! Amen, Lord!

66. HELP US, LORD TO PREPARE THE WAY AS YOU HAVE SAID. You said, "The time has come!"--Whatever time it is, Lord, help us to be ready for it, to do our best, to do our duty, to obey Thy will, Lord, to spread Thy Word to warn the nations! Help us to prepare Thy way, O Lord, for Thy Own coming, Lord!

67. IN THE ENDTIME, LORD, THY WORD SAYS THAT "THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH SHALL BE CAMPED ROUND ABOUT ISRAEL AND JERUSALEM"--they shall "encompass it about"! As You know, Lord, there seems to be two or three occasions of that: The first when the Antichrist forces themselves conquer Israel, set up their own government there, defile the Holy places, and finally set up the "Abomination of Desolation," the "Image of the Beast," break the "Holy Covenant," before the land is again compassed about with armies when You finally decide to end the matter in the Valley of Decision! Praise You, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! Have Thy way, Lord, we pray, in Jesus' name! Speed Thy will, Lord! Carry us along on Thy way with it, Lord!

68. HELP US TO HELP HASTEN THE END THROUGH PROCLAIMING THY TRUTH! Give us wisdom, Lord, where to stand, and when to run, and who to side with, and where to flee! Help us, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! Have Thy way, Lord! Thy will be done! Lead and guide us, Lord, in a plain path. Help us to know what to do in any event, Lord Jesus! Help us to follow Thee, no matter what happens, and do Thy will, Lord, whatever comes, in Jesus' name!

69. BLESS THY CHILDREN EVERYWHERE, LORD, THY SHEPHERDS AND THY SHEEP! Keep them, Lord, and those in the storm, from the wolves and the dogs and false shepherds and false kings! Keep them, O Lord, in Thy Hand. Shelter them under Thy wings, Lord. Protect Thy Children. Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! (Speaks in a foreign language, then:) Keep all those Thy Children in Thy care who look to their father David. Give me wisdom, Lord, to guide them, to enlighten them, Lord, to lead them, the sheep of Thy pasture, to Thy perfect day! Thank You, Jesus!

70. (PROPHECY:) FOR THE NIGHT IS FAR SPENT, YEA THE DAY BREAKS WHEN THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL RISE AGAIN! (Tongues:) Help me, O God to lead Thy Children aright, to lead and guide Thy little ones! Praise You, Lord Jesus! Thank You, Lord! We love you, Jesus! Bless and keep us, Lord, in Thy care, and continue to make us a blessing. Save Thy Children, O God! Save thine inheritance, Lord! Hallelujah!

71. (QUOTES THE 23rd PSALM:) "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD! I SHALL NOT WANT! He maketh me to lie down in green pastures! He leadeth me beside the still waters! He restoreth my soul! He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His Name's Sake.

72. "YEA, THOUGH I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, I WILL FEAR NO EVIL, FOR THOU ART WITH ME! Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over!

73. "SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY SHALL FOLLOW ME ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE, AND I SHALL DWELL IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD FOREVER!" Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord! So be it, Lord Jesus! Even so be it, O Lord, Thy great will be done! We rest in Thy hands, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus! In Jesus' name, Amen, Lord.

74. TODAY AS I WAS READING THIS OVER I WAS SOMEWHAT CONCERNED about that warning statement from the Lord: "The time is at hand! Prepare ye the way, for the time is at hand!"--What time? How soon?--And how must we "prepare the way"?

75. AND I BEGAN TO FEEL THAT IT MEANS SOMETHING EVEN BIGGER MAY BE ABOUT TO HAPPEN! But I said, "Lord, how could this be it? How could this be it?"--And I saw that Wall moving again! It didn't stop! But I thought, "How could it keep moving?"--And I thought, "Well, it couldn't possibly keep moving without outside help! But how could it possibly have outside help now in a day when the world has made peace, and nearly all have made up with each other, and they're refusing to have any more big wars?" And suddenly I got that Scripture just as clear as anything:

76. "IN THE DAY THEY SHALL CRY, 'PEACE, PEACE!--THEN COMETH SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!" (1Thessalonians 5.) And then I remembered again what the Lord said Saturday, on Yom Kippur, the day the war began!--He said, "Prepare ye the way!--The time is now!"--That sounds like something pretty big!--"The time is now!" For what? What are we supposed to prepare for?

77. IS THIS GOING TO START THE WAR THAT'S GOING TO TAKE THE WHOLE WORLD FOR COMMUNISM? Does the Lord mean this is going to be the beginning of the End, and the day in which the Antichrist is going to be catapulted into world power as the world dictator, the world leader, the world Superman? Could this really be it? Is this going to happen now? My God! Lord, help us!

78. UNTIL NOW, THE WORLD HAS KIND OF BEEN LULLED TO SLEEP in a state of complacency and false security: "We'll never have another big war!--It's just impossible, because it would be total annihilation!--Everybody would lose!"--They think!--But they're wrong!--There's one that's going to win, at least for a little while, and that's the Antichrist!

79. THEN I BEGAN TO WONDER WHAT THE WINDOW ON THE WALL MEANT. The top of the casement was curved and stood out like a bas-relief sculpture in the shape of a perfect inverted crescent moon about 2 or 3 feet wide and half-a-foot thick, with the open part downward.

80. TOGETHER, OF COURSE, THE CRESCENT AND STAR WERE OBVIOUSLY THE WELL-KNOWN INSIGNIA OF THE MOSLEM WORLD, and appear on many Arab and Moslem flags, etc. But usually the star appears either inside or beside the crescent, and the crescent's points are never pointing downward!

81. SUDDENLY IT CAME TO ME THAT IN THIS CASE THE MOON WAS REPRESENTING THE POWERS OF THE HEAVENS OR SPIRIT WORLD, which had turned upside-down to release the star onto the Earth below! So what's the star?--Or who's the star! If the six-pointed Mogen David, or Jewish Star of David represents Jesus, could this five-pointed star represent his predecessor in the Endtime, the Antichrist?

82. OR IS THE SIX-POINTED STAR NOT THE STAR OF DAVID of Jesus, but being six in number, of the same number as the Antichrist (666), the number of a man. Whereas, God's number is seven, so shouldn't Jesus the Star of David have seven points?--He has seven spirits! (Revelation 1:4)

83. THEN WHO WOULD THE FIVE-POINTED STAR BE?--The forerunner of the Antichrist whom the Bible calls the False Prophet? (See Revelation 13:11; 16:13; 19:20; and 20:10.) Are stars thus symbolic of personages, as they are in the Bible? Maybe in this case then the star on the Arab Wall being released on the world by the Moslem moon or the powers of Heaven is none other than the Arab world's present star, [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] Aladdin, Gaddafi himself!--Could be?--Anyhow, that's the idea I got from it!--So who knows?--God does!--Hallelujah!

84. ALL I KNOW IS WHAT I SAW AND THAT ARAB WALL WAS SURE ON THE MOVE!--And I learned later that Day of Jewish Atonement that it surely was--right across that old moat, the Suez Canal! How 'bout that!--That was some fulfillment of God's symbolism, huh? "God works in a mysterious way His wonders to perform!"--It was sure mysterious and wonderful, and that Wall was really performing!--And still is!

85. ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN?--If not, you'd better get ready fast, as things are really movin'! Take Jesus now!--And come see us, or write for more of these Letters along this line! We love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}