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THE REAL WAR GOES ON--The Truth about the Arab-Israeli War!--MO October 28, 1973 GP No.277

Copyright © October, 1973 by The Children of God
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1. ISRAEL IS AMERICAN, AND THE ISRAELIS ARE AMERICANS! This is what most people don't understand. The Zionist Movement of Theodore Herzl was organised by wealthy European and American Jews to sponsor the return of the Jews to Palestine as their home.

2. IT WAS GIVEN OFFICIAL APPROVAL DURING WORLD WAR 1 in the American and British-sponsored Balfour Declaration in return for Jewish cooperation with the Allies, and particularly as a reward to the outstanding Jewish chemist, Chaim Weizmann, first president of Israel, for his invention of the very powerful explosive, TNT, which helped the Allies win the War.


4. ALTHOUGH MOST OF ITS JEWS CAME FROM EUROPE due to the poverty and persecution and suffering under Hitler and two World Wars, many of them came from America, and from rich America came most of the money, the brains, the technical know-how, the political protection and the military defense of Israel.

5. THE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF ISRAEL AS A NATION IN THE ALMOST TOTALLY ARAB LAND of Palestine, therefore, though originally the idea and under the sponsorship of European Jewry, was completed and made sure by America and its very wealthy and influential Jewish population.

6. THE JEWS ARE NEARLY THE WISEST, WEALTHIEST AND MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! In fact they provide the leadership in nearly every important field of modern man's world activities, including politics, economics, science, education, business banking, the arts, etc.

7. BECAUSE OF THEIR HUMANITARIANISM, THEY HAVE PARTICULARLY BECOME LEADERS IN SOCIALISTIC POLITICS, such as the various socialist movements, including the foundation of Communism by Marx Lenin, Trotsky and many other great Jewish leaders. At the same time, because of their cleverness in business and the fields of finance, they also became the leaders of Capitalism in both Europe and America where they still dominate banking, industry and the news media, etc. Because of their tremendous acting ability and great sense of humour they have long been leaders in the fields of drama and entertainment, and it is well-known that the motion picture, television and radio industry are predominantly Jewish-owned and operated, particularly in America.

8. SO MANY OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST artists, musicians, scientists, writers, actors, comedians, educators, politicians, etc., have been and are yet outstanding and famous Jews, that time and space would fail us here to even begin to name a few of them.

9. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT, YOU CAN EITHER SIMPLY NOTE THE MULTITUDE OF JEWISH NAMES IN HISTORY, business and the arts, or there are some outstanding books which you can read on the subject written by the Jews themselves. As I recall, there is one called something like Who's Jewish in the World and another which I read years ago Who's Jewish in America. These are extremely fascinating volumes because they not only name the recognisable Jewish leaders, but also many very well-known American and world personalities who have not been generally known to be Jewish, but are of Jewish parentage or lineage.

10. THERE IS A GREAT CONTROVERSY TODAY EVEN AMONGST THE JEWS THEMSELVES AS TO WHO IS JEWISH and who is not, whether the name "Jew" itself is a racial or religious distinction. The world in general applies the designation usually to all those of Jewish racial origin, but the Jews themselves today are trying to get away from this general classification and claim that only those of the Jewish religion are really Jews.

11. THIS IS PARTICULARLY POPULAR AMONGST MODERN JEWS OF VARIOUS NATIONALITIES WHO PREFER TO FORGET THEIR JEWISH IDENTITY and escape some of its problems. As a result many Jews do not even know they are Jews because their parents concealed it from them--as did mine for years!

12. EVEN THOSE OF ISRAEL PREFER TO BE KNOWN AS ISRAELIS AND NOT JEWS, except for those of the Jewish religion, the practicing members of which are a very small but powerful minority in modern Israel who hold the balance of power in the government there, as they do in so many other countries of the West, including Europe and America.

13. NEVERTHELESS, JEWISH RELIGION, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE HAVE GIVEN THEM A STRONG BOND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD in every nation on earth to which they have been scattered by the great dispersion of Jews from Israel in the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible because of their sins.

14. IN SPITE OF THEIR MINORITY, PERSECUTION AND SUFFERING IN MANY LANDS, THEY HAVE RETAINED THEIR RELIGION, CULTURE, LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD for the nearly two thousand years since the last great dispersion under Roman persecution. This has been somewhat of miracle in itself, and largely due to the power and influence on their lives of the recorded history, laws, literature, etc., of their Bible!

15. "IT IS THE BOOK--THE BIBLE--THAT HAS KEPT US TOGETHER AND PRESERVED US, our identity and culture throughout the centuries!"--replied one Jewish Rabbi to me when I asked him after attending his Yom Kippur service how the Jews had managed to survive all these years when other religious, lingual, or racial groups which have been dispersed throughout history have become totally absorbed in their new nations and cultures and their identity and purity of stock completely lost through intermingling, intermarriage, etc.

16. SO THE JEWS ARE TRULY A REMARKABLE PEOPLE! They have carried the wisdom and the helpful rules and the knowledge of the God of the Book into every land which they have been scattered and by which many nations have been blessed!

17. IN FACT, IT IS EVEN THOUGHT BY SOME THAT MANY JEWS FLED TO BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY WAY OF EGYPT in sailing vessels after escaping the Fall of Israel to the Babylonians in the sixth century B.C., and because of their leadership in these Isles, they themselves gave the name "Britain" to the land as being "British" or "Brith-Ish," or the "Brotherhood of Man"!

18. YOU WON'T HAVE TO RELY ON RUMOUR TO BELIEVE THIS: JUST TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT MULTITUDES OF BRITISHERS WHO STILL BEAR A STRONG RESEMBLANCE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] and the Irish with their typical Jewish humour and music and temperament, and the Welsh even in their language!

19. MANY OF THE ENSIGNS, HERALDRY AND FLAGS OF BRITAIN, Ireland and Wales, including those of certain labour unions still bear the obvious symbolisms of Jewry, including the six-pointed Star of David and the Black Hand!

20. THE BLACK HAND INSIGNIA, AS WELL AS THE STAR OF DAVID, were supposed to have been the symbols of world Jewry organised under the "Illuminati" of Adam Weishaupt against Catholic and Christian persecution during the eighteenth Century, who also strongly influenced the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, etc.

21. THEY WERE SAID TO HAVE ISSUED AN EXTREMELY ZIONIST DOCUMENT KNOWN AS THE {\b \i PROTOCOLS} of the Wise Men of Zion, outlining in self-defence supposedly secret plans of world Jewry for world domination, but this has never been thoroughly authenticated as far as we know.

22. HOWEVER, PLANS OR NO PLANS, AND ORGANISED OR NOT, THE JEWS HAVE DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF IT, even though it may have been strictly unintentional! They just can't help but be leaders and dominate every field into which they have entered, whether it be the world or otherwise!

23. THEY ARE MOST CERTAINLY AMONGST THE MOST OUTSTANDING LEADERS OF THE CAPITALISTIC WESTERN WORLD of both Europe and America. Despite fascist attempts of pre-War enemies such as Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and the American-German Bundist societies to restrict, defeat or even obliterate and exterminate the Jews and their influence from Western Society, they have miraculously survived every effort to stop them, and their enemies instead have been stopped or eradicated!

24. SO THAT TODAY, AFTER TWO WORLD WARS, HITLER AND ALL THE REST, THEY HAVE EMERGED MORE INFLUENTIAL AS LEADERS OF WESTERN EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN CAPITALISTIC SOCIETY THAN EVER! Whereas world Socialism, once founded and led by them, is now being dominated by an anti-Jewish, communistic power, Russia, who, though once a hospitable host to millions of persecuted Jewish, has now turned on its formerly Jewish communistic leadership and its remaining million or so Jewish citizens in an effort to diminish their power, influence and religion in Russia and keep Russia for the Russians alone!

25. WHY, THEN, DOES RUSSIA ATTEMPT TO HINDER THE EMIGRATION OF ITS JEWS TO ISRAEL and other parts of the world?--Because they know too much!--They're still the brains and leadership of many areas of communist society, particularly in medicine, literature, and nuclear science.

26. YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT THOSE BRILLIANT JEWISH MINDS and their scientific genius, and Russia still needs them, but she needs them under her control and totally loyal to the State and to Russia above all else, which no Jews will ever be, as every Jew's first loyalty is always and understandably to his own kind!

27. THIS INTENSE AND SOMETIMES FANATICAL LOYALTY OF JEWS TO EACH OTHER, regardless of class, economic status, nationality location or otherwise seems incomprehensible to the rest of the world to the point of unbelievability, but it is born of this same Jewish pride of togetherness of religion, race and culture and refined by the fires of centuries of shared persecution by their enemies, which has only driven them the more together and made them more loyal to each other than ever!

28. EVEN THOUGH THE VAST MAJORITY OF JEWS TODAY DO NOT CLAIM TO BE RELIGIOUS AT ALL, and multitudes of them even profess to be atheist, this instinctive loyalty and love for each other is still basically religious and comes from their traditional faith in their own history, God and the Bible, even though most of them claim to have abandoned all of these!


30. FOR IT IS WELL-KNOWN THAT THROUGHOUT THE CENTURIES, MULTITUDES OF JEWS HAVE FLOCKED TO CHRISTIANITY, even populating the Catholic Church and other Christian religions and supplying much of their leadership today.

31. MY OWN PARENTAGE AND BACKGROUND WAS JEWISH for centuries, as well as that of many of the most outstanding leaders in our own modern religious youth movement, the Jesus Revolution!

32. YOU JUST CANNOT DENY IT: WE JEWS HAVE THE BRAINS, the drive, the fanatical religious fervour and the charismatic genius of inspiration that it takes to make anything a success, including religion!

33. BUT AS MY JEWISH GRANDFATHER, DR. JOHN L. BRANDT, USED TO SAY, "MEN OF FORCE ARE MEN OF FAULTS! Whatever they do, they do in a big way, and when they make a mistake, they make a big one!"--I ought to know: I've made plenty of them, and so did he!

34. SO WHEN THE JEWS REJECTED THEIR OWN MESSIAH, JESUS, THEY MADE THEIR BIGGEST MISTAKE in all their thousands of years of history! Their pride and jealousy of wanting to be Jewish and Jewish alone rejected the worldwide implications and gentile inclusiveness of Christian brotherly love for all mankind!

35. THIS LEFT NO PLACE FOR DISTINCTIVELY JEWISH EMPHASIS AND LEADERSHIP and partiality on the mere basis of only being Jewish alone! Christianity was too broad, too interracial, too interreligious, too worldwide and too universal to be strictly Jewish, so the Jews rejected it.

36. BESIDES, IN ITS BEGINNING, IT CHALLENGED THEIR RELIGIOUS LEADERSHIP AND EXPOSED MUCH OF THE HYPOCRISY of their religious leaders of the day, so their jealousy and hatred led them to intolerance, persecution, crucifixion and rejection of their own Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, and His Christian Jewish followers!


38. FROM THE TIMES OF THE JEWISH PHARISEE, SAUL, A GREAT AND SCHOLARLY LEADER OF THE JEWS WHO BECAME THE EMINENT CHRISTIAN APOSTLE TO THE GENTILES, PAUL, most of the Gentile Western world has received the Christian religion in varying degrees, and it has become either officially or traditionally the predominant established church religion of the West.

39. AS A RESULT, THE JEWS HAVE SUFFERED MUCH PERSECUTION at the hands of those who claimed to be Christians throughout centuries of so-called Christianity and churchy domination of the Western world.

40. IS IT ANY WONDER THEN THAT WHEREVER THEY COULD AND WHENEVER THEY COULD, THEY STROVE FOR RECOGNITION AND POWER FOR THEIR OWN PROTECTION from their Gentile Christian enemies? Until today they have finally gained fairly good [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: influence ] throughout the Western world and have even [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: turned ] it and its policies to a large extent in favour of the Jews.

41. MULTITUDES OF JEWS EMIGRATED TO AMERICA fleeing from the persecution and privation of the various governments and religions of Europe during the past two centuries, so that as we have shown, Jewish money power, influence, brains and informational media and education now largely [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: influence ] the American scene.

42. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO KNOW HOW JEWISH AMERICA IS IS TO PAY A VISIT to New York City, Miami, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles or any number of other American cities where Jews are almost innumerable and their apparent influence strongly felt, seen and heard! [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]

43. IS IT ANY WONDER THEN THAT ISRAEL IS LIKE PART OF AMERICA, with its America Jews, American-Jewish money and American-Jewish know-how and American-Jewish armaments and American-Jewish political sympathies?

44. JEWISH-DOMINATED AMERICA AND AMERICAN JEWRY WOULD SOONER ABANDON ONE OF THE UNITED STATES THAN THE U.S.'S ISRAEL! And they would be just as quick to go to war, and maybe even quicker, for Israel, or even threaten the world with a nuclear holocaust to save Israel, as they would for America, of which Israel is such an integral part!


46. BUT WE HAVE LIVED IN ISRAEL AND KNOW HOW AMERICAN IT IS, EVEN AS WE HAVE LIVED IN AMERICA AND KNOW HOW JEWISH IT IS! Not only Israel's money, brains, politics and arms are American, but so are her clothes, cars, homes, ads, industries, agriculture, trade, attitudes and sometimes arrogant belligerency are also all-American--even much of her language, movies, etc., for which you cannot blame her, since Israel is American, and her only hope of survival is America!

47. SO AMERICA AND ISRAEL WILL STICK TOGETHER TO THE BITTER END, as they have proven in every Arab-Israeli war so far! But that end together may be sooner than they think, because of recent developments and their traditional bitterness toward Christ and Christians!

48. BETWEEN THE TWO WORLD WARS, PALESTINE WAS UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE BRITISH who did much to improve the country and the plight of its pitifully poor people, mostly Arabs, about two-thirds of them Moslems and one-third Christians. The Jews were an extremely small minority.

49. BEFORE WORLD WAR I THE TOTAL JEWISH POPULATION OF PALESTINE WAS LESS THEN FIFTY THOUSAND, but under the British, Balfour Declaration and liberal Jewish immigration policies, the Jewish population of Palestine grew very rapidly until by World War II there were nearly a million Jews in Palestine, and after World War II the Jewish population boomed and doubled to over two million and is now well on its way to three million!

50. WHEN THE IMMIGRATING JEWS WERE A VERY TINY GROUP OF GUESTS IN THE ARAB COUNTRY of Palestine under the British, the Arabs, always noted for their hospitality, were usually kind and helpful to them and did much to encourage some of their settlements. But as their number grew and the Balfour Declaration was made, pledging the world's Jews a homeland in Palestine, the Arabs began to see what was taking place!

51. THE JEWS WERE NO LONGER CONSIDERING THEMSELVES GUESTS OF THE PALESTINIAN ARABS BUT INVADERS of Palestine and conquerors of the Arabs, so fighting frequently broke out between them in spite of all the British could do to stop it.

52. FINALLY, DURING WORLD WAR II, BRITAIN ISSUED THE FAMOUS WHITE PAPER RESTRICTING JEWISH IMMIGRATION into Palestine for the duration of the War as Britain already had enough problems on her hands contending with Hitler without fighting with the Jews and Arabs, too, both of whom by this time were trying to throw off British rule and seize Palestine for themselves.

53. IT WAS ANOTHER THREE-WAY WAR like the three-sided war of Cyprus in which British, Greeks and Turks were all fighting each other and where, for the same reason, Britain finally had to pull out as she eventually did out of Palestine on May 15, 1948 under a UN arrangement to divide the land between the Jews and the Arabs. But it never worked.

54. THE JEWS OF PALESTINE IMMEDIATELY DECLARED THEMSELVES THE INDEPENDENT STATE OF ISRAEL and began launching a full-scale war with its Arab inhabitants, which still goes on! Although outnumbered ten to one, the Jews were plentifully armed with the most modern weapons and masterminded by the most brilliant minds of Europe and America.

55. SO ISRAEL EASILY WON EACH NEW BATTLE against the poor, ignorant, ill-trained and ill-equipped Arabs, so that Israel's new borders were constantly expanding and the number of Palestinian refugees who fled into squalid refugee camps in surrounding Arab countries rose to well over one million!

56. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF JEWISH ISRAEL IN ARAB PALESTINE was a literal, aggressive, and belligerent military invasion by European and American Jews! However, it was not looked upon as such by most of Western Jewish world, but as a rightful return of the Jews to their legitimate homeland after their expatriation nearly two thousand years ago.

57. WESTERN [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] NEWS MEDIA, propaganda sources and politicians fostered and favoured this view, and even Christian religionists were persuaded that this was the long-awaited Biblically-predicted regathering and return of the Jews and ordained by God!

58. HOWEVER, THE ARABS WHO HAD BEEN LIVING THERE FOR TWO THOUSAND YEARS since the Jews left could hardly be persuaded to this viewpoint, that they should simply turn over their country to these European and America newcomers and retire quietly from the scene without protest! So protest they did! And fight they did! But it did them very little good against the might and power of the West and its pro-Jewish sympathies and Mid-eastern political ambitions.

59. A SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN EUROPE WHICH HAD CONTENDED WITH THE ARAB "INFIDELS" FOR CENTURIES throughout many wars with them and frequent invasions by them, and a Europe which had nearly fallen conquest to the mighty Arab invaders who conquered Spain and nearly took France and Italy, and whose very Catholic religion was at war with the Moslem Arabs, could hardly have been expected to have much sympathy with the Arab resistance to this Western Jewish invasion of the Arabs world!

60. AND AGAINST THE BACKING OF THE POWER, MIGHT, BRAINS, ARMS AND POLITICS OF THE ENTIRE JEWISH WESTERN WORLD, the Arabs could hardly have been expected to win without the help of equally powerful outside friends.

61. SO THE ARABS LOST BATTLE AFTER BATTLE until the Russians came to their rescue recently with their own Mideastern interests in mind, as well as to create for the Third World an image of Communism as the champion of the poor, the rescuer of the oppressed and the friend of all those who would seek liberation from Western [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] capitalistic domination!

62. HENCE THE ENTRY OF THE RUSSIANS UPON THE SCENE as well as their present anti-Jewish policies! But whereas the Russians are only fighting for certain economic interests, and mere political ideologies, European and American Jews are fighting for their very own flesh and blood and "homeland!"

63. JEWISH AMERICA WOULD HERSELF BE WILLING TO DIE FOR ISRAEL and would go down first before she would see Israel go down beneath the Arabs and Russians! This is why she recently shocked the world with the nuclear threat to prevent the Russians from coming to aid the Arabs, as the Israelis began to invade Egypt!

64. IN THE RECENT RESUMPTION OF THE ARAB-ISRAELI WAR, Russian technical know-how, military strategists and the latest in scientific weapons helped the Arabs to resist a full-scale invasion of Syria and almost miraculously cross the Suez Canal to gain a toehold on the East Bank before the call for a ceasefire, which you will notice came first from Moscow!

65. THE JEWS KNEW THAT RUSSIAN BRAINS WERE DIRECTING THE WAR, primarily from their military headquarters in Damascus, which is why the Israelis were willing to risk offending world opinion and arousing the ire of the Russians by bombing the Russian nerve center in Damascus, in which the Russians claim 36 Russian civilians were killed as well as many of the diplomatic personnel of other countries!

66. YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THAT THIS BOMBING OF THE RUSSIAN HEADQUARTERS IN DAMASCUS infuriated the Russians and caused them to stomp out of a UN Security Council meeting in protest. But you may also have noted that it also seemed to have helped to turn the tide of battle against the Syrians in the Golan Heights, so that Israeli forces began to threaten the Syrian capital itself.

67. BUT WITH THE EGYPTIANS ON THEIR BACKS IN SINAI, the Israelis were content to merely hold the line in Golan against furious and stiff Syrian resistance while they attempted to turn the tide of battle in the south.

68. AT THIS POINT, WITH THE ISRAELIS STOPPED IN THE NORTH AND LOSING THE SOUTH, and the Egyptians in need of a breather to consolidate their gains for the political advantage, the Russians sued for peace by inviting the American-Jewish Secretary of State, Kissinger, to Moscow to negotiate a ceasefire.

69. BUT WITH TO THE DISMAY OF THE RUSSIANS AND ARABS, THE JEWS IMMEDIATELY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE CEASEFIRE to cross the canal, invade Egypt and seize a large portion of the Egyptian West Bank, even to the astonishment of all concerned, including the Western world, who were somewhat shocked by this unethical, if not absolutely treacherous, Israeli violation of the superpowers' UN ceasefire!

70. NEVERTHELESS, YOU'LL ALSO NOTICE AND MAY HAVE EVEN BEEN SURPRISED THAT YOU HAVE HEARD NO PROTESTS from the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] news media or politicians of the Western world against this clever Jewish use of the ceasefire to gain a last-minute decisive military and political advantage before this installment of battles ended. In fact, the Israelis were actually angered that their American ally was insisting on a ceasefire along with Russia just when they were beginning to win!

71. IT WASN'T THE ISRAELIS WHO WANTED THE CEASEFIRE when they were losing, but the Egyptians were undoubtedly prompted to request it by the Russians while they still had the advantage. So instead, while the Egyptians were trying to observe the ceasefire and keep what they already had, the Jews used this Arab cessation of hostilities to grab even more Egyptian territory by force!

72. SO INSTEAD OF THE CEASEFIRE SOLVING THE SITUATION, THE JEWISH VIOLATION OF IT HAS COMPLICATED THE WHOLE PICTURE even more than ever! The Arabs no longer appear to be the winners and can no longer negotiate a fair political settlement from a position of strength and military advantage. The Arabs must now very likely either be thankful for a mere return to the former status quo of the Suez Canal as a dividing line to get the Jews out of Egypt, and perhaps even a loss of more territory in the Syrian Golan, too, or resume the hostilities which brought the world to the brink of nuclear war!

73. MEANWHILE, BACK IN WASHINGTON, NITLER WAS HAVING PROBLEMS OF HIS OWN, and some say he was merely using the Mideast crisis to take the public mind off his own dilemma, as nearly all dictators do when the home-front becomes discontented.

74. WHILE HE WAS BUSY TRYING TO KEEP THE PEOPLE'S MINDS OFF HIM AND ON THE MIDEAST, he fired another of his assistants who was getting too hot on his trail, and this resulted in another round of resignations of some of his top and most respected officials, and shocked the Congress so that they began procedures for his impeachment!

75. SO QUICKLY, TO REMOVE THEIR PRIMARY GROUNDS FOR THIS ACTION TOWARD HIS IMPEACHMENT--WHICH WAS HIS VIOLATION OF COURT ORDERS and defiant contempt of the courts--he suddenly changed his mind just in the nick of time to try to save his neck and job and decided to obey the court orders after all and surrender the highly controversial evidence, the famous Watergate tapes--which, incidentally, he has had plenty of time to have doctored and edited by this time!--The two hottest he conveniently "lost"!

76. THERE ARE SOME STRIKING PARALLELS HERE TO FORMER HISTORY, which seems to often repeat itself, but from which we seldom seem to learn very much: Between the World Wars, Nitler's Nazi prototype, Germany's Hitler, himself rose to power on promises to defend Germany from the rising tide of Communism.

77. INTERNAL PROBLEMS PROMPTED HIM TO BLAME IT ALL ON THE JEWS and distract the public mind with the diversion of this supposed common enemy. This, nevertheless, did not divert him from his own goal of fascist military expansionism and world conquest, but merely served as a vehicle to further his own ends, which catapulted the world into the horrible holocaust of World War II!

78. IS OUR NITLER OF TODAY AGAIN USING THE JEWS TO COVER HIS OWN PERFIDY and to gain his own ends toward even greater political power, even if it costs the world a new and terrifying nuclear war?--And is our new Nitler even smarter than the old by getting the Jews on his side in order to win, instead of insuring his defeat as Hitler did by turning world Jewry against him?

79. UP TO THIS TIME HE HAS PROVEN HIMSELF SO HITLERIAN and fascistic that the Jews have largely been opposing him. But now with this masterstroke of pro-Jewish genius, he has at last won them over in one fell swoop of ostentatious American aid to Israel!

80. BUT COULD IT BE THAT THE JEWS MAY NOW BE BEGINNING TO SEE THROUGH THIS CLEVER BIT of Nitler's international political chicanery, because of his quick insistence on a sudden ceasefire engineered by the superpowers, but which would have left the Jews at a military and political disadvantage if the Israelis had not themselves violated it to gain more Arab territory in their own favour?

81. WHEN THE RUSSIANS SAW WHAT WAS HAPPENING and that Jewish violations were turning the ceasefire into an Arab disadvantage, they threatened to step in and stop it themselves! Whereupon Nitler loudly and publicly rattled his nuclear sabre to supposedly scare them off!

82. WHAT HILARIOUS HEROICS to try to win both the favour of the Jews and divert public attention from his own shenanigans! But if it doesn't work, what other perfidious schemes does Tricky Dicky have up his charlatan sleeve to try to fool the world while endangering its very life and safety?

83. CAN THE WORLD AFFORD TO HAVE SUCH A MADMAN ON THE LOOSE WITH ATOM BOMBS IN BOTH HANDS AND REELING DRUNKENLY FROM ONE CRISIS TO ANOTHER? How much longer can the world stand this emotionally unstable near-maniac and his irrational ravings while the earth totters on the brink of his brinkmanship? Does his stooped posture and odd shuffling gait indicate an arthritic condition medicated by some drug such as cortisone which induces delusion of grandeur and similar irrational behaviour?

84. THEY SAY HITLER WAS INSANE, but the world put up with him long enough for him to nearly annihilate Europe, North Africa and threaten America, and along with the Japanese, the Pacific and Far East.

85. MUST WE LET THIS MODERN HITLERIAN MADMAN GO SO FAR as to raise up a new fascist American power which threatens to destroy the Earth? Must we let him even go so far in his power-jealous temper tantrums as to press the red button of atomic warfare in order to either save himself or bring the world down with him?

86. MY GOD, LET'S HOPE NOT! Let's hope the world, if not his own country, will wake up before it's too late and either remove or destroy this monster before he kills us all! Thank God Europe is awakening to this danger of her former association with a power-mad America and insisting on remaining "neutral" in the latest American-inspired conflicts, and may God help her to remain so!

87. RUSSIA, CHINA, AND THE COMMUNIST WORLD HAVE LONG SEEN THE HANDWRITING OF DOOM ON THE DECADENT WALL OF CAPITALIST AMERICA! The communists have long been endeavouring to convince Europe and the Third World that their hope of the future lies not in dying American and European [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] Capitalism, but in the bright red rays of a rising Socialist sun!


89. THE RUSSIANS REALLY DON'T WANT THIS WAR, but they have been virtually compelled to help the Arabs contain America's mad Jewish expansionism in the Mideast only a few miles from Russia's own borders!--And Russia feels an obligation of duty to stand by Europe and its Third World friends against the threat of American madness!

90. TEN YEARS AGO, COMMUNISM HAD A PLAN, whereby they hoped to isolate their final foe, diehard, rich and Fascist America, from the rest of the world by wooing the world into either Communism or socialism or neutrality by 1973 and it looks like they have succeeded, thank God!

91. BUT WILL THEY SUCCEED IN FORCING AMERICA TO HER KNEES in peaceful surrender and cooperation with a predominantly Socialist world before the rich, powerful Fascist American diehards pull the switch of atomic war to take the world down with them rather than give in?

92. OR WILL RUSSIA COME TO THE SAD CONCLUSION by America's latest maniacal manifestation of nuclear irresponsibility that you cannot reason with the insane and that the American insanity must be reckoned with or destroyed before it destroys the Earth?

93. AND IS THE EARTH GOING TO ALLOW ITSELF TO BE ANNIHILATED OVER A LITTLE STRIP OF ISRAELI TERRITORY only about fifty miles wide and a couple hundred long in an attempt to save its handful of [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] by slaughtering the Earth's billions? Any reasoning, rational normal mind would certainly say no, may God forbid!--And He will!

94. AMERICA MAY BE WILLING TO DIE FOR THE JEWS, BUT CERTAINLY RUSSIA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD ARE NOT! Neither do I believe that Russia and the rest of the world are prepared to die for the Arabs! So what is the solution? What is going to put a stop to this American-fostered international insanity of endangering the safety of the entire Earth for a handful of [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ] in the Mideast?

95. THE BIG BULLIES MAY BE WILLING TO PROD THEIR LITTLE BROTHERS INTO A FIGHT, but when they wake up to the fact that either of them may have to be drawn into the conflict to save his little brother and thus draw them all into open warfare, surely one of the big bullies will also wake up to the fact of life that such belligerent irresponsibility can no longer be tolerated, and they had better settle the fight or they'll both lose!

96. BUT WHAT IF ONE OF THE BULLIES REFUSES TO QUIT or call it a draw, but insists that he and his little brother must win or he's just not going to fight fair any more?--Wouldn't it be the duty of the other bully to give the first a good thrashing to teach him a lesson and put him out of action so he can't endanger the family peace any more? And isn't this exactly what either of the superpowers may be tempted to do before this stupid little war is really over?

97. IS THIS LITTLE WAR OVER A HANDFUL OF [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ] GOING TO TURN INTO A MAJOR ATOMIC CONFLICT between the Jewish West and the Gentile East involving the Hamite South so that they all destroy each other?

98. OR IS SOMEONE EVENTUALLY GOING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO PUT A FINAL END TO THE PERPETUAL WARFARE between Christians, Jews Moslems, Atheists, Capitalists and Communists?

99. YES, I'M HAPPY TO SAY THERE IS A SOLUTION and Someone who is going to stop it all! But before that, the Bible does predict that the nations of the Earth will be gathered together in a war centering around Israel, sad to say!

100. AMERICA HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO SAVE ISRAEL, and through this she is demonstrating to the world that she herself is Israel's not only friend, the friend of the rich and powerful!

101. RUSSIA HAS A NUMBER OF ALTERNATIVES and does not have to save the Arabs, but has chosen to do so with very little to gain, and so has again displayed herself as the saintly sacrificial voluntary friend of the poor and the pitiful!

102. ISRAEL, TOO, THINKS SHE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO WIN OR DIE, and is desperate and therefore dangerous, because of her dangerous influence over powerful America, who is endangering the world!

103. AND AMERICA IS SO POWER DRUNK and overbearingly arrogantly self-confident she is positive that she is invincible and cannot lose no matter what happens--even an atomic war! America's fanatical Jewish loyalty to Israel is therefore also dangerous to the whole world!

104. THE ARAB-ISRAELI WAR IS AN AMERICAN WAR with American-Jewish soldiers fighting with weapons for the American territory of an American colony--Israel! The Americans have to win to save their [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Israelis ], their territory and they think, their very lives!

105. ON THE OTHER HAND, IT IS NOT A RUSSIAN WAR, as the Arabs are anything but Russians, and the Russians are merely their friends and allies supplying them with aid. So the Russians do not have to win or help the Arabs to win, except to save face and portray themselves as saviours of the poor to win the hearts of the Third World!

106. THE WORLD HAS A GREAT DEAL TO GAIN FROM A PERMANENT SETTLEMENT, including survival, peace and Arab oil; moreover, the short Suez Canal route for this Arab oil would be a great boon to Europe!

107. BUT THE RUSSIANS HAVE LITTLE TO GAIN, as was proven by the display of Arab independence when the Egyptians threw the Russians out of Egypt awhile back!

108. BUT YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THE JEWS THROWING ANY AMERICANS OUT OF ISRAEL except us, the Jesus Freaks, proving again that Israel is strictly American as well as anti-[ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: Christian ]!

109. NEITHER IS AN ISRAELI VICTORY GOING TO SETTLE IT, because Israel will settle for nothing less than Arab territory which the Arabs are unwilling to give her!

110. SO ANY ARAB-ISRAELI AGREEMENT IS OUT OF THE QUESTION! They are worlds apart--and we all wish they were, literally!

111. BESIDES, AMERICA WOULD NOT BE LIVING UP TO HER IMAGE of a rich, powerful, imperialistic colonial power able to defend her own territory, if she relinquishes any part of Israeli-conquered Arab land in the face of Russian pressure!

112. CHINA SEEMS WISELY WAITING and standing back in the hands-off policy, no doubt expecting to help the Third World and Europe pick up the pieces after the superpowers have destroyed themselves!

113. AMERICA HAS ALSO PROVEN HERSELF ALONE AND FRIENDLESS in her hour of greatest trial, with her former friends deserting her in favour of world peace, Arab oil, and Socialism!

114. SO THIS ENDLESS AMERICAN JEWISH WARFARE IS ONLY HELPING TO SEW UP THE THIRD WORLD AND EUROPE INTO THE COMMUNIST POCKET, and an American-Israeli victory would only convince the rest of the world that America is willing to risk anything, including world peace, for her foolish friends!

115. SO AMERICA'S ISRAELI INSANITY AS WELL AS HER BRUTAL FASCIST CRUSHING OF SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONS wherever she finds them are only serving to help destroy her by driving her former friends, Europe and the Third World, directly into the arms of her Russian and Communist enemies!


117. AMERICA IS ALREADY WASTING THE WORLD'S RESOURCES AND POLLUTING ITS ENVIRONMENT FIFTY TIMES FASTER THAN ANY OTHER NATION on the face of the earth, according to the ecological experts! She is greedily gobbling up fifty times her share of the world's larder and polluting fifty times more of her share of the world's living space than any other nation!--And now she threatens to destroy the whole earth over tiny Israel!

118. SO AMERICA HAS BECOME THE WORLD'S MOST WASTEFUL WANTON VILLAIN AND THE DESTROYER OF THE EARTH! But God Himself says, "I will destroy them which destroy the Earth!" The Earth is our home and our living, and to take care of it is our job, and those that destroy it are threatening to destroy man himself!

119. THEREFORE GOD HIMSELF IS AGAINST AMERICA and has already told us He is going to destroy her for her sins, as He did Israel for hers, and He may use the rest of the world or some natural catastrophe to do it for Him!--And she must be destroyed before she destroys the Earth, which could be soon!

120. GOD HAS ALLOWED MANY GREAT POWERS TO ARISE throughout history to help keep world peace and govern the Earth. But when they began to destroy the Earth and its people and each other, God wiped them out or allowed their enemies to destroy them!

121. COULD IT BE THAT THE MONSTROUS CHRISTMAS COMET KOHOUTEK IS GOING TO HAVE DISASTROUS AND CATASTROPHIC EFFECTS on the Earth's surface by its gravitational pull as it passes near us at the end of this year, so that California might actually break off and fall into the sea and America be destroyed by the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? If so, let us dearly hope that our Nero Nitler is surely there to sink with it!

122. GOD HAS ALWAYS SHOWED HIMSELF TO BE ON THE SIDE OF THE POOR and against the rich, the tyrants and the despots, and has always eventually destroyed "them which destroy the Earth."

123. SO HE WILL JUST AS SURELY DESTROY THE AMERICAN DESTROYERS OF THE EARTH, AND SAVE THE POOR AND THE EARTH THEY NEED! Or maybe in pulling that final trigger, America, who loves guns and violence, could fortunately accidentally destroy herself!

124. BUT DESTROYED SHE WILL BE, AND THAT WE KNOW, BECAUSE GOD HAS TOLD US SO, not only to save the poor and the Earth, but to also make room for the final World Government which will help to bring about the End of it all!

125. SO THE REAL WAR GOES ON, not only between the Jews and the Arabs and Jews and the Gentiles and the Jews and the Christians and the Capitalists and the Communists and the Americans and the Russians, but also between God and destructive mankind! It is also the perpetual war between the rich and the poor, in this case between rich America and the poor world!

126. BUT IT IS MOST OF ALL THE CONTINUED WAR BETWEEN GOD AND THE DEVIL, angels and demons, good and evil, Christ and the Antichrist, Christians and anti-Christians, in a growing spiritual battle royal for the salvation of the Earth and the souls of men!

127. WITH AMERICA READY TO WRECK THE WORLD TO SAVE THE [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: ISRAELIS ], GOD'S GOING TO HAVE TO WRECK AMERICA TO SAVE THE WORLD! With a Jewish Secretary of State Kissinger, and a Jewish Secretary of Defence, Schlesinger, and a Jewish Congressional leader, Jackson, and a now Jewish-prone President, America is totally committed to saving Jews!

128. WILL GOD, THEREFORE, USE RUSSIA TO DESTROY AMERICA TO SAVE THE EARTH? Europe once destroyed herself to save Germany's Jews from Hitler.--May God help her not to destroy herself again merely to save the Israelis for Nitler! America may move out of Indochina where she has only fought for money, but she'll never move out of Israel, where she fights for men of her own flesh and blood!

129. SO WHO'S TO STOP HER? When someone does finally succeed in putting an end to destructive, wasteful and polluting America, the rest of the world will only thank them for it! It will save their food, their oil, their environment and their lives as well as world peace, so why shouldn't they thank them for it?

130. AND WITHOUT AMERICA, ISRAEL WILL BE FORCED TO MAKE PEACE WITH HER NEIGHBOURS! The Arabs and Israelis actually need each other and have what each other needs: The Jews have the brains and the Arabs the brawn, and the they could make a powerful Semitic combo which would be hard to lick, if only the superpowers would stop egging them at each other's throats!

131. AND FRANKLY, I DON'T THINK ANYBODY COULD EVER LICK THE JEWS BUT GOD, and even He's had a hard time doing it! Everyone who's tried to conquer them have only wound up the worse for wear! So maybe the best thing to do is leave them alone and let them fight it out for themselves, since they are their own worst enemies as well as their own best friends!

132. IT'S A LITTLE LIKE THE SITUATION IN NORTH IRELAND: If the English had only gotten out of there long ago, they could have saved themselves hundreds of years of trouble and bloodshed, as no one can ever lick the Irish but the Irish themselves!

133. BESIDES, IF ENGLAND GETS OUT AND LETS IRELAND UNITE, THE TERRORISTS WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO USE THE ENGLISH AS AN EXCUSE FOR THE INHUMAN BOMBINGS OF INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, AND IT WOULD EXPOSE THE I.R.A. FOR THE COMMUNISTS THEY REALLY ARE, WHO DO NOT REALLY WANT A UNITED IRELAND! Then the now strong and stable Republication government of Dublin might be able to round them up or run them out, and all the Irish would be able to unite together against those traitorous communist and fascist agitators who would destroy them!

134. EVEN SO, IF EUROPE COULD ONLY MANAGE TO STAY OUT OF THIS ARAB-ISRAELI FRACAS, and let these Arabs and Israeli Semites slug it out between themselves, or even America and Russia slug it out between themselves, maybe Europe would still be left standing when it's all over and be able to help try to pick up the pieces!

135. MEANWHILE, IT IS THE DUTY OF THE PROPHETS OF GOD AND HIS CHILDREN TO TAKE NEITHER SIDE, BUT TO SEE BOTH SIDES, AND ESPECIALLY GOD'S SIDE, which is sometime neither side, and to hope and pray that Europe and the world will also remain "neutral" and let the chips fall where they may, so we'll still be around when it's over!

136. IT IS ONLY OUR DUTY TO TELL THE TRUTH AS WE SEE IT, like it or leave it!--And if you like it, you'll leave it alone--that Arab-Israeli situation--and let them settle their own hash, whichever way God wants it!

137. ACCORDING TO HIM, THE WORLD'S STILL GOING TO BE SCRAPPING OVER ISRAEL TILL HE COMES! The world will continue to "encompass Jerusalem with its armies" until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom on Earth with His people as its rulers to ensure world peace and plenty for the poor!


139. IN THE MEANTIME, THE BIBLE DOES PREDICT THAT THERE IS A WAR THAT THE JEWS ARE GOING TO LOSE TO A GREAT NORTHERN POWER CALLED MAGOG (RUSSIA), the land of its leader, Gog (the Antichrist), the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (Moscow and Tobolsk) with his people the Rosh (or Russians), with his help of Persia, Ethiopia and Libya, together with Togarmah (Turkey) plus Gomer (Germany) and all his bands (Europe?)! (You can read it in Ezekiel 38 and 39 as well as Daniel 11 and Revelation 13.)

140. AND, THE BIBLE SAYS, IT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THE REGATHERING OF THE JEWS INTO ISRAEL, and the re-establishment of Israel as a nation, and the rebuilding of her cities without walls, in a day when Israel thinks she dwells safety and the land is restored, with the desert places "blossoming like a rose"--Just as Israel is today!

141. ONLY SHEBA AND DEDAN (ARABIA OR SOME OF THE ARABS) WILL QUESTION THIS RUSSIAN INVASION, and only they Tarshish (Britain) "with all the young lions thereof" (the offspring of the British Lion, America and the Commonwealth Nations) will challenge Russia's right to do so, but will be unable to do anything about it!

142. AN ANTI-CHRIST GOVERNMENT OF ANTI-CHRIST FORCES UNDER THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF, the superhuman world dictator of man's last one-world Godless government, will then set up its headquarters in Jerusalem as its capital, and unite all the religions of the world into one-worship of this Demon Demagogue and his Magical Image which can speak! (The long-foretold supercomputer?)

143. HIS FIRST THREE-AND-A-HALF YEARS OF SEEMINGLY BENIGN RULE WILL BE FOLLOWED BY THREE-AND-A-HALF YEARS OF A REGION OF TERROR called the Tribulation, under his Image and its False Prophet, and an unparalleled worldwide persecution of both Jews and Christians!

144. THEN GOD HIMSELF WILL TAKE A HAND AND DESTROY BOTH THE ANTICHRIST AND HIS ANTI-CHRIST WORLD KINGDOM AFTER A MONSTROUS BATTLE CALLED "ARMAGEDDON," BEGINNING NEAR HAIFA and ending at Jerusalem, wherein the "blood will flow to the horses' bridles," men's "eyes will be consumed out of their sockets as they stand upon their feet" by some mighty blast of fire (atomic?), and "a great earthquake" will destroy most of the cities of the Earth!

145. THE BIBLE SAYS IT WILL TAKE SEVEN MONTHS JUST TO BURY THE DEAD IN ISRAEL ALONE, AND SEVEN YEARS TO REMOVE ALL THE WRECKAGE OF THE BATTLE! That is gonna be one of hell-of-a-battle and one hell-of-a-destruction of the enemies of Heaven!

146. THEN, GOD SAYS, "I WILL SET MY GLORY AMONG THE HEATHEN (CHRIST'S COMING WORLD KINGDOM), and all the heathen shall see My judgment that I have executed, and My hand that I have laid upon them! ...

147. "AND THE HEATHEN SHALL KNOW THAT THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL WENT INTO CAPTIVITY (WERE CONQUERED) FOR THEIR INIQUITY because they trespassed against Me, therefore hid I My face from them, and gave them into the land of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword!

148. "ACCORDING TO THEIR UNCLEANNESS AND ACCORDING TO THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS have I done unto them and hid My face from them. So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day and forward!

149. "THEREFORE THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD: THEN I WILL BRING AGAIN JACOB FROM CAPTIVITY AND HAVE MERCY UPON THE WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL ... AFTER THAT THEY HAVE BORNE THEIR SHAME and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against Me when they dwelt safely in their land ... when I gathered them out of enemies' lands. ...

150. "THEN SHALL THEY KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD THEIR GOD ... neither will I hide My face any more from them!"

151. SO THERE IS A DAY COMING WHEN GOD'S WARS WITH ISRAEL FOR HER SINS AGAINST HIM WILL END, but it will only be after much suffering and many battles with her enemies, the end of which is not yet in sight for some time to come.

152. THEN ONLY WILL ISRAEL HAVE PEACE, AFTER SHE AND HER POWER ARE VIRTUALLY DESTROYED BY THE LORD HIMSELF through the agency of her enemies, and when she has learned her lesson for rejecting Him in His Son, Jesus Christ, her own Messiah!

153. ONLY THEN WILL ISRAEL END HER WARS WITH HER ENEMIES which she has fought with faith in her own arm of flesh rather than trust in God, and only then will she repent of her unbelief, confess her sins, desist from her belligerency, and say "Uncle" to God!

154. ONLY WHEN SHE YIELDS TO HIS POWER AND ACCEPTS HIS SON, JESUS AS HER SAVIOUR WILL ISRAEL'S WAR END and God's wars with Israel come to a final conclusion, when Jesus returns and Israel accepts Him as her King!

155. THEN AND ONLY THEN, UNDER THE SUPREME AND POWERFUL RULE AND REIGN OF CHRIST AND GOD'S CHILDREN, WILL ALL WARS CEASE and men "beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks," and "neither shall they study war any more"!

156. FOR JESUS AND HIS CHILDREN SHALL RULE THE EARTH WITH A ROD OF IRON, AND "THE WORD OF THE LORD SHALL GO FORTH FROM JERUSALEM unto the uttermost parts of the Earth." "Righteousness shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas," and for a thousand years they shall war no more and finally we shall have an Eternity of Heaven on Earth! Hallelujah!

157. IF YOU WANT TO READ THE DETAILS OF THAT HAPPY ENDING, YOU CAN READ THEM FOR YOURSELF IN THE BIBLE in Revelation 21 and 22!--Or send for some more of our literature listed here on what's happening and what's to come! May God bless us all with His Eternal Peace in Jesus Christ our Lord, the only "Prince of Everlasting Peace"!--Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family}