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"KENNEDY"--MO December 22, 1973 NO.288-GP

Copyrighted December, 1973 by The Children of God
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1. (SO MANY HAVE WRITTEN US asking us what we thought about Kennedy and his assassination, we answer with the following:)

2. A RECENT MAGAZINE ARTICLE CONFIRMED THAT PRESIDENT JOHN KENNEDY WAS ASSASSINATED BY U.S. FASCISTS because he was on too friendly relations with Russia. He was trying to make peace with Russia and came closest to doing it of any man yet, even closer than Nixon. Nixon's obviously been doing it as an opportunist just to advance his own political position.

3. BUT I BELIEVE THAT KENNEDY REALLY WANTED TO LIVE PEACEFULLY WITH THEM IN A PEACEFUL WORLD, and he was trying to establish a lasting dtente. Also he was really trying to socialise America, and between the two--the hard-hats and the anti-Communists--they couldn't stomach him and considered him too liberal. I thought he was a very good man and very sincere as the world goes.

4. HE WAS REALLY A MARTYR FOR THE CAUSE OF THE POOR, really tried to help the poor. He was a great lover of Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a friend of the poor man, and Kennedy modelled his politics after him. FDR was really socialising America--and incidentally it's still a mystery how he died! He could have been poisoned. He was supposed to have had a sudden stroke while sitting for his portrait. His coffin was kept closed at his funeral.

5. FDR WAS PROBABLY THE GREATEST PRESIDENT THE U.S. EVER HAD and he was really almost communising America. Mrs. Roosevelt was virtually a Communist, on very good terms with the Russians and Communists and Communist youth organisations. I believe what the Roosevelts would have done would have been to take America right into the Communist orbit and would have made good friends with Russia. From 1918 to 1932 the U.S. refused to recognise the Communist regime in the Soviet Union.

6. FDR WAS THE ONE WHO FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER WORLD WAR I INSISTED UPON RECOGNISING THE COMMUNISTS UPON HIS ELECTION. So Kennedy was a great admirer of his--in fact the whole Kennedy family. I believe that's why Robert was shot too, because I believe he would have won the election. I think he would have been even more liberal than his brother. I don't think he was as strong a personality, but he certainly was a friend of the youth and a socialist as well as John Kennedy.

7. THE MILITANT AMERICAN FASCISTS--THE ANTI-COMMUNIST HARD-HATS--SAW THE KENNEDYS WERE SO POPULAR THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY TO GET RID OF THEM. That's why Ted Kennedy--the last of the four brothers--doesn't want to run for President. It's just almost sure as shootin' that he will get shot also! After putting everybody else out of the way, the greatest threat to Nitler was a hard rightist, George Wallace.--And what happened to him just before the election?--He gets shot!

8. THESE AMERICAN FASCISTS ARE PLAYING FOR KEEPS! If Wallace had stayed in the running he would have split the Republican vote and defeated Nixon and McGovern would have won.

9. I THINK NITLER'S BEEN AT THIS A LONG TIME. He was having a big powwow with some of his top money men, his fascist hard-hat supporters, in Dallas the night before Kennedy was shot there!--And the host of this fascist conference Nitler was having and his big money boys--he and about a dozen of these guys took off from Dallas for Mexico the next day right after Kennedy was shot!

10. IT IS GENERALLY RECOGNISED THAT KENNEDY WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST PRESIDENTS AMERICA HAS HAD. He was a good friend of the poor man, a friend of the Russians, a socialist and a peacemaker. He avoided one of the greatest dangers of a missile war the U.S. ever had in the Cuban Missile Crisis. He did it by a personal private talk with Kruschev.

11. HE DIED A MARTYR FOR HIS CONVICTIONS AND HIS CAUSE. They shot him at a very opportune time when they knew they had a good conservative Texan in LBJ who could take over, and so they didn't waste any time doing it. LBJ made that woman judge swear him in right on the plane with Mrs. Kennedy standing right beside him as a witness with her clothes still splattered with her own husband's blood!

12. I BELIEVE THAT ANY OTHER MAN WHO WOULD SERIOUSLY THREATEN NITLER'S POSITION OR THE FASCIST CONTROL OF THE U.S. WOULD BE IN JUST AS GREAT DANGER of either assassination or an engineered scandal or whatever! Because the U.S. fascists have gotten to the point, now where they're playing it rough, and they're not about to begin to let any liberal or socialist take control of the government.--That is, if the U.S. lasts that long!

13. THE FASCISTS ARE NOW FIRMLY ENTRENCHED IN THE U.S. AND THEY HAVE THE MAJORITY OF THE HARD-HAT MIDDLE CLASS BEHIND THEM as well as of course, the big money boys. But of course the big money boys are in the minority, and to win the elections they have to have the majority of the vote behind them. So they've won the vote of the prosperous hard-hat middle class and prosperous labouring class with the same kind of scare tactics Hitler used with the Jews:

14. "THE U.S. HAS GOT TO HAVE A STRONG TOUGH SEVERE MILITARISTIC FASCIST TYPE OF GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM COMMUNISM" So they got the middle class scared into voting for Nitler the neo-fascist--or Nero-fascist! It's my opinion that America will be destroyed just as the Lord has indicated, before a socialist government could ever get in control again.

15. AMERICA HAD ITS LAST CHANCE IN THE YOUTH REVOLUTION FOR JESUS AND MCGOVERN but the American fascists drove out the one and crushed the other and they've snuffed out the last lights in America! In the time America has left she'll remain in darkness till she's destroyed. She rejected her final salvation.

16. THANK GOD HE AT LEAST SAVED SOME OF HER YOUTH who were worthy--through us, the Children of God!--Hallelujah!--And we have gone on to save the world!

17. ARE YOU WITH US?--O why will ye die?--Save yourselves from this untoward generation of vipers who would destroy the Earth!--Join us! God help you!

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