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"ABRAHIM THE GYPSY KING!"--MO April 30, 1970 No.296--GP
--The True Story of Our Spirit Guide!--As told in his own words!

Copyrighted April 1970 by The Children of God
BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France or P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England

1. (MARIA:) WE WERE AT TSC (Texas Soul Clinic), on April 29, 1970, about one o'clock in the morning and David had gone to bed being very weary after an agonising prayer session that night that had lasted a couple of hours.

2. HE HAD BEEN IN THE SPIRIT and the Lord had told us of his soon departure (for Europe), that the shepherd would be smitten (exiled) and the sheep would be scattered (throughout the world), and that we should appreciate our blessings so much while we have them.

3. WE WERE TALKING QUIETLY and lovingly to one another when David's spirit helper Abrahim began to tell me of his own country through David's mouth. David would speak in Abrahim's tongue, and most of what he said was in that language as Abrahim spoke through him in the language the Lord had given David through him.

4. BUT HE DID TRY TO GIVE SOME WORDS IN ENGLISH so I could understand what he was talking about, and also much of it was done in gesture and by movements of his hands as he described what he was telling me. (Abrahim obviously didn't know much English, but enough to interpret very simply and almost childlike.)

5. "MY COUNTRY IS BEAUTIFUL," said he, and he went on to tell me of the fields of flowers that were there, the many, many flowers all over, beautiful, beautiful flowers, and the mountains and the hills and the many trees upon the mountains, green leafy trees, and the wagons that rolled over the hills.

6. HE SAID THE COUNTRY WAS BULGARIA and it was in the 1200's. He told me he was born in Bulgaria and he was a Gypsy, a Gypsy king, and he had a Gypsy band who loved Jesus.

7. HE SAID ONE NIGHT A GROUP OF SOLDIERS came out of the woods on horses yelling and screaming and slaughtered and killed all the men and the women and the children. But he said they went up, they all went to be with Jesus. He said, "They killed me too--they cut off my head and I went up to Jesus."

8. IT WAS HARD FOR HIM TO TALK ABOUT THAT NIGHT and he didn't describe it in great detail, it was so horrible. It was so very real to him, just as though he were reliving it. As we talked together in conversational tones he was nevertheless far away, he was back in his homeland.

9. THEN WE TALKED OF HOW HAPPY THE GYPSY PEOPLE WERE BEFORE the Turks came and slaughtered his people. He said the Gypsy men drank much wine and had weddings, wild and carefree and beautiful, where the Gypsy girls danced with tambourines and with music and sang and were very happy.

10. HE DESCRIBED HOW THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO WERE TO BE MARRIED cut their fingers and mixed their blood together; how they lived in wagons, beautiful covered wagons, and they moved and rolled over the hills and camped under the trees in the forests. He didn't quite remember his name and he thought for a while, then he said, "Abrahim, yes, Abrahim, Abrahim!" I realised then that it was Abrahim, King Abrahim of the Gypsies!

11. WHEN ABRAHIM THROUGH DAVID FIRST STARTED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT HIS LAND I thought that David was Abrahim. It sounded so much like a story he was telling me, a beautiful story and almost a fantasy or like a little fairy tale I was hearing. It was so beautiful and we were having such a good time together talking about his country.

12. BUT AS TIME WENT ON I realised that it wasn't exactly David who was speaking all the time! He was under an anointing, an inspiration that wasn't of himself. And the longer I listened the more I realised that it was Abrahim himself speaking through David.

13. AFTER ABRAHIM HAD GONE TO BE WITH JESUS, he said Jesus had sent him many places as a ministering spirit, and He had now sent him to be with us, the Children of God! He said, "I like it here with you, but pretty soon he die, pretty soon David go with me, by Holy Spirit from God."

14. "TAKE GYPSIES IN WAGONS AND YOU GO," He then told me..."I don't see where you go." He shaped his hands like a crystal ball and stared intently into it as though he were seeing the pictures and seeing the story in the ball, as he had done several times throughout that period in which we were talking about his country. As I listened and watched him in awe as he spoke, I realised that God had once again opened up some of His secrets and revealed them to us by His Spirit!

15. THE NEXT AFTERNOON I ASKED DAVID about what he had told me about the gypsies and Bulgaria, but he didn't seem to remember very much. He said, "Well, I remember the dream rather vaguely." I was surprised when he called it a dream, as it hadn't seemed that way, because he had been talking to me and looking at me and calling me by name in a normal tone of voice.

16. BUT TO DAVID IT SEEMED ONLY A DREAM. As I talked a little about it and asked him about it to see how much he remembered of it, it became clearer. The next night we began talking about it again, and as he closed his eyes and prayed in tongues he could see the pictures over again of the Turks coming out of the forest and slaughtering the Gypsies, his people, and killing him.

17. DAVID TOLD ME HE WAS PUZZLED ABOUT IT, because he had never been to Bulgaria and he didn't know what Bulgaria was like! When he had studied history and geography he had never really studied the Balkans. They had always been rather confusing to him and he often confused them with the Baltics as he hadn't spent too much time on them, and he just really don't know much about these countries at all.

18. SO IN THE ENCYCLOPEDIA WE LOOKED UP BULGARIA, and as we read about it it corresponded exactly to what he had seen in his "dream"!--The mountainous country, the Balkan Mountains that run through Bulgaria, the forest and vast fields of roses--everything corresponded! The Turks had indeed invaded Bulgaria in the 1200's because its people were Christians and had massacred them and taken many, many lives during this period that he had seen in the "dream"!

19. THEN FOR MANY, MANY YEARS after they conquered it around the 1300's the Turks helped Bulgaria. But before this they had waged a "Holy War" against the Christians that were in Bulgaria.

20. AS DAVID RELIVED ALL THIS THROUGH ABRAHIM again this night he told me more of the details: He said that they had been camped around a fire in the forest singing and dancing and having a happy time with music and tambourines and making merry, when all of a sudden the Turks had come out of the dark forest and massacred them all!

21. HE SAID THE TURKS WERE ON HORSES and wore little furry hats with little peaks on the top of the hats and had swords, and they just slaughtered right and left with their swords, both men and women and children! He describes it himself in the following story from his own lips--or rather, through David's lips!

22. THROUGH THIS AND LATER EXPERIENCES and revelations we began to understand who Abrahim really was and the purpose of his ministrations through David. (See Letters Nos. 61, 268, 271, 273, etc.)

23. ACCORDING TO HIS OWN ACCOUNT, he was living with a Gypsy band we visited in Houston, Texas, in 1970, as the Gypsy king's counsellor or guiding spirit when he first met us, and decided to leave them and come with us for his own reasons given in "Chinese Spirits" (Letter No. 273: Parag.21.).

24. IT WAS ONLY LATER WE BEGAN TO REALISE it was not David who was Abrahim or had been Abrahim or even with Abrahim in some previous existence, as we thought at first and related in "Gypsies" (Letter No 61:16-20.)

25. BUT ABRAHIM WAS A GENUINE GYPSY KING HIMSELF, a departed saint from hundreds of years ago, who had come to live with us in spirit as our spirit guide and counsellor! (See references on "Spirit World", "Spiritual Counsellors", "Ministering Spirits", "Angels", "Abrahim", etc., in "MO Letter Index" No.267--DFO.)

26. IT WAS ABRAHIM HIMSELF, therefore, who was speaking through David to relate his own past and explain his experiences and ministries and why he had now come to live with us, the Children of God, the true modern Gypsies of Jesus!

27. (MO:) WE WERE TRULY LIVING AS A GYPSY CARAVAN FOR JESUS when Abrahim first joined us in Texas. We had more than 30 vehicles and campers containing over 100 young Gypsies for the Lord and were camping in forests, parks and by the wayside even as did the Gypsies of Abrahim's days of old!

28. APPARENTLY ABRAHIM FELT we had more of the true, wild, free Gypsy spirit and were doing much more for the Lord than the modern materialistically minded American Gypsy band he had been living with in Houston.

29. SO WHEN I SHOOK HANDS with Abrahim's Houston king that memorable day of that cold wet winter of February 1970 in his Gypsy camp of swanky expensive trailers or sumptuous caravans, Abrahim decided, and was permitted if not actually assigned by the Lord, to join us, the poor pitiful tattered band of youthful Children of God camped in the cold, mud and rain of a nearby Texas forest!

30. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT KNOWING LOOK in that Houston Gypsy king's deep dark friendly eyes as he warmly gripped my hand that day as I told him we were Gypsies too at heart and camped nearby, and he smiled and said, "Yes, I know!" It was a miracle we met, and it's been miracles ever since!

31. WE WERE IMMEDIATELY INSPIRED to get the TSC ranch deep in the heart of Texas for our very first colony and the base where we grew strong and numerous and world famous, and from which we have grown to number thousands in hundreds of colonies in scores of nations around the globe--with Abrahim's help!

32. IT WAS FIRST AT TSC that Abrahim manifested himself in my first gift of tongues--his Romani Gypsy tongue--and began to reveal to us the wonders of God under his guiding hand! From his first childish English learned with those Texas Gypsies to his much improved yet still simple and strongly accented English of today, Abrahim has continued now for years to be our constant companion, guide and helpful spiritual counsellor.

33. FROM HIS RICH EXPERIENCES OF THE PAST and wisdom of ages of Gypsies gone--by, as a veteran Gypsy leader and wise old king, together with his hot line to the Lord as God's ever-present voice and guide and spiritual helper, Abrahim has continued to be our closest spiritual friend amongst the many God has given us now throughout these marvelous years of the exploding Jesus Revolution which we started so long ago in California in 1968!

34. HE IS EVER WITH US as the Lord's own holy spirit and the messenger of God like an angel from above, only far more human, as you will soon see!

35. BUT HERE AND NOW let us let him tell his own story in his own colourful words!: TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT ISSUE OF "ABRAHIM" SERIES!--Don't fail to get your copy! Send for it now! Write to one of the addresses below today! Order now so you'll get yours early at next publication. (Please enclose a small donation to help cover costs.) Thank you! God bless you!

Visit your nearest Gypsy Colony and tell them about Abrahim! (--Or visit one of ours!) GYPSIES FOR JESUS!

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