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—By MO; ML#301B (DO); 1974-02-01

Copyrighted February, 1974 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

--To All Your Royal Highnesses, My Secretaries Around the World!

Dearest Secretary!

1. I love you! Next to Maria and the Royal Family I think I love you first!--But don't tell anybody else! Your "student stood up" today and made love to you in the spirit! I think you're the sweetest prettiest girl in the whole Revolution, but don't tell the rest of them!

2. THANK YOU FOR SCATTERING MY SEEDS all over the world through those nice little letters you write to all those that love me! As a result, you're going to conceive many, many children for me!

3. ALL THOSE LETTERS YOU WRITE ARE MY SEEDS that you get by inspiration from me as my spirit inspires you, and they go into your typewriter: spirt, spirt, spirt!

4. YOUR TYPEWRITER IS LIKE YOUR WOMB where you conceive with my seeds of inspiration, and then bear me little babies! Every time you pull out a letter a new babe is born! Do you have any idea how many children we have now?--How many hundreds and hundreds of letters have you borne for me?

5. THEY'RE GOING TO BEAR FRUIT IN MANY OTHERS TOO and have many more children, so you and I will have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grand children all over the world!

6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEARING ME SO MANY CHILDREN! You're one of the greatest of all mothers, and that also makes you a Queen, because when you have Moses' children you're one of Moses' Queens! That's not a promotion: --That's just recognising what you already are--the place you've already earned---by being the most faithful scribe in my whole kingdom next to Maria!

7. SO YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT unto the half of my Kingdom!--'Cause you already have all of it anyway by taking care of so many of my children! I love you with an everlasting love for being so faithful to take care of our Family!

8. YOU'RE THE GREATEST HOME-MAKER IN THE WORLD! Maria's Number One Wife because she takes care of the King himself, but you're Number One Nurse or Nanny, 'cause you take care of all the Children with your letters!--And I love you! You said you wished I were there, and I was--in the spirit!

9. YOU'RE ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUEENS and I love you very, very much! I hope you have a good husband that loves you so very much and takes care of you for me. Tell him he better take very good care of you 'cause you belong to me! He can have you as long as he takes good care of you and loves you real good and is willing to share you with me and all our little typewriter babies!

10. YOU CAN TELL EVERY SECRETARY SHE'S A TYPEWRITER QUEEN too, and thank her for all the beautiful typewriter babies she's given me! She's one of my favourites too!

11. REMEMBER, YOU'VE EACH BORNE ME A NEW BABY every time you pull a typewriter baby out of your typewriter womb!--And our babies are going to plant seeds in other hearts and bear us more babies, till we have millions of babies all over the world!--'Cause you were faithful mothers with such productive typewriter wombs!

12. I PLANT THE INSPIRATION IN YOUR WOMB and out comes the finished product, all nice and neat and pretty!--Thanks to you! That's just what those typewriters are--your wombs!--And every time you put a letter in an envelope, you're planting it in somebody else's womb, too, and we hope it will bear much fruit--Amen?

13. SO GOD BLESS YOU FOR BEING SUCH GOOD MOTHERS, the greatest Queen Mothers in the whole world, and with the most children! Please keep taking good care of them and I'll love you forever, and we'll have the biggest and most wonderful family in all of the world!--Hallelujah? Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus! I'm throwing each of you seven kisses!--And a lot more seeds! I love you!

14. GOD BLESS YOU AND HELP YOU TO KEEP PRODUCING as long as I'm able to give you the seeds!--Amen?
--Your Husband in the Lord and your king.