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1. WHILE THE WORLD'S ATTENTION IS BEING DIVERTED BY MINOR SPECTACULAR EVENTS. IT IS RAPIDLY, SUBTLY AND INSIDIOUSLY, WITHOUT MUCH FANFARE OR NOTIFICATION, HEADING DOWNWARD FOR THE GREATEST ECONOMIC CRASH, DEPRESSION AND SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CATACLYSM IN ALL OF WORLD HISTORY! This we have been predicting by the Word of the Lord for the past dozen or more years from our first revelations on the "Message of Jeremiah" in the early Sixties and Grandmother's "Warning Prophecy" of 1964 of the soon-coming "Great Confusion" to our later predictions. [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"]

3. THE LATEST WARNINGS OF WORLD DISASTER ARE NOW BEGINNING TO COME IN CONFIRMATION FROM SOME OF THE WORLD'S LEADING HONEST ECONOMISTS, a few of which are quoted in a recent small Newsweek article tucked away in the business news as though the media is even afraid to mention it while preoccupied with the more sensational events of war, etc. But, nevertheless, corroboration of God's truth is beginning to get through to the people in substantiation of the fair warnings we have long been giving them of impending catastrophe! Thank the Lord!

4. THEY WOULDN'T LISTEN TO US ABOUT NIXON AND HIS PERFIDY, BUT NOW HE IS EXPOSED AND DEPOSED, and there must be a lot of red faces of chagrin and shame amongst his supporters who wouldn't believe us that he was such a crook, a liar and a would-be tyrant! But now he's gone and his poor duped and deluded followers are left to try to pick up the pieces of the fat Humpty Dumpty that once was America!

5. BUT DON'T BE TOO SURE THAT HIS END IS YET! Hitler actually spent time in prison before he made a comeback and took over Germany by the forces of his fanatical private army of hard-hat vigilantes! Napoleon was defeated and exiled to Elba as a prisoner until he escaped and led a triumphant march back to Paris and again took over France until its fall!--It can happen again!

6. MANY A DEPOSED LEADER IN WORLD HISTORY HAS LATER ENGINEERED A MILITARY COUP from behind the scenes which put him back in even greater power than ever before. America's perfidious little would-be dictator or Nitler, as we have preferred to call him--a nitwit Hitler, was flown home in an air force jet to a multi-million dollar estate guarded by his palace guards and greeted by the wild cheers of thousands of his insane followers!

7. ALL HE NEEDS IS FOR AMERICA TO HAVE ENOUGH TROUBLE AND WEAK ENOUGH LEADERSHIP TO BEG THIS MANIAC TO RETURN AND SAVE THEM, as Germany did Hitler and France did Napoleon and as have many other nations before and since! When people get desperate and are drowning in a sea of confusion, they will grasp at any straw that they think may have the slightest prospect of saving them, no matter what price they may have to pay in loss of liberties, freedoms, honour and conscience as they are inspired to perpetrate the most unbelievable horrors, atrocities and bloodshed which they think necessary to save their own necks!

8. AS THE DEVIL ONCE SAID: "SKIN FOR SKIN, AND WHAT WILL NOT A MAN DO FOR HIS LIFE!" The unscrupulous Americans would do anything, even if it meant reinstalling Nixon and letting him bring the world down to destruction along with America! I believe it with all my heart!--And if not their little Nitler, it will probably be some other demagogue who will lead them to their deserved destruction which God has promised and which will come, come what may, as God's said!

9. ACCORDING TO THESE LATEST PROPHETS OF DOOM, THE COLLAPSE OF AMERICA'S DOLLAR WILL HELP TO TAKE A GREAT DEAL OF THE REST OF THE WORLD DOWN WITH IT, as described in Newsweek's article of July 29, "Meet the New Jeremiahs!" Famous economists all, who charge businessmen as high as $500-$1,000, an hour for private guidance, they are each planning to be somewhere else when the crash comes which they predict will topple the rich nations like tumbling tenpins into an economic chaos that will make the Great Depression of the Thirties look like good times!

10. EVEN THE MOST RESPECTABLE ECONOMISTS ARE VIEWING THE FUTURE WITH ALARM AS WE FACE THE MOST DANGEROUS WORLD ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN HISTORY, with the United States leading the world into total financial disaster! Harry Brown who wrote the best seller, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis and lives in a palatial mansion in the mountains above Vancouver, is storing a year's supply of food for the crisis!

11. HE SAYS A POUND OF BEEF MAY SELL FOR 80 MILLION DOLLARS one week and 80 billion the next, but still have the actual real value of only two silver coins, and people will abandon their paper money for more valuable mediums of exchange! He says the big bust really began in '73 and there will soon be a colossal deflation with the collapse of the Dollar (read our "Green Paper Pig" and "Money Explodes") followed by a price inflation which will make today look like stability!

12. HARRY SCHULTZ. AUTHOR OF THE BUSINESS FAMED INTERNATIONAL {\b \i HARRY SCHULTZ LETTER} is selling his lavish London town house to escape to the more sensible Netherlands. He says business will stagnate as inflation skyrockets until the dollar goes out of control like the cargo on a freighter in a stormy sea! Banks will collapse along with the whole economic system until the world is forced to return to a monetary system based on gold and silver as the paper money falls "like the bones of prehistoric animals into the La Brea tar pits"!

13. HE CALLS IT AN "ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE," which we believe will undoubtedly precede the Biblical one! He predicts the U.S. stock market will collapse within a year, resulting in phenomenal unemployment which will bring a social cataclysm and war between Whites and Blacks, rich and poor as the finale of this economic crash (read our "The Crash")! It's all happening just like God showed us!

14. THE FAMED MARKET ADVISOR, JAMES DINES, IS ESCAPING TO THE MORE STABLE SWITZERLAND, and he expects the market to collapse along with labour's pension funds, banks, utilities and the bankruptcy of the whole Social Security system as business hits bottom and is forced to go back to gold and a new Leftist political system--or Rightist!

15. SEVENTY-ONE YEAR OLD BUSINESS PROPHET EDSON GOULD, WHO'S BEEN MAKING ACCURATE PREDICTIONS FOR 50 YEARS, CLAIMS WE'RE ON OUR LAST STEP TO THE BOTTOM! The only false prophet of peace amongst them is conservative Henry Kaufman who protests there is no law of economics that says inflation has to end and go back to the beginning, an untruth which contradicts all world history and the perpetual inevitable cycle of "War, Boom, Bust" described in our own article of the same name.

16. NEVERTHELESS, EVEN HE ADMITS WE FACE THE GREATEST ECONOMIC DANGER OF MODERN TIMES AND THE U.S. IS HEADING FOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, all though he suggests rather timidly and with an effort at hopeful optimism that perhaps it's not the end of the world! In view of the facts and God's Word, what do you think?

17. ONLY THE END OF THE PRESENT ECONOMIC SYSTEM WILL BRING AN END TO THIS MOST DEVASTATING INFLATION IN ALL HISTORY says Julian M. Snyder's International {\b \i Moneyline}, an exclusive little four-page financial forecaster for which American financiers pay Fifteen Dollars for two copies a month!--(--When you can buy ours for only about Ten Cents per copy and we've been telling you the same thing for the past five years!)

18. THE DOLLAR HAS DROPPED TO EIGHT PERCENT OF ITS VALUE 50 years ago, as proven by the fact that it now costs about 250 dollars to buy today the 20-Dollar American Double Eagle goldpiece which was coined then!--Which simply means that when I was a boy you could buy for about Eight Cents things which now cost about a Dollar!

19. THE DOLLAR HAS LOST HALF OF THIS VALUE IN ONLY THE PAST TEN YEARS which shows how fast this rate of inflation is increasing year by year! Moneyline predicts it will lose another 75 percent of its present value by 1977 so that it'll take a whole Dollar then to buy what you can still buy today for 25 Cents when a Dollar will be worth two Cents compared to what it could buy when I was a kid! Wow!

20. THIS MEANS TO YOU PERSONALLY THAT YOU'D HAVE TO EARN ABOUT THEN TIMES YOUR PRESENT SALARY BY 1977 to live as you are today as you're caught in the squeeze between rising taxes and soaring inflation. You may be using your furniture for fuel to cook raw dog for food by that time, as the middle class Germans did after their fortunes were wiped out by the post-war inflation of the 1920s the same thing that's happening to the British middle class of today and will be happening soon in the U.S. as well!

21. YOUR MONEY IS LOSING ITS VALUE FASTER THAN THEY CAN PRINT IT, and it soon won't be worth any more than the paper it's printed on! Already investors are fleeing from paper money into gold, God's monetary standard which has held its value stable for thousands of years! Civilisation will be compelled to return to gold if it's to salvage its currencies, or create an entirely new economic system based on a sophisticated computerised method of credit exchange which amounts to a simple bartering of actual goods and services by computer!

22. WILL THE NEW COMPUTERISED CREDIT SYSTEM BE THE "MARK OF THE BEAST" AND ITS COMPUTER "THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST" foretold in the Bible in Revelation 13, where the world dictatorship arises under a Superman called the "Antichrist" who has built to himself this "image" which speaks and uses an economic system requiring everyone to have a number to buy and sell? Land will have no saleable value unless you can grow your own food on it and you can't eat gold so you'd better start growing!

23. "INFLATION--A WORLDWIDE DISASTER!" is what the respected American economist Dr. Irving Friedman calls his new book in which he predicts that when the people begin to wake up to what's happening to their money, they're going to start cashing in their stocks and bonds and spending their savings to try to get their money's worth, so that banks, corporations and even governments will go broke as people begin to realise their paper money is really worth nothing at all! Modern economists ignore the even more dangerous social and political signs and the most vital of all financial forecasting factors: Loss of faith by the people brings all this gloom and doom upon themselves for ignoring God and His warning Words!--are you?

24. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS WORLD SITUATION AND ITS FUTURE, SEND FOR SOME OF THE LETTERS LISTED IN PARAGRAPH NO.2 or others listed hereon. Contact us for further info on how to survive this coming world crisis NOW!--Tomorrow may be too late!

25. TODAY IS THE DAY TO START A REVOLUTIONARY NEW LIFE to get the real thing. It is a free gift of God performed by a miraculous transformation when you accept the Truth of His Love. All you have to do is receive Jesus, God's Son as your Saviour by asking Him into your heart. You can do it right now.

26. GOD BLESS YOU! WE LOVE YOU! COME SEE US! There are thousands of us in hundreds of Colonies throughout the world and some of us are sure to be near you somewhere!

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28. IT'LL ONLY COST YOU YOUR LIFE, which we'll replace with a new one of total joy and happiness! Try it!--You'll love it!

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