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"FRANCE OUR FRIEND!"--MWWFL NO.14--MO October 8, 1974 NO.313B--DO

Copyright © October 1974 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England of GPO Box 3141, San Juan, P.R. 00936

Dear Worldwide Family:
Greetings in Jesus' Precious name.
1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VERY GOOD REPORTS, SON, AND YOUR FAITHFUL STEWARDSHIP OF THE LORD'S BUSINESS! You've done a wonderful job there considering the difficult conditions under which you've had to work, and I'm sure the Lord is blessing you for it and will help to somehow make things easier for you by perhaps breaking up the blobs and having each department take more responsibility for itself instead of dumping so much on you so you can be freer to take care of other important things, like Paris and France and its show business which can help us reach all Europe and the rest of the world!

2. I WAS GLAD TO HEAR YOU SAY THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO PREPARE LONDON TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF ITSELF even under someone else's supervision, at least part time, because I agree with you that our most important push at the present is Paris and we must take advantage now of the opportunities of this temporary popularity as it rolls into full swing.

3. FOR PARIS, TOO, MUST ALSO LEARN TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF ITSELF AND GREATER ADVANTAGE OF THESE TREMENDOUS NEW OPPORTUNITIES in all realms and strike while the iron is hot before public ardour cools. Fame is fleeting and popularity often only temporary, here today and gone tomorrow, and we must use it while we have it for the utmost publicity of the message and publishing the Word before persecution begins.

4. SO I BELIEVE THAT YOU SHOULD NOW TRY TO SPEND MORE OF YOUR TIME IN PARIS, as I begged you to do nearly a year ago, but which we have been unable to do due to your tremendous reorganisation responsibilities in getting London better established and functioning more efficiently. I really believe the answer may be in breaking up the blob into smaller, more independent units operating more on their own and merely coordinated by an overseer who makes the rounds to make sure they're getting their jobs done and are cared for properly. This should give them more vision, inspire more faith, encourage more initiative and produce more courage to make them all real pioneers, as we all should never cease to be in a real revolution as long as there are still any more worlds to conquer! Amen?--What do you think? I'm waiting for your ideas.

5. YOU COULD THEN DEVOTE MORE OF YOUR TIME TO PARIS, France, Europe, the Mediterranean and the whole world for that matter as a more general overseer of all our work 'round the globe. I still insist that one of our greatest needs is a worldwide trouble-shooter with sufficient authority and wisdom, spiritually and practically, to more closely supervise our worldwide work; and I believe you should begin with Paris and France to take advantage of the huge wave of publicity and popularity which is now beginning to roll there before it breaks up on the rocks of the shore, as it always does eventually. We must follow God where God is working!

6. IT LOOKS LIKE HARVEST TIME FOR FRANCE and it's time to reap both its souls and its benefits that God is helping us to reach through the media and our music with our message and method. Now's the time for an intensive follow-up campaign as outlined in your last report, straighten out the contracts, finances, living conditions, organisation, distribution, promotion and use the terrific PR we now have there for procuring and producing a crop such as never before! Your promotional and follow-up ideas are great! Let's get 'em going now!

7. IN DEB'S ABSENCE AND WHILE SHE'S RECUPERATING, I WANT YOU TO OVERSEE PARIS PERSONALLY as much as possible, if you even have to move there, which you may have to at the rate things are going in Britain, which is on the brink of bankruptcy as a nation! Paris and France are now the leading European power, and Europe's new Community capital is in nearby Brussels, so it's time we started hitting the big time in Europe and roll with the Holy Roller as we ride the crest of this new wave of popular publicity and public popularity as long as it lasts and sweeps everything before it, before it crashes on the beach and we have to swim our surfboard to another one as usual! It looks like the surf in Britain is already beginning to break up!

8. WE MAY EVEN HAVE TO CONSIDER PARIS AS A POSSIBLE NEW GHQ where our PR and good publicity and popularity are now so good that we may be able to do better there even than in London in the future. London has been more lenient, but Paris may be more potential for the future not only due to our growing popularity there, France's leading role in Europe, but also because of her growing role as friend of the Arabs, leader of the Third World, growing friend of the East and growing enemy of the West! During the recent Arab-Israeli war, her sympathies were obviously with the Arabs as their greatest friend in Europe, while Britain compromised with neutrality, and [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] America, Holland and West Germany were more or less openly pro-Israeli and anti-Arab! So France is more and more anti-American NATO with fewer such bases and likely safer later!

9. FRANCE HAS BEEN STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HER OWN DESPITE AMERICAN HOSTILITY with the help of her Arab and Communist friends, and is leading the European and Third World revolt against American domination, so it may be safer for us in the future than either [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] Holland or England! The Lord already showed us clearly what's going to happen to Britain and the West in "The Crash", "Money Explodes", "Green Pig", etc., and indicated clearly we'd be moving southward, as I already have, usually leading the way as your Pioneer!--Amen?

10. SO MAYBE PARIS WILL BECOME OUR NEW CAPITAL! It has an excellent postal and communication system, fairly strong stable government, a much stronger economy than Britain, and its Franc is second only in strength to the [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] American-backed West German Deutsche Mark! When the crash comes she has more food and agriculture to survive, and when America starts the next world war for oil through Israel, as I can now see she is preparing to do to save her economy and industry and luxury living at the expense of the rest of the world and maybe even its industrialised civilisation of the West, France has more friends on the side that's going to win, according to the Bible--the Kings of the East!--Along with Russia's Gog and Magog and the others!

11. SO PLEASE CONSIDER FRANCE AS A POTENTIAL ALTERNATIVE TO BRITAIN on our route Southward. Our other possible alternative, Italy, is too weak economically and governmentally at present to resist the growing Communist influence, and may soon fall to their Communist party, the largest and most powerful in Europe outside of those countries already Communist dominated. Greece will probably be the next to fall and its new government is already very anti-American and rightly blaming the U.S. for the former Greek military Fascist dictatorship and the CIA--inspired attempted Greek Cyprus military coup, both of which were defeated by the Turkish intervention. Turkey is also breaking its former relationships with America, resuming its drug production and shipping it by new routes to a drug-hungry world! This will probably be another of America's excuses for invading the Mideast!

12. WEST GERMANY WILL EITHER FALL TO RUSSIAN PRESSURE OR BE PERSUADED TO JOIN HER in stopping the U.S. Mideast invasion or be destroyed. France and French youth are already more pro-Communist than pro-American, so France will probably join her Arab friends in resisting the American invasion. Britain's crumbling economy, due to withdrawal of [ALERT! CHECK FOR SANITIZATION: "…"] American help because of her "neutralism" in the last Arab-Israeli war, which favoured the Arabs, will quite possibly bring down her present pro-American rulers and turn her pro-Communist, or she and her big American air, naval and missile bases will be destroyed along with America!

13. ONLY THE POORER SMALLER WEAKER EUROPEAN NATIONS WILL BE LEFT, powerless to resist the new world dictatorship of the pro-Communist countries and the Third World, of whom France is the leading friend! France has had two world wars fought on her soil and I'm sure does not want another and would rather join the winning side, as DeGaulle began to do long ago when he saw the Western side was losing! He was a smart old boy and saw it coming!

14. SO FRANCE MAY BECOME ONE OF THE SAFEST PLACES IN EUROPE when the time comes if she keeps leaning Eastward and Southward! She might at least possibly be spared the worst of it, which she's got in both previous wars and doesn't want again, if she keeps resisting American domination and military bases and sides with the eventually winning South and East, as we know from God's Word that America and her friends will be destroyed while the Communists take over the world! So we have a far better chance of surviving in the long run in an anti-American country like France than a still pro--American military base like England!--And France is still strong enough and has enough food to last longer than most of the rest of Europe, and therefore will probably survive the transition better than most of them, particularly as a friendly power toward the world's coming conquerors! At least that's the way I see it from here, as I feel led.--Amen?

15. HER CONSERVATIVE OLDER GENERATION ARE AFRAID OF THEIR OWN YOUTH and the way they and the world are turning toward the East, so are now willing to grasp at almost any straw which they think may save them from destruction and offer some alternative answer--like us! I believe this is why we're going over so well there right now; As the Devil said in Job, "Skin for skin, and what will not a man do for his life!" I believe they're grabbing onto us now for this reason, even while America is accusing us of being the Devil himself! They're not too fond of America anyway, so they may figure that what the U.S. hates France may even like!--And she does--Amen?

16. SO IT CERTAINLY WOULDN'T HURT TO START THINKING OF FRANCE AS A POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE BASE, especially since your status and housing in Britain right now seem somewhat uncertain! Have you thought about it? If not, please do! Our greatest fold of the future could be France!--PRAY!--Amen!--God bless & keep you all!--Love.--Dad.

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