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CHRONOLOG OF A LIFETIME!--64 Years of Family!       DFO 1354       12/82
Condensation of "Analog of a Lifetime!" by Apollos & Dad.

       1919: BORN FEB. 18, OAKLAND, CALIF.! Father poor Swedish immigrant. Mother German-Jewish-French-English housewife, recently saved & healed & raised from deathbed!
       1920: LOVED SAN FRANCISCO!--Ferry trips & streetcar rides to Golden Gate Park!
       1921,22: MOVED TO OKLAHOMA to join Grandfather's evangelistic meetings. Foot crushed in auto accident & then miraculously healed.
       1923: LOST IN MOJAVE DESERT!--On auto caravan trip back to California--three days without food & water before rescue! To Canada for more evangelistic meetings.
       1924: 5th BIRTHDAY NEAR WASHINGTON, D.C.--Loved visiting Smithsonian Institute Museum, especially gem & jungle exhibits. Camped South to Miami, Florida, where Mother had tent revival which grew into Miami Gospel Tabernacle.
       1925: EYES BURNED BLIND!--By gas water-heater explosion--miraculously healed by Mother's & Leland Valentine's prayers! Loved fishing, 1st cigar, drove 1st truck!
       1926: IN GREAT MIAMI HURRICANE! Mother's new Tabernacle destroyed. Start 1st grade. [DELETED]
       1927: 8 YEARS, 2nd GRADE.--Loved school, studies, teachers & pretty girls.
       1928: 9 YEARS, 3rd GRADE.--Tabernacle rebuilt, Mother having trouble with Mafia & Communist [EDITED: "ACs"] in Miami. Miami Boom burst, Great Depression begins!
       1929: 10 YEARS, 4TH GRADE IN BUENA VISTA SCHOOL, first bicycle, loved tennis, books. Great Black Monday October financial stock market crash!--World Depression worsens!
       1930: 11 YEARS, 5th GRADE.--Loved teacher, Mrs. Rice, & reading Sci-fi & Tarzan.
       1931: 12 YEARS, 6th GRADE.--Loved girls, but too shy & skinny. Nicknamed "Professor" by ridiculing fellow students because of studiousness & superior grades.
       1932: 13 YEARS, 1st YEAR IN JR. HIGH SCHOOL!--Loved geography, history, anatomy. World in depths of Great Depression! FDR elected for "Liquor, Russia & Recovery!"
       1933: 14 YEARS, 8th GRADE.--Made news scrapbooks, radio sets, sneak off to movies. Mother lost Tabernacle, starts Church of Open Door. Travelled with Mother in Summer time on Evangelistic road with Bible dramas! World Depression hits bottom! Our family of 12 live on $10 per week!
       1934: 15 YEARS, 9th GRADE, last year in Jr. High School at Wheaton College Academy. Did whole year in one semester! Miami Summer.
       1935: 16 YEARS, 10th GRADE AT MIAMI SENIOR HIGH.--Enjoyed new subjects, made top grades, learned to play sax. Drove Mother to evangelistic meetings full-time when out of school, acting as her chauffeur, porter, etc. Fuck Mary Lou, Mom's secretary!
       1936: 17 YEARS, COMPLETED ONLY HALF OF 11th GRADE 'cause Mother needed me for evangelistic work, so dropped out at mid-term! All summer in evangelistic work.
       1937: 18 YEARS, OUT OF SCHOOL HELPING MOTHER. Took trip to California & visited Brother, who persuaded Mother that I must return to High School & finish education!
       1938: FINISHED LAST 1-1/2 YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL IN 7 MONTHS & graduated with highest grades ever made at Monterey Union High School, California! Tests reveal IQ of 178! "Trapped on a Mountain" experience in Yosemite Park during summer vacation. Mother & Father broke up. Back to Miami in Fall, helping Mother pastor her church, conducting music program, etc. Received baptism of Holy Spirit & immediately felt more direct leading of the Lord in daily walk, Bible study & greater interest in Bible Prophecy. Engaged to Delores, 14, leader of Young People Soc.
       1939: SERIOUS AUTO ACCIDENT landed both Mother & me in hospital, where the Lord showed us to get back on evangelistic road!
       1940: MOVED TO LOS ANGELES, Father & Mother re-united in California, & Mother & I started the Mother Layne's Hospitality Home in San Diego for lonely servicemen.
       1941: 22 YEARS, WORKING WITH MOTHER IN CALIFORNIA. Received notice for Army induction. Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor bombing puts U.S. in WW 2! Drafted & sent to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, U.S. Army Engineers.
       1942: NEARLY DIED of double pneumonia, temperature of 106 F., three days unconscious, & while on deathbed promised God my lifetime service--was immediately & miraculously healed! But given only one year to live by doctors because of weak heart! However, upon discharge from Army, launched back into full-time service for the Lord doing evangelistic work with Mother!--And serving him 40 more years!
       1943: MET & BEGAN GOING WITH EVE while visiting an Alliance church in San Fernando Valley. She was Church Secretary & Youth Director of Little Church of Sherman Oaks, Calif.
       1944: ELOPED TO PALM SPRINGS WITH EVE!-- Lots of conjugal sex for first time in my life! Travelled in evangelistic meetings with Mother to Florida for Christmas. Eve pregnant with Deborah. Still going strong in Florida meetings till August!
       1945: DROVE BACK TO CALIFORNIA FOR DEBORAH'S BIRTH SEPT. 10! (FDR dies, UN formed, end of WW2!) Continued travelling with Mother in her evangelistic work.
       1946: EVE PREGNANT WITH AARON, Mother insists Eve can't travel with us anymore. Worked at odd jobs & a few California meetings. Eve & Deb with my Dad in Goleta.
       1947: MOTHER INVITES ME TO MEETINGS IN CANADA.--Eve & Deb dropped off at Eve's parents in Kentucky to have Aaron. 3 months later Eve, Deb & Aaron rejoin me in California & Mother fires me! We camp out in Eagle Rock trailer park while I attend So. California Bible College in Pasadena.
       1948: CONTINUE IN COLLEGE until discovering that Eve is pregnant with third child, Ho!--Disgusted with Bible College, wanting full-time place of service, am given a pastorate in Valley Farms, Arizona, by my denomination, with promise to build church.
       1949: HO BORN! BUILT ADOBE CHURCH building in middle of desert. Pastored, preached & taught Bible Prophecy. Evangelised & brought in Mexicans & Indians, to church people's dismay! Lived by faith, mostly with help of Mail Ministry to friends.
       1950: AFTER COMPLETING CHURCH BUILDING, TRIED TO FINISH COLLEGE education at University of Arizona. Just before Christmas, only a month before Faithy was due to be born, the church fired me for hard preaching & racial integration of church!--Just before Christmas!
       1951: FAITHY BORN! LEFT CHURCH, got fed up with secular College, received prophetic encouragement from William Branham. (See No.897:1-53.) Returned to California to attend more Bible College. Began driving school bus & teaching Calvary Junior High School Classes. (See No.897.)
       1952: CONTINUED TEACHING & BUS DRIVING. Heard Fred Jordan & his Soul Clinic wanted missionaries for Israel, so volunteered as a missionary to the Jews!--Ha!
       1953: RECEIVED "THE CALL OF DAVID!" (No.79), Ezekiel 2 and 3. Bought trailer, quit teaching-&-driving job, enrolled kids in Soul Clinic Nursery School & began with Soul Clinic Missionary Training in Los Angeles.--Left California & went to Texas Soul Clinic, but after several months told Fred I still believed in churches, so left & returned to Los Angeles! Became assistant pastor & office worker for Hebrew-Christian radio evangelist, Dr. Michelson, but soon quit & went back to school-teaching & bus- driving.
       1954: GETTING FED UP WITH THE SYSTEM! Much heart trouble--& message from the Lord to "Go, sell all that thou hast & come follow Me"! Quit jobs, forsook all, sold everything & took off with family in trailer across country by faith, witnessing & rejoining Mother in evangelistic meetings. Tried to teach church people soul-winning & witnessing, but they refused & rejected message. Had Life-After-Death experience with ghost of Dr. Koger & went to Miami to start a Soul Clinic school. (See Nos.679 & 897.)
       1955: FLORIDA SOUL CLINIC SCHOOL BOOMING! Booked Fred's "Church in the Home" TV Show on local station & other Florida TV stations. Get nationwide vision for Gospel TV!
       1956: CLOSED UP FLA. SOUL CLINIC--Hit the road with wife & kids in trailer to book "Church in the Home" on TV stations nation wide! Invaded many churches with the children, movies, slides, Bible Prophecy!
       1957: BOOKING "CHURCH IN THE HOME" Gospel TV Show!--200 TV stations!--60,000 miles!
       1958: HAD SOUL CLINIC SCHOOL IN KENTUCKY, then returned briefly to TSC.
       1959: BACK TO MIAMI TO WITNESS TO JEWS! Started another Soul Clinic on S.W. side.
       1960: MOVED SCHOOL TO KEY LARGO, started missionary training school trailer park, "Sharon Colony". Moved selves back to South Miami Beach for closer access to Jews! Taped "Endtime Whispering Vision."
       1961: LEASE MIAMI BEACH HOTEL FOR SUMMER SOUL CLINIC, give "Bible in Pictures" talks. Jews reject message, so moved back to downtown Miami & carried on Soul Clinic School in old Gautier Mansion, 215 N.E. 15 Ter. ([EDITED: "Condemned as a result of city persecution and"] Destroyed [DELETED] --now a parking lot!)
       1962: FOUGHT EVOLUTION IN MIAMI SCHOOLS! Received "Message of Jeremiah" for America. Live w/Mary Ulm & Rosa Mohammed on TV trips.
       1963: CHASED OUT OF MIAMI BY JEWS because of last year's fight over Evolution! Our family based out of TSC from '63 to '67 while I still travelled for TV.--300 TV stations!--1100 Radio Stations!
       1964: NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR EXHIBIT!--For "Church in the Home"--mainly managed by Ho (16) & Faith (14).--I was on the road for TV while kids operated exhibit & witnessed.
       1965: REOPEN WORLD'S FAIR EXHIBIT!--In spite of Fred's protests! My Mother visits us at TSC & receives "Warning Prophecy". (No.655) Fred fires me!
       1966: "TEENS FOR CHRIST"!--National witnessing tour! First new disciples!--Josh, Caleb, Lydia & others. "Warning Tract" written & distributed by the thousands! Received "understanding of Daniel" prophecy through my Mother at TSC. (156:2.)
       1967: "MILLIONS OF MILES OF MIRACLES"! (No.897)--Texas, Canada, Bahamas & back!--My Mom with us. Wrapped up Ranch, received "Ezekiel 34" (No.1335), married "Teens" & left for California at Grandmother's invitation to help Hippies.
       1968: "KING OF BEGGARS--SHEPHERD OF SHEEP"! Took over Light Club in Huntington Beach & began new ministry with the hippies! My Mother graduates to Heaven at age of 83! Anti-War demonstrations, school picketing, church sit-ins, arrests & persecution!
       1969: MARIA JOINS! FLED HUNTINGTON BEACH in Spring & hit the road with hippie Gypsy Caravan, travelling across U.S., up to Canada & down to Texas. Ask Fred for use of TSC.
       1970: ARRIVED AT TSC RANCH in February. Family grows by leaps & bounds! I & Maria split to Israel to try to find new quarters to start Family kibbutz in the "Promised Land"! MO-Letter Ministry really rolls!
       1971: FLED ISRAEL with revelation that Israel & Jews were not where it was at! (See No.66.) Continued writing Letters. Returned to States to try to straighten out Jeth & Deb, & sent first teams off to Europe. Spent Winter camping in cold & snow of Okla.
       1972: FLED BACK TO LONDON & devoted full-time to writing.
       1973: 1ST PUBLIC PUBS OF MO LETTERS!-- Litnessing revolution begins! Poorboy Clubs & Family population booming! Spreading out all over Europe! First FFing!--Arthur!
       1974: FLED LONDON FOR TENERIFE due to miraculous revelation & warning from the Lord to flee! Continue Letters & start FFing Revolution!
       1975: DAVIDITO BORN JANUARY 25!--Worldwide Family Childcare Revolution begins!
       1977: FLED TENERIFE due to persecution-- to Portugal & Spain, hearing from the Lord & writing lots of Letters!
       1978: RNR DECLARED!--Purges many top leaders, including Rachel, Jeth, Deb, Tim & others. Moved to Switzerland, then Malta (see No.797), back to Switzerland & then to France.
       1979: TECHI BORN IN NICE MARCH 19! Moved from Villefranche to Nice, to Cagnes. Camping series in full bloom! Began buying trailers & moving into'm!
       1980: CAMPED WITH STAFF IN TRAILERS in various parts of Southern France. Moved to a farm near Aix. Urge Family to move South out of coming Atom-War zone!
       1981: FLEW TO SOUTH AFRICA in Summer. Spent six months busily writing Letters. Return to Winter in Europe & help WS Units flee from the North to the South!
       1982: LEFT EUROPE FOR THE SOUTH!--Most pubs ever!--Books, Mags, GNs & more & more!
       1983 IS UP TO YOU & ME & THE LORD!--Let's make it our greatest year yet!--Amen? PTL! GBAKYAMYAB!--IJNA.--ILY! KGFG! Keep'm rollin'!--We're almost there! HALLELUJAH!

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