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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!--NO.9       DFO 1643       10/83

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (10/98): Please refer to The Charter for the Family's current doctrine and policies regarding most of the following subjects."]

       1. QUESTION: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CHERUBIM ANGEL & A SERAPHIM ANGEL? Is one of greater importance than the other?--Rosie, Pacific.

       2. QUESTION: WHEN READING VARIOUS TESTIMONIES IN THE FN ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCES WITH THEIR BABIES GOING TO BE WITH THE LORD then later when the Lord blesses them with a new baby, they say the baby acts just like their "graduated" baby. I don't quite understand, does it mean the new baby has the first baby's spirit or what do they mean? Or rather how should we think along these lines of "departed" spirits?--Freedom, Asia.
       ANSWER: MAYBE IT HAS BOTH SPIRITS!--Its own & the other for a spirit helper!--A dual personality! When science speaks of this, particularly when it's evil demon-possession causing "split personality," they call it "schizophrenia." But when it's a good spirit we call it "re-incarnation." Nevertheless, each will have its own body in the resurrection. PTL!

       3. QUESTION: DOES DAD HAVE ANY COMMENT ON GRANDMOTHER'S HEALING MINISTRY COMPARED TO OTHER CHURCHY FAITH HEALERS? Was it pretty much the same, or did she not "get into it" the same way so many of them do, yelling, ranting like madmen, shouting dramatically, etc. (Never!) I guess when you're really full of God's spirit, performing miracles & trying to inspire people's faith to believe for healing, you can't help but get excited. But was Grandmother's ministry more of quiet, steady faith than excited dramatics?--Kind of like the Family today?--Esther, Asia.
       ANSWER: AMEN. MOTHER WAS NEVER NOISY.--But some people just naturally are--like me!--Ha!

       4. QUESTION: IN THE ANSWER TO APOLLOS' QUESTION ABOUT THE BOOK OF LIFE--I was wondering, are all the names already decided upon & that's it?--Or will there be & are there names still being added on? And will there be all through the Millennium?--Abner, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: AS APOLLOS SUGGESTED, I BELIEVE THEY'RE ALL THERE WHEN YOU'RE BORN, if of "clean" parents (1Cor.7:14), but are only "blotted out" (Ps.69:28) for unbelief in Jesus & rejection of Him & resultant wickedness.--What's your theory?

       5. QUESTION: SINCE THE LORD HAS SHOWN YOU MANY THINGS & INDICATED THROUGH HIS WORD THAT THERE'LL BE MO LETTERS & OTHER OF THE PRECIOUS WORD MATERIALS THE FAMILY HAS IN THE MILLENNIUM, I was wondering--are we going to have a special way to save our files?--Like all the precious photos, tapes, Book of Remembrance, etc., will the Lord just spare those through all the hard times ahead or will somehow they just be reconstituted in the Millennium? Sometimes I get so burdened about those irreplaceable goodies the Lord has given & know that some day they'll be a benefit to the whole worldwide Family--so I & many others have a burden to keep'm safe--should we look into some way of super storage or just trust the Lord'll keep miraculously through those rough times?--Hannah, Pacific.
       ANSWER: DO YOUR BEST TO STORE'M IN A SAFE PLACE & TRUST THE LORD!--Or hope we can get'm all done before He comes! GBY!

       6. QUESTION: WHAT WAS THE NECESSARY PURPOSE OF PAUL SENDING SCARVES OR APRONS (that he'd prayed over) to the sick to heal them? Couldn't he have just prayed for them at a distance, or is it an "aid" to have a physical object to "transmit" the spiritual power, sort of like the laying on of hands is an important part of healing?--Jordan, Asia.

       7. QUESTION: WHY DOES PAUL SAY IN 1TIM.4:8, "BODILY EXERCISE PROFITETH LITTLE"?--When we know how important it is & have proven it ourselves over & over.--John, Pacific.
       ANSWER: --LITTLE BY COMPARISON TO THE SPIRITUAL!--As in my Mother's poem, "Do You?"--feed your body but starve your soul!
       "DO YOU?" (Do You Feed Your Body but Starve Your Soul?)

       He was a man that some folks called great,
       Said he'd made good, had grappled with fate
       'Till he'd won fame and some riches, too.
       But in the crowd there were those that knew
       The soul of him, so miserably small,
       That real greatness he knew not at all.
       For all through life he'd missed the real goal;

       He had no time for the little things
       That so much peace and contentment brings;
       A faithful friend, a child's tender look;
       A promise sweet from the dear Old Book;
       A little talk with the Friend Divine;
       A little walk where the wild flowers twine,
       Just half a man, not well-rounded, whole;

       And when the day of accounting came
       In God's own time, and Death called his name,
       Then the poor, frail, worthless, empty shell
       He'd groomed and fed and tended so well,
       Was left behind--just an earthbound clod
       While his shriveled soul went to face his God
       All unprepared, and paid the full toll;

       So, come, my friend and we'll walk today
       Where the biggest and best still have full sway.
       We'll follow the trail that higher goes
       To visions where the soul ever larger grows.
       You'll never hear them say of you then;
       "Just one of the common herd of men
       You'd find anywhere from pole to pole
--Virginia Brandt

       8. QUESTION: HOW LONG DOES ONE NEED TO BE IN A HOME BEFORE SHARING? I am a mobile single sister who does mainly witnessing, litnessing, etc. I am very health/hygiene conscious, but do need to refuel with love--in sharing from time to time & although I'm not presently based with a particular Home, & travel a lot, I would appreciate some guidance on this.--Charmaine, Africa.
       ANSWER: WHY NOT?--What are the limits to sharing & love?--Only consideration for others, that you don't share VDs you may have picked up along the way!

       9. QUESTION: ALTHOUGH FAITH HEALERS DO HAVE MORE SUCCESS WITH THE IGNORANT & UNSAVED THAN WITH THE SAVED who should have faith for their own healing, they do have some limited success with healing the already-saved, church people, etc. Why is this?--Beth, Pacific.
       ANSWER: WELL, THEY CERTAINLY OUGHT TO HAVE SOME SUCCESS WITH BELIEVERS!--Mt.9:29.--It just seems some ignorant outsiders--not unbelievers--seem to have more faith than doubting Christians!

       10. QUESTION: AS WE'RE DEALING WITH A SHEEP WHO IS CLOSE TO PENTECOSTALS, we are often asked to answer to the doctrine of "waters" (Heb.6:2) They say we can't be saved without being baptised with water (which is false!) What do you think about this?--Daniel, Africa.

       11. QUESTION: IF OF THE TEN HORNS, THREE ARE DESTROYED, THERE ARE ONLY SEVEN! How is it 10 in Revelation?--Christian Jeremias, W.Germany.
       ANSWER: IT'S TEN POWERS TO BEGIN WITH, BUT THE ANTICHRIST UPROOTS THREE, they fall & are subdued by him (Dan.7), but still exist, & all give their power to him & cooperate with him in destroying Babylon. This seems to show the Antichrist will have to overcome three European (EC?) powers by force before they'll all cooperate with him to destroy the USA!--Could this mean in one or more of the first "Five Wars of the Antichrist" (No.1528) before the Atom War that destroys America? Germany is already down, Britain almost--Italy next?

       12. QUESTION: AFTER READING "THE REST OF THE DEAD" Dad mentions that there are two battles of Gog & Magog? I knew one was at the end of the Millennium. When is the first one? Ben & Ange, Asia.
       ANSWER: EZEK.38 & 39, EXPLAINED IN NOs.1502-3; 1513:50 & 1620.

       13. QUESTION: WHEN WE CALL FOR UNITED PRAYER IS IT ONLY AN OUTWARD CEREMONY TO SHOW OUR UNITY & BE A TESTIMONY, or is there actual power in united prayer, in others' faith? I know this sounds like a dumb question, but the reason I ask is because people use quotes from "Faith & Healing" to "prove" that only the person's faith matters, & that the faith or the prayers of others is not important, but mostly the fact they're going through the prescribed ceremony in unity will please the Lord & get the healing. I know there are certain conditions to fulfill, especially obedience in calling for united prayer, but isn't faith a vital ingredient as well?--"The prayer of faith shall save the sick" & "without faith it is impossible to please Him."--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: YOU'VE ANSWERED IT!--THE FAITH OF ALL PLEASES THE LORD, SO THE MORE THE MERRIER! Besides, unity demonstrates faith by obedience.

       14. QUESTION: WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT PARADISE. Can there be a very nice place in the center of the Earth?--Tim & Faith, Asia.

       15. QUESTION: WOULD THAT BE A PLACE ONLY FOR BEFORE THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS?--As after we'll have the inside & the outside of the Holy City.--Tim & Faith, Asia.
       ANSWER: THE THEOLOGIANS' THEORY IS THAT IT WAS ABOLISHED AFTER JESUS PREACHED TO THE "SPIRITS IN PRISON" (1Pet.3:19) between His crucifixion & resurrection, as all Old Testament saints were resurrected then, & "spirits in prison" who received Him were saved then & must have gone up in the same resurrection!--So the Heavenly City exists now & has been prepared by Jesus ever since His Ascension (Jn.14:2-3) & must not be too far away! HAL! (Read ML No.1596.)


       17. QUESTION: IN GN 6, PG.131, NO.1494, THE COVER PICTURE SAYS, "THE DAILY SACRIFICE OF THE JEWS BEGINS..." then a guy is thinking "1260 days!" This is an error I am sure because he should be thinking 2,300 days! See No.1488, pg.42 of GN 6.--Joses Playground, USA.
       ANSWER: THE 2300 DAYS SEEMS TO APPLY TO THE LENGTH OF TEMPLE WORSHIP & TRIBULATION. So, as our Artist has the guy watching a TV announcement of the beginning of Temple worship thinking 1260 days as though of Tribulation period, it shoulda said "2300."--You're right!--As he was apparently thinking how long it would be to the end of Tribulation!--Correct your pix, folks!--Sorry, but I'm not always responsible for art errors!--But I try!--Tx!

       18. QUESTION: WE SHOULDN'T TRY TO GET OTHERS TO HAVE FAITH FOR US WHEN WE'RE SICK, but if we already do have some faith for healing, could the power of others' faith & prayers supplement our own? Or how does that work?--Dan, Pacific.

       19. QUESTION: I WAS WONDERING ABOUT SOME OF THE WALT DISNEY CARTOONS that we have on video. Some are really cute, some rather violent. Do they fall under Uneager Beavers? Could it maybe be specified which ones you, Dad & Maria, especially like, as you mentioned in the Letters. Our kids' minds are such tape recorders & we need to feed them right.--Helga, Europe.

       20. QUESTION: WHAT ABOUT A SUBSCRIPTION/GIFT YEARLY FOR LINers OF LIN & KIDZ MAGS? I think many Fish/friends would like to help & give a gift & get the LIN whenever it's issued. Otherwise they may not write in often enough but still may be sincerely interested.--Elia, Europe.
       ANSWER: YOU WANNA PAY THE ANTE IN FULL FOR A FULL YEAR?--Minimum $5 per month, $60 per year?--You got it, Buddy! Send us the $60 bucks & we'll put'm on for a year! GBY!--Tx!

       21. QUESTION: WHEN FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE A SPECIAL, ABOVE NORMAL GIFT FOR HEALING, can they exercise that gift on anyone?--Not just the ignorant & unsaved, but also on other Family Members & Christians who could be expected to have sufficient faith themselves, but who are not as strong in healing faith? Once they get their heart right with the Lord & meet the Lord's conditions, could the other's gifts & faith be used to help get the healing?--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: OF COURSE! "THE GIFTS & CALLINGS OF GOD ARE WITHOUT REPENTANCE!" (Rom.11:29)--They don't change, regardless of who's being prayed for!

       22. QUESTION: CONCERNING ES-WORK & whether to tithe the agency fee or not. Some do & others don't. We wanted to ask for counsel on this. On the one hand it wouldn't have been possible to obtain these various appointments without the agency, so it may be good to tithe the SFr.80 (out of SFr.250) that goes to the agency, but on the other hand, many don't consider this as actual income but money that belongs to the agency in the first place!--Paul & Psalms, Europe.

       23. QUESTION: WOULD YOU CLARIFY FF WITNESSING STATS, whether you count the amount of times you witnessed to each person, such as regular fish that get loved more than once in a month? If you count all the loved times it makes your souls/loved ratio look bad.--David & Sunny, Asia.
       ANSWER: SORRY, BUT IT'S STILL "TIMES WITNESSED TO" & "TIMES LOVED"--COUNT'M!--You should get credit for all of'm!--As well as "souls"!--Amen? GBY! ILY! Keep'm rollin'!

       24. QUESTION: IN THE CASE OF FAITH HEALERS PRAYING FOR THE UNSAVED OR IGNORANT, whose faith does the healing? Paul perceived the man "had faith to be healed" & commanded him to walk, & he obeyed & did, but without Paul's commandment, it seems he wouldn't have been healed. Even Jesus asked, "Believe ye that I am able to do this?" & in cases where they had little faith, He couldn't do many mighty works. So is it a combination of the sick person's & the healer's faith?--Or, if it's mostly the person's faith, what vital link is the healer himself performing?--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: EVERY BIT OF FAITH COUNTS!--On both parts!--How much each needs depends on the case, but even a mustard seed's will do! A mustard seed is smaller than a BB shot--about as big as a buckshot!--So it doesn't take much, if that'll remove a mountain! (Mt.17:20)

       25. QUESTION: I HAVE BEEN DOING A LOT OF ESing SO I ALWAYS TRY TO GET THE WITNESS IN somehow to the many men I see & make love to. But it is different than FFing. In our stats we put down our ES wit under FFing, so the stats show 50 loved & three saved--not all that good of odds. Is this the correct way to report our wit in this type of ministry? Or would it be better to report it under "other personal"?--Bigvai & Rose, USA.
       ANSWER: IT'S STILL CLASSED UNDER "FFing," although it shows the personal approach is more fruitful than numbers. But why should your hard work & loving individuals in ESing be a less effective witness & win fewer souls?--Is it that you spend less time with each?

       ANSWER: YOU EACH WITNESS TWO TO THREE SO YOU EACH GET CREDIT FOR THREE.--A bit confusing I grant you, but that's stats!--It's like our worldwide total witness to date: It's now about 40-some billion, when there are only about 4 billion people on Earth!--So there's bound to be some duplication, & we have to take that into account when evaluating the real figures.--OK?

       27. QUESTION: HOW DO THE FALSE CULTS HEAL? We as Christians have healing through Jesus' stripes & body broken for us, but when the Devil heals those he's afflicted in the first place, how does he do it?--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: JUST LIFTS HIS CURSE OR SPELL!--(See Nos.1369:188-189, 1443, 1454 & "God's Curses!", coming soon!)

       ANSWER: WHY NOT WHEN SAVED? "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is Heaven give good things to them that ask Him?" (Mt.7:11; Acts 10:44; 19:6)

       29. QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE "INTERNATIONAL ROTARY CLUB"? I think it's the same as the Masons & was created by [EDITED: "ACs"]. What do you think?--Emanuel & Priscilla, S.America.


       31. QUESTION: SOMEBODY I WAS WITNESSING TO ASKED ME THIS FOLLOWING QUESTION. "Where did the evil spirits called 'Legion' go after inhabiting the horde of pigs, when the pigs threw themselves in the water & died?" My answer was that perhaps they had entered into some fish or sea creatures afterward, but that I wasn't sure. It would be nice to hear your answer.--Louisa, S.America.
       ANSWER: I DON'T KNOW, BUT YOURS SOUNDS REASONABLE. However, they can't always immediately find other vehicles & often have to search awhile. (Mt.12:43-45)

       32. QUESTION: CONCERNING DAD'S COMMENTS ON "THE EXORCIST," I was under the impression that the movie was somewhat deceiving--leading people to believe that the only cases of possession were those that demonstrate such extreme physical manifestations such as in the movie, where the demon-possessed girl was levitating, throwing things around the room, etc.--When actually a lot of demon-possessed people act quite "sane" or "normal" under most circumstances. Could this be the case also?--Titus & Charity, S.America.

       33. QUESTION: WHY IS ACUPUNCTURE WRONG? Is it because the act of sticking needles in someone is unnatural & anti-God? Can the needles damage the nerves they are jabbed through while they "helpfully" short-circuit pain signals?--Or is the danger that the needles may act sort of like spiritual lightning rods through which the evil spirits can take over someone's nervous system?--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: PERHAPS ANY ONE OF THESE OR ALL!--BUT I BELIEVE IT'S FORBIDDEN IN SCRIPTURE BY PROHIBITIONS ON MARKINGS OF SKIN & SELF ABUSE. (Mic.3:2; 1Cor.3:16-17; 6:9) Besides, who needs it?--We have the Lord!--And when in doubt, don't!

       34. QUESTION: WHAT IS OUR POLICY OR WAY OF GOING ABOUT TELLING OUR JESUS BABIES & SIBLINGS THAT THEY ARE JESUS BABIES? Our daughter is four now--her father is not in the Club & very close to us now. She looks a bit different, but not obvious & we've never made an issue of it, but want her to know. What do you think?--James & Charity, Asia.
       ANSWER: WHY DO YOU WANT HER TO KNOW?--KNOW WHAT? You're her parents!--Why should she ever be told anything else?--We've never told ours! Even where adopted kids were told, it usually causes hurt!--So why?

       35. QUESTION: I'D LIKE TO KNOW HOW OTHER BROTHERS WHO ARE MATED OR MARRIED & HAVE A CHILD OR CHILDREN & FF GIRLS answer questions like, "Do you have a girlfriend?" or "Are you married?" or "Do you have children?" Do they answer at first with another question or do they tell them straight out, or what? How do they react when you tell them?--Ben, Asia.

       36. QUESTION: DO EVIL SPIRITS ENTER A PERSON'S NERVOUS SYSTEM THROUGH THE ACUPUNCTURE PINS somewhat the same way that scientists control people or animals by electrical impulses through pins stuck in their brains? (Sorry, I know It's not a pleasant question, but maybe the age-old practice of acupuncture is related in some way to what will be happening in the Endtime with the Mark of the Beast?)--Dan, Pacific.

       37. QUESTION: ABOUT THE FOUR BEASTS AROUND THE ALTAR IN REV.4:6-9. I wonder if these could symbolise the four cardinal signs of the Zodiac which the Lord uses to rule over His natural physical creation. The four cardinal signs are Aquarius (a man), Leo (a lion), Taurus (a bull) & Scorpio, symbolised by three things, a lizard, a scorpion, or an eagle. Thought it was an interesting theory if nothing more.--Gibea Firstfruits, Pacific.

       38. QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF EDGAR CAYCE'S AMAZING HEALING MINISTRY? From a couple of his books I read long ago, plus a video documentary we saw on him, he seems to profess many Christian principles, but to be totally deceived & misled. The same "ancient wise" Atlantean spirits that time & again gave him natural & herbal remedies to heal people, also gave him very false prophecies & doctrines that totally contradict the Bible. Does Dad have any specific comments on Edgar Cayce or others like him?--Miguel, S.America.
       ANSWER: READ ANSWERS NOs. 27 & 30 ABOVE ON THE DEVIL'S HEALINGS. "For then shall arise false Christs, & false prophets, & shall shew great signs & wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." (Mt.24:5,11 & 24)

       39. QUESTION: AT THE NAFM THERE WERE BASKETBALL & SOCCER GAMES, which many of the brothers participated in, resulting in some injuries, including a broken foot. The question I have is: Aren't contact sports what you & the Lord canned in "Are You a Good Sport?" I don't want to be critical, but I've thought about it & it seems there are so many loving, peaceful, non-contact sports, i.e., tennis, swimming & cycling that could be good 'Get-Outs' without resorting to the more dangerous competitive contact sports, which cause System wars & injuries to the Family.--Meshel Davidson, Asia.

       40. QUESTION: DO YOU ADVOCATE US EATING AS MANY EGGS AS YOU DO, or is it just for you as an exception? I have always heard that too many eggs are bad for you, but I like to hear what you have to say, because I write articles about health for magazines here & I like to say the truth.--Maggie, Asia.
       ANSWER: HOW MANY IS TOO MANY? Science changes its opinions all the time! I eat what I like & is good for me!--Ha!

       41. QUESTION: THE MAIN THING THAT MANY WORLDLY PEOPLE USE TO "EXPLAIN AWAY" GOD'S MIRACLES OF HEALINGS is that it's just the healer's great charisma, his own power of the mind, & that even non-believers, psychics, etc., can heal. We know that that's not so, & that they either heal through the power of God or the Devil. What specific answer does Dad give people who say that, that would help us "give an answer to him that asketh us"?--Dan, Pacific.

       42. QUESTION: I HAD ONE QUESTION: YOU OFTEN MENTION ABOUT THE RICH MAN DIVES. LHM--I must have missed a Moke or explanation somewhere, but as I can't actually find any reference in the Bible to Dives, could you explain please? I'm sure there's probably others who have likewise re-read Luke 16 many times looking for him!--Isaac, Asia.

       43. QUESTION: WILL THE VIDEOS WE MAKE NOW BE STILL USABLE IN THE MILLENNIUM? My vision is to put all the Letters into visual form with puppets for people to more easily & quickly take in the Word, & to help them remember it better by remembering the pictures that tell the story. Will such a project have to wait until the Millennium?--Peter Puppet, Asia.
       ANSWER: WE'RE USIN'M NOW, WHY NOT THEN? (See ML "Here & Now for There & Then," 1092.)

       44. QUESTION: WITH A "PSYCHIC HEALER" WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE IN JESUS, could his gift be from God even though he is personally ignorant of the source?--Or would their power necessarily come from the Devil if they're unsaved?--Dan, Pacific.

       45. QUESTION: HOW MUCH OF THE TRADITIONAL SPIRIT WORLD CHARACTERS ARE REAL? Are any elves, fairies, cherubs, sprites, etc., okay? Can we make puppets of those characters if appropriate? And what part do they play in the Spirit World & in our lives?--Peter Puppet, Asia.
       ANSWER: I BELIEVE ALL SUCH HAVE PROBABLY SOME FOUNDATION IN TRUTH OR ACTUAL SPIRIT TYPES, though often misinterpreted, misunderstood or exaggerated. See ML No.686:70-72.

       46. QUESTION: WHERE IS THE LINE BETWEEN FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS, attacking, going on the offensive, socking it to them, like in the evolution case in the Joseph Lewis incident, & fleeing or lying low when the heat's on, as you said "To challenge the System, the lion in his own den, when we're nothing but a little mouse is just absolutely insane! How many times have I told you people that when the going gets that rough, for God's sake get out."--Ben, Pacific.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       47. QUESTION: DAD HAS TALKED ABOUT THE POWER OF THE AURA IN OUR HANDS KILLING GERMS, & that we all have a small amount of spiritual energy ourselves, but that when we're plugged into God's Spirit, our healing power is increased many, many times over! How much natural psychic or healing power does the average person have, & how much can this heal in itself?--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       48. QUESTION: A RELATED QUESTION: IS THIS "NATURAL" GOD-GIVEN ENERGY that God has endowed everyone with, the same thing as the mysterious power of the body to heal itself?--Heal wounds, cuts, illnesses, etc.--Dan, Pacific.

       49. QUESTION: DO PUPPETS ACTUALLY RECEIVE A SPIRIT? How does a puppet receive a spirit when it's made? I've had dogs stare & bark & look puppets right in the eyes, acting totally as if they were real. Also, children can react to puppets, in fact all tiny children are totally convinced they are real & often are at first frightened just by seeing them, even if they're still & not being operated.--Peter Puppet, Asia.
       ANSWER: THIS IS A PROBLEM, & PROBABLY WHY THE LORD AT FIRST IN MOSAIC LAW SAID NOT TO MAKE'M! (Ex.20:4) But now all things are lawful in Love, but we must be sure to pray over'm & bless'm like we do our houses, that they be possessed of good spirits & have good influence & not evil!--Amen?

       50. QUESTION: HOW THEN CAN A SPIRIT OF SOMEONE STILL LIVING ALSO SEEM TO BE "CAPTURED" IN A PUPPET, or even a picture or whatever? Are they in a sense "talismans" or are they just lumps of paper & glue & paint that remind people of something? There seem to be clearly two classes of puppets, those that evoke no response, excite none, & in a sense seem to be spiritless, & others that just seem to have "it," that everyone responds to & gets a feeling from. It's almost as if some just didn't get that "breath of life" & others did! For me a puppet will be one or the other.--Peter Puppet, Asia.
       ANSWER: RIGHT! GOD HAS TALISMANS TOO!--Many were in evidence in the Old Testament, & like how some use the Crucifix, etc., against demons in exorcism! Remember "Shepherd's Crook"? (See No.99.) This is also the secret of the religion of Animism, literally meaning life or movement given to ordinarily inanimate objects, one of the most widespread religions today & for ages!--The demons possessing objects & giving them supernatural powers, a religion cursed by God because of its evil!--But God had many in the Old Testament possessed by His good power (anybody wanna list'm, like the brazen serpent, Cherubim, etc.?--Ex.4:2-4; Num.17:8; 21:8-9; 1Sam.4:4, etc.!) But we spiritually mature adults should not need'm!--But like kids need pix & pixies, simple folks need signs & good Talismans, like crosses, crucifixes, pix & images of Mary & saints & miraculous manifestations to inspire their faith. The problem is, where does the representation stop & the worship begin?--And fear is a form of worship!--Watch out!

       51. QUESTION: I HOPE THAT WE CAN GET THIS SHORTWAVE BROADCASTING STATION PROJECT SET UP so that it will be a source of strength & the Word in the uncertain days of the War when so many will be looking for new answers! It occurred to me, however, that we probably still have enough radio hams left in the Family from the old ham service to tie the major PDQs together by radio. With the Apples & modems we ought to be able to pass information quickly & clandestinely, with perhaps even a code/decode program built into the software, if we would need to go to these extremes. I know you know well just what would be involved, & I expect the idea has already occurred to you, but I thought I'd just mention it. We believe it's an open door to move to Australia for the station, as well as a closed door to remain here as we're broke. LHU! If you think the project warrants any further specific action, I will be happy to do whatever you suggest. If it works out, the project could yield tremendous results, especially in ruralised or closed countries, & it could become more popular, at least among the sheep, than any other station in Asia. But with the cost & red tape, perhaps it will have to be part of "Millennial Re-education"? I would be very thankful for any comment you might have.--Lee Watts, Asia.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       52. QUESTION: SOMETIMES GOD ALLOWS US TO BE HEALED THROUGH PRAYER & NATURAL REMEDIES, herbs & vitamins, & other times He will not tolerate anything but utter dependence on Him alone. Are there any guidelines governing this, or does it vary from person to person as to what He expects of them, the circumstances, & the reasons for the sickness in the first place?--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       53. QUESTION: SINCE SO SO MANY SICKNESSES HAVE SPIRITUAL CAUSES, IS THERE A SIMPLE WAY OF UNDERSTANDING HOW THIS AFFECTS OUR PHYSICAL BODIES?--If sin damages our spiritual condition, does our spirit in turn pass on some kind of negative energy into our nervous system, which in turn directly affects our bodies? In other words, is our nervous system's electrical energy the bridge between our spirit & our physical bodies? I ask this because much of what illnesses I've suffered seems to come from spiritual & mental sources, like when I was severely afflicted & thought I had cancer. It seems if my spiritual & nervous energy stays up, I seldom get sick; but recently I let my body get too tense trying to do too much one day; I got a little frazzled & my resistance was down & I promptly caught a bad cold--all because I was too nervous & tense.--Dan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: YOU'VE ANSWERED IT--YES! "The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?" (Pro.18:14) Science calls it the power of "mind over matter," such as the effect of mental depression on the body, called "hypochondria" or psychosomatic diseases.--And vice versa, "The spirit of a man sustaineth him"--strong faith with a strong will to live has saved many a life & overcome seemingly insurmountable handicaps!--TTL!

       54. QUESTION: I HAVE BEEN FFing FOR FIVE YEARS & ESing FOR TWO YEARS & a large proportion of the fish I have been ministering to are Jewish! It even became a joke around me, as every time I go out FFing or ESing I meet Jews! And who sticks with me as my regular fish, Jews! And even some of my regular support comes from Jews! [DELETED]
       Well, my problem with the Jews is: [DELETED] I feel very accountable to deliver my soul to them. [DELETED] Very few of my Jewish fish get saved. But some of them are really precious, receive me & help me, but sometimes, even after months & months of ministering I still cannot bring them to a point of decision. Nevertheless, I do feel in my heart that they are worthy, but I can't go too deep with them, I can't tell them too much because they wouldn't receive it. I hope I am not failing them or failing the Lord & you. Would you have any advice, dear Dad?--Marie Rousse, Pacific.
       ANSWER: [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]though they're hard to sell, when sold they're the best, the most zealous, influential & terrific witnesses & soul-winners!--Like us! Ha!--And of course we attract'm!--We're Jewish!--Ha!--So they're worth the effort!--And what knowest thou but that you will or have won'm? (1Cor.7:16) Even when sold, a Jew hates to admit it! Read the parable about the buyer in Pro.20:14. "It is naught, it is naught, saith the buyer: but when he is gone his way, then he boasteth."--Ha!

       55. QUESTION: THE OTHER QUESTION IS ABOUT REBUKING EVIL SPIRITS BY NAME. "The most effective way to exorcise any evil spirit: Call them by name & rebuke them by name." (No.1405:12). "Command them not only by name to get out but to get away from where you are, out of also the house & even name some other place to which they should go." (No.1405:25)
       Very often, we don't have the name of the spirit which bothers us. God help us to have more faith, to be more like you & not let go until we have the answer. But then, what happens is that many brethren, me included, start rebuking the same spirits you have already rebuked, by the same name. Is that right or wrong? Useful or not? If these spirits are already bound somewhere by the power of the Lord in you, can they still attack us, do we need to rebuke them specifically by the names the Lord revealed to you?--Marie Rousse, Pacific.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29--THE LORD HAD TO REBUKE THE SAME SATAN OFTEN! (Mt.4:10; 16:23; Jn.6:70.)

       56. QUESTION: I WAS CONFRONTED WITH QUITE A FEW QUESTIONS ABOUT SPIRITS, their workings & all these things which I never really studied into. I admit I really felt lacking. Even with the latest Letters there are still a few questions which I need more clarification on. It'd be a real blessing to have these cleared up. Thanks!
       Dad mentioned in No.1415:44,45 about the meaning of "confess" as used in 1John 4:2. "That He also has now entered your flesh! In other words, you have to confess that you have received Jesus Christ!" Now, does that mean that the spirit being dealt with has to admit that it has received Jesus--that is, in its previous human life?--Or simply, if it has believed & received Jesus? I'm sorry I don't quite grasp this, especially the reference "entered into your flesh."--Psalms, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: YOU MUST BELIEVE JESUS COMES INTO YOUR HEART (OR FLESH) TO BE SAVED. So a spirit must confess it has Christ to be good. Actually the Oriental & occult religions seem to know more about spirits & the spirit world than do most Christians!--But the study of same can be dangerous, leading to more interest in the Devil & his devices than the Lord & His.--Just don't be altogether ignorant of'm! (2Cor.2:11)

       57. QUESTION: FROM No.1409:39, I UNDERSTAND THAT NOT ALL SPIRITS ARE NECESSARILY "HUMAN SPIRITS" but "goddesses or angels of the spirit realm to begin with." Therefore, would these spirits necessarily have to admit that they have received Jesus before?--Psalms, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: TO BE GOOD, YES, THEY MUST HAVE RECEIVED JESUS!--A third of the angels rebelled with the Devil & are Satanic & demonic evil angels already! (Rev.12)

       58. QUESTION: IN "THE TALISMAN" DAD EXPLAINED THE POSSIBILITY OF EVIL SPIRITS ACCOMPANYING GRAVEN IMAGES. What I'd like to know is if such spirits can inhabit good images/portraits too? This question stems from an incident in my home when my mother got rid of a portrait of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. This occurred after a prayer meeting when one of the ladies "while in the spirit," apparently saw a dark spirit or shadow appear behind that portrait. Then to confirm this, they had a Bible study & came up with all these verses on God being against "graven images," etc. Of course, I know these in relation to the idolatry of the Old Testament, well-covered by Dad in "The Talisman." But what threw me off is the fact that I know some of these ladies really love the Lord & they supported that doctrine with quite a few testimonies. For me, the rule of thumb had simply been: If it's good & inspiring to look at, great! If not, it probably carries a bad spirit, as I know the Lord would give me a check in the spirit about it.--Psalms, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: YOU'RE RIGHT! See No.50 above on Talismans & Animism & other Letters on same.

       59. QUESTION: ON A QUESTION OF IMAGES OF DRAGONS--very common in Chinese art/pottery. My mother smashed a water urn to smithereens once because she didn't feel at peace with its carvings of dragons on it & some pastor had just preached about such images. Some time after that, she discovered that one of my father's shirts had the print of a dragon on it & so, she proceeded to get rid of it by burning it. I can see how I'd be uncomfortable with the images of dragons or for that matter, snakes, but what I'd like to know is how "spiritual" is something like that? I don't think I'd necessarily be so bothered that I'd have to smash or burn to destroy them. Wouldn't it be sufficient to pray over the article, rebuking any spirits, etc.? Of course, if it was uncomfortable to have around, I'd get rid of it--at least out of sight & away from it--but does it have to be destroyed? My mother feels it is better destroyed so nobody else would receive it (and perhaps the spirit that went along!)--Psalms, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: RIGHT!--YOUR MOM'S RIGHT! Evil Talismans should be destroyed or gotten rid of!--Maybe sold to one who wants it & has the Devil anyhow? There are many stories in the Bible on smashing idols!--And we've told you many from personal experience (Hindu Temple, California; my Mom & the Buddha, etc. See No.980:45-52). Why would you want a witness to the Devil around?--Or some demon himself with it!

       60. QUESTION: IN "SUPERNATURAL PORTUGAL," DAD TALKED ABOUT SEEING FRANCISCO'S AURA & it was a kind of purple-black. I'd like to know a little more about auras--e.g., what are they really, how do you distinguish them, what for?--Psalms, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: I DON'T KNOW.--EXCEPT THAT THEY SEEM TO BE A SPIRITUAL EXTENSION OF YOUR BODY &/OR SPIRIT, have been photographed by science, even their continued presence of some member after physical amputation, or a part of your spiritual body that you still have even after you die & in which you go to Heaven--or Hell! Some call it your astral body, etc. But you need a gift of discernment to see'm!--Or special photography!--Ha!

       61. QUESTION: I HAD A QUESTION ABOUT THE HEAVENLY ROBES OF LIGHT: Could these possibly be our auras?--As in those photographs they can now take that show the energy flowing off of fingertips: Could it be that in our spiritual body which no longer needs blood for life--that the spiritual energy that gives light to our new bodies causes us to really "glow"? Now, "eye hath not seen," but perhaps then this light or energy will be visible for all to see?--Isaac, Pacific.


       63. QUESTION: HOW DO I USE MY JESUS BABY AS A TESTIMONY when his father did not get saved & is not helping yet? He is much darker than my other children & obviously has a different father.--Deborah, Asia.
       ANSWER: IT'S A TESTIMONY TO YOUR LOVE & SACRIFICE FOR JESUS & OTHERS. "Greater love hath no one than this!" (Jn.15:13).--And to the Lord's love for you, to trust you with the creation & care of an everlasting immortal life to enjoy forever!


       65. QUESTION: WHAT ABOUT THE USE OF STRONG DRINKS LIKE LIQUEUR OR BRANDY IN THE HOME? I must say that I have not seen any kind of heavy drinking or anything like that, & we drink very little wine, & I suppose that is why we thought it is okay to have liqueur or brandy once in awhile. What do you think?--John, S.America.
       ANSWER: --WHEN IN DOUBT, DON'T! (Rom.14:23; Lk.12:29; Phil.4:5.)

       66. QUESTION: AS FAR AS HEALING GOES, at a certain point when you see you aren't getting better & the affliction is lingering, does God give you wisdom to put your faith into action & do something about it instead of lying there hoping? I know that some people get an affliction & are "out of action" for one month because they are seeking natural cures through garlic, etc., & other people take five pills for one or two days & are cleansed.--Michael & Patience, Asia.

       67. QUESTION: IS THERE "PRACTICAL FAITH" where if there are means available, just like using a computer or recorder in these days, it would be better to seek this practical aid & get it & do something about it because the illness is dragging on?--Because there are times when we hadn't gotten results by confessing our faults, fasting & prayer & waiting. Is this because the Lord had lessons for us to learn other than faith as we mentioned in the beginning?--That maybe a big healing miracle would have ministered to our pride.--Michael & Patience, Asia.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.--ALSO SEE MLs M,87,313,569,599 & 1565.

       68. QUESTION: REGARDING THE ML "ASTRONOMICAL FAKERY" No.1309, I have a few questions. I know you are God's Prophet & I believe in your Words (they're my life), however, as a former scientist there are a few technical points I don't understand.
       I totally agree about the distances of the stars; in fact the measurements of these distances are based, as you say, on a series of tenuous assumptions, the first one being that they assume that the background stars are billions of light-years away.--Kind of "assume it to prove it." Ha! However, if the speed of light has not been constant in the past (& there exists evidence for this) & it was millions of times faster at Creation as compared with now, then one light-hour would have been much much longer at that time than it is today. When Einstein said the speed of light was a universal constant for all observers he was only postulating it & had no evidence for it. This faster speed of light would have allowed Adam to see even the most distant stars even if they were placed at evolutionary distances, which I don't believe for a moment. Hence God only knows how far they are, but one light-day seems pretty good. What do you think?--Samuel Pioneer, S.E.Asia.

       69. QUESTION: WHEN GOD SAYS (IN GEN.1:14-17) HE SET "LIGHTS" IN THE FIRMAMENT, could this not be describing how simple man would view the heavens? Considering in Gen.1:8 He calls the firmament Heaven, then in Gen.7:11 it says the windows of heaven were opened, i.e., the firmament heaven in which the birds also fly, thus bringing on the Flood with the help of those "fountains of the deep." Finally, in 2Pet.3:5-6 it says "For this they are willingly ignorant of, that by the Word of God the heavens were of old, & the Earth standing out of the water & in the water: whereby the World that then was, being overflowed with water, perished." To me, this seems to indicate that because of this condition the World was in (with a "water above" canopy) God used it to flood the Earth. So the firmament could have been the atmosphere plus the space out to the canopy, maybe thousands of miles above the Earth? So as far as the placement of the stars in the firmament, as you've said before, God sometimes speaks simply to man; could this be a case where He has described what would be true to us Earth-bound observers, that is, if we looked up at the stars before the Flood the stars would appear to be in the firmament under the canopy? In para.178 of the Letter you say "there's some question about that," so here I'm asking one.--Samuel Pioneer, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: GBY FOR THINKING! BUT I DON'T KNOW!--However, have you ever looked at anything through water?--Even objects & their exact location in our pool are distorted by its refractive optical illusions & lack of clarity. How could they see the stars so clearly through a water canopy? Why not just believe what it says & not strain your brain trying to figure it out!--We'll soon know.--Just be patient--& get busy!

       70. QUESTION: ARE THE LITTLE WHITE WORMS YOU FIND IN APPLES OR RAISINS OR PAPAYAS the same type of worms people get from eating unclean foods or foods dunged with human feces that are improperly cleaned or prepared?--Magdalena, S.America.

       ANSWER: I DON'T!--EXCEPT THAT SHE'S VERY FOOLISH TO INSIST ON THE U.S. MISSILES!--Thus they'll most likely get Russian missiles!

       72. QUESTION: WHAT DOES DAD THINK ABOUT SMALL CHILDREN PLAYING WITH KNIVES? They are five & eight years old.--Daniel, Europe.
       ANSWER: I DON'T!--I WOULDN'T THINK OF IT!--That's ridiculous!

       73. QUESTION: WHERE DO THE BUGS & WORMS IN FLOUR & CORNMEAL COME FROM? If they appear, does this necessarily mean they hatch there or is it possible that they come from elsewhere?--Magdalena, Pacific.
       ANSWER: THEY HATCH!--The microscopic eggs were already there! We always used to have to sift'm out with a flour-sifter when I was a boy! Nearly all flour & boxed cereals had'm in those days--like today in poor backward places where the rich World sends all its old, wormy, buggy, rancid, stale, contaminated, out-dated & poisonous products!

       74. QUESTION: IN LIGHT OF THE RECENT LETTERS "WE'RE STILL THE JESUS REVOLUTION!" & "FORGET THE PAST!", many Family members are wondering if this means we should stop teaching the basic Old Testament Bible stories to our children. We understand & agree wholeheartedly that the Old Testament is "ancient bunk," & that all the history & background we need to know is already in the MLs, but we wanted to know your thoughts on teaching children some of the basic non-violent Bible stories so they will be familiar with them when they read about them in the Letters, as well as to learn the positive spiritual lessons involved. For example, Noah & the Ark, Abraham & Isaac, Joseph in Egypt, Moses & the Exodus, the story of David, Ruth, Esther, Job, Naaman, Daniel in the Lion's Den, etc. Do you think it's a good idea to familiarize our children with stories such as these in the form of slides, flannelgraphs, etc.?--Job, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: ALL THEY NEED'S IN THE "BIPs"--Or similar materials. We teach'm to ours, but try to avoid the gory parts! Why not teach'm the New Testament?--or MLs?--Or TKs? Aren't they enough? My Lord, We've got 11 whole TK Books & more comin'!--What more do you need?! Have you read'm all?--Start over!

       75. QUESTION: OUR TV PUPPET SHOW HASN'T GOTTEN ON THE AIR YET because the station gave us a contract to sign. We were not expecting this, as when they asked us for a show they never mentioned anything about a contract, but just said it would just be their show & their network's production. It seemed at first they really wanted it for a witness only, not to make money on. Now big companies have become interested in it & money is involved. They want to buy it. The contract says the stories on the show are sold completely over to these companies for two years & they can't be produced on any other television. However, we don't believe it would be good to sell out like this, as also the stories are on MWM & even other brethren around the East may produce them or want to. Also, we can't legally sign a contract. We have some friends who could, but we found many quotes to go against signing a contract.--Sam & Kezia, S.E.Asia.
       (EXCERPTS FROM A LETTER TO SAM & KEZIA:) ANSWER: I WOULD SAY THAT'S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU & THE PRODUCERS & THE PARTICIPANTS & WHAT YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF IT. Of course, it would be fine if you could make it pay your local expenses & your TV producer's friend's costs. Naturally he's looking for some way to make it pay, & I would say if you could sign a rather loose contract where you're not actually selling out all rights but giving permission for commercial programming & commercial promotion such as commercial spots during the Show or before & after the Show, which is what we allow even on MWM for example. That's why we make it as short as we do so they can get commercial promotion, at least to pay for the time. But actually those contracts don't mean much to us anyhow because we don't go into other countries or other stations selling shows.
       IF THESE SHOWS WOULD BE USED ANYWHERE ELSE THEY WOULD PROBABLY BE RUN FREE & ONLY ON AN OCCASIONAL BASIS, not necessarily a regular programme. I would say that if the station wants you to sign a contract giving the station permission to get it sponsored commercially by advertising, in other words permission to use the show to make money from advertising for sponsors, that that would be perfectly permissible & would protect their producer & producing station & help him to pay expenses & maybe to make a little money, as well as give you Family makers some income such as a percentage or royalty or something from its use.
       BUT I DON'T THINK I WOULD SIGN A CONTRACT THAT GIVES THE PRODUCER EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS SO THAT IT WOULD PROHIBIT THE USE OF THE SHOWS ANYWHERE ELSE, but even that kind of contract is difficult to enforce because in other countries halfway around the World they could show it on TV stations & they'd never know the difference, so there's nothing they could do about it as long as it was free & you don't sell it or make money on it. Just like videos, you can copy them for your own use or for your family use, but laws prohibit you from duplicating them for sale or rental or to make money on them, to protect the producer & the copyright. So I would try to reach some kind of a compromise/agreement with your friendly producer who is in a spot to try to pay for it & even make it a little bit profitable, & you can do this by giving him permission, signing some kind of agreement with permission to use it commercially & even sell it, either sell the use of it to other stations or the rental of it or to allow it to be promoted commercially by advertisers so he could have a little income for his trouble & you could have some income for yours, "The labourer is worthy of his hire. Muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn. They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel."
       AND IF HE HAS TO THINK IN BUSINESS TERMS & WANTS TO SIGN AN AGREEMENT OF SOME KIND, JUST BE CAREFUL WHAT KIND YOU SIGN, stick to the bargain & compromise, come to something which would be agreeable to both of you, to which you don't completely sell out your rights of private non-commercial use in the Family, for example.--Or even an occasional non-profitable use on stations elsewhere & perhaps other countries, which would not interfere with the local station's commercialisation of the show & give them no competition or cut in on their profits in any way.--Ask a friendly lawyer.
       I WOULD SAY THE BEST KIND OF AGREEMENT IS ONE WHICH DOES NOT RESTRICT THE FAMILY'S PRIVATE USE OF THESE SHOWS, non-profit use, & yet permits the station who is helping produce them to promote them commercially & receive some recompense in advertisers & sponsors from commercial promotion. It would be sort of a fair square deal between you. We'd still have free use of it privately & they'd have public use of it commercially.
       WE'RE NOT APT TO COMPETE IN THE COMMERCIAL FIELD AT ALL, we merely use such things as tools of our trade, strictly non-profit. But commercial institutions such as TV stations, especially the one that is going to all the expense & trouble of helping to produce it, using their equipment & everything, should get some reward & they should be allowed to get it commercially sponsored by advertisers from whom they receive some income, but not to whom they sell the exclusive rights for the series' use.
       YOU COULD EVEN GIVE A COMMERCIAL STATION AN EXCLUSIVE ON ITS SHOWING, if that station insisted on it. We even used to do that on our public service shows if the station asked for an exclusive so that they would be the only station in the area playing it, we would give it to them providing they made a definite agreement to air it regularly. That's fair enough so that their producer could let it be used on an exclusive basis by some other station in some other area or other stations in other cities & commercially sponsored for income to help pay the station's expenses & time, etc. So the station is rewarded for its trouble, & its time & we're rewarded for the promotion of the Message!
       AND PERHAPS SINCE HE WANTS YOU TO SIGN A CONTRACT SOMEWHAT FINANCIALLY REMUNERATIVE, also you should get something out of it such as a percentage, royalties from commercial sponsors or something like that, something for your trouble.

       76. QUESTION: IS IT ALRIGHT FOR GIRLS TO SWIM DURING THE FIRST TWO DAYS OF THEIR PERIOD? I have always heard it's better not to because it's hard on your ovaries or something from the shock of cold water & in later years could cause difficulties with having cramps, etc. But I never knew whether or not to believe that, if it was just an old wives tale or crazy doctrine. (No, it's supposed to be true.--D.)
       If you do swim, does it matter if you wear a Tampax or nothing, because it seems the flow stops anyway. Of course I realise that it depends on the girl & how she feels about it, etc., but I mean as a general health guideline--is it okay to swim during periods & also is it okay not to use anything than perhaps to wear a pair of panties. Thank you! I know many girls have wondered about this, because if you can't go on a walk for get out but you can go swimming, it's a blessing to know it's okay & not have to miss a swimming day except perhaps the first day when you might be really tired & have a heavy flow anyway.--Heaven, Asia.
       ANSWER: A LOT DEPENDS ON THE GIRL, RATE OF FLOW, HEALTH, ETC., & also on the water temperature. We have a warm pool (30 degrees C./85 degrees F.), so Maria swims during periods without ill effects, as long as she feels like it.--Happy periods! GBY!

       ANSWER: IT'S THE LAW, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT NOWADAYS IN MANY PLACES, BUT GROWING IN UNPOPULARITY. You know what I mean by capital crimes?--That means crimes for which they kill ya', & the favourite method of killing people who deserved killing for capital crimes in Moses's day was stoning to death!--And there were 26 capital crimes under Mosaic Law! That was a pretty rugged cruel painful death, let me tell ya', & I'm sure criminals must have thought quite a bit about it before they stole that thing or whatever they did, thinking they might wind up at the end of a brick! So, pity the poor cops that have to face those mobs that try to stone them to death, isn't that terrible?
       I MEAN SOME OF THOSE BRICKS & ROCKS & HUNKS OF METAL THEY THROW AT'M ARE MORE LETHAL THAN BULLETS & can do more damage at close range, & yet they tell the police to restrain themselves, don't shoot, don't kill, blah, blah! Let me tell ya', if they'd mow down those murderous mobs, just mow'm down, they'd have a lot less mobs & a lot less of that kind of anarchy & that kind of crime! That's crime, it's rebellion against the government & that's crime!--It's also anti-Bible (Rom.13) & anti-God!
       HOWEVER, I'VE ALREADY WRITTEN AT LENGTH ON THE SUBJECT!--Read'm! (See Nos.915; 1045:54-58; 1512:57,58, etc.)

       ANSWER: THE LORD MUST BE ABLE TO DO WITH TIME LIKE WE RUN OUR VIDEOS BACK & FORTH, so He can advance it to the future or He can go back into the past, it's all the same to Him. He doesn't even have to press a button! He can visit the past, or visit the future or cause you to visit the past or the future or cause someone from the future like Techi to visit you in the past, it's all the same to the Lord, isn't that amazing?--Sort of like a great circle, the great Eternal now where Time shall be no more. PTL! Hallelujah! Isn't that amazing? We can't quite understand it.
       EINSTEIN WAS TRYING TO EXPLAIN IT, he was working on that when he died, how about that! I guess he couldn't quite figure it out, so the Lord took him so He could show him how it worked! He was also investigating in the spiritual when he died, so now he knows!--GBH!

       79. QUESTION: SOME THINK IT'S OKAY TO TELL CHILDREN ABOUT DIFFERENT CATASTROPHES THAT HAPPEN AROUND US OR WATCH THE NEWS ON TV OF THESE THINGS so they'll know what's going on in the World. Should we shield our children from this? And if so, is there a certain age where we can stop shielding them, including even some of the Letters or Komix like "U.S. Cannibals"?--Simeon, Pacific.
       ANSWER: I DIDN'T WANT TO TELL THAT KIND OF A STORY TO OUR FAMILIES ("U.S. Cannibals"). It is not for children! We're gonna have to forbid them to tell it to the children or even let the children hear it, 'cause it would just worry'm. Some things you shouldn't tell them. I didn't like one article I read in the FN. This guy was talking about this earthquake they had & at first the lights went out & he started telling his kids that it was the Devil! I don't think you should really talk about those things around the children too much.--It's not good. Then it gets their minds on those negative things & begins to make them fearful to where they spend too much time thinking about it. Use your head! Ask God for wisdom! (Jam.1:5)--And "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, & if there be any praise, think on these things." (Phil.4:8)

       ANSWER: WHERE?--A LOT DEPENDS ON THE SITUATION & WHAT CROWD!--Maybe in a public park or school or other worldly situation, but certainly not in serious closed Club Meetings, especially skits with no good meaning!

       ANSWER: WE CALL THE "ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS" A/Qs, because when I get some of the questions I go, "AAAQQQQ!" They're not too bad, but I get a little disgusted once in awhile with all these people trying to split hairs or asking questions I've already answered.

       ANSWER: --WE CAN'T! I'M SURE THAT'S WHY THE LORD MADE THE EXACT NUMBER OF DAYS SPECIFIC SO OFTEN, like 1260 days, 2300 days, so many days, because if you go figuring by years & months--whose years & months? So we don't really know exactly. You can tell exactly 7 years, but whose years? You can tell exactly 42 months, but whose months? But when it comes to days, there you've got it! I'm sure that's why the Lord gave the exact number of days in some cases, because the days don't vary. But there's a small difference between Roman months & years & Jewish months & years. Take your choice. But the days you can depend on, TTL!

       ANSWER: ELEPHANTS ARE FAMOUS FOR REMEMBERING THINGS & TAKING REVENGE SOONER OR LATER. That's what's famous about elephants killing trainers or people that have done something mean to them & they never forget, & when they get a chance they take revenge! It's been even the basis of quite a few stories & movies. They're very old & wise! Remember that one that tossed hay on my head when I ran into his pen to get my ball when I was a little kid?--That was smart!--Just a gentle warning it wasn't a safe place to be!

       ANSWER: IT'S A VERY INTERESTING MOVIE, but it presents it from the [EDITED: "AC"] point of view. She was a good woman & really really loved the poor & did everything she could to help'm. She practically wore herself out!--It cost her her life! She just literally wore herself out working for her people & left a real legacy of welfare & social help. There were a lot of things that they wouldn't have had if she hadn't helped'm. But of course the [EDITED: "ACs"] hated the Perons because he was hep to their shenanigans, so the movie was anti-Peron [EDITED: "AC"] propaganda.

       85. QUESTION: (MARIA: YOU SAID YOU'VE NEVER GOTTEN WELL LYING IN BED, but on the other hand there's a lot of times that the Lord maybe even lets you get sick so you'll rest & so you will lie in bed, & a lot of times the remedy for getting better is rest & is lying in bed. Because sometimes I think people need to rest, but they try to just get up when the Lord wants them to lie in bed awhile & be able to pray & think about Him & get a lot of rest.)
       ANSWER: YES. When you're sick you need lots of rest & extra-good nourishment, which gives the Lord a chance to repair your body & gives you a chance for lots of time with Him & His Word. When you're sick you should do whatever you feel like doing! If you feel like lying in bed, you should lie in bed until you feel like trying. Keep lyin' till you feel like tryin'! But there has to come a time when you've got to get up & try. Mt.9:29.

       ANSWER: OF COURSE! THE CLUB MEMBERS SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED TO CALL THE RADIO STATIONS & tell them how much they enjoy the Radio Show, even say maybe "Can't you play it more often?" or something like that.--And they should immediately call the Stations if they should stop broadcasting, & complain!
       THEY'RE HAPPY IF THEY CAN SEE THE NUMBER OF THE MEMBERS LISTENING TO THE SHOW, which proves that the Shows are being listened to. By all means, show'm the show's got an audience!

       87. QUESTION: I HAVE A NUMBER OF QUESTIONS CONCERNING THE SPIRITUAL WARFARE that is taking place now & the spiritual battles we will be involved in in the future. In the Battle of Armageddon, will we be fighting against the evil spirits & demons as well as the wicked unsaved, & if so, by what method of warfare will we defeat them? The conventional methods of warfare: sword, guns, bombs, etc., even fire, just do not seem to be appropriate weapons since these are spiritual entities.--Gabriel Moonshine, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: OF COURSE! EVEN NOW "THE WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE ARE NOT CARNAL, BUT MIGHTY THROUGH GOD TO THE PULLING DOWN OF STRONG HOLDS." (2Cor.10:3-4) We will be supernatural beings like angels, using miraculous weapons like "Zap!" & "Zip!" & "Freeze!" & "Burn!"--etc.--Want one?

       88. QUESTION: WHEN THE MESSENGER TRIED TO REACH DANIEL WITH AN ANSWER TO HIS PRAYER, it took the aid of Michael & 21 days to break through. What kind of warfare was going on?--Gabriel Moonshine, S.E.Asia.

       89. QUESTION: PHYSICAL BRUTE STRENGTH & THE STRONGER OVERCOMING THE WEAKER DOES NOT ALWAYS INDICATE THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS HAS PREVAILED. When Jacob wrestled the angel, it sounded like it was quite a struggle & Jacob was actually hurt, but that was a battle between a man & an angel. What about two spiritual beings engaging in battle--how does it work?--Gabriel Moonshine, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: ASK'M!

       90. QUESTION: WHAT I WAS WONDERING ABOUT IS, SINCE MOST OF THE JAPANESE HAVE HAD STRONG INFLUENCE BY ANIMISM, idol worship, Buddhism & demonism all our lives (only 1% are Christian in Japan), & you can't separate the culture & these bad spirits. I feel us Japanese disciples need to fight even more strongly against the Devil in order to shake him off, even more than people who were raised with a Christian background. Maybe the same thing goes with all the Asians. I'd like to hear your opinion if it's possible. And of course, the Letters on "spirit houses" & "Talisman" really fit Japan, too.--Lamb Silver, Pacific.

       91. QUESTION: DO YOU THINK IT'S GOOD FOR LOCAL MWMs TO HAVE ANYONE SINGING ON THE SHOW WHO ISN'T A FULL-TIME FAMILY MEMBER? Many of the Shows have friends who would be happy to translate songs & help them sing them as well, but who are not really sold out to the Lord.--Nathan, Asia.
       ANSWER: "AND I SAY UNTO YOU, MAKE TO YOURSELVES FRIENDS OF THE MAMMON OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS; THAT, WHEN YE FAIL, THEY MAY RECEIVE YOU INTO EVERLASTING HABITATIONS" & "the children of this World are in their generation wiser than the Children of Light"! (Lk.16:9,8)--Also "Use It!" (1Cor.7:31; 9:11; Rom.8:28) Of course dedicated Spirit-filled Family Members are far more preferable.

       92. QUESTION: IF OUR PRAYERS CAN DELIVER THE LOST, what effect can they have on the "dead in Christ," particularly saved Church Christians? Can we help them any by prayer (improve their state, so to speak)? I'm thinking of my mother & grandfather, who both were dyed-in-the-wool Baptists!--Arnie, Europe
       ANSWER: OF COURSE! PRAYER ALWAYS HELPS! Read Nos.302, 384, 517, 700, 992, etc.

       93. QUESTION: IS LITNESSING STILL ONE OF GOD'S HIGHEST CALLINGS? Or should we just do follow-up? Sure like to know so I could do what the Lord's highest is.--Apollos, S.E.Asia.


       95. QUESTION: THOUGH THE WAR MIGHT BE DELAYED, COULD THERE STILL BE AN ECONOMIC CRASH, similar to the Great Depression which could greatly affect us here?--Zac & Jemima, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: YES!--MOST LIKELY THE CRASH WILL NOW COME FIRST.--Read "The Great Confusion!" No.1583.

       96. QUESTION: IF AN ARAB (MUSLIM) PRAYS WITH YOU TO RECEIVE JESUS IN HIS HEART BUT as a Muslim doesn't accept Him as being the Son of God, but rather as only a Prophet along with Mohammed & many others, is he really saved? The Scripture says that "he that receiveth you receiveth Me" but it also says that "he that believeth not the Son shall not see life." What do you think? Is it just "according to your faith in their prayer" or is there a border-line as in "Are You Mrs. Jesus?" Are they saved because they prayed even though they didn't fully understand or even believe? Is it possible for them to believe that He, as a "prophet" took the sins of the World upon Himself, died & was resurrected that He might give us eternal life & be fully saved without believing that He's really the Son of God?--Praise, Asia.
       ANSWER: GOD'S MERCY DOESN'T HANG ON LEGALISTIC THEOLOGICAL TECHNICALITIES!--Who knows how little a child understands, yet can receive Jesus! "Except ye become as a little child." (Mt.18:2-3) Who knows to what degree one must believe as long as you accept Him & what He says?--And how can He be a true Prophet of God unless what He says is true?--He said to even believe Him for His works! (Jn.10:38) So who knows how much you must believe on Him to be saved?--Sounds to me like he's coming along--give him time, be patient! Remember the mustard seed faith! (Mt.13:31,32) "Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!" (Mk.9:24)

       97. QUESTION: NOWADAYS IT SEEMS THAT WHOEVER HAS THE FINANCIAL ABILITY OF OPENING A PLACE CONSIDERS THEMSELVES AUTOMATICALLY THE SPIRITUAL OVERSEERS & SHEPHERDS OF THE HOME, resulting sometimes in grave mistakes. Wouldn't it be better to choose the real spiritual leadership in a Home? Maybe the Lord used a certain person to provide the funds for the whole team, but that doesn't necessarily give the spiritual anointing.--Joseph, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: EVERY HOME IS SUPPOSED TO DEMOCRATICALLY ELECT ITS SHEPHERD BY A SIMPLE MAJORITY--or better yet, unanimously. Read Nos.657, 661, 663, 674 & 1001.

       98. QUESTION: I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE BACKGROUND OF ALEXANDER SCOURBY, who recorded the Bible for the American Bible Foundation for the Blind?--Jeru Vision, Pacific.

       99. QUESTION: DAD, CAN YOU EXPOUND MORE ON THE SUBJECT OF DRAWING "IMAGES" OF GOD. Some Christians use the Old Testament verse which condemns the making of images, saying that it includes pictures too. I disagree with them, however can you express your views on the subject?--Jeshua & Deborah, Pacific.
       ANSWER: SEE ANSWERS ABOVE ABOUT CHRISTIAN TALISMANS. (Nos.50,58 & 59) Some go to the extreme on this both ways! Why don't we strike a happy sensible medium & use'm but don't abuse'm!--We use illustrations all the time in our TKs & Posters.--Just don't worship'm! Children & childlike folks seem to need'm.--Don't you like'm?--I love our New Heaven!--Amen?

       100. QUESTION: COULD DAD GO INTO MORE DETAIL ABOUT JESUS BEING A CREATION OF GOD? I thought that He was one or part of God.--Reuben, Pacific.
       ANSWER: HE'S PART OF GOD AS HIS SON, LIKE YOUR SON'S PART OF YOU!--And all I know is what it says: He was "the beginning of the Creation of God!"--Rev.3:14--God's first Creation!--Weren't you around before your son?

       101. QUESTION: PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SHOWING "CHARLIE CHAPLIN" MOVIES TO THEIR KIDS. We feel a lot of it is teaching bad manners, there's a lot of fighting, etc. which is not edifying. Could Dad comment for all to benefit?--Shiloh, Pacific.
       ANSWER: ABSOLUTELY BAD ANTI-CHRIST [DELETED] COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA!--You're right!--Seems they'd have better sense! Little minds are so impressionable!--They seldom ever forget what they see! My God, have you read'm all our TKs?--Why waste time on the Devil's shit!

       102. QUESTION: WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE FOR DAD OR HIS STAFF TO SHARE A MENU ON LUNCHES & EVEN BREAKFASTS, especially for a Home working on the Words. We are interested to know how much meat per day is necessary, as we have had questions along this line.--Shiloh, Pacific.

       103. QUESTION: COULD SOMEONE GIVE SUGGESTIONS ON A GOOD DIET FOR SLIMMING? I have tried cutting starches & just eating healthy but can't lose unless more strict measures are taken. Could a weekly menu or more suggestions be made on this? I need to lose about 25 pounds.--Angela, Europe.
       ANSWER: CUT THE SWEETS & CARBOHYDRATES & THE VOLUME!--Some even have to cut down on water!--And how much exercise do you get? Some gotta wear it off!--Sorry.

       104. QUESTION: SINCE MANY OF OUR GIRLS ARE DOING A LOT OF ESing NOW could Dad give more counsel & comments? Many girls have written "How To" but we feel guidelines in the Spirit & as Dad sees it would be more helpful. I really like it but can see an overbalance now where other ministries get neglected. Also I was wondering what Dad thought about these one-hour massage dates, & when we are in the situation, I can say honestly we do make love to many who are not hungry, but we know it will help the work.--Shiloh, Pacific.
       ANSWER: READ ALL THE FF LETTERS.--The same applies to ESing. Mt.9:29. Not all to whom we all witness are always hungry, but we witness. "One planteth, another watereth, but it is God that giveth the increase!" (1Cor.3:6-8) So do your best & leave the results to Him!--Often someone else does the reaping!--Sow the seed, water it with your tears, try to reap--"But if not!"--"Keep on Believing!" God will have His way. Reminds me of the ol' saying, "If at first you don't succeed, keep on suckin' till you do!" GBY! ILY!

       105. QUESTION: PERSONALLY, IT SEEMED ODD THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD'S WIFE, QUEEN OF HEAVEN, SHOULD INSEMINATE MARY WITH THE SEED. Of course, "All things are possible" & "For with God nothing shall be impossible." Regarding the union of Mary & the Holy Spirit, I found two references, thus: "Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost." (Mt.1:18) & "the angel answered & said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, & the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee, therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." (Lk.1:35)
       Now, is it not possible that the Holy Ghost, God's Spirit Queen of Love, came upon her (Mary), in the sense that She came within Mary, & the "power of the Highest" (God Himself) overshadowed her (Mary with the Holy Spirit within)? In other words, God the Father made love to His Heavenly Wife who was, at that time, within Mary. It seems to make a lot more sense that God would inseminate Mary, & that He would literally conceive His only begotten Son.
       Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to, but maybe some research back into the original Greek is required to find out if the word "upon" in Luke 1:35 could have somehow meant "within," which would change the whole meaning of the verse.
       So there it is, could God the Father have made love to Mary, whilst His Wife, the Holy Spirit was within her, the Lord God thereby inseminating Mary & literally producing His Son, Jesus?--Adrian, Asia.
       ANSWER: WHY NOT?--HIS SPIRIT WAS CERTAINLY WITHIN HER! I think that's a beautiful concept!

       106. QUESTION: SOMETHING HAS ESPECIALLY BEEN ON MY HEART AS I WAS READING THE RUSSIAN LIT-PIC STATS & RESPONSES FROM RUSSIA, so forgive me if I'm too presumptuous, but I've really wondered so much about the time we were together in Downham, around the time of Deb's Coronation, I think, when we were making love & praying in the spirit & you said that I was Catherine the Great & you were a Russian Czar! It was so moving, but we never recorded it; I've wondered since if she was one of the goddesses, or if she herself was waiting for her turn to plead with you. I've always felt a special zing for anything Russian & felt I'd had my most useful time there or concerning Russia, but I've wondered just recently if I've perhaps even failed somehow in not mentioning it again--like her message or her plea was still waiting--or perhaps it was at the time we began going into Russia? I don't know, but it's been on my heart to be bold to ask for her or about her! TYL!--Esther David, Asia.
       ANSWER: THESE SPIRITUAL GODDESSES OFTEN ARE MANIFEST IN THE FLESH OF ANOTHER WOMAN, as Abrahim is manifest in my flesh!--Why not Catherine & the Czar? In the next World we are all like gods!--Like the angels! What its significance was I don't know, but don't you go runnin' off to Russia now!--You're doin' fine where you're at! Maybe we were just good channels that gave those two a chance to get together again!--Or maybe He just wanted to give you a burden for the Russians!--And maybe the Russian language?--The Language of the conquerors of tomorrow!--Until we take over!

       107. QUESTION: "ACCORDING TO THE REUTER REPORT FROM WASHINGTON, 'visitors from outer space'? The Director of a group which monitors UFOs said that a 23-year-old U.S. Government report on the arrival of nine creatures from outer space was 'probably true & strongly suggested that the Air Force was still holding their remains'. The report further says that 'the report, contained in a memo to Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said the three-foot-tall human-like creatures had landed in New Mexico aboard three flying saucers.'" (Clipping from a news article.)
       Apparently this above story has received fairly broad coverage in the West. Do you think it's possible that such a thing did happen? Though the creatures had a physical body, the feeling I got was that perhaps, assuming the whole thing is true, the dead were "renegade" forces of the Enemy, perhaps even sent as a ploy, to really prepare the World for the Antichrist & the new god of forces, as well as even its nuclear arsenal at that rather pregnant time in World history, i.e., the "Cold War," etc. I thought also of your Letter "Close Encounters" (ML #710:43-48), in which you refer to the ghost you saw as unable to dematerialise fast enough before you saw her. Perhaps, could that have happened to those in this article?--Shaphan Francisco, Asia.
       ANSWER: DEMONS CAN TAKE VARIOUS FORMS & SIZES, AS WELL AS ANGELS VARIOUS DISGUISES. But I have never heard of any that had physical bodies that could be hurt, much less killed, by humans, as suggested by "remains." They may've seen'm but they couldn't kill'm!--And only we & angels have power to overcome them!--And only in the name of Jesus! So I doubt the news report as is.

       108. QUESTION: THE PURPOSE OF NATIONALISATION IS TO CREATE INDIGENUITY--how then is this achieved if nationals are reliant upon the home support of families coming from the West to support them? Should they be encouraged to raise funds from their own field as we would do in our country? I know of some nationals who manage to get singing jobs, but have also heard that others have been encouraged not to provision food, meals, accommodation, etc., as it could be a reproach to the work.--Josh & Catherine, Asia.
       ANSWER: HA! WE'VE ALWAYS ENCOURAGED THE NATIONALS TO TAKE OVER EVERYTHING WHEN READY! Indigenuity means self-supporting, self-governing & self-propagating!--However, missionaries from rich countries or with good income should help'm all we can to get started until strong enough to stand on their own--amen?

       109. QUESTION: OUR PRIME CONCERN AT PRESENT IS KIRON, OUR 11-MONTH-OLD BOY which was born in Calcutta. Ever since his birth he has virtually cried & whined & fussed non-stop & we've never had nor experienced a child like him! I think we've tried everything, thinking it to be mainly spiritual.--Desperate prayer, anointing with oil, really claiming Scriptures, etc., communion & all, many times but still to no avail. Have you ever experienced this & what can we do? We feel so helpless as he seems to suffer so much through all his crying but really don't know what to do. Kiron is Catherine's 5th child so we're not new as parents, but don't know how to help him. Sometimes we feel that the spirit he carries is very "murmury" as we can't seem to keep him happy & wonder if God is trying to show us how we perhaps appear to Him! We're just not sure, but know God has the solution & it's just up to us to find it, so we'd sure appreciate any light that could be shed on this matter.--Josh & Catherine, Asia.
       ANSWER: HAVE YOU EVER HAD HIM EXAMINED BY A DOCTOR TO SEE IF THERE WAS PERHAPS SOME PHYSICAL TROUBLE?--All I know is, Jesus never fails, whether it's physical or spiritual!--James 1:5-8. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, & upbraideth not; & it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind & tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

       110. QUESTION: DAD MENTIONED IN ONE LETTER THAT HE BELIEVED JUDAS WAS SAVED. It says in Lk.22:3 that Satan entered into Judas. Does that mean it's possible to have the Devil actually enter into people even though they're saved? Could this please be explained?--Zattu & Anne, Caribbean.

       111. QUESTION: ABOUT PHOTO/FACE READINGS SUCH AS THE GEN. STORY, what happens if someone's face has changed such as in an accident or becoming scarred, etc., does it reflect the Spirit?--Benjamin & Rachel, Caribbean.

       112. QUESTION: FROM WHICH AGE SHOULD CHILDREN BE ALLOWED TO DRINK WINE? How often & how much? Thanks!--Isaiah Listen, Europe.
       ANSWER: EUROPEANS CONSIDER LIGHT WINES SO NORMAL THAT SOME EVEN GIVE IT TO THEIR BABIES IN A BOTTLE IN VERY SMALL AMOUNTS! However, whenever, it should be very little, if at all. Paul said, "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake & thine often infirmities." (1Tim.5:23) Our children have always taken Communion wine from babyhood, & sometimes "for their stomach's sake" because of some infirmity such as indigestion, upset tummy or unsafe water. Mt.9:29.

       113. QUESTION: EXCUSE ME, BUT I GOT A LITTLE CONFUSED ABOUT HOW TO DO THE FF STATS. This time this is how I did it: Bashan FFed 5 different people & loved all of them, none of these people were new (she met them last month & witnessed & loved them before). Also some of these people she met several times. She didn't count the number of times she met or loved the people but instead counted according to the number of people. Is that okay?--Genesis & Bashan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: NO--SHE'S LOSING CREDITS FOR "TIMES WITNESSED TO" & "TIMES LOVED"!--Each time counts!--But most of all, did any get saved?

       114. QUESTION: I HEAR LOTS OF NEWS ABOUT AIDS DISEASE RECENTLY, are there any Letters coming up on this subject?--Ezekiel, Pacific.
       ANSWER: THANK GOD, NO!--NONE OF US SHOULD EVER HAVE IT!--We're not homos, drug addicts or blood drinkers! (Recipients of blood transfusions!)--Nor should we have sexual contact with them!--I'm sure AIDS is God's curse upon these Sodomites!--Such as they deserve!--Romans 1:26-32--& many other Scriptures against Sodomy!

       115. QUESTION: I HAVE A QUESTION CONCERNING CHILDREN'S IMMUNIZATION SHOTS. We've received a notice several times from the city office to go & get the shots. What are other Family members doing about this?--Simon & Tirzah Caravan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: WHAT COUNTRY IN THE PACIFIC REQUIRES SHOTS?--The only one I know of is the same one that requires compulsory Godless education!--The USA!--But this could be possible, if you're a citizen of one of the more "advanced" ones.--We [EDITED: "my first family"] just kept movin' in the U.S. & thus escaped both!--Its anti-Christ education & its infectious shots!

       116. QUESTION: DURING OUR TIME IN INDIA WE HAVE HAD SEVERAL SUCCESSFUL SINGING ENGAGEMENTS AT FIVE-STAR HOTELS, including one of the richest clubs in all Asia. We have also appeared on local TV & done quite a few university shows, with really good response. Our show is with our children, who win the hearts of everyone. We do not preach at the people, as we feel that the Family songs do plenty of that, as well as the Spirit. "My sheep hear My voice." The shows have been a real success, & we have gotten many addresses which we follow up personally, including many of the wealthy upper class here. These engagements have been one main source of support here, as we don't have much home support. We have more offers for similar bookings.
       Ever since "Mass Evangelism" came out I have run into a questioning attitude about our pursuing our somewhat [EDITED: "public"] ministry. We really want to as a family be involved in MWM follow-up & disciple-winning, but at the same time I feel that we need to abide in our calling & what bears fruit. We do not go as MWM in our shows & never have. Some of the brethren here seem to feel that maybe we shouldn't approach the universities. We don't want to go against what they feel, as it is also their city & we want to respect their views, if they are right in so feeling.
       I guess I'm telling you all this to find out if I'm on the wrong track. I certainly don't want to be doing the wrong thing. I know we're all so fanatical in the Club, & "Mass Evangelising" was a pretty strong one about being "public."--Mike & Zeph, Asia.
       ANSWER: IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO DISCOURAGE MASS MEETINGS ENTIRELY, but to warn you of the dangers. Jesus & His Disciples & the Apostles occasionally had public meetings, but they also sometimes caused them trouble, so that they finally had to go entirely underground.--Mt.9:29. GBY!

       117. QUESTION: ARE HOME FIELDS LIKE ENGLAND OR THE USA entitled to demand clearance requests from others passing through?--Peter Watchman, USA.
       ANSWER: NO. IF YOU'RE RETURNING FROM THE MISSION FIELD TO A HOME FIELD YOU DO NOT NEED PRIOR CLEARANCE. Don't expect, however, to land unexpectedly on another Home's doorstep & be taken in, unless you've made arrangements with that Home ahead of time. Remember, though, if you're going to a mission field you do need clearance or you may be faced with excommunication when you arrive. (See No.1202:58,27.)

       118. QUESTION: COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE US A FEW SAMPLES OF ANSWERS WE COULD GIVE TO THE QUESTION "WHAT CHURCH ARE YOU WITH OR WHAT ORGANIZATION?" I really feel I need to hear some recent advice on this or even to hear you advise the same advice you've given in the past. The reason I'm asking is because some upper-class folks have a hard time receiving that we're just a non-sectarian missionary family & many of them always press for a "name." [DELETED] How would you answer that, Dad?--Dan Noah, SEA.
       ANSWER: LIKE I ALWAYS DID, AS MOSES DID: "The Lord hath sent me!"--Ex.3:13-14. "I just belong to Jesus & the fellowship of Christians everywhere!"--Amen?

       119. QUESTION: I WANTED TO ASK, IN HOMES WHERE THERE ARE A LOT OF CHILDREN & SOMETIMES THE OLDER CHILDREN are in charge for a period of the smaller ones, does Dad recommend that the older ones sometimes be given the right to discipline, or leave only for adults?--Joash & Hanna, S.America.
       ANSWER: USUALLY THEY'RE TOLD TO BRING TROUBLE CASES TO THE PARENT OR ADULT. Often the scolding & threat by an older child like, "I'm gonna tell Mama!" is sufficient. But personally, we never leave our children without adult supervision.

       120. QUESTION: WHEN DAD TAKES SPIRIT TRIPS WITH MARIA or she turns into a goddess, is Maria aware of it too?--Willie, SEA.

       121. QUESTION: TO WHAT POINT SHOULD YOU ALLOW A CHILD'S TEMPERATURE TO RISE OR TO WHAT DEGREE IT IS BEST TO STOP IT? Is it dangerous to allow their temperature to rise without stopping it? Some children have suffered mental damage because of a fever. I don't remember if Dad mentions about this in any Letter.--David & Betania Codero, S.America.
       ANSWER: YES, WE HAVE! (See Nos.878 & SD 68-69.) Fever is the body's natural effort to burn up the disease, & only with certain very serious diseases with persistent prolonged fevers is there ever even the remotest possibility of brain damage--& none for a Child of God with faith! But if you're afraid the temperature is getting too high for too long--such as over 104 degrees F. (40 degrees C.), aspirin or an analgesic usually helps.--But nothing like the Lord & desperate prayer!

       122. QUESTION: ONE QUESTION I HAD CONCERNING FINDING A PLACE OF REPENTANCE. There are so many examples in the Word of the bad examples who did horrible things but who weren't totally cast out by the Lord, & on the other hand there are many whose sin was seemingly small but who for this lost their place in God's Kingdom--Saul & Esau being two of the most well-known of those who lost their places, lost their crowns.--And David being an example of one whose sin was great but who was reinstated into God's Kingdom. I understand that a great part of the question has to do with the sin of doubt & unbelief. David, though his sin was great, his love for the Lord never waned & he continued to trust in the Lord, whereas many of God's infamous examples are those who lost their crowns due to a large part their sins of disbelief. There are similar examples within our Family's history of both sides of the story as well & as we all understand.
       I wholeheartedly understand & believe that "the judgements of the Lord are true & righteous altogether, & more to be desired are they than gold." The Lord just doesn't let anything happen in our personal lives for no reason--it's for a reason & for us! TYL!--Our training in the way which we should go so we will not depart from it. How is it determined as to how "severe" the judgement should be?--Ben, Asia.

       123. QUESTION: IN THE CASES WHERE ONE WAS REBUKED & CHASTENED & LOST THEIR PLACE OF SERVICE, but are still faithful to the Lord, our Family & His calling, is it that they will never attain to what they "may" have had if they hadn't made the wrong choice, or had waited a bit longer on the Lord? Or is the path that they have chosen by their actions & decision only diverting them until they find out what the Lord is teaching them, & then they can come into the same inheritance that was before ordained for them? In other words, if by some mistakes you lose your "first inheritance," "your first crown" can you gain a different crown or inheritance?--Not to mistake these for those humiliating & humbling mistakes & blow-its that we all do & need to keep us humble & dependent upon Him. TYL! Or is it just a matter of letting the Lord use you in whatever capacity anywhere & always & it all adds up to what you get anyway?--Ben, Asia.
       ANSWER: AGAIN I SAY THE SAME--IT ALL DEPENDS. Some sins are even unto death! (1Jn.5:16-18)--But most are not, & only one is unpardonable: Resisting the Holy Ghost--or rejecting Jesus!

       124. QUESTION: I WAS WONDERING IF MAYBE SOME OF OUR DEPARTED LOVED ONES or certain spirits are only assigned, so to speak, to stay around only for a short period of time & then to move on to some other part or realm of the Spirit World? No one in my family, or anyone else has ever seen my departed brother again after his initial appearance to us after his death. Though there are the ministering spirits & guardian angels which we have with us always, it seems that some--maybe like in the case of Saul with Samuel when Saul was trying to call Samuel back after his death & Samuel seemed irritated by the disturbance, they aren't really supposed to be around continuously. What do you think?--Ben, Asia.
       ANSWER: RIGHT!--MOST AREN'T & GO TO THEIR REWARDS. Only certain are assigned to be helpers--who can be so trusted.

       125. QUESTION: I HAD A DREAM IN WHICH I SAW A MAN IN THE FORM OF THE ZODIAC SIGN OF LIBRA FIGHTING WITH THE ZODIAC SIGN OF SAGITTARIUS. The Libra was wounded & escaped in an armoured car with the Sagittarius on his heels. Is it possible that I saw the two spirits of these two constellations? Is it possible that the economics will be wounded by war?--Filippo, Europe.
       ANSWER: HA! IT SOUNDS MORE LIKE A NIGHTMARE!--And it now seems more likely the World economy will wound itself first! But I don't know what this has to do with Libra & Sagittarius! But someone who knows more about astrology might give you a better interpretation.

       126. QUESTION: I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE TWO ENDTIME WITNESSES IN REV.11. It says in Rev.11:3 that "They shall prophesy a thousand two hundred & threescore days" & in verse 7 it says, "And when they shall have finished their testimony ... the Beast shall overcome them & kill them." And in verse 11 it says, "And after three days & an half they are raised up," which is at the seventh trump & the Rapture. If they prophesy for 1260 days & are killed & lie 3-1/2 days more in the streets before being raptured, does this mean all of us will be raptured 1263-1/2 days after the breaking of the Covenant or are the two witnesses raptured & the rest of the Christians raptured at two separate events in that 3-1/2 day period?--Marc, SEA.
       ANSWER: YOU GUYS REALLY ARE HAIRSPLITTERS!--HA! There's only one Rapture at this time, so how do you know they didn't begin their witness 3-1/2 days before the Tribulation?

       127. QUESTION: '[DELETED] [EDITED: "What about"] buying Traveller's Cheques, then having someone [EDITED: "else"] take them when you don't supposedly know about it, with the purpose of then going in to claim they have been lost or stolen, whereby you receive new Traveller's Cheques which you can spend. But you only keep the "lost" ones to show at borders in order to get long visas. As far as I know, there's no law against having the bad cheques, it's only if you ever tried to cash one, of course, this would be very illegal & I'm sure the Lord wouldn't bless that. But is just using them at borders being as "deceivers, yet true" because you never try to get money for them? Is this a case of Mt.9:29 or a bad practice. [DELETED]--David Woods, Europe.
       ANSWER: I'VE NO IDEA WHO EVER DEVISED THIS INFERNAL SCHEME, but how could you deliberately plan & conspire to lie & break the laws like that?--It wasn't my idea! Sorry, I don't go for it!--But Mt.9:29.

       128. QUESTION: I HEARD FROM SOMEONE WHO WITNESSED TO A MAN WHO USED TO HELP FAMILY MISSIONARIES WITH VERY GOOD PRICES ON VIDEO EQUIPMENT. This person told him how he (who is not the owner of the shop) was very helpful to them, giving them good prices, but also putting on the counter some extra batteries that weren't on the bill & also a stereo cassette for an automobile. The man may have been moved by the testimonies but I feel perhaps this "extra help" wasn't really his to give. Is it stealing to do this?--David Woods, Europe.
       ANSWER: OF COURSE!--AND A SIN TO RECEIVE IT IF YOU KNOW IT!--And breaking the laws against receiving stolen property in the bargain!--And a very bad testimony to all concerned, including the clerk whom you allowed to do it!--Maybe he was testing your honesty & sincerity!--I've had'm do this with too much change!--It was a better testimony when I gave it back!

       129. QUESTION: I RECENTLY HAD A [DELETED] JEWELLER GIVE ME FREE INSURANCE ON SOME GOLD I BOUGHT AS AN INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE & he told me several times that if it was "lost" or "stolen" I'd just have to convince the insurance company & I'd get "free" gold. Of course, he would benefit, too. Sad to say, I considered this temptation but after reading your Letter on telling the truth I became convinced that this was not "God's way of supply" but rather "the Devil walketh about as a roaring lion" trying to make me his next meal. I can't help thinking that this "deal" would have offended the Lord & stopped me from getting His blessing & we'd be worse off. Or was I being too self-righteous to go through an open door, like when the Israelites lied to the Egyptians to get their gold & "spoil Egypt" on their way out? I don't want to miss the Lord's supply, but I do feel it would be wrong, so "whatsoever is not of faith is sin"! Perhaps word on some of these "deals" would make it more clear. I think getting sucked into these compromises can only hurt the witness you may have given some of these people.--David Woods, Europe.
       ANSWER: AMEN!--ANOTHER TEST!--YOU SEEM TO HAVE A PROBLEM ALONG THIS LINE, SON. Is it your temptation?--Or is the Lord testing you?--Or both?

       130. QUESTION: I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH THE LETTER "TRUST GOD" but some of Dad's comments in a different Letter & somebody's else's testimony confused me & others. In the Davidito Book, page 493, Dad suggests giving kids aspirin if they have a high fever. When one sister died of cancer in Canada & didn't take any medication or treatment, Dad's comments seem to suggest she should have taken the treatment. If we use any kind of medication like aspirin or cough syrup does it mean we are not trusting the Lord? Should we use any medicine or not? ILY!--Adam & Cheerful, Asia.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       131. QUESTION: IF NORTH AMERICA IS BABYLON, & BABYLON IS DESTROYED BY THE TEN KINGS (Rev.17:16) we can understand that the U.S. is not one of the ten kings in which three of them are destroyed by the little horn (Dan.7:24) Could the three be England, France & West Germany? They are part of the EEC & the only ones developing nuclear technology on their own.--Seth Livingstone, Pacific.

       132. QUESTION: WHAT DOES DAD THINK OF THE CHINESE HOROSCOPES, born in the "Year of the dog, rat, horse," etc. People here often refer to it so I wondered if it's OK or not?--Shiloh, Pacific.
       ANSWER: I WOULDN'T DO THAT TO A DOG!--Nor a rat, horse or what have you! But the Future belongs to us & the Lord!--HAL! TYJ!

       133. QUESTION: COULD SOMETHING BE WRITTEN ABOUT NATIONALS BECOMING ONE WITH FOREIGNERS? We see a constant problem with some of the Chinese sisters sticking together & not mixing with other nationalities much. Also sometimes at the dinner table the Chinese brethren will talk in Chinese with testimonies or stories when we do not understand. We do mention it but it still goes on. Could Dad clarify as we do want to make headway & feel there should be no separate nationalities. We are One Nation.--Shiloh, Pacific.
       ANSWER: PERHAPS YOU SHOULD BECOME MORE CHINESE!--Are you learning their language? It's only natural to relax in your own language. But maybe you Chinese ought to be a bit more helpful to us poor dumb Westerners. Becoming one works both ways!

       134. QUESTION: IN LUKE 7:28 IT SAYS THERE WASN'T A GREATER PROPHET THAN JOHN THE BAPTIST, among those born of women, but he that is least in the Kingdom of God is greater than he. Does "he that is least in the Kingdom of God" mean the lowest angel, i.e., of those not born of women?--T. & A., China.
       ANSWER: OF COURSE NOT! DON'T YOU KNOW YOU'RE A CITIZEN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD?--Even you are greater than John the Baptist!--Maybe that's because he was a Baptist!--Ha!

       135. QUESTION: DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF MILK THAT IS BOILED IS COMPLETELY SAFE, even if the cow has not been vaccinated at all? This question is coming up as many Homes in smaller cities are buying their milk straight from cows/buffaloes which almost definitely have not been vaccinated. Does anybody have any info on it?--Paul & Morningstar, Asia.
       ANSWER: YES, THEY ARE VERY UNSAFE EXCEPT FOR MIRACULOUS PRAYER & FAITH!--Many have tuberculosis & it is the most common source of this prevalent disease amongst children in the poorer countries.--If you must use raw milk, I'd sure boil it!--We use almost entirely powered milk.

       136. QUESTION: SORRY MY FIRST QUESTION WAS UNCLEAR. I wanted to know if Disney movies with talking animals are OK for children (such as "101 Dalmatians") in light of "Uneager Beaver"? We saw "The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" & it was very heavy. Christian really understood salvation through it.--Maggie, Asia.
       ANSWER: EVERY PARENT SHOULD PREVIEW EVERY MOVIE BEFORE SHOWN TO KIDS!--Or know the general theme or characteristics of the series to be sure it's good for kids. The criterion is not "Will it hurt'm?" but "Is it good for'm?"--Is it edifying, profitable, inspiring & does it teach a good lesson? Most cartoons do not, & "The Lion" was an exception & not a Disney!


       138. QUESTION: WITH WINDS & CYCLONES & SICKNESSES ALL BEING GIVEN OR ALREADY HAVING NAMES, is it possible that these are the names of the spirit responsible for the storm or sickness?--Isaiah, Asia.
       ANSWER: UNLIKELY--THESE ARE ALL GIVEN IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY WEATHERMEN JUST TO KEEP TRACK OF'M. They used to give'm all female names till the women protested, so now they alternate male & female.--Ha!--However I wouldn't be surprised that they're stirred up by demons!

       ANSWER: HA! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SOME KIND OF A JOKE ORIGINALLY, SO DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY.--It was just to designate the type of service porch usually attached to a kitchen. Maybe we should erase it. Rev.21:27 seems to show there'll be nothing unclean there, so let's cut the laundry!--Ha! Pretty soon you'll be asking how many angels could stand on the head of a pin!

       140. QUESTION: IF I PUBLISH AN ARTICLE IN A NEWSPAPER OR MAGAZINE CONTAINING MO QUOTES on purely practical matters such as sunburns, childcare, nutrition, etc., does it count as a witness &/or lit distributed?--Maggie, Asia.

       141. QUESTION: IN THE MILLENNIUM will there be a greater frequency of death at a certain age?--Peniel & Belen, S. America.
       ANSWER: I'VE ALREADY ANSWERED THAT IN THE MILLENNIUM LETTERS--DID YOU READ'M?--There'll be less death! The mortals will probably live as long as Methuselah & the Patriarchs before the Flood--maybe most of'm throughout the whole Millennium!--But there'll also be less frequency of birth, & anyone dying at 100 would be considered a child! (Isa.65:20)

       142. QUESTION: WILL THERE BE OLD PEOPLE? If it's going to be like that, what are the reasons?--Peniel & Belen, S.America.
       ANSWER: MOST OF THE CURSE HAVING BEEN LIFTED, THERE WILL BE MUCH SLOWER AGING OF MORTALS STILL ALIVE. (See above).--But you'll have to ask God why!--Possibly to make it easier on us new Rulers!--Ha!--Little if any population increase!

       143. QUESTION: IF PEOPLE WILL DIE, will that be when they receive their spiritual bodies?--Peniel & Belen, S. America.
       ANSWER: WE SEEM TO ALREADY HAVE OUR SPIRIT BODIES. We just slough off the old physical shell like the metamorphisising insects shed their cocoons! The butterfly is a good sample!--The ugly crawly caterpillar becomes a flying beauty!

       144. QUESTION: WILL THEY THEN DO THE LORD'S WILL IN A MORE SPIRITUAL WAY? Or does all this have something to do with the Second Death the Bible talks about?--Peniel & Belen, S. America.
       ANSWER: --WHO?--IT DEPENDS ON WHO THEY ARE--SAVED OR UNSAVED! Haven't you read the Letters?--That's all answered there.--Maybe if you'd spend more time reading'm, you wouldn't have to ask so many questions!--And you'd have the answers I've already given.--And I'd have more time to try to answer the ones not yet answered!

       145. QUESTION: IF IT'S THE DEVIL THAT HAS THE POWER OF DEATH & he's going to be chained during the Millennium, how is death going to occur?--Peniel & Belen, S. America.
       ANSWER: HE IS ONLY GIVEN WHAT POWER HE HAS FROM GOD, like the executioner is only empowered by the Government for his job, & this power, of course, can be taken away. Really only God decides when your time is come. How do you have time to ask so many questions? Maybe you need the Scripture 2Tim.2:14-17! "Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. But shun profane & vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. And their word will eat as doth a canker."

       146. QUESTION: IN THE FAMILY OUR CHILDREN ARE TAUGHT THAT VIOLENCE & FIGHTING, ETC., ISN'T IN LINE WITH OUR BELIEFS & it's something that they shouldn't do. Truthfully, sometimes I think our children need to know how to defend themselves at school or in the park or wherever. What is Dad's opinion? I personally don't believe that we always have to turn the other cheek or that we should teach our children to in such cases.--Peniel & Belen, S. America.
       ANSWER: I'VE ALSO LONG AGO ANSWERED THAT ONE! Whatsa matter with you?--Don't you read the Letters? If you had, you wouldn't be asking these silly questions!--I hope that's your last one!

       147. QUESTION: SOME OF OUR RELATIVES HAVE INSISTED THAT WE PUT OUR TANYA INTO KINDERGARTEN. My wife is having a big battle about it because she says that they are going to teach her the wrong things. I would like to know what Dad's opinion is about it & what the Letters say about it.--David & Betania Cordero, S.America.
       ANSWER: WHY DON'T YOU READ'M?--It depends on the school & teachers, of course.--Some are good, some bad!--We teach our own. Since when do we obey System relatives? (See No.371, 780 & 1039.)

       148. QUESTION: WHAT DOES DAD THINK ABOUT "RETURN OF THE JEDI"? We feel it has a lot of spiritual parallels, but due to content, not good for kids (monsters, etc.)--Josiah & Smile, S.America.
       ANSWER: IT'S SATANIC!--Its creator a Godless anti-Christ[DELETED]!--Of course it has spiritual angles--the Devil's! You guys need to get your minds off the Devil's biz & back on God's!

       149. QUESTION: DOES DAD SPECIFICALLY STATE THAT THE FIRST TRUMPET IS THE NUCLEAR WAR? When does it happen? If not, what is the First Trumpet?--Josiah & Smile, S.America.
       ANSWER: COULD BE!--SOUNDS LIKE IT, & IT'S THE FIRST PART OF THE TRIBULATION!--Which, as stated before (see No.1528), could be the destruction of the Antichrist's last political enemy, the USA.

       150. QUESTION: I'VE BEEN PROMOTING MCV IN MY NEWSLETTERS for over a year for the radio stations I've put them on. The brethren think that it could connect MCV with the Family & endanger home support. What do you think?--Peter & Trust, USA.
       ANSWER: THEY'RE RIGHT!--WE DO OUR BEST NOT TO IDENTIFY MCV WITH THE FAMILY.--And to list the stations to System home folks could be an outright betrayal to our enemies!--Please don't!--We never do!--No wonder you're still in the USA!

       151. QUESTION: WHAT ADVICE CAN BE GIVEN TO MARRIAGES where those involved were mated for the work's sake (or by old leaders) & never were in love? And now 7-10 years later they have children & still have never really fallen in love? Dad, your Words have so many times given us the victory & if you could give some counsel or advice, it would help so many.--Secundus & Seek, S.America.
       ANSWER: GOD'S LOVE CAN HELP YOU LOVE ANYONE--ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR CHILDREN'S SAKE!--Unless your mate doesn't love the Lord & His Work! In which case, you can let'm depart! (1Cor.7:10-15)

       152. QUESTION: DEAR DAD, COULD YOU WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT THE NEED FOR REFILLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT? It was the highlight of the last year's NAF with Faith & Juan & was so good & needed for all the rest of the Family who weren't able to attend one of their Pearls. It would be so good if they could read about how it's possible to lose the Holy Spirit & how to get refilled.--Seek & Secundus, S.America.
       ANSWER: IF YOU'RE SAVED, YOU CAN'T "LOSE THE HOLY SPIRIT"!--But you can sure lose the power & anointing for service by disobedience! Why is it the Family in the USA & Mexico seem to have the most problems?

       153. QUESTION: AS IN "THE FIVE WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST," if the nuclear war is at the end of the Great Tribulation period, would that change the time of the Seven Trumpets? As I understood, the First Trumpet was the nuclear war?--Peter & Trust, USA.
       ANSWER: IT COULD BE THE BEGINNING--see above, number 149.

       ANSWER: WELL, THAT'S FOR NORMAL PEOPLE, NOT FOR US REALLY, BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT. Besides when I found out that Nietzsche & Freud & those guys figured it out, I said, "Forget it!" But you know it's just interesting, curiosity. It's like astrology & horoscopes & things like that. The Lord is greater than all those things & we're super people, we don't have to be confined to that stuff, right? So don't worry about your critical days & your low days & blah, blah! It's not going to bother you! I got this watch to find out if there was anything to it & I kept watching & watching & watching & it didn't seem to jive at all. I feel so good most of the time that I seldom felt low spiritually, low physically or low mentally. So I think the Lord must overrule all that stuff with us. We're new creatures, right?--New creatures, we're not bound by the old stuff anymore. It's still a good watch isn't it? It's got a lot of other things besides biorhythms, right?--It tells time!--Ha!

       155. QUESTION: IN THE "TALISMAN" LETTER IT SAYS TO THROW AWAY THE PICTURE OF MAEVE, who had such a bad effect on the people carrying it, because of the evil spirit with it. I just had this question & a few other people had it too. What about all these pictures of Genesis with her weird eyes, published in the new GN books, aren't they "Talismans" too?--Louisa, S.America.
       ANSWER: THESE WERE USED TO PROVE TO YOU THE EVIL!--If they bother you, you're welcome to rip'm out!

       156. QUESTION: SOMEBODY IN OUR HOME BOUGHT {\ul \i THE LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE} by Bell Pub. Co., NY. What does Dad think about it? (Books of; Mary, Nicodemus, Barnabus, etc.)--Johannes & Joanna, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: SPURIOUS! BURN'M!--I used to have'm. You don't even have time to read your Bible, why waste time on the Devil's junk?


       158. QUESTION: OUR RADIO STATS WERE 40 X 15 MIN. SHOWS AIRED ON AN INTERNAL HOSPITAL NETWORK, do they have to be on a larger network to be recorded statistically?--Cephas & Clare, Pacific.

       159. QUESTION: WITH MANY OF THE WARNING ARTICLES TO THE WORLD, re: politics, the [EDITED: "ACs"], economics, Illuminati, etc., does Dad send any of these personally to any political leaders or high government officials throughout the World?--Joshua & Catherine, Asia.
       ANSWER: NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!--Do you think I'm crazy?--They'd never believe it, or they wouldn't be in power!--Or they're one of the enemy! Sorry!--It's like giving info to the enemy! Look what happened to the Prophets in the Bible who stuck their noses into politix! Watch out!--You're sheep amongst wolves!--(Mt.10:6)

       160. QUESTION: WE HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE WHITE HORSE OF REVELATION 6. So many people we have met (mostly churchy) have said they think it represents the Antichrist & the false prophets. It does seem different than Jesus, who is not a beast & who has a sword instead of a bow. Why is He represented with a bow?--John & Suzanne, Asia.
       ANSWER: THE BEASTS SPEAKING ARE GOD'S POWERS AROUND HIS THRONE IN REV.5 & EZEK.1--NOT THE HORSES.---And who said He couldn't have a bow? Both are only symbolic of the powerful weapon of the Word!--And a bow is even swifter, representing the very rapid spread of the Gospel from the beginning. The anti-Christ interpretation is Scofield's twist to try to prove a pre-Tribulation rapture, & messes up the whole Book!--That's what you get for listening to church people!

       161. QUESTION: REGARDING MATTHEW, OUR SON, we read up on the subject & had prayer together & decided to share him. Rachel, my wife, used to be the wife of John, another brother who is here in Asia with his mate, Matthew being the result of their marriage. So now he will spend two weeks with his mommy & two weeks with his daddy. It seems to be bearing good fruit, however we were wondering what Dad thought along these lines.--Stephen & Rachel, Asia.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       162. QUESTION: A BROTHER TOLD ME THAT FOR EACH PIECE OF LIT GIVEN DTD, he calculated 4 or 5 times as mass wit., since the average of people are four or five in a house. So if he would give out 50 pieces DTD, he would put down a mass wit. of 200. Is this legal to do so?--Rose, S.America.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       163. QUESTION: WE DIDN'T QUITE UNDERSTAND WHETHER ALL THE FAMILY SHOULD TRY TO READ THE GNs IN 24 HOURS or does it only apply for Dad's staff & publications?--Apelles & Sally, Asia.
       ANSWER: HA!--ONLY MY PROOFREADING STAFF!--To speed it on its way to you!--You poor folks! I don't see how you ever read'm all!


       165. QUESTION: WE WERE KIND OF WONDERING ABOUT "BAN THE BOMB." We think it's great that Dad is kind of putting a stop on so much of the freedom that was being used the wrong way. But what we were wondering was, does this also mean being a Home of only one couple we are banned only to us? Or can we pick a Home to share with & then just always share with them?--Carlos & Rosie, S.America.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       167. QUESTION: REGARDING "BAN THE BOMB," I would like to ask if it would be okay to share with others in our area as long as we are very careful. We are a one-family mobile team & not based at a Home.--Ezequiel & Petra, S.America.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       168. QUESTION: IN "BAN THE BOMB," WHAT ABOUT SITUATIONS IN WHICH YOU REALLY LOVE ANOTHER BROTHER OR SISTER, who are not members of your Home, but you have shared with them in the past & you know for certain they have no sicknesses? Could that be considered within the "Law of Love" & "Ban the Bomb" of accepted behaviour?--Lancelot & Lydia, S.America.

       169. QUESTION: WHAT CAN WE DO WHEN ALL THE NEW DISCIPLES WE'RE RECEIVING TO HAVE CLASSES have a burden to have sex with someone here, especially if they don't belong to a definite Home or if they fall in love with someone?--Samuel & Belen Camino, S.America.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       170. QUESTION: WE RECENTLY HAD A DISPUTE WITH A LOCAL HOME AS TO WHETHER "BAN THE BOMB" APPLIED TO OUR [EDITED: "OLDER TEENS"]. In question was our girl wanting to share with their son--both consenting. The parents of the boy refused to give him permission, quoting the Letter "Ban the Bomb." Dad, did you mean to ban sharing between our [EDITED: "older teens"] & young adults or has there been a misunderstanding? The boy & girl in question are the only [EDITED: "older"] teenagers in the area. [DELETED] We didn't try to argue because the parents of the boy are the DAS of the area & it would have only caused problems. We would appreciate a current up-to-date comment from you since "Ban the Bomb" has raised questions in some people's minds regarding this.--J., S.America.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       171. QUESTION: IF A BROTHER OR SISTER IS OFF BY THEMSELVES WITH NO FAMILY HOME TO SHARE WITH (or person), is it okay to share with them? Suggestion: Maybe they could link together with one Home for sharing as long as they don't go to other Homes as well. (Could this be clarified please?)--Peter & Victory, Pacific.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       172. QUESTION: WHAT IF YOU'RE REALLY IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE from another Home & have an almost uncontrollable burden to share--can you? It sounds contrary to "Ban the Bomb," but in agreement to "Law of Love."--Malachi Mountain, S.America. (New Disciple)

       173. QUESTION: I AM LIVING BY MYSELF & BECAUSE OF "BAN THE BOMB" THE SISTERS CAN'T SHARE WITH ME. Is it possible that a revision could be put out on this?--Mark, S.America.

       174. QUESTION: WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT LOCAL FISH WHO SHARE WITH SISTERS IN DIFFERENT HOMES. Couldn't this possibly be an intermediary for the spreading of infection? Couldn't they just stick to one?--Isaiah Quixote, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: TO BOTH QUESTIONS: OF COURSE!--But who's to say? Nobody's forcing anybody to have sex with anyone they're afraid of! This should be decided by the local Home as a policy, or up to the individual.--Mt.9:29.

       175. QUESTION: HOW DOES "BAN THE BOMB" APPLY TO FISH who like to sample different sisters from different Homes? (I'm asking this because I contracted a vaginal infection from ES work & had been also sharing with fish that sisters in other Homes have shared with, hence the possibility of infection spreading.)--Seth & Miracle, Asia.
       ANSWER: WHY DOESN'T THE INTER-HOME BAN APPLY TO FISH? Maybe you oughtta stick to each her own? Mt.9:29. It's all a risky biz! Only the Lord can keep you!--You can catch herpes from moist towels & toilet seats!

       176. QUESTION: DEAR DAD, I'VE BEEN BOTHERED FOR QUITE SOME TIME WITH A QUESTION ABOUT THE SEALING OF THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL of Revelation 7:1-8. Why aren't the tribes of Ephraim & Dan sealed with the other tribes mentioned? I realise that Manasses & Ephraim were sons of Joseph & received inheritance in their father's stead, but I do not understand why Dan, being one of the original sons of Jacob, was not sealed when Joseph & Manasses were.--Josiah, N.America.
       ANSWER: GOD KNOWS!--WHY DON'T YOU READ THE MLs?--They're not so fulla problems! (See "Forget the Past!", No.1598.)

       177. QUESTION: IN LUKE 21 YOU SAY, "As long as you have that faith in Jesus & you believe He died for you, you're saved by faith." What happens if a person loses their faith in Jesus to save them?--Elkanah & Tamar, Asia.
       ANSWER: IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN!--NOT IF IT IS REAL FAITH! The Church-like mental assent to Jesus is not real believing or "drinking in" (pisteuo--Mk.10:39) or truly receiving Jesus as your personal Saviour. Once you know Him & have Him you could never lose Him even if you denied Him like Peter!--You'd only be ashamed & He'd be ashamed of you! (2Tim.2:13; Jn.6:37-39; 1Jn.1:7; Mk.8:38)

       178. QUESTION: WHAT HAPPENS TO THE SPIRITS OF THE DEAD SAINTS AFTER THEY DIE? Do they wait till Jesus' Second Coming before being raised from the dead, or do only their bodies have to wait?--Benjamin & Anje, Asia.
       ANSWER: "TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD." (2Cor.5:8) Watch out for the Seventh-day Adventist teaching of "soul sleep"!--It's false! Remember the dying thief!--Jesus said, "This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise!" (Lk.23:43) HAL! TYJ! Let the Seventh-day Adventists wait if they wanna--I'm not gonna!--Nor you!

       179. QUESTION: WE'VE HEARD OF [EDITED: "PEOPLE"] WHO TAKE OUT STUDENT LOANS FROM THEIR FORMER COUNTRIES, with no real intention of paying back--is this a case of "Owe No Man"?--Esli, Asia.
       ANSWER: THIS IS A CASE OF "VOWING A VOW" or making a promise & not keeping it! (Ecc.5:4-5; Deut.23:21) See also Nos.701 & 866.

       180. QUESTION: I WAS WONDERING ABOUT THE RETARDED PEOPLE, like the mongoloids, who you said some of which really love Jesus & get saved. At the Millennium will they still keep the same look they have, or will Jesus deliver them of that particular look they have?--Louisa, S.America.
       ANSWER: I DON'T THINK ANYBODY'S GONNA LOOK BAD!--What's bad about the way they look?--I got so used to it it didn't bother me anymore than the way some other people look!--Ha!

       181. QUESTION: CAN A DISCIPLE OF THE DEVIL CAST OUT A BAD SPIRIT in somebody or sickness & make that person well? I thought in the Bible it says the Devil can't cast out his spirit or his house would be divided. Could you explain this?--Levi, S.America.

       182. QUESTION: A QUESTION ABOUT TAKING MEDICINE: Concerning the Letter "Trust God" & the comment Dad made at the end of the testimony about Sheba Bear who had cancer & went to be with the Lord. Dad asked why she didn't get medical help. Some brethren wonder when it is right or wrong to get medical help.--Isaias & Rejoice, S.America.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       183. QUESTION: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "LORD" & "Lord" in Ps.110:1 & again when an angel appeared unto Gideon in Judges 6:12-16? The angel in v12 is called the angel of the LORD & then Gideon calls him Lord in v13. Then in v14 ... the LORD looked upon him & in v15 Gideon turns around & calls him Lord again. Is LORD, God or Jesus? And is Lord used for lesser angels? Why does it use LORD in v14? Isn't this the angel still speaking to Gideon or is it actually God or Jesus?--Jeru, Pacific.
       ANSWER: THIS IS TO INDICATE A DIFFERENCE IN THE ORIGINAL WORDS USED FOR GOD IN THE HEBREW. If you can't savvy the Bible, why read it?--Especially the Old Testament! I told you guys it's too late! Read the MLs! (See "Forget the Past!" No.1598.)

       184. QUESTION: WHILE TEACHING AN ENDTIME LESSON TO SOMEONE, I was flashed with an exceedingly encouraging thought about our adventurous ministry during the last 3-1/2 years. Right now our greatest hindrance (second only to our own "thick-headedness"!) is the "jamming" of the Lord's signals to us by the Devil & his henchmen! I mean even a mighty Archangel like Gabriel fought it out with a demon for three weeks 'til help came for him to get God's message to Daniel! Now in Rev.12:6-13 it looks like the spirit world, wherein our heavenly communication system with the Holy Spirit operates, is gonna be cleansed of all hinderers! (especially vs.8,9 & 13!) In other words, our earthly enemies may be formidable in the flesh, possessed by all those demons, but spiritually, we'll have the edge--in fact, the whole blade! Just think how great our faith will be then with no one yelling or whispering doubts in our spiritual ears! WOW! Could it be that is when "the people that do know their God shall (really more than ever!) be strong & do exploits!"? What a picture! What do you think, Dad?--Gideon & Jan, Pacific.
       ANSWER: SOUNDS GREAT! I believe it! GBY! Thank God for you guys who answer your own!--Ha!

       185. QUESTION: I HAD A QUESTION REGARDING CHILD DISCIPLINE. Is it right for leaders or other brethren to discipline the children harshly while their parents are there to oversee the children? The brethren in question did not have an established connection with the children.--Job & Rose, N.America.
       ANSWER: IF THE PARENTS WON'T DO IT, THE LEADERS OR OTHERS MIGHT HAVE TO. But however anyone disciplines it should be in love!


       187. QUESTION: MY 2-1/2-YEAR-OLD SON HAS A REALLY BAD THUMB SUCKING PROBLEM. We don't know what to do. Any suggestions?--Israel, N.America.
       ANSWER: ASK SARA OR READ MENTIONS OF THIS IN OTHER LIT.--We never had this problem. What's wrong with sucking your thumb?--It's handier than a chupa or pacifier!--And apt to be a lot cleaner!--Ha! (See SD 7:12)

       188. QUESTION: WAS THE CURSE OF GEN.9:25 TURNED INTO A BLESSING BY JESUS IN MT.20:27? "And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren." (Gen.9:25) "And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant." (Mt.20:27)--Jonadab, N.America.
       ANSWER: OF COURSE! ALL CURSES ON THE WORLD ARE NULLIFIED IN JESUS!--We are one! (Ge.3:26-28)--No difference! (Ro.3:22)

       189. QUESTION: REGARDING HOME SUPPORT ON THE FIELD: We as well as other brethren have found that Systemites who are financially supportive & enthusiastic while at home seem to forget about you once you reach the field. We would like some feedback on this. How can a family our size (1 couple with 7 children) raise home support, arrive on the field only to discover that we get no response to our monthly mailings?--Mel & Elixir, Caribbean.
       ANSWER: MAYBE YOU'RE NOT FAR ENOUGH FROM HOME?--Or didn't really sell'm while there?--Or your letters aren't very convincing?--Or you're not praying or obeying?--Jesus never fails!

       190. QUESTION: WHAT ABOUT THE EAST-BLOC? Does Dad think it's a field worthwhile to pioneer? We haven't seen any MO Letters yet concerning the East-Bloc witnessing situation.--Stephanos, Europe.
       ANSWER: OF COURSE! WE PROMOTE IT ALL THE TIME IN THE FN & have encouraged its pioneers & even help support some!--And they're having amazing success!--It seems to be their harvest time! There's a real Jesus Revolution going on over there! Wanna go?

       191. QUESTION: DOES THE LETTER "TRUST GOD!" apply for instance when a child has a cough & congestion which could turn into pneumonia & they could take cough medicine or antibiotics for it? Is this considered mechanical? We know we need to have more faith, but we also don't want to be foolish & let the children suffer needlessly.--Francis & Summer, USA.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       192. QUESTION: A COUPLE'S CHILD WE KNOW HAS A THYROID CONDITION THAT STUNTS GROWTH IF MEDICATION ISN'T TAKEN, so after prayer, etc., & one year later the child isn't healed, should they go back to taking the medication? Shouldn't faith work? Is there a point where you have to admit your faith isn't strong enough?--Francis & Summer, USA.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29.

       193. QUESTION: [EDITED: "A SISTER"] WAS GOING AROUND SHARING SEXUALLY WHILE SHE WAS INFECTED WITH A VD & had infected others, during which time she said she was "trusting God" for the healing. So is it fair to others[DELETED]--should [EDITED: "she"] be doing what [EDITED: "she"] can or is it a case of "But if not...?"--Francis & Summer, USA.
       ANSWER: MT.9:29. BUT AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, NO ONE IS FORCED TO SHARE!--When in doubt, don't!

       194. QUESTION: I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT AN "ILLUSIONIST" NAMED DAVID COPPERFIELD. We have seen his show several times on television in which he makes things or people disappear. By what force is he able to do this? Good or evil? He leaves me wondering about it. He's not like Uri Geller, who breaks things, but one that does not seem to hurt anybody or anything by his magic. Yet, on the other hand, he doesn't credit God for the gift he has or has been given. Would he know that "his magic" is a gift from a higher force or could he be thinking that it's himself? Do you know something about him?--Ezra Morningland, Europe.
       ANSWER: NOTHING BUT THE BOOK HE GOT HIS NAME FROM!--And if he doesn't give God the glory, I'd be leery of'm!

       195. QUESTION: I HAVE BEEN ASKED WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT SUICIDE. I could not find special verses as an answer from the Bible, so I had to reason more from logic. Can you help?--Samuel Dreamer, Europe.
       ANSWER: SEE NOs.325:13-14; 911:68-69; 1402 IN {\ul \i DAILY BREAD}, 1497:66-68.


       197. QUESTION: WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH CHILDREN WHO HAD DOWN'S SYNDROME on Earth when they get their heavenly bodies is Heaven?--Jean-Paul, Europe.
       ANSWER: THEY'RE DELIVERED!--PTL! TYJ!--No sicknesses in Heaven!--Nor in the Millennium!--It won't be long now! HAL!

       ANSWER: DR. KOGER WAS AFRAID OF SACCHARIN AS IT COULD CAUSE CANCER. They claim some new ones don't, but I prefer God's good ol' fashioned ones in their pure state!: Honey, molasses, raw sugar, etc.--in moderation. Most weight-watchers' main problem is not always sweets, of which they are watchful, but fats, starches, oils, over-eating & under-exercising! You don't see as many fatsos in poor countries!--They work harder & eat less!

       199. QUESTION: WHAT DID JESUS MEAN ABOUT, "IF THY RIGHT HAND OFFEND THEE, CUT IT OFF"?--Song said that verse used to bother him because it immediately follows the verse where Jesus said that if you even look on a woman & lust after her you've already committed adultery in your heart. Then comes the verse about plucking out the offending eye, etc.--Gabriella, Europe.
       ANSWER: HA!--THEN WE'D ALL LOSE OUR EYES!--Which shows you can't keep the Mosaic Law or the Law of Love without the supernatural love of Jesus! Jesus was showing those hypocritical self-righteous scribes & Pharisees (that churches are still full of!) that they were all sinners, none could keep the Law, all need to be saved!

       200. QUESTION: ALSO, WHAT EXACTLY IS ADULTERY?--Gabriella, Europe.

       201. QUESTION: I HAVE WONDERED FOR A LONG TIME NOW ABOUT THE SIGNIFICANCE OF JESUS RETURNING IN THE "CLOUDS."--"Coming in the clouds with power & great glory." (Mt.24:30) Someone told me once that we were the clouds. And the verse that comes to me is where Paul said, "Seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses..." (Heb.12:1) Also, Isa.60:8. Also, a mysterious verse (Maybe only to me), is Pro.16:4, "The Lord hath made all things for Himself, yea, even the wicked for the day of evil." Does Dad have anything to say about that?--Gabriella, Europe.
       ANSWER: ALMOST THOU PERSUADEST ME TO TELL YOU TO STOP READING THE BIBLE, as I suggested in "Forget the Past!" (No.1598) It seems to minister more questions than answers!--Especially if you don't understand it! Read the MLs!--They're not so tough! It took me a lifetime to study & savvy most of the Bible, & I still have many questions!--And you don't have that much time left! Clouds are clouds & witnesses are witnesses!--And yes, the Lord made everything, even the Devil!--That's what I have to say!--And the Bible too! Evidently most of you'd be better off if you didn't read the Bible!--Only MLs!

       202. QUESTION: I HAVE A QUESTION CONCERNING HOME SUPPORT. We are a couple in France who have almost all the funds we need to go to the mission field, but we have hardly any home support, & even if we did have it, our supporters wouldn't be able to send it out of France because of the new law. We know home support is very important. We have tried to raise home support & we have some people who would support us, but they don't really have the faith to send cash in the mail, because they are afraid it will get stolen. So what can we do? We know that the clearance report says you need a certain amount of home support to be able to get clearance. But could some exceptions be made for those who really want to go to the field & be missionaries & have tried their best to meet all the requirements to get clearance & have everything but their home support, because for us, that is the only thing that is stopping us from going!--Mary & Francois, Europe.
       ANSWER: AMEN! MT.9:29.--ALSO THERE ARE WAYS TO GET MONEY OUT!--Ask your Shepherds!

       203. QUESTION: RE: THE ENDTIME POSTER. The timeline chart for the 69 "weeks" end with "30 AD" as the date Jesus died. On the other side it starts with 33 AD for the Ascension, which was, as I understand it, 40 days after His resurrection. Some people I witnessed to criticised this & it caused them to reject the whole message.--More or less the same with the timechart. Neh.2:5 was in 446 BC, not in 453 BC, & the Bible proves this. If we take "1260 days" for 3-1/2 years, it means that one year counts 360 days. According to this 483 prophetic years count 483 x 360 = 173880 days. A correct solar year is a year of 365.25 days, which brings to 173880: 365.5=476 years & 21 days. As Neh.2:1 says, the order was in the month of Nisan, & 476 years later brings us exactly to the month of Nisan 30 AD, in which Jesus died. With this proof, we would be the first Christians that have an exact proof for it. How do you feel about this?--Justus Simeon, Europe.
       ANSWER: FEELS GREAT!--IF I ONLY UNDERSTOOD IT!--YOU HAIRSPLITTERS! How do you have so much time for so much math? Why don't you just forget the whole thing & go out & win souls?--If you can't savvy it! In the first place I didn't make the Chart & we've already discovered other similar errors in it which will be corrected soon in a new one, D.V.! The 33 AD was using the Roman dates, of course.--And certainly no one should "reject the whole message" just over that! So you've got a new way of figuring it?--Good for you! So why are you still in Europe?

       204. QUESTION: I'M CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT DAD FEELS ABOUT GIRLS FFing THAT ARE MARRIED, who tell fish they are single or separated because they are not with their husbands at that time that they're out FFing. It's true that we're not married like regular Systemites & we are nuns of love, TYL! Personally, I have found that once I hook them it has been no problem to be married, even a great testimony. Before I hook them I just avoid the question as you suggested. God has always been faithful to let me know when to let them know. But maybe that's just my faith. Could it be put under the category of "deceivers yet true!?--Esther Setfree, Europe.
       ANSWER: I'VE COVERED THAT IN THE FF LETTERS. I think you're right. We always found they thought it even greater love when they found out Maria was married & it was with my compassionate consent!--I love to "feel about girls FFing"!--Ha!

       205. QUESTION: I HAD A QUESTION CONCERNING THE NEW NUTRITION STANDARD. In the menu at Dad's house spaghetti was included once a week & I think it's a treat. But where do you draw the line on people who like noodles when it's hard to find healthy ones? Our home cannot afford to make wheat germ available every time we have white noodles. Should we totally abandon eating white noodles, if we don't have wheat germ? Or is once a week okay? We can replace spaghetti noodles with healthy buckwheat noodles which are available cheaply here. It's a bit unusual but tastes fine for spaghetti. We did this in Singapore. But I'd really appreciate a little advice on where to draw the line & how strict or lenient we should be on our eating standard. Even if just once a week we have white noodles we constantly have to fight the "camel's nose."--Keda & Yasuko, Pacific.
       ANSWER: HA! HAVING TROUBLE WITH FAT NOSES? THAT'S A NEW AILMENT! They must be hard to get through a hole in the tent! You guys are really food freak fanatics! "Eat what's set before you, giving thanks!" (Lk.10:8; 1Cor.10:27; 1Tim.4:4) Once a week's not gonna kill you! I even put sugar in my coffee when out where they haven't got anything else!--As a constant guest in other's homes for years in evangelistic work I ate whatever they set before me lest I offend my hostess!--What would you have done? C'mon! Let's be reasonable even in our diet!

       206. QUESTION: IN LIGHT OF THE RECENT LETTERS "WE'RE STILL THE JESUS REVOLUTION!" & "FORGET THE PAST!", many Family members are wondering if this means we should stop teaching the basic Old Testament Bible stories to our children. We understand & agree wholeheartedly that the Old Testament is "ancient bunk," & that all the history & background we need to know is already in the MLs, but we wanted to know your thoughts on teaching children some of the basic non-violent Bible stories so they will be familiar with them when they read about them in the Letters, as well as to learn the positive spiritual lessons involved. For example, Noah & the Ark, Abraham & Isaac, Joseph in Egypt, Moses & the Exodus, the story of David, Ruth, Esther, Job, Naaman, Daniel in the Lion's Den, etc. Do you think it's a good idea to familiarise our children with stories such as these in the form of slides, flannelgraphs, etc.?--Job, S.E.Asia.
       ANSWER: ALL THEY NEED'S IN THE "BIPs"--Or similar materials. We teach'm to ours, but try to avoid the gory parts! Why not teach'm the New Testament?--Or MLs?--Or TKs? Aren't they enough? My Lord, we've got 11 whole TK Books & more comin'!--What more do you need?! Have you read'm all?--Start over!

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