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MORE HEAVEN'S GIRL ART!        DFO 1645        10/83

       1. YOU'RE LATEST PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS! THEY'RE TERRIFIC! You've finally got her! You've really got her & you can recognise her in all of these as obviously the same girl. I love what I call your Comfort picture--the one you called your healing picture with the little boy--& the ones of her zappin' the planes & walking on the water. And your first one of healing the sick with her ponytail around on the right side of her neck now, I like that better!
       2. THE ONLY THING YOU STILL MISSED IT ON WAS THE ONE YOU TRIED TO RE-DO! And even on your two re-doings--on which you must have wasted quite a bit of time--you still haven't got it! The Girl is fine on both of them, & the one facing us with her coming out of the grave, that is the best of all because it's more the position that I actually saw her in & more the tilt of the stone & all the rest.
       3. IT'S NICE OF YOU TO DO ALL THAT NICE ARTWORK OF THAT WALL BEHIND, BUT IT WASN'T NECESSARY. We could have done without it & that just took extra work. But my God, the stone is about twice as big as it ought to be! It's just enormous! In the position it's in, tilted like that, it shouldn't have extended much beyond her head. It's about right in the rear, but it shouldn't have come much beyond her head, & it should have only reached side-to-side from a little beyond her hand to the end of her ponytail. It's just absolutely almost ridiculous! So the only thing you need to re-do is what you already re-did twice, & as long as you've gone to that much trouble on it, we might as well finish it. We'll use'm all, if nothing else but as lessons!
       4. IN THE NEW ONE YOU DID OF THE SIDE VIEW, AGAIN THE GRAVE WAS ABOUT EIGHT FEET LONG INSTEAD OF SIX FEET, therefore in order to have a capstone big enough to cover it, you made the capstone about nine feet long, three meters instead of two. So I'm sending your pic back showing you where to cut off the grave & where to chop off the capstone on both sides with her shoulders as the pivot, being balanced on her shoulders. I measured & marked it off exactly where you should cut both off, so we could use that too. It shouldn't be too much trouble just to round off the ends of the stone & to cut off the back end of the grave. So that's really all that you need to re-do.
       5. I LIKE THE EXPRESSION ON HER FACE BETTER AS SHE'S FACING US THERE, NOT LOOKING LIKE SHE'S JUST SOME KIND OF A SLAVE OR SOMETHING BEARING A HEAVY BURDEN. She has a better tilt. She wasn't planning on carrying it, she was just tossin' it off! In those first pictures it looks like she's planning to carry it away like Samson & the gate. But as far as I saw, the back end--like you've got it in the front view now--was almost touching the ground & she was just lifting it off, that's all. She wasn't planning on walking off with it.
       6. SO YOU'VE REALLY GOT IT, YOU'VE REALLY GOT HER TOO, & THEY ARE JUST TERRIFIC! You can recognise her in all of them! Of course the costume & the ID pieces & hair-do & all those things helps, but you're even getting the faces right. Terrific! Beautiful! You can just kind of let your vision run riot now & sketch anything you need to or feel like or are inspired to, as well as the guide list I sent you of all those various miracles of the Bible. You can have her doing them all. I think there's about 300 listed!--Ha!
       7. I THINK WE COULD HAVE A BOOK ABOUT HER JUST WITH YOUR PICTURES, JUST WITH CAPTIONS! Wouldn't that be inspiring for the kids & for childlike people?--Without a maze of text & everything. I mean, these pictures speak for themselves! Maybe I'll write a little introduction or something, & of course if I get inspired on the introduction there might be a little text!--One of my wee words of introduction!
       8. SO WE'RE JUST ABSOLUTELY THRILLED! YOU'VE GOT HER! She's terrific, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful & with all kinds of good ideas! You're on the way! You're on her way! Hallelujah? Just keep rolling & sketch as many as you can, & remember, before you touch that paper every time, ask the Lord to really guide you. "Your young men shall see visions!" (Joel 2:28.) That's the verse I got for all the artists!
       9. I THOUGHT OF A COUPLE MORE GOOD PICTURES TOO, one of her playing the guitar, one dancing, & it came to me during the night, wouldn't she look beautiful riding on a horse, one of those white Heavenly chargers? Ok! Keep'm rollin'! GBY!--In Jesus' name, amen. ILY!--And I love our new Girl! TYJ!

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