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MY 1936 DIARY!--17 years old, in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.       DO 1727
(This was my last entry until 1941, 5 years later!)

       Apr. 16 Thurs: Caught my dream of farm-life--got off school bus & lay down in the grass to think it over.

       June 4 Thurs: My last day of school.

       June 8 Mon: Spent last night with Lamont. Spent today playing "Big-Business" in the morning & tennis all afternoon. Ate supper with him, came home & we went to Tivoli & I saw "A Tale of Two Cities" for the third time--it was his first. Took him home (used Dad's car all day) & then came home (rear cottage with Virginia) myself--retired about 12:00.

       June 11 Thurs: Arose early (6:30) to pack all my duds, which took me most of the morning. Took big car (Pierce) & did errands for Mother downtown all afternoon.--I took Mel to George's filling station & picked him up on the way home. Played Mel & Sid, Lamont's "Big Business" game after supper--until 11:00. Republican convention's going strong--began June 8--they've practically nominated Landon.

       June 27: Did errands for Mother in town.--Paying bills, etc.--And then arranged for installment of our new (first) auto radio--a marvellous, beautiful Motorola "60"! Took 4 hours--to 7:00 PM.--And we had intended leaving at 1 PM! Finally got away at 9:00 PM. Bid Mel, Virginia, Clayton, Hartley & Mr. Way good-bye, then stopped by Haas's & bid them good-bye.--Lamont is starting tomorrow morning with Mrs. Smith & Helen Thomas in a car borrowed by Doc Koger (who is going with us), & all will spend a week at Lake Swan. Tried out the radio on the way to Palm Beach after leaving Uncle Mark's (the "Coconuts") for a bite to eat--it works wonderfully! Picks up more outside stations clearly than our big radio at home. We heard the renomination of Roosevelt (F.D.) from the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. Got to bed (at "The Stonewall"--narrow garage) at about 1:30 AM. The new Pierce Arrow is operating & rides splendidly--never drove a better car! (On another evangelistic tour!)

       + + + + + + +

       I CERTAINLY HOPE YOU KEEP YOUR DIARY MORE FAITHFULLY THAN I DID! I missed some great years there from '36 to '41!--Five more years of service for the Lord with my Mother, except for 7 month's time-out to graduate from High School in the Spring of '38. I returned then to Miami to help Mother pastor the Church of the Open Door until we hit the road again in '40 & '41, moving our HQ back to Los Angeles, California, until I landed in the Army at the end of '41.--You've had that story & the miracle of my deliverance in the '41 & '42 Diaries.

       THEN MOTHER & I WERE BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN UNTIL I MARRIED EVE IN '44, had Deb in '45, Aaron in '47, & Ho in '49, built my church in Arizona in '50, Faith was born in '51 & I returned to college & schoolteaching through '52 & '53, & returned to the road with the whole family in '54 to finally pioneer Florida Soul Clinic in Miami in '55 & '56, when I returned to the road to book Church in the Home on TV for the next 10 years while we ran FSC & TSC until the kids finished school & we hit the road again in '67, as follows:
       [EDITED: "See ML#1728."]

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