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HALLEY'S COMET!        DO 1771        5/84

       1. I WAS FIGURING THIS MORNING ABOUT WHEN HALLEY'S COMET IS COMING. IT'S GOING TO BE IN FULL VISIBILITY IN MARCH OF '86. It always seemed so far away, but when you think about it, actually it's going to be coming around the sun next year ('85) but it doesn't come close to us to where it will be visible to the naked eye until '86, hanging there in the sky as big as 50 moons! I don't suppose you'll ever believe another thing I say about comets after Kohoutek, but that's what the astronomers say.
       2. (PETER: DOES IT MEAN IT'LL HAVE THE BRIGHTNESS OF 50 MOONS?) The comet with its tail will be 25 million miles long, they said, which is the equivalent of looking into the sky at 50 moons in a row! I guess it must stretch halfway across the sky! Now that is really something phenomenal & spectacular, boy, & God's not doin' it for nothin'!
       3. DON'T FORGET THAT WHEN THAT COMET CAME LAST TIME IT WAS ONLY A SHORT TIME LATER THAT WW I BEGAN, the first World War which changed the whole World system, which had been mostly monarchies before that. After that it turned into worse monarchies called dictatorships & worse governments called democracies! The whole World became worse! I suppose that was too early to say that was a sign of my coming because I wasn't born till 9 years later! Well, actually about 8 years later. But anyhow, it was the introducer & the herald of a lot of major events.
       4. I'M CONVINCED '86 IS GONNA BE IT, THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, & HALLEY'S COMET IS GOING TO BE THE SIGNAL, & THAT IS JUST A LITTLE MORE THAN A YEAR AWAY! So what we do we had better do quickly & work while it is yet day before the night cometh, because the new World system may greatly restrict or limit our work, if not actually stop it. I don't think it's going to stop it, I think the Lord's going to keep us going. It's obvious from the Scriptures that there're going to be witnesses & millions of Christians right to the coming of the Lord.
       5. BUT IT'S GOING TO MAKE THINGS A LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT & WE WON'T HAVE QUITE AS MUCH FREEDOM & be able to perhaps accomplish what we're accomplishing now. So in your contingency plans & all of your various plans I would say you'd better count on 1986, the beginning of 1986, just a little more than a year away, as the beginning of a very tight operation, a very limited & strict operation, & that we've just got a little more than a year to go like we're going now.
       6. I BELIEVE IT! I'LL BE SURPRISED IF WE HAVE MUCH MORE TIME, but the Lord could spring a surprise & give us a little more time, a little more mercy, but it's hard to believe it when such an outstanding sign as that is going to appear in the sky, undoubtedly heralding the beginning of a new age, a new system, a great personality, & I think we'd better prepare for it & get ready for it & we'd better enjoy what we've got while we can & get as much done while we can. So here we go folks, with only a little more than a year to go as we now go!--And thank the Lord for it!
       7. SO LET'S EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY & WORK HARD, FOR TOMORROW THINGS MAY BE A LOT DIFFERENT! Amen? (Fam: Amen.) So PTL! GBY! I mean I got to thinking about it--I'd almost forgotten about Halley's Comet! But boy, the more I think about it, brother, that is going to be one big sign of the End, especially the end of things as they now are!--Not of the coming of Christ yet, but the beginning of the End, the Endtime of the Antichrist!
       8. I THINK THAT COMET IS DESIGNED BY THE LORD TO INTRODUCE THE ENDTIME, THOSE LAST 7 YEARS, FRANKLY! That's what I believe, including the Antichrist reign, the new World order & all the rest! So let's get busy & back to work!--Amen? PTL! GBAKY busy, in Jesus' name, amen. TYL!

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