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THIS WORLD'S A CESSPOOL!--WATCH YOUR STEP!       DO 2613       11/88

       1. Not only are the Devil & the Antichrist testing the waters to see if it's time for them to take over, but God is testing you & me to see how much we will take & how much we will let them get away with, & how much the church will let them get away with without protest, without doing something about it!

       2. In the Old Testament they stoned the Sodomites to death! Now they've got Sodom Rights, Gay Rights Associations & laws being passed to prevent discrimination against Sodomites! Think of it! Of course, they don't call it Sodomy or Sodomites any more, they call themselves "Gays," or more officially "homosexuals".

       3. I read that in the U.S. one guy even applied for a handicap pension for being a Sodomite! He said he was being discriminated against because as a homosexual he had AIDS & couldn't get a job, therefore he asked for a handicap pension from the government.--And he got it! The judge gave it to him! Can you imagine? Now the government's going to pay them unemployment pensions!--Money for being Sodomites!

       4. What a trick of the Devil to get all of his demons on the payroll of the government! You can hardly believe it's true, but there it was in a news article! They gave the name of the judge & the place it happened & the whole works! Boy, wait till all the Sodomites hear that, they're all going to want to go on the dole for being "handicapped"! That's even worse than having all the drunks going on the dole & saying they're handicapped because they're alcoholics! Pretty soon they'll have all the Devil's demons on the dole!

       5. I've got a whole lot of subjects I can get stirred up about & mad about! I can see the Lord's got to come soon! He just can't let things go on this way much longer! The whole World would be--& already is--just about one big shit-pit, a cesspool, & people are just swimming around in it!

       6. It reminds me of that dream I had about Deborah. (See "The Cesspool!", No.664.) She & Jeth & all those people were swimming around in a cesspool & all the shit! I was so shocked by the dream I could hardly believe it! I was hesitant to even pub it in a Letter or tell you about it, but I knew it was of the Lord, & I knew it must be a warning that they must really be in bad shape!--And sure enough they were, even worse than I thought!

       7. But that's the way the whole World is today! You know the World must be pretty bad off if even God's children, or ones who pretend to be God's children, can swim around in shit like they were & like they still are, & even producing shit now against us!--Supposed Christians, even Christians who have had as much Truth as they've had & have turned their backs on the Light, on God's Word, & instead are attacking it to try to put it out! That's what Deborah is doing & that's what all those enemies of ours are doing, they're trying to snuff out the Light!

       8. The day will come when they're going to try their best to snuff you out, & they already are!--Like that doctor who went all the way from France to spread the bad word about us in Japan! Our enemies are highly-organised & financed! The time will come that they're going to try to kill us, they've already tried it! But the time will come when the World will let them get away with it! Right now the laws of humanitarianism & so-called civilisation--which is only because of Christianity--have mostly prevented actual physical attacks, but I'm sorry to tell you that the time is coming when people will tolerate it.--In fact, they'll even think it's justified! The Christians already think they're serving God by attacking us!--Jn.16:2.

       9. So don't get complacent, don't get off your guard & breach your security in some unguarded moment! Don't forget you're living in the midst of wolves all around you (Mat.10:16), & in some unguarded moment you could get attacked if you don't stay on your guard! Just because you have a nice comfortable place to live & you seem to be secure, don't get a false sense of security! Amen? Be on guard constantly! The next person you meet may be an enemy who recognises you, so watch your step!

       10. Amen, Lord, do bless & keep these that go forth as sheep in the midst of wolves! Help them, Lord, to be as wise as serpents & as harmless as doves, & not to harm anybody unless they need to defend themselves, Lord, to protect themselves & their children. Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! The Lord always says that He's given these Words to your father, "Hear ye him!" (Tongues) Hallelujah! TYL! Amen, amen! "For indeed they shall come to pass!"

       11. That's the sad news, that's the bad news, but don't dwell on it! Whatsoever things are good & of good report, think on these things!--Phi.4:8.--But you have to be warned of the other! The Prophet's job is the warning as well as the Word. Thank the Lord our light afflictions are but for the moment & it'll soon be over, so be faithful to the End & you'll inherit a Crown of Life!--2Cor.4:17; Rev.2:10. TYJ! And it won't be long now! It can't be much longer, it's getting too bad. So hang on, stay true, stay faithful & keep fighting!

       12. [DELETED] So watch your step, don't let [EDITED: "the Devil"] trip you up or cause you to stumble in an unguarded moment! Pray, Beloved, all day! We're always to pray & not to faint!--Luk.18:1. Be prayerful in every move you make! Don't just make a move & figure, "Oh well, this is obvious," but pray about everything! Ask the Lord to lead & guide you & to protect us & keep us in every little thing we do! Watch your step! Amen? PTL!

       13. And thank God that you're in the best business in the World, even if it is the most dangerous business in the World & getting more dangerous all the time! But thank the Lord it'll soon be over & we'll soon rejoice & join in the rejoicing with Him in our Heavenly City! TTL! PTL! Amen?--And then come back here to wreak vengeance on our enemies! Hallelujah!

       14. [DELETED] They deserve the Hell they're going to get! They've tried to give us Hell & they've given us some, but thank the Lord they haven't stopped us yet! But watch your step, be prayerful & don't take anything for granted! Amen? GBAKY! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family