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WHAT IS JESUS?        DO 2618 4/90--What Are His Names?--Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing!

       1. (Intro: While praying about & planning a new GP Video series for children, Mama felt that it would be best if the Videos did not openly portray Jesus in the typical traditional manner. She felt that making the series openly religious or "Christian" could greatly restrict its usefulness & hinder its distribution. So the idea was born to portray Jesus as a powerful & loving supernatural Friend & Wonder Worker, perhaps as the "Space Prince," Who would always hear the cry of those who called out to Him for help.
       2. (But then the question came up, would children who watch these Videos & come to know all about this "Space Prince" be able to get saved by believing in Him? In other words, could kids believe in & receive the Person of Jesus by receiving our "Space Prince" characterization, even if they don't yet know that his Name is Jesus? So Mama asked Dad about it, & the following conversation took place:)
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       3. (Maria: There's a verse about Jesus in Isaiah that says, "And His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!"--Isa. 9:6.) Yes, it's a prophecy verse about the Coming of Christ that is often read at Christmas. If the Jews would even read their own Bible they would know that that's about Jesus! (Maria: If they were to read that chapter & that verse & they'd pray, "Everlasting Father, please save me!", wouldn't they be saved?) "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"--Rom.10:13. (Maria: Or if they said, "Oh Mighty God, please save me!") They can even say, "Jehovah save me!" Jehovah is the main Name of Jesus used in the Old Testament. There are a number of names that they could use.
       4. (Maria: If they say, "Everlasting Father, please save me!", wouldn't that do the trick?) Why not? "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!" (Maria: But they didn't use the Name of Jesus.) Well, Honey, those are some of His other names. He's also called Yeshua & Jehovah in the Old Testament. (Maria: As well as "Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father & the Prince of Peace!" There are a lot of other names that are used, so many in the Old Testament & so many in the New: "Lord," "Christ," "Messiah," "Emmanuel," "Son of Man," "Son of God," "Son of David," "The Word," "Lamb of God" etc.! (See Gen.18:14; Mat.16:16; Jn.1:41; Isa.7:14; Mat.8:20, 2:15, 1:1; Rev.19:13; Jn. 1:29 etc.)
       5. (So that verse, "There is none other Name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12) doesn't necessarily mean just J-E-S-U-S, does it? It's talking about the Person, the Being of Jesus, isn't it?) Of course! (Maria: Jesus also said, "I & My Father are one."--Jn.10:30. So you can even call upon God, His being. It doesn't mean that you've got to use the Name Jesus or even any particular name actually.)
       6. "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"--And it can be any one of His names. (Maria: I've heard of testimonies where people just called upon "Great Spirit in the Sky" or they just said, "God save me!" We even had a testimony in the FSM where one of our own people didn't really know anything about Jesus, or wasn't praying to Jesus, they just prayed to God to help them & save them & have mercy, & He really made a change in their heart. The Lord is merciful & He's actually saved them, there was a change in their life & later they knew they had been saved at that point. I think thousands & thousands of people have experienced that.) Yes, of course! Lots of people have just prayed, "God help me!", & the Lord has helped them.
       7. (Maria: That's why I've said that if we take our new children's Video series that's in the works into countries where we can't even use the Name, "Jesus," we can tell the GP children about the Space Prince! Then if those kids pray, "Space Prince, please save me!", why couldn't they get saved? He's called the "Prince of Peace," so is there any reason why we can't we call Him the "Space Prince"? After all, He's the Prince of the whole Universe, & every space there is, inner, outer & what-have-you! When we say "Space Prince," if Jesus is Who we're talking about, why couldn't the children get saved?
       8. (I believe they get saved even with our Kiddie Viddies, even when we're not specifically telling them about Jesus, the Space Prince or anybody! Maybe they'll have to say the actual prayer at a later time, sort of like a ceremony, but if they believe & really want to be good, I think the Lord could save them just through watching the Kiddie Viddies! If they're the Lord's children before the foundation of the Earth (Eph.1:4,5), then even if they don't say the prayer right then, they could say the prayer later, couldn't they?)
       9. His Word even says they that are without the Law & do the things that are according to the Law, shall be saved. (See Romans 2!) (Maria: That's a confirmation! I really believe that many of these children get saved when they watch the Kiddie Viddies! How else could you explain such a dramatic spiritual change in their lives? Maybe they haven't actually said the little prayer yet, but they could say that some time in the future. That's like their public confession of faith, that's like the ceremony.) Getting saved is a matter of the Spirit! Even if they're receptive to the principle, the Holy Spirit can change them. (Maria: TYJ! It's so wonderful how they are changing when they watch the Kiddie Viddies. We've heard about a lot of real big spiritual changes! It's so miraculous!)
       10. Love is even one of the Names of God!--1Jn.4:8. If they've received the Love, they've received Him! (Maria: That's so exciting! The Lord makes it so easy for people. It's really wonderful.)
       11. (Maria: I always like to confirm what I get by asking you. I don't remember the Word so well, so I can't pull out all kinds of verses, so a lot of times I just have to go by the feelings the Lord gives me after I pray about things. But it's a little hard to prove some of these things to others just by feelings.)
       12. It's like I said to King Arthur one time at that little place we were eating. He wasn't sure if he believed in God or not. Remember what I said to him? (Maria: You said, "Do you believe in Love?") And he said, "Oh, of course!" I replied, "Then you believe in God, because God is Love!" That really sort of stunned him! (Maria: But if someone answers yes to this question, does that automatically mean they believe in Jesus & have received Him?) Well, they're sure on the road, but I'd say they've still got a lot to learn. He was receiving love & receiving the things we told him, & he finally received it all. It's almost like the growth of a little baby.
       13. (Maria: It's also sort of like when two people start to live together. They may start out just living together, & then they stay together. They haven't had a marriage ceremony yet or made any formal vows, but they've been united & they're married. Maybe sometime later they may have the ceremony, but they've already been married physically & in the Spirit before they ever formally say the words. Jesus said, "I & My Father are One" (Jn.10:30), so even if you call on God, you get Jesus as well!) Yes, of course. "I and the Father are One!"--You can't receive God without receiving Jesus! Of course, eventually you will learn that Jesus is the Son & the Saviour, & you certainly won't refuse Him.

       14. While watching the Kiddie Viddies, if the kids even receive & believe what it's saying & what they're acting out etc., they are receiving God's Spirit of Love, & in so doing, if they receive the Spirit, they receive God, Jesus & the works! I agree with you, how else could it change their lives if they weren't receiving the Lord? It's the best they know to do at the moment.
       15. (Maria: How else could that little three-year-old we heard about go from completely being hypnotised by Michael Jackson to being completely turned off by him & begging to constantly watch our Videos instead? Obviously there was a spiritual change.) It's the Lord! The Lord works a spiritual change in their hearts, because in a sense they're receiving Him. In receiving the Video & what it proclaims, they are receiving His Truth, therefore they're receiving Him. It may be in a very vague way that they don't even understand, but it's working! (Maria: Because they're His children from the foundation of the Earth, & it may be the only way they know yet, the only way that they've been given.) Right, the only Truth they know & have received.
       16. (Maria: There's a verse about "following the thing that good is."--Psa.38:20. To those children, what they see on our Videos is the good way! That's what you're supposed to do--obey your parents, be kind & loving etc. That's good, the other way's bad, & they watch our Videos & begin following Good!--God!)
       17. God's Word indicates that if they which are without the Law do the things that are according to the Law, that they are saved.--Rom. 2:12-14. Of course, eventually they will find out somehow Who Jesus is & receive Him & realise that they really have received His Love, & thereby personally received Him. God is very merciful, & if their attitude is right & they're really receiving His Spirit, they're certainly receiving Him, & they're also receiving Jesus. You can't receive one without the other! Remember that old song? (Sings:) "Love & marriage, love & marriage, goes together like a baby & a baby carriage!--You can't have one without the other!"

       18. (Maria: Well, what about others, Muslims & Jews etc. who are sincere & think they love God, how does all this apply to them?) I think they are covered by that verse about the Law, "those that are without the Law who do things which are according to the Law." It's like what Jesus said, "I have other sheep that are not of this fold."--Jn.10:16. In other words, they're pretty ignorant, but they are part way along & they're doing the best they know how. (Maria: So they can make their official declaration that they believe in Jesus later, some day when they realise Who He is.)
       19. They're also covered by those verses about, "They that knew their Master's Will & did things worthy of stripes shall be beaten with many stripes. But they that knew not their Master's Will & did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes."--Luk. 12:47, 48. And as I've explained before, the "few" & the "many" both have an end. At least they've received what Truth they've heard & been shown. The sin that cannot be forgiven is not to receive the Truth as you're shown it, if you "receive not the Love of the Truth." If they've been shown the Truth & they received it not, they reject it, & continue to reject it, that's when they receive strong delusion & are damned!--2Th.2:10-12.
       20. The Lord is very merciful, & He will judge people according to what they have known & what they have received. If they've known it, been shown it or heard it & they've continually refused to receive it, that's something else. But those little kids who sit down & watch & eagerly receive our Kiddie Viddies are receiving the Love of the Truth! They're certainly believing in Love.--And God is Love, so they're believing in God! He's the Spirit of Love. They're receiving as much as they have been shown. They like it, so they're on their way. It may be a very feeble start, but at least it's something! It is a start, & they're receiving what they have been shown. As much Light as they have been shown, they're receiving.
       21. Jesus is the Light of the World!--Jn.8:12. That's another way you can put it. If they sit down & see one of our Videos & receive it, they're receiving the Light of the World! They're receiving the Love of God & it's changing their hearts. They're receiving the Spirit of Love & it's changing them. From all the testimonies we've heard, it's definitely changing their hearts. Even if they haven't yet learned the Name of Jesus, at least they're receiving what they have learned. (Maria: I just know some of those kids must be getting saved when they watch our Videos, even if they don't contain anything specific about the person, Jesus. Look how their lives are changing! It must be that they're going to make their declaration of faith in Jesus later when they know more about Him.)
       22. They may not have gone all the way yet, but they're on the way! If they receive the Truth of that Video, if they receive the Light of that Video, if they receive the Love of that Video, they're receiving the Lord!--As much as they know. They may not even know His Name yet, but they're certainly on their way. They're receiving what little they know & what little they've seen & been shown.

       23. (Maria: A lot of our folks use that famous quote where you said: "Without the Name of Jesus there is no power, there is no life, there is nothing. You have to pray in the Name of Jesus, speak in the Name of Jesus, do everything in the Name of Jesus.")
       24. Well, you could get into a nice big theological discussion over that: What is the Name of Jesus? There are many names for Jesus. He Himself gave quite a few: "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life!"--Jn.14:6. "I am the Door!"--Jn.10:9. "I am the Bread of Life!"--Jn.6:35, etc. (Maria: You could just say, "I love You, Truth!--Please come into my heart!" That verse you were quoting talks about receiving the "Love of the Truth!") Yes! In their little hearts they're receiving the Love of the Truth! They're recognising the Truth, that this is good, this is Truth, & they like it!
       25. So if they see that & realise, "Well, that's the way to act, that's the way to be, that's The Way!", then they're receiving Jesus, because He is the Way! They've not learned yet exactly Who He is or what His usual Name is, but they're receiving Him. They're receiving His Love, His Truth, His Light & His Way!
       26. (Maria: They're receiving the good instead of the bad!) And Who is the Good? Jesus said God is good, so they're receiving God! When Jesus said, "Why callest thou Me good? There is none good but God!" (Mat.19:17), He wasn't saying that He wasn't good. What He was really saying there is, "I am God!" (Maria: It's like He was saying, "So if you don't believe I'm God, then why are you calling Me good?") "There's none good but God!"
       27. A lot of people are going to be surprised at how loving God is! The church people are going to really be surprised when they get to Heaven & see all the people that are There that they didn't expect to make it, including us!--People who they've fought & lied about & even killed, thinking they're doing God service.--Jn.16:2. Just think, that Centurion even killed the Lord, but he wound up believing in Him & said, "Truly this was the Son of God!"--Mat.27:54.
       28. (Maria: There are even a lot of church people who pray, "Oh Father God." They fail to pray in the Name of Jesus. Even though many of them have received Jesus & know Him, they haven't been taught to use His Name in prayer. But many of their prayers still get answered, because in Spirit they're praying in Jesus' Name. They're covered by that verse, "I & My Father are One." And really, when you think of it, the prayer that Jesus gave His disciples to pray [EDITED: "Mat.6:9-13"] doesn't mention Jesus' Name at all, which just proves that we can't get so letter-of-the-law & bound by certain words. It's the attitude of our heart & our spirit that counts, if we're right in spirit.)
       29. A lot of church people say that the Muslims worship Mohammed. But actually the statement they make is, "Allah is God & Mohammed is His Prophet," something like that. Well, that does not mean they're worshipping Mohammed. It depends on the person, how highly they regard Mohammed. But they just say Mohammed is God's Prophet. Well, when I was with them, it was very easy for me to say "Allah is God & Mohammed is His Prophet!" What difference does it make what name you call God by?
       30. Mohammed taught a lot of good, & even about Jesus. He didn't get things quite straight technically, but I believe he was really trying to do good & has done the World a lot of good in some ways. He led his people out of total heathen paganism! Finally when he took power in Mecca or Medina, he & his followers went into their temple & threw out all the idols. Don't tell me that wasn't good! Of course, they've gotten to where they almost worship the building now. It all depends on the person & their spiritual attitude.
       31. Mohammed talked a lot about Jesus & Mary, & in a sense he believed in Him. He told his followers to be good to "the people of the Book," the Jews & Christians etc. It was only at a later date that some of his followers turned against Christians & began to slaughter them. Mohammed didn't lead his followers against Christians, he led them against the idol-worshipping pagan heathen among his own people. In the early days he had to use force because that's all they understood. They forced their way into that temple & threw out all the idols, & that was a good thing. There are many sayings of the Muslims that are very good, & if they really followed what Mohammed taught, I believe they would have followed on into real Christian faith.
       32. While we were studying the Koran, we read many passages about Jesus. The only reason Mohammed didn't go ahead & receive Christianity is probably because the only kind of Christianity there was then was Catholicism. They had Catholic temples in Jerusalem full of idols, & when Mohammed saw that, he couldn't believe that that was the real thing because they worshipped idols! If the Church had been what it should have been in those days, he probably would have received it. But he couldn't receive the Catholics because of their false type of Christianity & all their idolatry.


       33. (Maria: The same is true with people today. They think the church is synonymous with Christianity & they don't know of any alternative.) That's all that most people have seen. But even though the churches are wrong about a lot of things, God still loves them & tolerates them because they are right about a few things. If they really receive Him & His Spirit & are born again, regardless of some kinky beliefs, the Lord loves them & saves them. Too bad they don't have the same attitude toward us! We love the Lord more than most of them do & are a lot more right about a lot of things, but just because we believe in a lot of things they don't like, they don't even believe we're saved & they even fight us. They don't even give us credit for being saved! It's funny how people are so narrow-minded. God help us not to be that way.
       34. I think there are going to be a lot of Christians very surprised by Heaven & the mercy & Love of God they're going to see There, & some of the people they see There! They're probably going to be especially shocked when they see us There! I'm going to be nearly just as shocked when I see some of them There that have caused us so much trouble. Deborah certainly seemed to believe in Jesus & loved the Lord once upon a time. Some might feel surprised to see her There. (Sings:) "We shall know each other better when the clouds are rolled away!" There are going to be a lot of things that are going to have to get straightened out in Heaven.
       35. And of course there are different stages & levels & different grades of Saints. There are even going to be people There in the Heavenly City that have been raised to everlasting shame & contempt.--Dan.12:2. We used to say, "They're going to be shining our shoes in the basement!" (Maria: That will certainly prove that Salvation's a gift, that they just made it to Heaven as a free gift of the Lord, they certainly didn't do anything to deserve it.)
       36. They just made it to Heaven because they believed, that's all they had to do, & that is a gift of God! Faith itself is a gift of God, a gift of His Love. It's not because they believe in a certain shibboleth or they all believe this way or that way, all they had to do was believe in the Lord. (Maria: It's so much easier to witness & win people to the Lord when you know that.)
       37. I believe that God can save anybody, as long as they receive the Truth, as long as they receive the Light.--That doesn't mean they have to receive every little doctrine & every little shibboleth. I'll tell you, the Fundamentalists are the most narrow-minded, pharisaical, self-righteous hypocrites of all the different ones, yet they're probably--if you can put it that way--the most saved & the most right, because they believe in most of the right things. Of course, they don't see how we can possibly be saved, because we believe in sex! They practice it all the time but they don't believe in it! Ha! They feel guilty about it. I guess they figure it's a sin & the only reason they're saved is because they believe in Jesus, even though they constantly practice "sinful" sex & feel condemned about it.

       38. So what is the Name of Jesus? That's the question I asked. He's the Word!--Jn.1:1,14. It even says, "His Name is called The Word of God!"--Rev.19:13. Those little kids sitting there watching our Videos are receiving the Words, & as far as the Lord's concerned, because they're receiving the "Word of the Truth," God can count it that they're receiving Him, Jesus! There are so many things that Jesus is: The Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Word, Love! He's all those things. So if you're receiving any one of them, you're receiving all of them!
       39. They're sitting there watching the Truth & receiving it! They're sitting there watching the Way & receiving it! They're sitting there watching the Light & receiving it! They're sitting there watching His Spirit & receiving Him & it changes their lives! They're sitting there watching the Good! They're seeing that it's good & it makes a difference in their lives, a change. They get up & want to do good & want to do the things they saw, & they know that's right! They're sitting there watching the Right, the Good, the Light, the Way, the Truth, the Spirit--all the Lord! It's all Jesus!
       40. Everything that's good is God! "Every good & perfect gift is from Above, & cometh down from the Father of Lights."--Jam.1:17. People are going to be surprised when they find out how many different things they can receive & still be receiving Jesus. If you receive any of those things--the Way, Truth, Light, Love, Good, Spirit--He's all those things! He's all-pervasive, & in receiving anything good you're receiving God!
       41. That's why it's not going to be too difficult in the Millennium to lead a lot of people into the Truth, because they've already received all the Truth they've heard or seen or felt. I think it's going to be easy to lead Muslims to the Lord. As I've often said, the easiest people I ever found to lead to the Lord were Catholics, because they already believe nearly all that.

       42. If you can find a Jew that is at all receptive & will even take the Old Testament Scriptures & receive them, they become very receptive, & then they become very strong Christians. When they finally receive the Lord they become as ardent & as zealous for Him as they used to be against Him. Look at the Apostle Paul! He was persecuting & killing Christians until he saw the Light & he received the Light. He said, "Who art Thou, Lord?" And the Lord said, "I am Jesus Whom thou persecutest!"--Acts 9:5.
       43. Only the Holy Spirit can do it, of course, but He uses us as tools & vessels by which to persuade them with the Word. And once you convince a Jew that Jesus is the Messiah, he's all gung-ho for Jesus! They're some of the most zealous Christians there are! Their only problem then is, like Paul & a few others, they still can't help but believe that Jews make a little better Christians than Gentiles, & that the Jews somehow or another have an edge on the Gentiles. Well, in some ways they do! They often know the Scriptures better & are more zealous, more energetic, they're smarter, they're harder-working, & boy, they can really witness to other Jews! They witness so zealously to Jews they often get beat up, like poor Abe Schneider at the Soul Clinic. But even that doesn't stop them!

       44. When some of Jesus' Own disciples were sort of looking down on each other & wanted to be sitting on His right hand & on His left hand etc., He said, "That's not Mine to give, but My Heavenly Father."--Mat.20:23. Another time, when they were looking down on some others who didn't seem to be one of them, they were surprised that the Lord said, "He that is not against Me is for Me!"--Mark 9:40. There were some other people going around preaching Jesus & casting out demons in the Name of Jesus also, & they wanted Him to stop them. He said, "He that is not against Me, is for Me!" Of course, He also said, "He that is not for Me, is against Me."--Mat.12:30.
       45. What did the Lord mean when He said, "I have other sheep which are not of this fold"?--Jn.10:16. I think by "this fold" He meant those disciples who were with Him right there & then, & by "others not of this fold," He meant those who would follow Him in the future. Because look how many other folds there are now all over the World! There are millions of folds! If you want to put it in the term of churches, missions, congregations, the called-out ones, the ecclesia, there are millions of folds today. But He prophesied that some day we'd all be in one fold with one Shepherd.--Jn.10:16. Well, it doesn't look to me like that has happened yet. I think that's going to be in the Millennium when everyone will recognise who's who & who is really saved & who isn't, & all acknowledge Jesus as our Shepherd.
       46. It's going to be rather humiliating for some of these church people who have been fighting us, to have to recognise us as part of the one great fold. It's even going to maybe be a little sickening for us to have to recognise some of them as a part of the fold when we've had to criticise them for their weaknesses, lacks, failures & even disobediences. But we found it to be necessary to show people the difference between right & wrong.
       47. Just because a lot of people were wrong about a lot of things doesn't necessarily mean God's not going to save them! (Maria: If it's a free gift of love, it can't be based on that.)--Exactly. Just because they thought we were wrong about sex doesn't mean we're not saved, or going to be saved. We're already saved, of course, in the spirit, but we're also looking forward to full Salvation, including new bodies.
       48. And just because the churches were wrong about a lot of things doesn't mean that none of them are saved. Although our enemies accuse us of saying that, we have never claimed to be the only ones saved. That's ridiculous! Just because we have accused our enemies of many wrong-doings & many things that they've gotten wrong doesn't mean they're not saved! So, (sings:) "When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we'll sing & shout the victory!" "And we'll know each other better when those clouds are rolled away!" PTL! TYL!
       49. As I said, there are all kinds of stages & levels, strange sheep & other sheep that the Lord is going to bring into the fold. They may not quite be in the fold yet, but they're headed in the right direction. We may be surprised to see a lot of Muslims somewhere, maybe in the basement or something.--Or just outside the door, where all they have to do is go through it. (Maria: Maybe they can work their way up?) Well, you can't work your way up to Salvation! (Maria: I mean in the Heavenly City, if they're in the basement & they learn more about the Lord, they can keep coming up.) Oh, absolutely. Just like in any kingdom! You can take examples of the past when they had kings & kingdoms. No matter what your level or grade or status was, you were a citizen of the kingdom. No matter whether you were a blind beggar in the street or you were an officer at the right hand of the king, you were all citizens of the kingdom.
       50. Jesus said, "I have other sheep that are not of this fold" & "He that is not against Me, is for Me." So we're probably all going to be surprised at some of the people who are going to be in Heaven. And I'm quite sure the church people are going to be surprised! They thought they were "it," the only "it"! And they have condemned us as being of the Devil & everything else!--And condemned everybody else that doesn't agree & believe exactly as they do.
       51. I believe multitudes of Mormons are saved, I believe multitudes of Seventh Day Adventists are saved! The churches almost as good as condemn them all as being unsaved. The same with the Jehovah's Witnesses & Catholics! I'm more broad-minded about that than hardly any faiths are. I even believe that a lot of Muslims are probably saved, or at least almost saved, or are going to be saved. So we'd better not be too narrow-minded about that.
       52. However, I'm not one of those broad-minded liberals who believes that everybody is God's children. Jesus Himself said to the Scribes & the Pharisees who rejected Him, "Ye are of your father the Devil!"--Jn.8:44. And He Himself says anyone who utterly rejects the Spirit of God, that's the unpardonable sin. "It will not be forgiven him in this World, nor in the World to come!"--Mat.12:32. By the way, the fact that Jesus says here that rejecting the Spirit of God is a sin that will not be forgiven in the Next World, shows that a lot of sins that haven't been forgiven in this World, are going to be forgiven in the Next World! So how about that? God will be merciful to the ignorant & blind who have not had sufficient opportunity to receive His Light in this life.
       53. That Scripture that says, "This is the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the World" (John 1:9), doesn't mean that everybody's saved. It's quite obvious that it doesn't necessarily mean that everybody understands the Light nor receives the Light. But God's going to give every one of them a chance, if not in this World, then in the Next World, so that they'll be shown more clearly in the Millennium & they will know & see!
       54. Like Jesus said to Thomas: "Because thou hast seen Me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, & yet have believed."--Jn.20:29. There are people like us who now, even having not seen, have believed. But on the other hand, there are going to be a lot of people in the Millennium who, when they really see the Truth & see the Lord & see His people & Kingdom, His Angels & all the things we can't see now, they're going to believe then.
       55. It's just like those little kids sitting in front of our Videos! They've never seen anything like that before. But then, having seen, they believed. They're seeing the Light, the Way, the Truth, the Door, the Good, the Spirit! In a sense they're seeing God, & they believe! They're seeing the sample & they're believing it, & God's Spirit is getting through to them! I believe that with all my heart & soul! You can't deny that! How else could it change their lives? They're seeing & receiving the Truth.

       56. (Maria: Just to take the other side, some people might say, "Well, children are little imitators & they just imitate everything they see.") Well, when they see the good, thank God they imitate it! In so doing, they're spiritually receiving it, the Love of the Truth! They see it & love it & they want to do it! (Maria: That's what we did, we imitated somebody else who witnessed to us & said "Receive Jesus, I did it," so we did it too!)--Right!
       57. What else is witnessing but that we show them something that they like & they want to receive it too. (Maria: And you can't account for those miraculous changes we've heard about just by saying it was mere natural imitation & nothing more. There have been some real supernatural spiritual changes that some of them have had!--Like the little girl who was so nervous & vomiting all the time, & she saw our Video & she completely calmed down. They may start out merely naturally imitating the physical actions they see on the Video. But because the Lord's Spirit shines through in our songs & happy countenances & music & everything else that makes the Kiddie Viddie shows, they soon find themselves receiving that Spirit & Light & Love that they see, & it changes their hearts & spirits!)
       58. What are we doing but imitating? Thomas Aquinas* even wrote a famous book called "Imitation of Christ." *(1225-1274. Italian philosopher, scholar & author of a system which was afterwards declared to be the official philosophy of the Roman Catholic church.) What are people doing who receive the Lord? They're seeing us & they're seeing it is good & they want to be like us. So if you want to call it imitation, all right. (Maria: It says, "Who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good?", imitators of that which is good.--1Pet.3:13. It seems like the Lord puts His blessing of protection on just those who follow that which is good, because in following that which is good, they're following God, because God is good!) Right!

       59. Well, some sticklers & hair-splitters who think you've got to know the whole doctrine & do it just according to their particular shibboleth & say their particular words might have a hard time receiving this! They're going to be surprised one day to find out the breadth & the depth of the Love of God!--That if anyone turns toward Him at all, the Lord will receive them. What's that verse that I'm always quoting to sinners? "He that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out!"--Jn.6:37. You just have to make the slightest move toward the Lord or His Way or His Truth, His Door, His Light, His Love, His Spirit, whatever you want to call it, it's all the Lord.
       60. What they see on that screen is a manifestation of God! It's a manifestation of Jesus!--Because all those little kids on our Videos have Jesus in their hearts & they have the Light of Jesus on their faces, & they prove it by their actions. So it is Jesus! What are they seeing when they watch that screen? What are they seeing that they like so much?--It's Jesus! It is Jesus! So they're receiving Jesus even if they don't know His Name!
       61. Jesus isn't just a word, one word, J-E-S-U-S! He manifests Himself in many ways, in many things! It's not just one word only. What have we often said about Jesus? What is Jesus? He's the Picture of God! He's the Likeness of God. He's called the Word. Why is He called the Word? That Word in Greek is "logo." What are these logos that businesses use on their packaging & stationery letterhead? They try to find some picture that represents them or what they do or what they are. They try to find some picture that is an illustration of them, & they call it a logo. It's a symbol that symbolises them. You get it?
       62. So those children sitting there watching our Kiddie Viddies are watching our sample. It's even more than a symbol. They're watching a sample of what? Of Whom?--Of Jesus! Every one of them is a sample of Jesus! And they like it! Jesus is an Expression of God! He is the Word of God. He is in a sense the Picture of God. Savvy? We are in a sense the Word of God. We are a picture, we express Jesus. We show Jesus to the World. They see Jesus in us. (Sings:) "Let others see Jesus in you! Let others see Jesus in you! Keep telling the story, be faithful, be true! Let others see Jesus in you!" What is it they see in us? They say, "You're different! You have a light on your face! You're happy, you're smiling, you're always doing good!" What was Jesus? He was the Man Who went about everywhere doing good.--Acts 10:38.
       63. In seeing our Kiddie Viddies they are seeing Jesus! They are seeing Jesus without our having to say so. So what's better than that? They are seeing Jesus! He is the Good, He is the Light, the Way, the Truth, the Spirit, the Love! We are all of that! So they are believing in Jesus even if they don't know His Name! Right? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) So there you are!
       64. (Maria: What a difference it would be if a completely secular, non-religious group tried to imitate our Kiddie Viddie songs! They could say & sing all the right things, just the same, but they wouldn't have the Spirit, they wouldn't have Jesus! Even with the songs that don't portray any Salvation Message, such as "Helping Hands," "Manners," "Try Again" etc., because our children's spirits & voices & countenances portray the Good & Love & Truth & Spirit of Jesus, System children are experiencing dramatic changes in their lives by watching & receiving them. But if some System outfit were to perform the same songs, they couldn't effect any spiritual changes!) They wouldn't have the same Light on their faces! They wouldn't have Jesus! That then would be a false imitation! That would be the form without the power thereof!--2Tim.3:5.
       65. That's what they see, they see the power in us! And Who is the Power? It's Jesus! When they sit & watch our Kiddie Viddies, they are seeing Jesus, & what better way have you got to express Jesus than that?--Than to see Jesus in us! They're seeing Jesus in us! So they're seeing Jesus! They may not even know His Name yet, but just like people saw God in Jesus, people are seeing Jesus in us! And if they accept the sample, if they receive what they see, they are receiving Jesus!--Even if they don't know His Name yet. They will eventually know His Name, of course.
       66. But what is receiving Jesus? Receiving Him personally, of course. But since they don't know Who or what He is yet, or His Name, they're nevertheless receiving Him & all that He is, even if they don't know His Name! What if you see a good man doing good & helping the poor & all kinds of good things? A lot of people watched Jesus doing those things & maybe they didn't even know His Name. But they saw He was good & doing good, the Man Who went about everywhere doing good. (Maria: You're inspired when you see someone like that, & you say, "Well, I wish I could be like that, I want to do things like that too!") And you believe in that. You would believe in Him without even hearing His Name.
       67. So the little heathen children who are sitting down watching our Kiddie Viddies & loving & receiving them, they're receiving us. And Jesus said, "He that receiveth you, receiveth Me!"--Mat.10:40. Now there's a good one! They're receiving us, & in receiving us, they're receiving Jesus, even if they don't know His Name! Can you believe that? (Maria: Yes, I believe it!) They're receiving the samples. And because we, in a sense, are Jesus to them, even if they don't know His Name yet, in receiving us, they are receiving Jesus! He Himself said it, so how can you deny it? "He that receiveth you, receiveth Me!" They're even receiving us without knowing our names! And they're receiving Jesus without knowing His Name yet, but they will!
       68. That's the kind of a technicality that the churches really harp on: "You've got to do it our way or you haven't really got it! If you didn't receive Jesus our way, then you didn't really receive Jesus!" Well, I don't believe that. I think if in seeing us, they like & receive what they see, then what they see is what they get!--Jesus!
       69. (Maria: Children had the same reaction to the "Luvvetts" show, which was all puppets. Even though they didn't see our children's sweet smiling faces, the Spirit was behind it, Jesus was behind it. It was still Jesus.) They were an expression of Jesus. What are our puppets?--They're a picture. They're an image of the Truth. Right?--Of Love, Light, Truth & all! So in receiving that illustration of Love, Light, the Way, the Truth & the Life etc., what is it they're actually receiving?--It's Jesus!
       70. I think we sometimes confine faith by too rigid lines of certain doctrinal beliefs: "You've got to do it this way or you didn't do it! You've got to do it our way or you didn't get it! You've got to receive Him the way we say to receive Him, or you didn't receive Him!"
       71. In receiving the Way, the Truth, the Light, the Love, the Spirit that they see in the Kiddie Viddies, what is it?--It's Jesus!--Even if they don't know His Name yet, I'm sure they will soon find it out! (Maria: Yes, it's the Spirit that makes our Videos so powerful. A secular group could imitate them, but it wouldn't have the Spirit.) It wouldn't have the power, so it wouldn't have the same effect.

       72. (Maria: If we were to use the name "Space Prince," for example, to portray Jesus in our new Video series, the idea we'd be giving to the kids is that the Space Prince is the One Who can change their lives & be in their hearts.) Well, at the time I originally used that illustration, I was teaching little children at a trailer park, & in that particular situation we weren't really having problems with people who didn't believe in Jesus. Of course, I don't know what their mothers & fathers thought about it, they may not have liked it. But the kids liked it & they received it, & at the end I explained it to them.
       73. In fact, even today, if you put miracles in scientific terms, people will believe them. Because they've rejected God & cast Him out & resisted & refused Him, they won't accept anything today that even resembles or reminds them of God, such as miracles, the Spirit World, the Heavenlies, Angels etc. That's "religion" to most people, & it's unpopular to have religion. They don't want religion to have anything to do with government, or the government to have anything to do with religion. But if you can put it all into scientific terms, if you can even put it into science fiction terms, they'll believe it!

       74. I believe that those children watching those Kiddie Viddies & being changed in their hearts & minds & their lives & their deeds, they are seeing Jesus & believing in Jesus, even if they don't yet know His Name! "Oh, Dad, do you mean that people can be saved without even knowing the Name of Jesus?!" Well, what is the Name of Jesus? (Maria: It's all He represents.) It's everything He represents: The Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Love, the Spirit, the Word! Jesus is the Expression of God, the Picture of God! And when they see our good children showing them a picture of what good people are like & good children are like, they're literally showing the World's children what Jesus is like.
       75. So I would not say that just because they haven't heard the name "Jesus" that they are not influenced or they are not receiving Him. When they are receiving His Truth, His Way, His Light, His Love, they may not be literally saved yet, but they're sure on their way! (Maria: Well, it's almost sort of a technicality when you consider that we were chosen before the foundation of the Earth.) Destined to be saved. (Maria: They just haven't officially done the ceremony of orally asking Jesus to come into their hearts.)
       76. All of our Family were saved, as you say, before the foundation of the Earth. They were saved in a sense even when they were babies, even though they hadn't heard the Name of Jesus yet or didn't understand it or didn't know it or couldn't say it. They were destined to be saved. I believe in predestination in a sense. I believe that God knows in advance who is going to receive Him, therefore they are predestinated to be saved because God knows they are going to receive Him by their own free will & choice. It's a very big subject! But they are on their way, let's put it that way!

       77. I know you can pull out many verses about the Name of Jesus, like the one, "there is no other Name under Heaven whereby we must be saved."--Acts 4:12. That literally means that the only Person Who can really save us is Jesus! But in how many ways can Jesus be expressed & shown? If they receive the picture of Jesus that they see in us, in a sense they're receiving Jesus, even though they haven't heard His Name yet. They're seeing the good children, they're seeing the good Man. (Maria: Or hearing the good Words.)
       78. We meet or see lots of people that we may like, who are good people, but we may not know their name yet. But we're going to want to know their name. I'm sure that everybody who's going to be saved is eventually going to know the Name of Jesus, know the name of the Man Who saved them.
       79. They even recognise the similarity between us! Remember Angelo at the caf in Zoagli? We came in & talked with him lots of times, & one day he said, "You know, you remind me so much of Duke Emanuele. Are you somehow associated with him or do you know him?" He could feel the same spirit. He said, "You have the same happy faces" or whatever he called it. (Maria: Yes, people do that all the time.) "Do you know them? You remind me of these other people" etc. Because we have the same light on our faces, the same love, the same attitude. They can feel the Spirit! They can feel the relationship even if they don't know our name.
       80. I'm sure that everyone who is saved or going to be saved either knows or is going to know the Name, Jesus, but they may not know it yet. I think there were probably lots of people, multitudes that followed Jesus, who didn't always know His Name at first.
       81. It's illustrated by that famous story about the little crippled boy Tommy who asked his little newsboy friend to go out & find him the book about "the Man Who went about everywhere doing good." He didn't even know His Name, but what he meant was he wanted him to find him a Bible. He didn't even know the name of the book! He knew about Jesus & he knew about the book, but he didn't even know it was called a Bible & he didn't know the Man's name was Jesus & didn't even know that Jesus had died on the Cross! But he wanted to know & he wanted to learn about Him. So there's an example of someone believing in Him, in a sense, without even knowing His Name or even the name of the book! He just knew he wanted to hear about Him!
       82. Let others see Jesus in you! They can see Jesus in us all the time without even knowing Who it is that's in us or His Name! But if they like it, if they receive what we have to offer in the way of love, peace, rest, light, a way--the Way, the Truth & the Life, all that--they are in a sense receiving Jesus!--Even though they don't yet know His Name!
       83. How often do our folks hear people say, "I want what you've got! What is it?" They don't even know His Name yet but they're ready to receive Him. They want It!--What they see in us. They see the happiness, the love, the light, the peace, the joy! It's all Jesus, & they want It! That's their first name for Jesus, "It!" They don't even know what "It" is! It's not an it, it's a He, & we have to show them that, that His name is Jesus!
       84. So don't tell me they're not receiving Jesus. They're receiving Him in every way they possibly can without necessarily knowing His Name. PTL! Maybe you could title this, "What is Jesus?" Jesus is many things. Like the old song, "Love is a many-splendoured thing!" Love has many splendours, many sides. Like a beautiful jewel, it has many facets. Many faces is what that means. Love is a many-splendoured thing! That might be a good title!
       85. Jesus is a many-splendoured Person! He has many splendours, many sides, many facets. He sparkles in many ways. He has all these characteristics, all these faces, but they're all One in Jesus!

       86. Amen, Lord Jesus, the little children who watch our Videos & are receiving the Truth, the Light, the Love & example or the sample of them & are endeavouring to follow their example, may they learn Who it is we're showing them & learn Your Name as soon as possible, in Jesus' Name! You're saving them, Lord! They may not be fully saved yet, but You're saving them. And as far as You're concerned, they're already saved because You know they're going to be saved. PTL!
       + + +

       87. I think sometimes we get a little too dogmatic about some things: "If you don't say it just the way we say it, then you're not saved! If you don't do it just the way we tell you to do it, you're not saved!" It's kind of like the Pentecostals--if you didn't speak in tongues when you received the Holy Spirit, then you didn't really get It. "If you don't do it just our way, then you're not doing it."
       88. That's a tendency amongst those who know so much, sometimes they know a little too much & they get a little too dogmatic, that it's gotta be done this way or it's not done. Even Jesus' disciples got a little bit that way once in awhile.
       89. There are dangers in being too dogmatic: "Unless it's done our way, it's not done. Unless you received Jesus our way, you didn't receive Him. Unless you know His Name & all about Him, you're not really saved." Well, maybe if they're not saved yet, literally in time, they're certainly on their way to being saved. And since "time shall be no more" and all will be the Eternal Now, then they're already destined to be saved & they're as good as saved already.
       90. From God's Eternal standpoint, we were all saved before we ever even knew how to speak the Name of Jesus! God had predestined us to be saved, because He knew we were going to receive Him by free will & choice. (Maria: I guess such dogmatism comes through interpreting the Word by the letter of the law instead of by the Spirit.) Right, exactly right! (Maria: We've got all this Word & we can interpret it in different ways, & a lot of people interpret it by the letter of the law.) Yes.
       91. We need to have a much broader concept of God & His Love than to be so hide-bound that we can't break out of a certain mold that we have been taught & certain shibboleths & certain words. It's good to have something definite to believe in & a way to believe it & a way to practice it, but you don't want to get so dogmatic that you're trying to contain God in a circle of ink! That's what some people do. They limit God. You can't do this or do that without doing it their way or the way they interpret some verses in the Bible. As the Apostle says, "These things are not of any private interpretation."--2Pet.1:20. They can't necessarily be only interpreted one way.
       92. So we need to be a little more liberal & not limit the Lord, & have a little more faith in His power to receive & His power to save, than a little circle of ink or a few limited words even in the Bible. We've got to receive the whole Truth. God's not as limited as some people seem to believe.
       93. They sing a song: "Wide, wide as the ocean, high as the heavens above! Deep, deep as the deepest sea, is my Saviour's Love! I, though so unworthy, still am a child of His care! For His Word teaches me that His Love reaches me!--Everywhere!" Well, He's a lot wider than that, higher & deeper & all the rest! (See Psa.103:11,12; 1Ki.8:27.) So don't limit God or what He can do. If these little ones that see our Videos are suddenly inspired to be the same & do the same, they're certainly on their way, even if they don't know His Name yet.
       94. So don't be too dogmatic about what God can or can't do, just because of certain little prescribed words or prayers which you have been taught. Those are good prayers & good words & it's a good way to do it, but don't say God can't do it any other way! That's where so many of the churches run awry: "We have the right way & this is the only way & the only way that you must do it, or you haven't got it!" So for God's sake, let's not be as dogmatic as the churches! I've been pretty dogmatic about some things myself, but I'm not saying that those who don't do & live the way we do or believe exactly as we do, aren't saved.
       95. God is a wonderful Saviour with lots of Love & He'll probably give a lot of people more credit than others will give them, at least if they're trying to do the right thing & go the right way. Even if they don't know Him yet, they're on their way. And He's indicated that they are going to have some form of Salvation or release or limited punishment if they were trying to do the right thing. So there are many shades & varieties of faith & belief &, shall we say, measures of Salvation that we're going to find in the Next World! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen!

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