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              1. Bush is sending massive amounts of both men & armaments to Saudi Arabia! They say it's the largest contingent that the US has sent anywhere since Vietnam, so it's no little "capture Noriega" thing.
       2. I think Hussein is going to see now that he is pretty well outnumbered with the whole World against him, & even some of his Arab brethren against him. If he is still contemplating invading Saudi Arabia, he might have found that he is biting off more than he can chew.
       3. It looks like Bush is all gung-ho to go to war against Iraq. Dictators survive on face & pride & the praise of the people. If Saddam would now have to back out of Kuwait, he would really lose face & be humiliated.--Not only before the whole World, but before his own people. A dictator especially doesn't want to lose the favour of his own people. With the heavy success that he has had, I don't think he is going to give up so easily.
       4. Bush said he's not initiating hostilities. Well, what do they think they're doing by sending in troops? You don't send troops unless you intend to use them in hostilities. Bush is really getting himself into it & the results are probably going to be disastrous, & I hope he suffers for it!
       5. I think Saddam Hussein will go down shooting! He'd rather die than give up, & he's going to get satisfaction by making his enemies suffer. What do you bet he's not going to back out? He's the type of man who is going to go ahead, live or die, sink or swim!

              6. The trouble is, chemical weapons are a very unstable thing to use, their effect depends on shifts of wind. It was the Germans who were the first to use them in WWI. They waited for the weather report that said that the wind was going to blow towards the Allies, but apparently some people on the Allied side were praying, because often the wind would shift & turn around & blow back on the Germans themselves!
       7. We had one very dear friend in Miami who was a soldier in WW1 & he got burned by the gas they used then, I think it was mustard gas. His throat & lungs were burned. Doctor Koger was helping him sue the government for injury claims, & he finally got them. (Maria: Did it permanently injure him?) Yes. He was still able to get around naturally, but he couldn't hold a job because he coughed a lot & couldn't work hard enough.
       8. The only thing I can think of that "This Is It!" refers to is that it is going to get worse! Things are going to get worse. Saddam Hussein is getting desperate, & a desperate man can do some pretty desperate things!
       9. King Hussein of Jordan gave up on the U.S. He used to be a good friend of the U.S., but he didn't like the U.S. constantly favouring Israel instead of the Arabs.
       10. The Americans were surprised by Bush's invasion of Panama. I think they're astounded by his enormous invasion of Arabia! I don't think they ever dreamed he was going to send so many men & so much equipment to Saudi Arabia!
       11. Lord, have Thy way, in Jesus' name. This is no doubt part of Your judgements on wicked America! The U.S. is really asking for it, & I think she is going to really get it!
       12. Oh, Bush is such a fool!--Acting in the energy of the flesh in the wisdom of Man. He's such a fool! He's really getting the U.S. into such a mess! This is really going to be a punishment, a judgement of God on the U.S., a real purging. Again, they're sending their children through the fire, causing their children to pass through the fire. (Jer.32:35) Isn't it horrible? Just think, if his son were one of the ones he is sending into the fire, what would he do then? (Maria: He'd probably get him a special exemption.) But he doesn't give a damn about all those other dear boys that are dear to their families.
       13. Bush is proud, he is self-righteous! He really thought he did the right thing in Panama. But what he did was a horrible mess, a terrible thing! He destroyed the country just because he was furious about Noriega defying him. Now he is furious about Iraq, that they should dare to defy the U.S.A. & the U.S.A.'s friend!
       14. Saudi Arabia was not all that friendly & they didn't really want the U.S. to come, but with Iraq amassing troops right on their border, they finally decided it was the only hope. We shall see who was right. It's going to be a horrible mess! There are going to be thousands of U.S. & Arab casualties if they actually go to war. My God, what a mess! Bush brought it on himself, & he is going to suffer for it. It's going to be awful!
       15. You know what?--Arafat has been living in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, & Baghdad has been sheltering hundreds of Palestinians! Think of that! Saddam Hussein's very bitter against Israel.
       16. But the U.S. & Israel have brought it on themselves!--And so have the Saudis. They're going to be sorry they ever invited the U.S. in. I think Egypt is going to suffer for it, too, as well as the U.S. soldiers. Lord help all those poor boys Bush is sending into that fire, that maelstrom!
       17. Those pitifully weak Arab leaders, rich men that are depriving the poor.--Give them the judgement they deserve, Lord! They've not shared their wealth with the poor. That's one thing Saddam has done, & that's why his people love him. This is it! The U.S. is going to get what it deserves. And we pray that Thy poor Arabs will get what they deserve; especially the Palestinians. Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name!
       18. Have mercy on those poor soldiers, Lord, especially those that are Your children. Judge Bush for those demonic horrible terrible moves to put Thy children through the fire, in Jesus' name!
       19. King Fahd [DELETED] doesn't even know what he's doing, Lord. All he wants to do is protect himself & his wealth, & all the U.S. is trying to do is protect itself & its wealth. Whereas Saddam is really trying to protect the Arabs & the Arab World.--At least the Arab poor!
       20. Lord, make Israel really get it in this war, in Jesus' name! Protect Thy poor Palestinians, at least half of whom are real Christians. Thank You Lord!--In Jesus' name! Rebuke the Devil, in Jesus' name, & deliver Thy children! In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord!
       21. Bless the Jordanians, Lord, & King Hussein for sticking up for what is right. Bless the Palestinians & Arafat, Lord, for sticking up for the rights of the Palestinians. And Lord God, judge [DELETED] Israel for their evil works, in Jesus' name! Bless King Hussein of Jordan for sticking with the rights of the Palestinians, even though he is in the minority. Curse the ACs who are trying to bring evil against him. Lord help him as he sticks up for Saddam Hussein. Thy Will be done, in Jesus' name! Have Thy way!
       22. Judge the evil Americans, Lord, & all of their evil. May they get their foot caught in this trap, & find out how evil they are, how terrible they are! In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord!--Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family